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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Five

Pauley parked the car up near the grocery store.

"Dylan, I'll keep a discrete distance behind you. You'll keep a hold of Molly?" the big security guard asked.

"Yeah. I'll keep her up in my arms, and an eye on Emily."

Emily sighed as she took off her seat belt. "Honey I don't think someone's going to jump us in the grocery store."

Dylan turned to face her girlfriend. "I hope not, but I'm gonna make sure okay?"

"Okay. Molly stay with Dylan at all times."

"I will Mama. We get candy?"

"Yeah. Sure will." Dylan said.

"No. You already had candy that Dylan gave you this morning. Right after breakfast, might I add."

Dylan looked sheepishly at Emily. "On that note, let's go."

As they walked over to the store Dylan whispered to Molly. "I'll slip some candy in the cart, Smurf." Molly giggled and gave her a kiss.

"What are you two conspiring?"

"Nothing. Baby? Remember, get whatever you want in here. I don't know what kind of stuff a family needs, so get lots and don't worry about the price. I'm gonna get you a credit card for my account for everything you need for you, Molls and the house but in the meantime, we'll use mine." Emily didn't want to argue in front of Paulie, so she said. "We can talk about it later, but that's fine just now."

"Cool. Let's get some tasty treats, Smurflet!"

"Yeah! Asty yum yum! Dien!"

They've got some mutual adoration society going on there! It's going to be a losing battle trying to stop Dyl from spoiling her, Emily thought as she watched Molly point at things and her big playmate simply put them in the basket without question.

Later that evening, Emily peeped through the door as Dylan read Molly a bedtime story.

She sighed contentedly, watching the big woman hold Molly's little hand in hers while holding the book with the other.

For someone who was awkward around people and had no experience with kids, Dylan was just a natural with Molly. Emily was finally allowing herself to trust and see a long - term future with her partner, and one of the things that made Dylan perfect was what a good parent she would make to her little girl. Dylan provided a different kind of parenting than Molly had ever had. Where Emily provided love, care and nurturing, Dylan provided protection and the rough and tumble fun that she never could have. Molly was not like her mother, she liked everything that was dangerous. Jumping off things, climbing things. In fact Emily had found it difficult to keep up with her. Dylan not only could keep up with her, she positively encouraged her. Right from the start, they seemed to be on each other's wave length.

She watched the big woman close the book and kiss Molly lightly on the head; the little girl lost her fight to stay awake.

Dylan stood and saw Emily waiting, hand outstretched, beckoning her partner towards her.

No words were exchanged as Dylan allowed herself to be pulled into their bedroom.

"Sit, honey."

Dylan sat, as instructed on the end of the bed. "Emmie......."

Emily stood between her partner's legs and silenced her, putting a finger to her lips.

"I want to show you how much I love you. How much I appreciate you being in our lives and looking after us. Molly and I both love you so much and we can't imagine a life without you."

"Well...I love you both with all my heart. You two are my life and......Oh God......"

Emily had pulled her top off and begun to unclasp her bra. Dylan's mouth hung open as she watched her girlfriend's ample breasts tumble, unrestrained from the bra.

Emily quickly took off jeans and panties, and moved back between her partner's legs.

Dylan's hands automatically came up and grasped her girlfriend's breasts, squeezing them, making Emily moan. Emily covered Dylan's big hands with her own, making her partner squeeze harder.

"You're so beautiful, baby."

The young woman pulled Dylan's T-shirt over her head, along with her sports bra. Emily kneeled in front of her and slowly undid the silver belt buckle on her jeans, then pulled her boots off.

Shit! She's gonna kill me! Dylan throbbed and felt the wetness pool in her sex as she watched Emily undress her with deliberate slowness.

"Stand please."When Dylan stood, Emily pulled down her jeans and jockey shorts. She could see her partner's wetness on her thighs and allowed herself a quick kiss to Dylan's hard stomach. She heard Dylan moan.

"Oh, I love this. It's so hard," Emily moaned.

"Fuck baby, it's not the only part of me that's hard!" Dylan felt like she was going to explode.

"I know honey and I'm going to take care of you. Lie back."

Dylan did as requested and lay down on the bed; Emily straddled her stomach and brought her lips down to kiss Dylan tenderly. Their tongues gently explored, both swallowing each other's moans. Emily moved her kisses down Dylan's neck, nibbling at her collarbone. When she reached Dylan's small breasts, Emily bit the erect nipples she found there, licking and swirling her tongue, making the big woman purr with pleasure.

"Baby, please! I need you."

