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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Ten

"I'll call you at lunch time, baby. Bye!" Dylan yelled as she left the apartment. Normally Dylan left it to the last minute before heading to work, as she hated to leave her family. This morning though, the tension in the Morgan household was palpable. Something seemed badly wrong between Rosie and Jackson. They always had some sort of tension between them but this morning if they got within three feet of each other, the bad feeling was virtually sparking off of them. Emily had promised to have a 'sensitive chat' later, and Dylan gratefully exited the apartment to get an early start at the studio.

The TV star was walking towards her jeep in the parking lot when she noticed an envelope on the windshield.

Her heart sank as she lifted the envelope and started to open it.

Are you ready for the end game Morgan?

It's time to take back what is mine!

Dylan scrunched up the paper in her hand. "Fuck! I'm going to get you, you bastard!"

She grabbed her phone and called Lynn. "Lynn, send Pauley over to my apartment and push back my script meetings till late this afternoon."

"Is everyone alright, Dylan?"

"Yeah. Don't worry. I just need to borrow Jackson for a bit, so I need Pauley here."

"Okay I'll send him right over. Just be careful, whatever you're up to."

Dylan dialled again and got Jackson. "I got another message. Pauley's coming over to sit with the girls. We're going to pay our chief suspects a visit."

It had taken some convincing to persuade Emily that this was a good idea, but Dylan had been determined. She was sick of constantly playing catch up. Now was the time to take control.

"Are you sure we should visit Toni first?" Jackson asked from the passenger seat.

"Yeah. Everyone is so convinced it can't be her, if that's true she can give us an insight into this Drew guy."

"Okay. Let's just keep it calm though, okay?"

Dylan just nodded, but it didn't convince Jackson.

Back at the apartment things were tense. Molly had been kept from going to preschool because of this new threat. Pauley had come over with a few of his studio security team. He posted one with the doorman at the front, one at the door leading from the parking lot, one outside the apartment door, and finally he was standing guard in the apartment. Rosie was sitting in the kitchen with Emily and Molly.

Emily, who had long since given up sitting and doing nothing, had emptied the cupboards and was now standing on a stool scrubbing them out.

Molly knew something was wrong and could feel the nerves pouring off her mother.

"Mama, ou otay? When Mom comin' back?"

Emily sighed and said a little sharply, "I don't know, Molly. I don't seem to have any say in what your Mom does."

Molly looked up at Rosie worriedly. "Hey Molls, why don't I put on a DVD for you in the living room, okay?"

When Rosie returned, she found Emily fanatically scrubbing. The kitchen was upside down, with food and dishes from the cupboards strewn around the kitchen.

"Emily? I got Molly settled. Are you okay?"

The blonde climbed down from the stool and collapsed onto the kitchen chair, sobbing.

"Oh Emily, come here!" Rosie pulled her chair up next to Emily and pulled the blonde into a hug.

"It'll be alright, Em. Dylan and Jackson will sort this out and be back before you know it."

"I don't know what's happening to me. I'm even being horrible to my daughter."

"You're not being horrible. She just doesn't understand what's happening."

"I don't think I do either," Emily said sadly.

Rosie grabbed the box of tissues and handed one to her friend.

"Why the cleaning though?"

Emily sniffed and tried to wipe away her tears. "Oh, it's what I do when I'm stressed or worried. Clean everything, whether it needs it or not."

"I can understand, well not the cleaning. I lock myself in my apartment and draw and paint. I can lose myself in it."

Emily was starting to calm a little. "Every time I start to relax and enjoy just being a family, this whoever they are does something and the fear and the worry comes right back. It's always hanging over our heads."

"It must have been difficult, and in a new relationship and all."

"It has been. I can sense Dylan worrying about it, even when she says she's not. It weighs heavy on her. I mean imagine meeting your future wife and discovering you have a daughter all in a matter of months, and on top of that there's someone constantly trying to take that away from you."

"Must be hard on her."

Emily sighed, "It is, and she seems to fixate all her anger and worry and jealousy onto Toni."

"Well from what you've told me about how Toni treated you, I'm not surprised."

"Yes I know, but it's the past. Toni's the past and is no threat to Dylan, but she just can't see that and she's mixing up the stalker threat with Toni."

"Well ..." Rosie hesitated. "No, it's none of my business really."

"What we're going to say? You're my friend; please tell me what you think."

"I can understand why she's super sensitive about Toni. Apart from the normal anger you would feel hearing about a partner's bad treatment by an ex, you were having her kid when you were with Toni. That's got to cause some jealously, but worse than that you told me Toni roughed you up a bit and was violent while you were pregnant. Then when you left her, you had to bring Molly up yourself in really difficult conditions. Knowing how protective she is and how she likes to look after her family, I guess Dylan feels a lot of guilt for not being there for you even though there's nothing she can do about it now. I think that's why she fixates on Toni."

