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By Tracie L

Chapter Five

Helen Stewart, relaxed on her couch, a Stolichnaya in hand, she sighed and threw down the stack of files she had gathered on the Larkhall lifers unit, putting her feet up on her coffee table, she closed her eyes. What a week, what a frenetic month, so much had happened, she had hardly had any time to herself, certainly no time to process the changes that had been, in some ways, forced upon her. Simon Stubberfield, the stumbling block for her reforms, had been removed as Governor, thanks to Michelle Dockley and Dennie Blood's escape. And now here she was, Governor of Larkhall prison. A temporary position, she reminded herself, but one in which she was determined to excel and hopefully retain.

If only Karen Betts wasn't so blinded by her infatuation with Jim Fenner, Helen could feel more secure. She needed the G Wing Governor on side, but she felt that their burgeoning friendship had been shattered after Fenner's assault. Helen shuddered as she remembered Fenner's hands on her body. She had confided to Tom and felt relief when he believed her without question. She hadn't told Karen or officially reported the incident, now she felt that Karen wouldn't believe her if she did.

At least she had Tom on her side. Helen took another swig, smiling as her thoughts turned to the young Doctor. Their relationship was moving so quickly, she couldn't deny the attration she felt for him and it was so obviously returned. Tom, she knew, was pushing for a more intimate relationship but she was holding off.

Why, she thought to herself, 'Shit you know why' she answered herself out loud.

"Nikki, bloody Wade." Helen sat forward suddenly, she placed her drink on the table and began chewing her bottom lip.

"Damn it, I'll be grinding my teeth again in a minute." Despite herself, Helen lifted the file on Nikki Wade and found herself staring at the prison photograph attached to it. The Dark eyes stared back at her, haunted, a little accusing. "Why Nikki, why the hell couldn't you wait? You ruined everything." Helen threw the offending file and photo away from her. She had tried talking to Nikki after her promotion, but she had been unresponsive. Apart from that Helen had rarely seen Nikki, if she came to the lifer meetings at all, she was silent and whenever Helen was on the wing, Nikki was never around.

"Probably avoiding me." Helen muttered. Helen was still pushing for Nikki's appeal but Nikki no longer seemed interested, her lawyer hadn't been able to speak to her in weeks, Nikki refused to see her.

Helen began to feel the familiar ache over her heart and angrily attacked the open bottle of Stoli, "Fuck you Nikki' she spluttered through another mouthful of vodka. "I don't need you anymore" And after half a bottle later, just before she fell asleep, Helen had almost convinced herself that she didn't.

"Frankly Helen that is non of your business" Karen fumed. "Jim Fenner and I are together, I don't see why that could be jeopardising my ability to do my job properly. I know you and Jim have had your differences, but this is beginning to sound like a witch hunt and I know Jim thinks so."

Helen tried to control her frustration with the Wing Governor.

"All well and good Karen, but Jim Fenner has too many strikes against him, no other officer in this prison has had as many accusations leveled at them and I'm telling you, now that I'm Governor I wont let him weasel his way out of another. Do you understand?" The two women stood a foot apart glaring at each other.

"I understand Helen, but you need to understand that if I think you have a personal vendetta against Jim and you are just punishing him for no good reason, I will go over your head on this."

Helen met Karen's baleful stare with one of her own, regretting, not for the first time, her inability to form a friendship with this woman. Karen was a first rate officer and an excellent Governor, but she was completely blinded by Jim Fenner's bullshit.

"Ok Karen" Helen backed off slightly. "What you do in your own time is none of my business, but I beg you, please keep your objectivity, I cant afford to lose someone as good as you."

Karen sighed " Fair enough, but trust me Helen, I would be the first one to condemn Jim if I thought he was crooked." Helen nodded, not trusting herself to speak, she turned to leave, sick with the knowledge that Karen believed she actually knew and could control Jim Fenner, but she had no understanding of the man at all. Helen needed cheering up, so she altered direction, toward the medical unit

"I don't understand Tom, why are we discussing Nikki Wade again? I told you before, she had a thing for me and now its over." Helen squirmed in her seat, this wasn't the cheering up she had in mind "She stopped calling me at home months ago."