"Patience. I want you to feel every ounce of love in my heart for you, with every kiss." Emily spent some time on her partner's stomach, licking the hard six pack that so fascinated her.

Dylan squirmed."Emmie, I can't take anymore!"

Emily snickered against her stomach and then, deciding to give her partner what she wanted, moved down to open up her partner's sex. The clit she found there stood erect and hard. Emily took one long lick along Dylan's sex."

"Ah fuck! Suck me baby!"

Emily, doing as asked, sucked in the hard nub. From the noises her partner was making, she knew Dylan wouldn't last long. She felt hands hold down her head, trying to make the contact harder.

"Ah! That's it baby, Ah fuck! Gonna come! Gonna come!" Dylan growled as her whole body tensed, pleasure coursing throughout her body right from her head to the tips of her toes. Just as quickly, her body relaxed, becoming languid. Emily looked up to see the big woman breathing hard, her arm flung across her face.

I think you've got one more in you honey! Emily thought, as her tongue coaxed Dylan's clit back to life. "Argh! God no! Shit!" within seconds she had tensed and come again.

As Emily crawled up the long body she was grabbed and kissed senseless by her partner.

"Oh baby girl. You are amazing. I love you. I love you."

"Touch me Dyl, I want you inside me," She pleaded.

Dylan lifted her girlfriend to sit on her stomach. Emily raised her hips to allow Dylan's fingers to slip inside. Emily was so wet, they slipped in easily. The young woman moaned at the feeling of fullness. She lifted and lowered, repeatedly impaling herself on Dylan's long fingers.

"That's it, baby feel me inside you; feel me fucking you."

"Oh yes Dyl, Harder honey! Please don't stop fucking me!"

Dylan put her hand on Emily's hip, helping pull her girlfriend down harder on her fingers.

Emily's movements came faster and faster until she flung her head back and cried out her partner's name, then collapsed down onto her Dylan's chest.

"I love you baby girl." Dylan said soothingly as she stroked Emily's blonde hair.

"That was so good, honey."

"Yeah. I don't know what I did to deserve that."

Emily looked into her deep blue eyes. "You deserve it for being you. You deserve it for loving us. You take care and love Molly like she was your own."

"I do love her and I want her to be mine. I never thought I would be able to have a family, but you and Molly can give me that. Listen I know after we've sorted out this intruder business, you said you still might want to move back home."

Emily went to speak but was stopped by Dylan saying. "It's okay, I'm not pressuring you. You know what I want but whatever you decide, you'll still be staying here weekends and stuff, so why don't you go ahead and get Molly's room decorated. It's so bland right now. She needs bright colours, toy boxes, stuffed animals, I don't know, but it needs to be nice for her. It'll give you something to do while you're not working. Work with a decorator. Have fun. What do you think?"

Emily snuggled into Dylan's neck. "I think that would be lovely. Thank you honey, I'll enjoy that. I've never had the chance to decorate before."

Dylan held Emily tight in her arms.

"That's settled then."

They gently drifted off to sleep.

Dylan woke with an ache low down in her belly. She supposed her body, having been denied for so long, just couldn't get enough of Emily's luscious body. She looked at the clock.

Six am? Plenty of time. I think I could forgo my run, just this once. She smiled.

Having Emily naked in her bed was just too much of a temptation. She leaned up on one arm, looking down at her girlfriend sleeping.

How did I get so lucky? Now that I've got you, I'm never gonna let you go.

Dylan slowly lowered the comforter, exposing Emily's breasts to the air. She watched with fascination as Emily's nipples hardened before her eyes.

Dylan leaned over and took a nipple in her mouth. She bit, teased and rolled it around her mouth. As she did, her own ache became worse. Dylan moved over to the other side, not wanting to leave the other nipple out. She heard Emily make little mewing noises and her hips unconsciously began to rock.

Encouraged, Dylan moved on top of the young woman and moved her kisses to Emily's neck.

"Uh, Dylan. Feels good," Emily said, almost in a whisper but kept her eyes closed.

Dylan could feel her Emily's wetness against her thigh. Overcome with the need to thrust into her girlfriend, she reached down and opened herself up. Moving Emily's legs wider brought their centres together.

"Oh yeah!" Dylan started with a slow thrust, enjoying the sensation of her clit moving against Emily's.

The young blonde, obviously wanting to just enjoy the sensations, kept her eyes closed but put her hands on Dylan's hard muscled ass, pulling their centres closer together as the thrusts got faster and faster.

"Dylan! Yes take me!"

They were both getting closer to the edge. "Ah! Emmie. I can't hold on, baby." Dylan groaned.

"Me neither. Don't stop! Come. Come with me!"