Emily dabbed her tear-stained eyes and smiled. "You're right. I don't know why I didn't connect it. You're wise beyond your years, Rosie Henderson."

"My dad always said I was an old soul. When mom died, he fell apart. Even though I was just a teenager, it was up to me to support him and talk him through it."

"I can see how you were such a comfort to him. So wise one, tell me something or talk to me to keep me distracted."

Suddenly Rosie's face looked strained and she said out of the blue. "I think I'm falling in love with Jackson and I can't stand her."

"Oh boy! I better make some coffee."

Dylan parked the jeep across the street from a nondescript downtown apartment building.

"We should have let Mark and Patrick know we were doing this," said Jackson.

Dylan turned off the engine and turned to her friend. "They would have stopped me, and you know I have to do this."

"Alright, but remember to keep calm. We're only looking for information on this Drew character, we don't have a shred of evidence that Toni is involved. Okay?"

Dylan said nothing but nodded. Jackson wasn't convinced. "My FBI buddy tells me she doesn't start work until five, so she should be in right now."

"Let's go." Dylan led the way over to the apartment buzzer. Just as Dylan was about to buzz up, someone exited the apartment building, allowing the pair to get past the security door.

"Apartment 15 should be on the second floor," Jackson said after checking the mail boxes for Toni's name.

"Let's go."

They climbed the stairs and stood at the door of apartment 15. Dylan looked at Jackson, who said, "Were just making inquires, okay?"

Dylan knocked and heard a shout from inside. "Just a minute!"

The door was open and Dylan came face to face with Toni Bianchi. Their eyes met and Dylan knew instantly that Toni knew exactly who she was. Looking Toni up and down, she felt that familiar anger and jealousy twisting in her stomach. The woman stood around 5 foot 6 and had been handsome but it looked as though the drinking and drugs had taken their toll. Her short blonde hair was wet; she had obviously just come out the shower.

"You're ... Dylan ..." Toni stammered.

The TV star stood to her full height, looking down on Toni and said, "Yes, Dylan Morgan, and this is my security consultant, Jackson Hunter."

"You're engaged to Em." Dylan hated hearing Toni use a pet name for her fiancé.

"I'm engaged to Emily, yes." Dylan said correcting the name.

"I don't know if you're aware but Emily is being stalked by someone."

"Yeah I read that. I hope she and the baby are okay?"

At the mention of Molly, Jackson saw Dylan's face become like stone, her knuckles turned white, she was squeezing them so hard.

"My family is perfectly fine," Dylan said staking her claim.

Jackson decided it was time for her to step in. "The police have some suspicions about a man who Emily knew when you were both together, we wondered if we could come in and ask a few questions to see if you can help us?"

"Sure, anything to help Emily. Uh ... come in. Excuse the mess, I'm just getting ready for work." Toni went around the small basic apartment, lifting up clothes and magazines.

"Why don't you take a seat and I'll throw on some jeans and a t-shirt, I just got out of the shower."

Dylan remained standing but Jackson sat and said, "Thanks, you go ahead, we'll wait."

Five minutes later, Toni appeared fully dressed. She took a seat across from Jackson; Dylan remained standing keeping her intimidating position.

Jackson thought she would start and set the tone for the questioning.

"We've been looking into Emily's past, trying to find anyone that has shown an interest in her. I believe the police came to see you and you told them about a guy named Drew. Could you tell us about him? I know you already told the police, but maybe there's something they could have missed."

"Sure. I'll do anything I can to help Emily." Toni looked up to meet Dylan's eyes then quickly looked back to Jackson. The huge TV star looked angry and ready to rip her apart at any moment.

Dylan watched on while Jackson questioned her.

Anything to help Emily! What a fucking liar! Yeah you really wanted to help her when you cheated on her, hit her and tried to force yourself on her when she was pregnant with my baby! Dylan watched Toni meet her murderous stare then quickly look away.

Yeah. That's right, look away coward. You haven't got the guts to stand up to someone like me, only smaller pregnant women! Dylan thought angrily.

"So he started to be more than a nuisance then?" Jackson asked.

"Yeah, Emily came to the restaurant a lot to visit me between shifts, stuff like that. When it started off, he was just over familiar, then he would touch her whenever he could. Emily told me she'd seen him a few times around her college campus, just watching her. I was angry as you can imagine, some lowlife bothering my girlfriend, I didn't want anything or anyone to hurt Em."

Dylan snorted, unable to hold her tongue any longer. "That's fucking rich coming from you!"

Jackson said, "This isn't helping Dylan, we're here to get information, not pass judgement on the past."

Toni stood gathering her courage. "No. It's okay. Ms. Morgan's been desperate to let me have it since I opened the door, so let's have it."

"Big talk for a coward who beats her girlfriend."

Oh brother! Here we go! thought Jackson.

"I admit I didn't treat Emily very well, I had anger problems from my childhood that led me into drinking and drug problems."

