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Dreams Into Lightning
By Demeter


Ain't that enough of me? Idly listening to their friends' chatter, Lindsay wondered when her life had become something out of a Melissa Etheridge song. Across from her Cindy sat, leaning back into the booth comfortably, laughing at some joke Jill had made, the sound sending pleasant shivers down her spine.

With the sensation, there came images, of last night that had them left smiling and breathless and wanting more, and still they almost hadn't made it to come here in time.

Cindy had suggested to keep it between them for now, the thing that didn't have a name yet but had uncovered a burning need Lindsay hadn't even been aware of until it was too late, spiraling her into this insane passion. Cindy Thomas who couldn't tell a lie to save her life, was playing it cool, not giving their smart, observant friends any hint that something had changed.

Maybe, for her, it hadn't.

Lindsay couldn't say the same for herself. She smiled in memory of nearly shaking with anticipation, of yanking the door open a split-second before the bell rang, of making Cindy come before they had made it to the bedroom and when they still had most of their clothes on.

She wanted all of it and more. She wanted validation.

What Cindy wanted, it was hard to tell, because they hadn't really talked all that much since that stolen kiss in the Register's parking garage. That had been the beginning, but not really. The spark had been struck the first time their eyes met, and then later with completely inappropriate thoughts while cuffing her in Theresa Woo's apartment.

She'd never before been turned on by restraining a suspect in a murder case. Never before had any suspect practically melted into the familiar move. Even now, Lindsay could barely breathe recalling those moments.

She'd promised Cindy to use the cuffs in another context. Soon.

At some point, Lindsay had come to the slightly terrifying conclusion that she'd do almost anything Cindy asked her to. Ain't that enough, I turned your dreams into lightning...

Reluctantly, she pulled herself back from the realm of daydream to reality, as Claire was shaking her head with a smile. "Someone's got it bad. You want to confess, Inspector?" It was said with some amusement, but brought the conversation to a halt nevertheless.

"Hell, no," she said somewhat nervously, avoiding Cindy's gaze.

But I do. Badly.

"Someone we know, maybe?" Jill asked interestedly.

Lindsay finally dared to look up and find Cindy smiling at her, trapping past moments and future promises between them so obviously it couldn't be ignored.

The flame of hope flickered high... and died.

"Stop bothering her, she doesn't want to tell," Cindy said.

Jill and Claire exchanged a questioning look, but neither of them said anything.

The chance had come and gone, but it left the fear and the want, and the certainty that both of them would stay with her for a while to come.

The End

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