Dylan's hips drove faster and faster into Emily. "Fuck!" She crushed her lips to Emily's, letting the kiss swallow their moans before Dylan collapsed on top of her girlfriend.

Feeling Dylan shake, Emily threw her arms around her, cooing and soothing her while stroking the big woman's back.

"Sh. It's okay, honey. I've got you. I love you."

After a minute or so, Dylan lifted her head and looked in Emily's eyes.

"I'm sorry baby. When I am with you like this, just you and me making love...it...it overwhelms me. This, with you...I never imagined it could ever be like this."

"I know. I feel it. You are everything I ever dreamed of. And I love to feel you on top of me, your weight pinning me down. What a lovely way to wake up!"

Dylan gave her a crooked smile. "I'll pin you down anytime, baby girl."

"You sweet talker, you. What time do you have to leave for work?"

"About 9:30. We've got plenty of time for breakfast together. "

"Well you better get ready; Molly will come bounding in soon."

"Join me in the shower?"

"Only if you promise to behave, TV star!"

"Cross my heart, Mama Smurf."

"Why does that not sound sincere?"

Dylan kissed her nose and got up, pulling Emily with her. "Oh ye of little faith!"

As it turned out, Emily was the one who begged for release in the shower, after finding Dylan's washing and touching far too hot to handle.

Dylan sat at the breakfast table with Molly, reading the newspaper on her iPad with a rather smug look on her face. Emily looked over from the stove where she was cooking breakfast. "Feeling rather smug about something, TV star?"

"Who me? I'm just happily enjoying breakfast time with my girls," she said feigning innocence.

"Yes, I can see that you're a morning person. Molly do you want some oatmeal before your eggs, the same as Dylan?"

"Yes pease. Ou play wiv us today Dien?"

"Sorry, Smurf. I have to go to work but you and your Mama are gonna have fun. Mama's gonna decorate your room here, so it feels like your own. So you need to buy stuff and come up with ideas of what you would like to paint on your walls."

Molly beamed. "That be my room? We stay here foever Mama? Wiv Dien?"

Dylan looked at Emily waiting for her answer.

The young woman put the bowls of oatmeal in front of them. "Well, just until we know that our apartment is safe, sweetie." She looked up and saw a look of sadness go across Dylan's face.

"But that might take some time, so we'll see what happens."

Dylan looked a little brighter. "So? What theme do you want for your room Smurflet? Disney princess?"

"Yuck! No way!" Molly said screwing up her face.

The two women laughed and Emily said. "See, She's just like you. Another little tomboy in the making."

Emily watched as Dylan's face beamed at that comment.

"So you guys ready for eggs and toast?"

"Listen, I was thinking since Molls can't go out trick or treating this year, why don't the two of you come into the show Saturday night? You can dress up Molls, there will be lots of Halloween stuff going on, and I have it on good authority that there will be a few monsters and vampires dropping in."

Dylan turned to Emily. "What do you think?"

Emily sighed in happiness.

Dylan was constantly thinking of ways to make both her and Molly's lives as normal as possible.

"I think that would be a fantastic idea, honey. We'll need to get some stuff to make your costume sweetie."

"Why not just buy one at the costume shop?" Asked Dylan.

Emily gave her girlfriend a look, clearly miffed.

"Where's the fun in that? Plus, why waste the money?"

"Oh God forbid!" Dylan said theatrically. "So Smurf, what you gonna dress up as?"

Molly thought hard, then with a little smirk on her face, beckoned her mother down to her level, and whispered in her ear.

Emily laughed and kissed her daughter on the nose. "That's perfect, Molls!"

"Hay you two gonna let me in on the secret?"

"Nuh uh! It's urprise Dien!"

"It's like that, is it?"

"Yes it is, goofy! So, just be patient." Emily said.

Molly joined in. "Yeah, doofy! Ou wait!"

Emily and Dylan burst out laughing at the little girl.

The buzzer rang and Dylan got up to answer. "I'll get it."

"Hey, Pauley. Come up." A few minutes later, Dylan let the big bodyguard in, "Come in buddy."

"Would you like coffee, Pauley?" Emily shouted from the kitchen.

"No thanks, Miss Taylor. I've had a couple of cameras fitted in the lobby to observe traffic coming and going. Could I let the guys in to set up wiring, so that I can monitor them on the laptop?"

"Sure. Why don't you run them though to my office? You can use that as a base." Dylan offered,

"That's great. I'll just get the guys. Carry on with your breakfast, boss."

Dylan made her way back to the kitchen to finish her breakfast.

"So, you gonna make some appointments with designers today? Maybe do some shopping?"