"Oh boo hoo. Mommy and Daddy weren't very nice to you so you thought, 'I know, sleeping around and beating up my girlfriend will make me feel better!"

"It wasn't like that, I ..."

Toni stepped back as Dylan went aggressively nose to nose with her.

"You're scum, Bianchi. Do you remember trying to force yourself on her while she was pregnant with Molly? You don't how many times I've wanted to come over here and kick your ass, but I've been talked out of it."

"Yes! I remember!" Toni shouted, sinking back into her chair, head in hands. "I remember cause that's when I knew I had to get help and I left. I know what I did and I have to live with the guilt. I've been working through it with my shrink ever since, and I've found solace in my faith. I know that Emily was too good for me and the best thing I've ever had, but I'm clean now and I've worked on my anger issues and rebuilt my life. I have a new girlfriend and I'm trying my best to be a decent partner. That's all I can do. I'm sorry for what I did, and I'll help you in any way I can."

Jackson saw Dylan take another step towards Toni and jumped up between them.

"This is not helping, Dylan. We need to find out all we can to protect Emily."

Dylan took a deep breath, gulping down her rage. "Fine. Question her, but I swear to you Bianchi, if I find out you have anything to do with this, I will hunt you down and make you wish you'd never been born!" Dylan turned and moodily went to stand by the window, her back to Jackson and Toni.

"Ms. Hunter, you don't believe I have anything to do with this? I'm just trying to live a quiet life with my girlfriend and keep clean, ask my counselor if you don't believe me!"

"Calm down, Toni. We have no evidence that you have anything to do with it and we're not investigating you. So what happened next? Did you warn him off?"

"Yeah I did, and got him fired from the restaurant. As far as I know he moved to a different part of town after that, and we didn't hear from him again."

"Could he hold a grudge against Emily, do you think?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I guess he wouldn't have known where to find her before she started appearing in the magazines and stuff, when she got with Dylan."

"Hmm. Do you think he could be violent?"

"He always struck me as just a creepy guy around women; I really don't know if he would hurt anyone, I mean he was scared of me when I confronted him about it. So I don't know."

"Well I have nothing further. Take my card and if you think of anything else, just call me on this number."

Toni took the card from her.

Jackson turned to Dylan who was still looking out of the window. "Do you have anything else Dylan? Or should we go?"

Dylan turned and threw an icy glare at Toni. "Nothing. I've said all I needed to say."

"Thank you for your help, Toni," Jackson said as she and Dylan made their way to the door.

Toni who remained seated said, "Dylan? Will you tell Emily that I hope her new life will be a happier one?"

The TV star stopped but said nothing, then continued on her way out the door followed by Jackson.

The pair returned home a few hours later, after staking out Drew Simpsons house. There had been no sign of him, so they had eventually given up. Dylan had been silent most of that time, lost in her own thoughts. When they got back to the apartment, Dylan hadn't wanted to talk about it and went straight to work out in her gym. Jackson filled Rosie and Emily in on what they had learned. Emily was concerned about how angry and stressed Dylan obviously was, but thought it best to let her partner work her frustrations out on the punching bag.

Rosie had reluctantly accepted a ride home from Jackson, wanting to leave the couple to their privacy after a trying day.

Emily had a difficult time putting Molly to bed, as Dylan hadn't come to read her a story like she did every night. Emily knew Dylan hadn't done this on purpose, but had just been so wrapped up in her workout that she lost track of time. When she eventually did get Molly to sleep, Emily decided on an early night. She sat up in bed reading, hoping that Dylan might want to talk when she eventually came to bed.

Two and a half hours later an exhausted, sweaty Dylan came into the bedroom. Chest heaving and body buzzing with energy, she sought release in the love and reassurance that only her fiancé could provide. Dylan saw that Emily had dozed off reading, so she went to the wardrobe and got what she needed then stalked towards the bed.

Emily awoke, hearing the sounds in their bedroom. She looked up to see Dylan standing, looking at her from the side of the bed, saying nothing but communicating everything with her eyes. Her eyes said I need you, I want you, I need to connect, to know you're mine and only mine, and I'm scared. Emily's body instantly reacted to the hungry looking Dylan, who had just pulled off her t-shirt and was standing only in her shorts. Dylan's muscles looked pumped, taut and utterly erotic as the sweat from her workout ran down her hard shoulders, chest and the hard washboard stomach that Emily so adored. Emily could almost swear she could feel the testosterone pouring off Dylan's body as she waited for her fiancé to beckon her to the bed.

Emily pulled off her silk nightgown and watched as Dylan's eyes raked over her body, she felt her nipples harden under the needy gaze of her partner.

"Come to me, honey," Emily beckoned her, letting her legs open up, showing her partner what was hers.

