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By Femvamp


The first beer always filled her with a sense of failure. Like she had done something so terrible that it was never to be forgiven, which is why she quickly moved on to the second....and the third.

By the time she hit beer four the world was pretty again.

Pretty, oh so pretty......

She never remembered beer five....or six.

The next morning she cursed herself and whoever she woke up next to.

Because Calleigh hated to drink alone.

Drinking alone is what you did when you had a problem. And Calleigh didn't have a problem. She wasn't like her father who went on drinking binges and would come home smelling like a distillery....when he came home at all.

Calleigh had promised herself she would never be like her father. She wouldn't drink herself into oblivion every night and wake up in strange places not knowing where or with whom she was with.

No she would never do that.

She would never get so angry at the world that she would hide in a bottle.

She would never be such a coward as to be unable to face her problems.

No not her.

She was strong.



She was even beautiful.

She knew all this as absolute truths.

She knew how to turn off her emotions. She was an expert in it. She could do it this time too. Just one more drink and she would be able to forget.

She would forget the way Natalia made her feel. She would forget the goosebumps she would get when Natalia smiled at her. She would forget that almost first date they had shared.

She would forget the look in Natalia's eyes when she saw her kiss Jake the next day.

Jake was a mistake.

But Jake never asked too many questions.

Jake never asked why she never came home.

And when she did come home he never asked why she smelled like a distillery.

Calleigh had once promised herself she would never be like her father.

Her father was a liar too.

The End

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