"Yeah, I'll look some up on the net. Don't you take your laptop to work though?"

"Please. This is Morgan the tech head you're talking to! I have one for every occasion and every circumstance. I'll set one up here before I go."

"Thanks. We might go to the park. I don't want Molly cooped up all day. I thought I might find out if there is a preschool programme I can enrol Molly into. I couldn't get anything in Brooklyn; there were lots of families worse off, maybe here though.

"Let me get Lynn to get us a list and we can talk about it tonight. Breakfast was delicious, baby." She got up and started to pack up her laptop case.

Emily sighed. "Honey, if I let you do that you'll pick the most expensive preschool in New York."

Dylan moved closer so they could have some privacy from the workmen and Molly.

"I'm not trying to steamroll you, Emmie. It's not about money. You have to accept you're well known now, we have to take precautions, especially with our current problem and some of the best private preschools will be tightly secured. Money can buy security. I will keep you both safe, and of course, I want Molls to have the best chances in life. I love her, and as much as you protest it is going to happen, we will be a family. Whether it's today, tomorrow or six months from now."

Emily placed her head on Dylan's big chest. "Even if we're not a family officially, we're a family in here." Emily placed her hand over the big woman's heart.

"I'm not trying to be awkward by going slow; you know I love you so much. I just don't want to scare you off by tying you down to a family and all the responsibilities that go with that."

"What if I want to be tied down?" Dylan said with a smirk.

Emily playfully smacked her on the arm.

"Seriously baby, I love you both with all my heart and we are going to be an official family." She took Emily in her arms and whispered in her ear. I'm going to wear you down with love, Mama Smurf!"

"I bet you will," Emily said cuddling in tight.

"You know Emmie, I've never gone to work happier in my life. I wake up with my beautiful girlfriend in bed, make love, have a shower together, make love, then get served a home cooked breakfast with my favourite three year old. Perfect bliss."

"I want to make you happy and take care of you always."

Their lips came together in a tender kiss.

"Mwah! Mwah!" giggled Molly.

"Hey Smurf! I'll remember that when you bring home your first boyfriend or girlfriend. When you're thirty of course."

"Hmm. thirty five would be better." Emily added.

"You're right. Now I better get the laptop set up for you and get to work. I do run a television company you know?"

Emily hugged Dylan tighter. "And I thought you were just here to entertain Molly and me?"

"That's my full time job. Running a TV company and entertaining the nation is my part time job," She said with a smirk.

"Okay. Off you go, TV star! Molly and I have things to do without you getting under our feet. So go and play with your cameras." Emily shooed Dylan away.

"Just remember, whatever you do today, stick close to Pauley, okay?"

"We will. Is there anything you want me to pick up?"

"I don't think so. Do you remember the email address we set up when I gave you your iPhone?"

"Yes. I've never used it though."

"I'll get Lynn to email you the preschool stuff. I'll just go set up the Macbook."

Walking back to the breakfast table, Emily said, "Let's get you out your PJ's' and dressed Molls."

"Morning Lynn," Dylan said as she walked into her office.

"Morning. How are Emily and little Molly after the break in?"

"Fine. They're settled and happy at my place. At least I know their safe. I got Pauley over to watch them while I am at work, just until I can hire a long term security guard."

"Do you think that will be necessary?"

"I don't know, but until the police get an idea of the motive for this I want someone with them. And anyway, with Emily's new found celebrity she needs someone with her to keep the press at bay. I'm not taking any chances. Those two are my life," Dylan said quietly.

Lynn could see the fear etched on the big woman's face. "I know. We'll make sure that nothing ever happens."

Dylan cleared her throat. "I guess we're really busy since I was off??"

"Yes. You've got a lot to catch up on. The crew went out on Monday to set up the production at the Long Island location, so you don't have to worry about that. You need to read up on the research for your pieces to camera and your interview with Steve Jones."

"It'll be fine. I'll wing it. You know me Lynn, it always turns out fine."

Lynn smiled and shook her head. "Yes it does. Now your personal mails is on your desk, Dylan, I'll just get you some coffee."

"Thanks Lynn. Oh, could you get me some contact details for interior decorators and private preschools for Molly? Just email them to Emily."

"Will do." Lynn left Dylan to her work.

After Dylan sat at her desk, she called Patrick at the station. "Hey buddy, It's Dylan. Anything new?"

As Dylan listened, she picked up her mail and started to go through it.

"Sorry Dylan, Emily's apartment is clean. Whoever it was knew what they were doing."

Dylan lifted one envelope that, unusually had the production office's address, made up of typeface cut from newspapers and pasted on. She carefully began to open the envelope.