Dylan pulled off her shorts leaving her naked with her strap-on standing hard and ready. They didn't always use this in their lovemaking, but Dylan wanted to be deep inside her fiancé both physically and emotionally. As she looked at her partner lying ready and open, her hand unconsciously began stroking her hard appendage. Dylan met her partner's eyes and moved towards her.

She moved herself onto Emily, their eyes never once leaving each other as they continued their silent communication. There would be no words, no extensive foreplay, Dylan needed reassurance and release, and Emily would give it to her. She could so easily read the emotional needs in Dylan's eyes and knew they were truly in each other's soul.

Dylan held her cock at fiancé's entrance waiting for Emily's signal. Emily's head gave a slight nod, as her hand stroked Dylan's cheek lightly.

Dylan's eyes never left Emily's as she thrust inside her.

Emily could tell from the first moment she looked at her partner, that she was wound up and close to the brink. It wouldn't take long for Dylan to reach her release but this wasn't about long passionate lovemaking, it was about giving Dylan what she needed, and Emily would willingly give it to her.

Dylan moaned as her thrusts became faster. Emily tenderly stroked the TV stars back and shoulders, all the time trying to show all the love she had for her.

Dylan's breathing changed and the thrusts became harder and even faster; Emily knew the older woman's orgasm was seconds away, she took Dylan's head in her hands and said, "Don't close your eyes, give me everything."

This seemed to spiral Dylan closer to the edge as her moans became louder and her hips thrust wildly, until she went over the precipice.

Emily saw it in Dylan's eyes before she heard her passion. Her blue eyes seemed to soften and the whites grow milky as all the love, anxiety, and fear poured out of them.

"Ah, ah, argh!" Dylan roared out her release as if she had been wounded.

After she collapsed, Emily hugged her tightly as she heard Dylan's breathy sobs.

"It's okay, honey. Let it all out. I love you. I love you."

Dylan very rarely cried but it was as if the cork had been popped from all of her bottled up emotions. All the fear, anxiety, stress, everything that she had been carrying on her shoulders since this situation began, flooded out.

Dylan's sobs started to lesson as Emily tenderly stroked her back.. The tears gradually ebbed away and Dylan, who was still inside her partner, raised up on her elbows to look down at her love. Emily stroked away the residual tears that were covering her partner's cheeks.

"How do you know? Know what I need?" Dylan croaked.

"Because you're in my soul and I am in yours. I will always know."

"I didn't know what it was to live until I met you. I can't ever lose you, or Molly."

Emily traced a finger along Dylan's lip.

"You never will. We are yours. Forever. Now sit up and we'll talk, okay?"

"Yeah, I think I need to."

Emily lay on Dylan's chest, listening to the heart that beat only for her.

"Tell me about today, honey."

Dylan took a big breath and exhaled. "When I found that message this morning, I lost it. I was so scared. Whoever this is wasn't just warning me they were coming, they were showing me they could get in anywhere. That parking lot is security monitored 24/7, cameras everywhere, and still they got in unseen. Patrick called Jackson this afternoon to say there was nothing on the film, they got in, cut the cameras and went about their business. It's frightening."

Emily said nothing but gave Dylan's chest a kiss of reassurance.

"I had to do something, even if it was, as it turned out to be, a waste of time. We've got nothing on this person, it's like they don't exist, so I had to turn my frustration on the only two targets I had. Toni and Drew.

I know I promised you before I went that I would be calm, I promised Jackson before we went in too. When she opened the door and I saw her I ... Well I had built up this image in my head of who she was, but then I saw her. She was ordinary looking. A bit pathetic really. I take it the alcohol and drugs have messed her up a bit; the energetic ladies' woman you had described, she was not. When I looked at her, all I could see were the pictures in my head of her hurting you, lying and cheating, making you cry, and I wanted to kill her. What made it worse was that she was trying to be so reasonable, saying she would do anything to help you, and she was so sorry she lost you."

Emily raised herself up and looked down at Dylan. "She said that?"

"Yeah and that she only treated you so bad because of the alcohol and drugs, oh and some crap about a terrible childhood. You know, it was all 'Poor me, I couldn't help being such a women beating lowlife, Mommy and Daddy were nasty to me.' Pathetic."

"Yes. She did always think her problems were worse than everyone else's."

"I came so close to punching her, but Jackson stopped me. It took everything in me to turn around and let Jackson continue questioning her. I was so near my breaking point, and then we couldn't get that Drew Simpson at home so we left and came back here. I'm sorry I couldn't talk right away and I'm sorry I missed the Smurf's bedtime story. I'll make it up to her, I just ... I don't know, everything that I've been feeling came crashing down on me today after seeing her. I'm just so fucking scared of losing you, it's tearing me up inside. It's like I've been given this taste of happiness, family life, contentment, and it could be taken away from me at any moment. When I was working out on the bag, I just kept seeing Toni's face. I punched and kicked until I was wrung out, and I knew that the only thing that would soothe me was you. You always know what I need, and you always give it to me. I wasn't too rough, was I?"