"I'm sorry Helen, I certainly didn't mean to upset you." Tom eyed her curiously

"Its just that I've had a visit from her cell mate she was very concerned about Nikki, she seems to be unraveling fast." He waited expectantly for her response.

"What, what does that mean?" Helen asked, feeling suddenly chilled.

Tom Continued, "It seems that Nikki Wade is having problems adjusting to life back in Larkhall. Barbara seems to think that Nikki may be trying to harm herself." He paused, observing Helen intently.

"How, what has she done?" Helen was agitated now, her pulse racing, she tried to calm herself.

"She is starving herself, not eating."

"Why wasn't this reported, surely her personal officer would have noticed?" she fumed

"I don't know why Helen, maybe it has been reported to Karen, she may not have bothered to tell you, after all Nikki is her responsibility now, not yours." Thomas tried to appear nonchalant as he keenly observed Helen's rising anger.

"That may be, but I still run the lifers group and I should be given any relevant information that may be harmful or impeding a lifers rights of health." She paused trying to regain control of herself. "I should have been notified." She eyed him suddenly, "and so should have you, as the medical officer, obviously you weren't."

Thomas quickly responded. "Well, it may be that only Barbara has noticed, she seems to think that Nikki has been avoiding everyone else."

Helen frowned, maybe she hasn't just been avoiding me then, she thought, then asked "What do you suggest we do then?"

Thomas smiled reassuringly, "I believe it would be beneficial for Nikki is she where to come and see me. I want to examine her physically and confirm that she has or hasn't been trying to harm herself. Then I want to begin talking therapy with her. You saw how effective that treatment was with Pam."

"Ok" Helen conceded, "I'll arrange it with Karen." She rose to leave.

"Helen, look I'm sorry if I upset you, I didn't realise how much Nikki meant to you."

"Its not that, I have the same concern for Nikki as I do with all the prisoners in my group." Helen tried to sound convincing.

"Are you sure? It must have been difficult to remain professional, with all that attention directed at you, didn't you find it a little flattering?"

"I assure you Tom, I always maintain professionalism. I am fully aware of my duty, I hope by your comments that you are able to remain professional as well in the face of undue attention." Helen was bristling now and Thomas backed off quickly.

"Look Helen, I didn't mean to imply anything, I'm just curious, that's all. You seem so off hand with me and you must be aware that I'm attracted to you."

"Just ask it Tom, do you think I'm a lesbian, because I haven't jumped into bed with you yet, is that what this is about?"

"Well are you?" He asked pointedly.

"No I'm not, I've only ever had relationships with men."

"I'm sorry Helen, I just need to know if I have a chance with you. Its just…I'm falling in love with you." He waited expectantly.

"I am attracted to you Tom, I'm just not sure if I'm ready for another relationship." She answered.

"What about sex then?" He grinned.

Helen laughed, relieved that the inquisition was over.

"Doesn't that lead to the same thing?" She smiled, making a decision. "Ok, I can't promise anything, but what about a home cooked meal and a nice wine and we'll see were it goes from there. 7:30 Tonight?"

"I'll be there with the wine." He suddenly crossed the room and took her in his arms.

"I don't want to rush you Helen, honestly."

She rested her head against his chest. "So what's this then?" He lifted her chin and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"An aperitif."

She disengaged herself from his arms. "Tonight then" She smiled

Nikki watched Helen leave Larkhall for the night and couldn't prevent a twinge of pain when the Governor didn't turn toward her window before she went through the gates.

"Why should she" she mumbled to herself. Karen Betts suddenly opened the cell door.

"Nikki you have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30 am with Dr Waugh."

"Why?" Nikki asked a little put out. She didn't notice Barbara flinch as she sat at her writing table, studiously ignoring the exchange.

Karen frowned not wanting a confrontation with the woman. "You haven't been attending the lifers groups and you haven't been seen eating in the dinning room for some time. It's a routine check Nikki, to make sure that everything is all right. Problem?"