"Turns out the message in the mirror was written in pig's blood. So we've got nothing unless something new comes up."

"Patrick, I think I've got something for you."

Dylan held in her hand a letter its message also made up of typeface from magazines and newspapers.

"A letter sent to me at the office. Shit."

"What does it say?"

Dylan sighed.

'For this reason a man will leave his Father and Mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one. Therefore what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.'

Emily is mine!

"Fuck! This is about Emily, Patrick! Not me!"

"Listen to me Dylan, put it down and don't let anyone touch it. I'll be there as soon as possible and send it straight to the lab."

Dylan put her head in her hands. Shit! This is serious. How can I protect them from someone like this? I won't let anyone take them away from me! she said slamming down her fist on the table.

"Detectives Kenny and Lawson to see you, Dylan." Lynn said from the office door.

"Thank you, Lynn. Could we have coffee?"

"Of course."

Dylan stood and shook her friends' hands.

"Thanks for coming so quickly. Here it is. I haven't touched it again."

Mark Lawson carefully placed the evidence in a clear bag before they looked at it.

"We'll take this and have it dusted. It looks like we need to take this seriously. I've got a list of body guards you might like to consider."

Dylan took the list and scanned it quickly. "Who's the best on this list?"

"Undoubtedly, Jackson Hunter." Patrick replied.

"Tell me about him."

"Her actually. Ex special forces. When she left the military she opened her own private security company. She's worked with a lot of business people and politicians. She's expensive and choosy about which jobs she takes, but I think she's the right fit for Emily and Molly."

"Okay, I'll contact her. What about the list Emily gave you?" Dylan asked.

"We contacted everyone, didn't find any leads. The ex, Toni Bianchi? She was an obvious suspect. History of drinking and drug problems; Emily mentioned some violence. We didn't get anything. She seems to be living quietly in Jersey. We searched her place, found nothing relating to Emily. She has a girlfriend, works in a local restaurant." Mark explained.

"She could be hiding something! Someone with a history of drugs..."

"She gave us permission to speak to her drug counsellor and psychotherapist. They are both very satisfied with her mental state and say she's been clean for two years. Apparently, after the break up with Emily, she spiralled out of control and sought help."

Dylan stood in frustration and walked over to the window, the anger boiling up in her stomach.

"So now what? I just wait for this to escalate? Wait for someone to try something? Wait for Emily or Molly to be attacked?" She shouted.

"No, of course not. We're going keep an eye on this Toni, if she does anything suspicious, we'll be on it. She did give us another lead. Apparently some guy, a waiter who worked at the restaurant she managed, had a pretty big crush on Emily. Toni says she had to warn him off a few times. We're making inquires. We'll track him down."

Patrick lifted the evidence bag. "We'll get this to the lab. I'll let you know if anything comes up. I'll leave Hunter's details with Lynn on the way out."

"Thanks guys. I do appreciate your help." As they left she buzzed Lynn.

"Lynn can you make me an appointment with a Jackson Hunter? . Find a space in my schedule and get her here today."

"Dylan, you have no time, you're already behind and that's before you leave for the shoot tonight."

"Lynn. Make it happen." Dylan said with a steely edge to her voice. Very rarely did Dylan make demands on her personal assistant, the way other stars did. So when the big woman did, Lynn knew to get it done.

"I'll take care of it. Give me twenty minutes."

If anyone comes near Emily or Molly, I will kill them.

Emily had been looking at preschool websites and decorators for the past hour and a half. She heard the whoops and laughter coming from the game room and thought, I better get lunch started.

She stood and went to speak to her daughter and Pauley, who Molly had charmed into playing the Wii.

Emily entered the room to find Pauley bent over gasping. "Thank goodness your here Miss Taylor. I think your little girl is trying to kill me!"

Emily and Molly laughed.

"Molly why don't you watch TV while I make us lunch, and give Pauley a chance to cool down."

"Otay Mama. I watch Dien and big bird?"

Emily picked Molly up. "Okay sweetie. Come on. Pauley, would you like some lunch with us? I'm making stuffed corned beef sandwiches. Molly's favorite."

"Sounds great Miss Taylor, Thank you. I'll just go and check the security cameras."

"Okay. I'll give you a shout."

Emily settled Molly in front of the TV and went to make lunch.

"Thanks, Keep the change." Jackson Hunter paid the cab driver as she arrived at Morgan Productions.