Emily stroked her partner's face. "Never. You could never be too rough. Your body and your mind just needed to connect, to know that I was yours, and you did that. Honey, we can't continue like this forever. What if we never find out who this person is? You can't be so close to the edge all the time. Your family needs you, your daughter needs you, and in case you forgot, we're getting married next week. You've done everything you can to protect your family, Dyl. Jackson is the best, trust her to do her job. We need you to just be with us and not always thinking of our problems."

Dylan pulled Emily back down for a kiss. "I'll try, baby girl, but don't expect me ever to compromise on my family's safety. I could never do that, but I will try. I love you both with all my heart."

"We know that, honey. We love you too."

Dylan was emotionally and physically exhausted, and drifted off to sleep with Emily stroking her stomach as she always did.

I'm sorry I brought this fear into your life, thought Emily sadly.

The next morning Dylan headed into work early to try and make up for missing so much yesterday. After Jackson and Emily took Molly to preschool, Rosie came over to finish up a few things and gather her equipment for moving onto the next job.

An initial commission to decorate Molly's room had blossomed into a redecoration of most of the apartment, and a strong friendship between the young decorator and Emily.

Emily had been delighted with the friendship; she'd had no friends, apart from co-workers, since she broke up with Toni. But today the job was over and Emily was going to miss the day-to-day company of the young woman. And, it wasn't as if she wouldn't be seeing Rosie much. After discussing it with Dylan, she had asked her to be a bridesmaid and she was, of course, helping Emily with planning the wedding.

Rosie was packing up her stuff when Emily came into the family room.

"You all set?"

"Yeah just about. I can't thank you enough for giving me a chance. It's done wonders for my business to have a celebrity job in my portfolio."

"No problem. You've done a fantastic job and you fit right in with my family life, which is what is most important to me."

"I know. You're a great couple and Molly's just adorable, so it's been a pleasure."

"Have you got a new job fixed up?"

"I have jobs backed up now after my last celebrity client." Rosie smiled.

"Well just remember to keep January onwards free for the Long Island house."

"Don't worry, I'll be all yours. Well, that's me all done. I guess I'll see you at the next dress fitting?"

"Yes. Come here." Emily opened her arms to give the young woman a hug.

When they pulled away, Emily said, "What are you going to do about Jackson?"

The two women had had a heart to heart about Rosie's feelings for the bodyguard.

"Nothing. My body and my heart are obvious reacting to some sort of latent primal need to mate with a Neanderthal Alpha female! But luckily I have a mind and a brain to overcome these ... these ... urges."

Emily laughed. "Well good luck with that, in my experience your body and your heart know what you need better than your brain, but I'll leave that up to you. Oh! Molly made you a picture to take with you. Hang on, I'll just go and get it. I think ... it's in her room."

After Emily left, Rosie grabbed her bags and was about to leave when Jackson came in, hands in pockets, looking rather uncomfortable.

Rosie sighed. She was hoping to get away with talking to the former soldier who made her act and feel things that she couldn't control.

"Can I help you with something?"

Jackson looked a little lost and unsure of herself.

"Uh ... um ... Emily said you were leaving today?"

"Yes that's right." Rosie felt flustered, she needed to get out, this little boy lost look of Jackson's was making her heart ache.

"Well ... I ..."

"Could you get to the point?"

Jackson walked closer. "I didn't want you to leave without saying goodbye, and talking about that day at my apartment. I didn't mean ..."

"I really don't want to talk about that day, and as for saying goodbye, well ... we've never been friends, in fact you hated me on sight and have hated everything about me, so ..."

Jackson stood head down, saying nothing but nodded.

"I'm going then," Rosie said but she couldn't move and felt her hand lifting to stroke Jackson's face. Oh god! Get out of here Rosie before you kiss her! I can't be trusted around her.

When Rosie finally got her legs to obey and went to walk past, Jackson's arm shot out and grabbed her elbow.

"I've never hated you, hippy girl. You have principles; you stand up for what you believe in. You're kind, caring and give up your own time to the service of others. There is no one that is more perfect than you. You are everything."

Jackson then lifted Rosie's hand, kissed it tenderly and left the room.

Rosie was left gobsmacked. I'm everything. Did she actually say that? Oh Jack!

"Here it is! She worked on it all day yesterday," Emily said coming into the room with Molly's picture.

"Are you okay, Rosie?" Emily knew something had happened with Jackson. When she saw her go into the family room, she held back hoping the stubborn pair would work something out. Emily was a romantic and hoped she could see her two friends as happy as she was, but by the looks of things, it hadn't gone well.

"I'm fine Em. I'll see you at the final fitting on Friday?"

"Yes. Let's have lunch first and catch up on the week," Emily said as she walked Rosie to the door.

"That would be great." The two women hugged and Rosie left.