"No, I'll go." Nikki turned back to the window catching last glimpse of Helen's back as the security gate closed behind her.

"I don't care." She muttered.

Karen shrugged and left, Nikki appeared to be her usual sullen self, but Helen Stewart was adamant about ensuring Nikki went to see the Doctor and who was she to argue with the Governor, Karen thought, a little bitterly.

Chapter Six

Helen was merrily pissed, the meal lay half eaten on the table in front of her, she reclined happily on the couch watching Thomas's hands as they expertly massaged her feet.

"God that feels great." She smiled contentedly.

There had been no further mention of Nikki Wade and Thomas had been wonderfully charming and attentive, so why was she still holding back? Why didn't she just do it, silence the heartache and fear once and for all. "Come 'ere" she slurred sexily, "An take yer shirt off."

Thomas complied, quickly stripping shirt and pants, he lowered himself onto Helen's body, cupping her head in his hands. She kissed him quickly, then pulled back to look at him. "lets go to bed" she said having made a decision.

She began to struggle and he quickly jumped up, helping her stand.

"This way" She gestured, he smiled as he followed her swaying figure down the hall to her bedroom. He just hoped she didn't pass out on him before they got to it.

She was undressing when he entered the room, he removed his underwear and proceeded to assist her. She was giggling as they both fumbled to remove her bra, but finally she was naked and he pushed her gently on to the bed, covering her body with his own.

"God your beautiful" He murmured, as he began sucking her nipples and kneading her breasts. Helen felt his erection against her inner thigh and opened her legs almost instinctively. Thomas immediately began fumbling to be inside her, he moaned as his penis slid into her and he increased his attentions to her breasts. Sucking on her neck and throat he ran her nipples through his fingers trying to remain gentle while desperately wanting to pinch and bite the woman beneath him. His need building intensely, he stared into her face as he thrust into her, wanting to see her desire for him.

She was smiling and she was asleep.

Thomas paused mid thrust, he didn't know whether to laugh or hit her, he debated the ethics of continuing.

"Fuck it." He shrugged, kissing the sleeping face and murmuring his love for her he thrust slowly until he had cum. He gathered her into his arms and was surprised when she wrapped herself around him.

He sighed and prepared to sleep smiling when he felt her lips against his throat breath a name.

And suddenly he was wide-awake.

Helen woke next morning feeling sticky and a little sore. She opened an eye and found herself alone. She moaned in relief and grabbed her head in her hands.

"Shit, shit, shit, what the fuck was I thinking." She could barely remember her seduction of Thomas but she was convinced of its outcome. She was a little surprised that he had left her though and a bit hurt.

"Was I that bad a lay then?" She asked the ceiling.

"Obviously, I can't bloody remember it." She couldn't help laugh at her own predicament.

"Well did that reinforce your heterosexuality then?" She asked the ceiling again, but it remained unsurprisingly mute.

"Oh God" She dragged herself and her hangover to the shower, dreading having to see Tom that day, but knowing she needed to speak with him.

Thomas Waugh sat staring into the eyes of Nikki Wade, as she sat staring back at him. Very attractive, he decided, brown eyes and complexion, large well defined lips, a dark red, the same colour as her labia, he smirked at the thought and his penis jumped a little at the sudden image of Helen's sex, wet and waiting for him.

He swallowed quickly and adjusted himself in his chair.

"So Nikki, have you not been eating then?"

"I eat, just not that often." She seemed bored, her eyes left his and wondered around the room.

"Why's that Nikki? Not hungry or aren't you being offered the type of food you like to eat." He smirked at the double entendre, but was disappointed when she appeared not to notice.

"Not hungry." She murmured.

"OK" He said, a little loudly to get her attention. "Lets examine you then, take off your shirt and lie down on the bench."

Thomas's eyes lingered on Nikki's skin as she peeled off her shirt, he marveled at her musculature.

"Well you seem healthy enough, lets see what you sound like inside shall we?"