Jackson was not used to being summoned at such short notice. Since leaving the military and running a very successful security firm, she found herself in the fortunate position of being able to pick and choose her assignments. She didn't find the task of babysitting a TV stars girlfriend and child very appealing, being much more used to safeguarding political and international figures, but the PA who contacted her, said Jackson could name any terms if she would agree to an immediate meeting.

She made her way to the reception desk. The young receptionist looked Jackson up and down eagerly, she had a huge crush on Dylan but this smart, tough looking woman would do as well. She took in Jackson's tall figure. At 5foot 8 inches body, she had a slightly smaller frame than Dylan but looked as solidly built. Her dark hair was closely cropped at the back and sides. The top was slightly longer and styled precisely into a Mohawk. The impression that most excited the young woman was the way the good looking woman held herself. If she wasn't mistaken, the woman had a military bearing. She looked extremely smart in her silver suit with crisp white shirt and thin black tie. Her heart fluttered as the devilishly handsome woman took off her sunglasses and popped them in her top pocket.

Oh wow! the young woman thought.

"Jackson Hunter for Dylan Morgan."

"Uh....yes of course... I'll just let them know you're here. Take a seat and someone will come and get you."

"Thank you."

"Can I get you something while you wait?" the young receptionist said seductively.

Completely unaware of the receptionist devouring her with her eyes, Jackson declined.

Jackson sat and opened the file she had made up on Morgan and her partner. Of course she had heard of her, she was one of the most famous lesbians in the world but she rarely had time to watch Saturday night entertainment shows. She gazed at a newspaper article that had a picture of Emily and Molly. Beautiful woman. I don't blame you for moving mountains to protect them Morgan. A sadness, which was normally locked tightly away inside, washed over her. Never again, Hunter, she thought, locking the sadness back up inside her.

"Jackson Hunter?"

The former soldier jumped up to attention as soon as she heard her name.


"I'm Lynn Roberts, Dylan Morgan's PA. We spoke on the phone."

"Of course, Ms Roberts. Pleased to meet you."

"If you'll follow me."

"Dylan? This is Jackson Hunter."

Dylan stood, shook hands and indicated the other seat at her desk. She quickly assessed the woman. Hmm. Strong, smart. Looks like a soldier, thought Dylan as she observed Jackson sitting very straight and rigid in the chair.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, Ms. Hunter."

"Please call me Jackson. No problem, I had no other appointments today."

"I don't know what you've picked up from the newspapers but my partner Emily's apartment was broken into. Nothing was stolen but this message was left." Dylan handed her a picture of the first warning.

"At that point, we thought it might have been an overenthusiastic fan, annoyed at my new relationship, but today I received this." She handed over a copy of the letter to Jackson.

The original is being checked over in the lab. I understand you know Patrick Kenny and Mark Lawson?"

"Yes. We've had dealings before. Does Miss Taylor have anyone in her past who would consider her theirs?"

Jackson saw Dylan visibly stiffen, her jaw clench tight. Possessive Morgan? she thought.

"Yes. An ex, but the police seem satisfied there's no connection."

"But you're not sure."

"It's just a feeling." Dylan said.

"Based on?"

Dylan leaned back and looked Jackson right in the eyes. The bodyguard was clearly testing her.

"She had everything. Emily is the most wonderful, caring, nurturing woman I have ever met. She had her and she fucked up. She lost a pregnant Emily and I tell you, Emily's the type of woman you would never give up on. I would die before giving up on her and that little girl. That makes me think the ex wouldn't give up either."

"I understand. Some women, you just can't let go." Jackson said.

"But the police are going to keep monitoring her. She gave them a tip about a guy who was overly interested in Emily, they are following up on that now. What do you think? Will you help me?"

"Dylan. I don't come cheap and I do have some stipulations."

"Money doesn't matter." Dylan lifted the picture she kept of Emily and Molly on her desk and handed it to Jackson.

"Those two are my life; she is the woman who's going to be my wife. I would do anything to keep them safe and whole." Dylan said in a determined voice.

Jackson understood the fierceness that drove you to protect but also knew you could fail. I won't fail in my duty again.

"I'll need full control of security and cooperation from Ms. Taylor about her day- to - day activities. Protection will be useless unless I have control."

"You'll have anything you need. Do we have a deal?" Dylan offered her hand.

Jackson thought for a second and accepted.

"We have a deal."

"When can you start? I'll be away all night. I've got one of the studio security guys with them just now but..."

"I'll start right away. Just let me head down to my office and pick up my equipment. Will you be going back home before you head out tonight?"

"I can spare an hour or so before heading to the location. How about we meet at my apartment at 4pm?"

"Good enough. Don't worry. Your family will be safe." Jackson tried to reassure Dylan.