Great! Now I have a moody bodyguard to cheer up!

The lone figure sat staring at a close-up photo of Emily, taken by the paparazzi, happy and smiling. They picked up the phone and dialled.

"We move today. I've had enough of watching what's mine play the blushing bride. Pick me up in 20 minutes."


Emily and Jackson were on their way over to pick up Molly from preschool. Emily had tried to talk to Jackson about Rosie but her bodyguard hadn't being forthcoming.

A familiar picture popped up on her iPhone as it began to ring.

"Hello, goofy."

"Hey, baby girl. How goes your day?"

Dylan sounded so much brighter toady. Last night's talk and emotional release had helped the TV star.

"Good. We're on our way over to pick up Molly. How's your day been, honey?"

"Manic. I missed a lot yesterday. That's part of the reason why I'm phoning, baby. I have to work late tonight to catch up, probably most of the week actually. I'm sorry I'm neglecting you and Molls, but I promise we'll do something nice on Sunday. We'll make it a family day."

"It's okay, honey. We understand. So what's the dare this week?"

"Eh ... I don't really think you want to know. You know how you worry. Let's just say it's called car dominos."

Emily sighed. She was getting used to the constant worry that was the lot of being the partner and wife of daredevil, Dylan Morgan.

"Yes, you're probably right. Just promise me you'll be careful, and make sure you eat something."

"Yes, mama Smurf! Don't worry I'm always careful. I've got a family to look after now."

"You just remember that, TV star!"

"It's always on the forefront of my mind. I'll call you before I leave the studio, okay?"

"Alright, honey. I love you."

"Love you, baby girl."

Almost as soon as Emily hung up, her phone rang again. It was Molly's school.

"Ms. Taylor? This is Mrs. Whitmore from Greenfield School. We've been trying to get hold of you on your home and cell numbers."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Greenfield, we're driving over to pick Molly up and I was on another call. Is there a problem?"

Jackson mouthed, 'What's wrong?'

Emily's heart started to pound. "There has been an incident. An unknown man has gained entry into the school under the guise of being a contractor. He got into Molly's class, ordered the teacher to remove the other children at gunpoint, and now has Molly held hostage. The police are here ..."

Emily dropped the phone. "Oh my God! My baby! Jackson! We have to get her back!"

Jackson pulled over at the side of the road, picked up the discarded phone and got the full story from Mrs. Whitmore.

"We're five minutes away. Tell the police we'll be there."

Emily was in shock, shaking with tears streaming down her face. Jackson pulled her into her arms.

"We're going to get her back. I promise. This is what I do. I won't let you down."

"Please Jackson. Please get my baby back!"

Jackson pulled the jeep back onto the road and began to break all speed limits to get to the school as fast as possible.

Jackson's jeep screeched to a halt as near as she could get to the school. It was surrounded by crowds, police and TV crews. Emily was numb and Jackson had to physically drag her over to the hub of police officers at the school gates.

Emily watched as a team of armed police got suited and geared up, readying to storm the building.

She pulled at Jackson's arm frantically. "Jackson, don't let them go in with guns blazing please! You know what can happen! Molly will get hurt, please!"

Jackson steadied Emily, her hands grasping Emily's shoulders. "Listen, were going to talk to the cops in charge. Whatever happens, I'll get her out."

"I need Dylan, Jackson."

"Here, call her while I talk to Patrick. I can see him over there."

Emily merely nodded and began to dial. In the meantime Patrick had come over to speak to them.

"Hunter. Glad your here."

"What's the situation?"

"It's Drew Simpson. He's got the classroom barricaded. Our negotiator has been in contact with him. He's demanded to see Emily and have safe passage away with her. We're at the end of the line with it. We're just about to send the armed task force in."

"Patrick you know what a risk that is. A little girl's life is at stake."

"What other options do we have?"

"Let me go in. I'm trained for this. It's less of a risk sending one person in."

"You know I can't authorize that Hunter. Whatever you have been, you're a civilian now. I can't send in a civilian."

Emily had finished her phone call to Dylan and had joined Patrick and Jackson.

"Look, all his attention will be out front on you guys, I can go in the back of the building. Give me 30 minutes. Come on, this is Molly we're talking about."

"Patrick please … Let Jackson try. Please …" Emily broke down in tears.

The cop looked torn between his duty and friendship. "I could lose my badge over this!"

"Thanks," said Jackson, taking off her silver suit jacket.

"I'll need a radio and a vest."

"Of course. Anything else I can do for you?"

"Watch Emily for me. She's going to be unprotected until Dylan gets here."

"Of course I will. Dylan is going to be like a raging bull when she gets here."

"Hopefully I'll have Molly out by then." Jackson then turned to Emily.

"Stay beside this police van, okay? Do not move from here."

Emily's tear stained face grew angry. "What does it matter? It's been Drew all along. My daughter is in danger because he wants me! But he's in there, so I think I'll be safe."