Nikki barely flinched as the cold stethoscope pressed suddenly against her skin. Why was she here? She didn't really care, she just wanted to get back to her bunk and not deal with this pratt.

"Ok, deep breath, in and out when I say now and again. Ok that's fine, I'm going to check your blood pressure now". He strapped her arm and pressed against her as he took her pressure, enjoying the warmth of her body. He couldn't help the erection as his dick brushed against Nikki's arm, he lost himself in the colour of her skin. Pretending to re-check his readings, he imagined Helen's lips brushing against him, her mouth opening to take possession of his cock. He closed his eyes and suppressed a moan as he brushed against Nikki's arm again. He focused again, on the woman in front of him.

"So Nikki, you've had a thing for the Governor, I believe." He said conversationally.

Nikki ignored him.

He walked behind her as she sat on the examining table, he pressed himself behind her, his groin pushed into her lower back.

"You see Nikki, that's a bit of a problem." He placed his hands on her shoulders and began rocking his pelvis against her.

"It's a problem Nikki, because she an I are having sex. I love her Nikki and you're in the way" He whispered the last sentence against her ear.

"What the fuck are you doing" Nikki's voice was harsh and dry from disuse, what the hell had this idiot just said to her? And why was he holding her, everything suddenly seemed very wrong. Nikki shook her head, trying to clear it.

"Would you like me to fuck you Nikki, the way she likes me to fuck her, because that's as close as your ever going to get to her, understood." He hissed the last and suddenly held her very close, his erection pressed hard against her back.

"Feel me? She felt me too"

"NO" Nikki exploded, she threw the Doctor off her and jumped from the table, she spun, quickly, kicking him in the groin. She barely noticed his screams as she tore off through the door and down the hall.

"She's down the block ma'm, she's mad. She should be in the muppit wing, look what she did to poor Dr Waugh." Sylvia Hollamby, shook her head in disgust.

"Always was a bit ify that Wade, If you ask me. Always getting into fights and trouble. Best thing for her is a month in solitary."

"Yes, thank you Sylvia, that will be all." Karen Betts dismissed her officer as quickly as she could, the woman always gave her a headache.

"What do you think Jim?" She asked

Jim Fenner smiled. " I don't know Karen, it is odd behaviour from Wade, then again she did have a go at Dominic McAllister and lets not forget why she's in her in the first place. She is a killer." He manufactured a look of concern and Karen sighed.

"Yes I suppose. I'll talk to Helen about it."

"Why." Jim asked frowning. "Wade's Stewart's pet, always has been, she'll have her out on the wing again, like she did Dockley, no questions asked, god knows what we will have to deal with then. I thought Wade was under your duty of care now and not Stewart's?" He smiled at her hoping to look sincere.

"You're right Jim, I'm sick of this. I can make my own decisions on my own wing. Doctor Waugh has advised me that Wade should undergo psychiatric treatment, he says she's a danger to herself and to others, so I'm having her transferred to the Psychiatric unit under his care." She smiled at Jim "Get her sorted out will you Jim, I'll call Dr Waugh and let him know she's on her way. She's been heavily sedated so you shouldn't have any problems."

"Aye, Aye, Governor" He winked at her, grabbing her for a quick embrace before leaving to complete his task.

"Wades for it Sylvia, She's off the wing" He muttered evilly as he passed the other officer who chortled to herself happily "Well that's made my day, it has."

Nikki moaned as she was manhandled out of the cell and out of G Wing, she was barely conscious, Thomas had seen to that. In her muddled thoughts she was dimly aware that something was terribly wrong but she was so tired, she couldn't think. As the officers dragged her toward her new cell, Thomas followed behind, limping slightly and wincing at the pain in his groin, but nonetheless very content with the current state of his new patient. Once the guards had been alerted and caught up with Nikki, she was so angry and out of control, she had been incomprehensible, it had been simple to give her the sedative and shut her up.

Despite the discomfit he relished the current situation and the plan he had developed to remove Nikki Wade permanently from Helen Stewart's life.

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