"Thank you. Oh and please don't tell Emily I got this letter today. I don't want to worry her."

Jackson nodded and left.

"Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle?" Emily asked her daughter.

Molly was standing on a stool at the kitchen table, in her little apron, while her mother got out the baking ingredients.

They had just got back from a trip to the store to buy the things they needed for Molly's Halloween costume.

Emily had also spent a nervous ten minutes waiting in the car in front of her apartment building while Pauley collected her sewing machine.

Emily had wondered if Dylan was right about staying with her.

How could I ever feel safe there again? Emily's thoughts were interrupted by Molly.

"Both Mama! Dien like chip and oodle ones."

"Oh you think so? I know a certain little girl who likes both as well!" Emily tickled Molly's tummy, making the girl giggle and laugh.

The young woman's phone lit up and began to ring.

"Hang on till I get the phone sweetie, hello?"

"Hi baby. It's me."

Emily smiled. "You shouldn't phone here. I have a really big girlfriend who wouldn't like it."

"Hey! A big girlfriend who would kick anyone else's ass for calling you baby!" Dylan said in a mock angry voice.

"I'm only kidding, honey. How are you? We miss you."

"I miss you too. What are you up too?"

"We'll, we just finished lunch. We went to get things for Halloween and now Molls and I are going to make cookies for you to take with you tonight. We thought you'd be hungry on location."

"Aww that so nice Emmie, I don't think my kitchen's ever known baking before."

It warmed Dylan's heart to think of her two favorite girls happy and safe at home and she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

She's making my apartment a warm home. This is what's been missing in my life.

"Well! It's going to know a lot more. I love baking, it helps relieve stress and tension. I just didn't have much time to do it before."

"Baby girl, I can help with your stress and tension," Dylan said in a husky voice.

"Enough of that kind of talk, TV star. You're not going to be here tonight to help me with that," Emily chastised.

"Okay, Mama Smurf. Where's Pauley?"

"He's just taking a walk around the building; do you want to speak to him?"

"It's okay. I'll call his cell. Were you planning on going out this afternoon?"

"I wanted to take Molls to the park. I don't like her being cooped up all day."

"Could you do me a favour and stay in? Just for today. I've got you a more permanent bodyguard and I want to bring her over this afternoon and introduce her to you both."

"Honey, do you really think that's necessary. Things have been quiet since the break in. I feel safe living here with you. Isn't that enough?"

Dylan had decided not to tell her about the letter today, so it was going to be difficult to convince Emily of how bad the situation was.

"Please. Just humour me. At least until the police are satisfied?"

Emily sighed. "Okay, bring her over but I'm not going to be a prisoner. Will you have time for dinner before you go back out?"

"If it's quick. I'll have about an hour and a half, but I'd love to eat with you both before I go. I better go, baby, I have a pile of work to get through before I can go home.

"Okay. I love you, TV star."

"Love you, baby girl."

"Okay Molls! Let's get baking!"

Dylan had managed to get home a bit early so she could have some time with her girls before Jackson arrived. She passed Pauley in the hall, as he was making his rounds.

"Hey Pauley. Everything quiet?"

"Yeah boss. No problems."

"Great. You can head off back to the studio now that I'm back. Jackson will be here soon."

"You picked a good one there, boss. I've heard good things about her. War hero, so I'm told."

"Excellent. Well thanks for your help, buddy. See you at work."

Dylan unlocked the door and immediately her senses we're filled with wondrous smells, happy voices from the kitchen, warmth and a feeling she had never felt before when coming back from work. Home. In the space of a day, Emily and Molly had turned her lonely apartment into a family home.

She threw her laptop case on the couch and couldn't resist shouting through to the kitchen. "Honey, I'm home!"

Immediately she heard the pounding of little feet and saw Molly running out of the kitchen.

"Dien! Dien! Ou home!" Dylan scooped the little girl up in the air, gave her a kiss and then dangled her upside down by the ankles. Molly laughed and squealed.

"Dien! Ou put me down!" She laughed squiggling around. Emily came to meet her at the door.

"You'll make her sick, honey." Emily warned.

"Should I just drop this little Smurf then?" Dylan winked at her girlfriend.

"Ha! Ha! Let me down. I make ou ookies!"

"Oh well, why didn't you say!" She turned Molly around and kissed her head. Molly cuddled into her neck.

"I mif ou Dien."

"I missed you too Smurf, and you, Mama Smurf." She kissed Emily lightly on the lips.

"You two girls have a good day?"

"Yes we made choc chip cookies and snicker doodle. Didn't we Molls?"

"Yeah. When ou scared of the ghosties tonight ou member we ove ou."