Suddenly she became like stone.

"Patrick, if Jackson can't get her out, you are not going in with your guns. He wants me? He can have me. I'll exchange myself for her."

Jackson hugged the small blonde. "It won't come to that. I'm going to get her. Stay here and wait for Dylan, okay?"

Emily nodded, but she knew she would die for her daughter if that's what it took.

Dylan ran every red light and nearly had several collisions on her way to Molly's school. When Emily called, she had never felt such fear. It was even worse than the night Emily had the intruder, because this time someone had a gun pointed at her daughter's head.

Her stomach had roiled as she grabbed onto her desk to steady herself.

Lynn had said that Pauley should drive her but Dylan simply ignored her, grabbing her keys and running out to her car.

"Get out of my fucking way!" Dylan screamed at the other drivers.

She was frustrated. Even breaking the speed limit, it would take her 20 minutes to get there.

I knew I shouldn't have listened to everyone and let my guard down. I need to protect my family.

Jackson shimmied her way through a window at the back of the school. Gun drawn she stalked her way through the eerily empty halls.

She had spoken to the principal and caretaker, and had a rough idea of where she should head. As she got closer to the classroom, she heard the tears of Molly calling out for her moms and it broke her heart.

Across town, Rosie watched the siege live on the bar TV. Tears ran down her cheeks as the cameras panned onto Emily being held back by the police.

Her occasional date, Jess, sat at the bar watching Rosie's reaction. She could be found propping up the bar most of the time Rosie was working. She loved the beautiful bartender but couldn't so far get Rosie to take their friendship to the next level.

"Isn't that who you've been working for Rosie?"

She simply nodded. The TV news continued.

This reporter understands that the family's body guard, ex special forces soldier Jackson Hunter, has persuaded the authorities to let her go into the preschool and rescue the TV stars daughter from the armed gunman.

A picture of Jackson while she was still in the army, dressed in full camo and holding a gun, appeared on the TV.

"Oh God Jack!" she whispered.

Jess heard the name and knew she'd heard it mentioned before. Who was this 'Jack' that had her love so worried?

"Isn't that the soldier that you hated? The one that works for Morgan?"

'You are everything,' Rosie remembered the words that had haunted her since this morning.

"I don't hate her! We just don't see eye to eye," Rosie replied angrily.

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry I said anything." Jess took her drink and stalked off moodily to talk to some of her friends.

I need to get over there! She ripped off her apron, grabbed her coat and walked out of the bar without a backward glance.

"Hey! Where are you going?" the manager hollered after her.

Rosie couldn't hear him. She sent up a silent prayer for them all then added, Sarah, I know you're looking down on your big sister. Please keep her safe!

"Shut the hell up, kid! You'll see your Mom when she decides to come in here!"

Drew Simpson had tied the little girl to a chair in the corner away from the door. He nervously kept looking out of the window.

"Mama! Mom! I scared! Come get me!" the hysterical girl screamed.

"Shut the fuck up!!" Drew was panicking; this hadn't gone as his partner had promised. Not used to using a gun, his hand shook as he pointed it at the little girl.

Drew jumped when his cell phone started ringing.

"What's happening? I'm trapped in here with a screaming brat, surrounded by armed police, and there's no sign of me getting Emily! You promised!"

"Just hold it together. I'm getting things ready for our getaway. You will get out, I promise," his partner said, and then thought, I just won't promise what state you'll be in when you do.

"I know I wanted Emily but I don't know if she's worth this," Drew said. The sweat was pouring down his face from the nerves and fear.

"She is worth it. Believe me. I just need a little more time. Emily is persuading the police to let her come in as we speak. Keep their attention on you and we'll both get what we want."

"Okay. Just get me out of here!"

While Drew had been distracted talking on the phone, Jackson had taken position outside the door. Luckily there was a window on the door, so she got a good layout of the room.

She made a quick assessment of Drew. She could see he was in way over his head, he was shaking, nervous, constantly looking out of the window; he wasn't even holding his gun properly.

Probably never even used one before. If I can just get the door open and get him in one clean shot, then Molly will be safe. I just have to choose my moment, Jackson thought.

The Gods seemed to be smiling on Jackson. As Molly's crying become too much for Drew, he raised both hands to cover his ears, taking his gun away from pointing at Molly.

Jackson kicked open the door in one smooth movement. Drew only had time to meet Jackson's eyes with a look of surprise before the soldier shot him in the forehead.

Outside, Emily waited with Patrick. She had never felt such anguish and longed to be in Dylan's arms.

"What's happening? Tell me."

"We can't tell until Hunter radios in."

"Can't you contact her?" Emily asked desperately.

"No. We have to maintain radio silence. No matter what happens, even if I have to leave this vicinity, stay next to these police officers."

Emily nodded then they all heard shots ring out from the school.

"No! Molly!"

Patrick pulled out his gun and shouted. "Go! Go!" Signaling the armed police to enter the school.

"I'm going in. Don't move, Emily!"

"Oh God! Dylan I need you!"

Dylan's car screeched to a halt. She jumped out and ran at full speed towards the main entrance, taking the police barrier like a hurdle. A wall of police held her back as she got closer. She struggled, pushing and shoving.

"Let me pass! That's my daughter in there! Molly! Molly!" she screamed.

Mark, who had been manning the radio link between Jackson and the police came rushing over.

"Dylan! Calm down, buddy!"

The cops who were restraining her said, "Should we cuff her, detective?"

"No! Leave her with me." Mark grabbed her head.

"Dylan! Look at me! Look at me!"

Dylan stopped struggling as much. "Molly's in there! She needs me!"

"Molly's safe, Dylan. Look!"

Dylan looked across the playground to see Jackson walking towards them with Molly in her arms.

Dylan ran over to meet them. Molly who had been silent since she had witnessed the shooting, started to cry uncontrollably when she saw Dylan and reached out frantically for her.

"Mom! Mom! Bad man! I scared!" Jackson handed Molly over to a relieved Dylan who pulled her daughter tightly to her.

"Thank God! Molls, you're okay now. Mom's here."

Dylan looked at Jackson and said, "Thank you so much, Jackson. I owe you anything you ask for."

Jackson stroked Molly's dark head. "Don't mention it. I wasn't only doing my job you know, I care a lot about you all."

Dylan nodded and reached out to shake Jackson's hand. "You're a true friend. Who was it?"

"Drew Simpson. He wanted Emily in exchange for Molly."

Dylan growled. "The thought of her family so close to danger enraged the TV star, but the sound of her daughter's sobs made her put her anger aside, to be dealt with later.

"I want my Mama!"

"Come on, Molls. You're okay now." Molly hung onto her Mom like a life preserver.

Mark and Patrick joined them; Patrick clapped Jackson on the back.

"You had me worried when I heard those shots."

"He was an amateur. It was no problem."

Dylan knew Emily would be going out of her mind with worry and said, "Where's Emmie? She'll be so worried."

"I told her not to move from the police van. I'll go get her," Patrick said.

A police officer came over and said, "Detective. There's a Rosie Henderson wanting to be let through. Says she's a friend."

"Let her through," Jackson said. Patrick nodded in agreement.

Rosie ran through the crowd of press and onlookers. "Is everyone okay?"

"Yes, we're okay." Rosie hugged Dylan and Molly.

"Thank God! How did you get her out?"

"Jackson went in and got her."

Rosie threw her arms around the bodyguard and whispered in her ear. "I'm so happy you're safe, Jack."

Jackson was surprised at the hug but knew it wouldn't last long, so she drank up the warmth and smell of the young woman while she could.

Rosie realised she was hanging on a bit too long and pulled back.

Patrick came running over. "She's not there. I can't find her."

"What do you mean you can't find her?" Dylan snapped.

"I told her to stay at the van and she's just not there. I've ordered a search."

"Where's my Mama? Want Mama!" Molly sniffled.

Dylan tried not to show her panic in front of Molly. "Rosie? Would you watch her?"

"No problem."

"I'm going to find her, Molls. You stay here with Rosie, okay?"

Dylan handed her over to the young woman and said. "Jackson lets go."

They ran off towards the main throng of vans and police at the front gates. Dylan pushed past people, shouting frantically for her mate.

"Emily! Emily!"

The police checked everywhere, and Dylan and Jackson went around the school building twice and found nothing. She tried calling Emily's cell phone but it went straight to voicemail.

"Jackson, where is she?" Dylan shouted.

"I don't understand it," said Patrick. "She was right there, right up until the shots were fired. I told her not to move and we went into the school to back up Jackson."

Dylan ran her hands through her dark hair frantically. "She can't have just disappeared?!"

She pulled her iPhone back out and dialled. "Come on, baby. Pick up! Voicemail again! She never turns her phone off."

"I've got men questioning everyone to find out if they saw anything."

Dylan's phone beeped in her hand. She opened up her mail and saw a message from sanctityofgod.com. Her stomach dropped to her toes, and her hand shook as she opened the mail.

Jackson, Patrick, Mark, and the world's media looked on as Dylan fell to her knees and howled.

Jackson grabbed the phone and looked at the mail. She brought her hands to her mouth when she saw a picture of Emily, tied, gagged and unconscious, in the back of a van.

The message below read:

'I've taken back what's mine. My wife will be wiped clean from the stain of your touch.'


The End

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the characters as much as I enjoyed writing them! Please let me know if you would like this story to continue in Season 2! I would be delighted to hear your comments about this story at jennyframe91@yahoo.com . Also please take a look at my website where you can listen to the soundtrack to 'The Dylan Morgan Show', and find information on my future stories. www.jennys-storybook.com

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