Dylan's heart melted. "Could this kid get anymore adorable?"

"I'm sure she could try. Come on in to the kitchen and I'll get you a drink."

Turning to her daughter Emily said. "Why don't you go and find that picture you made for Dylan. I think it's was in the game room."

"Otay, Mama." Once she ran off, Emily wrapped her arms around Dylan's strong neck and kissed her thoroughly, causing Dylan to moan.

When Emily pulled back and rested her head on the big woman's chest, she said, "I missed you so much today."

"God! Could this welcome home get any better?"

"Yes," Emily whispered into her ear. "If we were alone, I'd beg you to take me right here on the kitchen table."

Dylan felt herself throb immediately. "Oh god! Don't say these things to me. I want you so much." Just when she was about to kiss Emily again she heard...

"Look what I drew for ou!"

"You are a tease, Miss Taylor, and I will pay you back," Dylan breathed in her ear.

"I'll look forward to it, TV star." Emily whispered.

Dylan growled and then turned her attention to Molly.

"That's so good Smurf, thank you. What smells so good?"

"Oh lasagne. I thought that would be good to make, in case this new bodyguard person needs dinner. What's her name?" Emily asked while checking the oven.

"Jackson Hunter. She's ex-military, Special Forces. Looks tough, doesn't say much."

Emily smiled. "Like you then? The butch strong silent type?"

Dylan smirked. "Maybe. So did you get a decorator and find out about the pre schools?"

"I looked at a lot but they were all too fancy, then I found a small independent decorating business that I liked the look of, so I've made an appointment."

"What about the preschools?"

"There's a couple that looked good, but they are very expensive. I'd like to look at them but I'd rather have you with me."

"Sure. Why don't you try and set something up for Monday afternoon? I have training with the guys in the morning but we could go later?"

"Okay. I'll give them a call tomorrow." Emily turned back dinner preparations.

Jackson had gathered up the surveillance equipment she would need in her small office. She worked alone and liked it that way. This new job filled her with trepidation. She was used to working with officials. Politicians, public figures. This job put her right in the center of a family, exactly where she was running from. She gazed down at the picture on her desk. Two women dressed in camouflage uniforms smiled back at her. One was herself, the other her baby sister Sarah.

Jackson Hunter came from a military family. Her father, being a Colonel in the Army, expected his children to follow him, and having only two daughters did not deter him. Colonel John Hunter expected his family to do their duty, no matter their gender. That suited Jackson. She was a natural soldier, excelling at everything she did, racing through the ranks and eventually finding herself in Special Forces. Jackson was part of an elite group of women who were the first to be allowed to join a Special Forces regiment, designed for missions in the Muslim world. They were recruited and sent in to Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to accomplish missions their male counterparts could not.

They were recruited to subdue and contain villages and homes that had a higher proportion of female civilians and children. Due to cultural constraints, it was better for the soldiers searching the residents and homes to be female.

Jackson loved this opportunity, she had always wanted to fight and be part of a unit at the very highest level.

Her baby sister, Sarah, was not like Jackson, she had never been the tough tomboy type. She had wanted to study nursing but felt pressured to join the army like her hero big sister, so she joined the medical corps.

Then Jackson's life had turned upside down.

I should have fought harder for you. You should never have been near there, Jackson thought sadly.

"Wish me luck with this assignment. I'm sure you'd know how to talk and fit in with a family, munchkin, I never did," She spoke out loud.

She closed her bag and left for the Morgan residence.

Dylan got up from the dinner table to answer the door.

"Jackson. Come on in. We were just finishing up dinner."

She dropped her bags and followed Dylan to the kitchen.

Jackson was greeted by a scene that rattled the icy chains around her heart.

A beautiful blonde stood at the stove dishing out dessert, while a dark headed little girl sat happily at the table.

"Emmie, Molls, come and meet Jackson."

Emily took off her apron and walked over to Dylan. Molly jumped up in Dylan's arms, shy at this new stranger.

Jackson looked appreciatively over Emily's feminine form. Emily's ample breasts and curvaceous figure attracted Jackson. Although this cozy domestic scene was foreign to her, Jackson Hunter knew and adored a beautiful female form.

Dylan saw a flash of attraction in the eyes of the normally buttoned-up soldier and felt tightness in her chest, something she had never felt before.

She pulled Emily closer and looked Jackson right in the eyes.

"Jackson let me introduce you to my girls." Dylan said seriously.

As they stared at each other they knew a line had been drawn. A message sent and received.

Emily, oblivious to this subtle interaction, shook the soldier's hand.

"Lovely to meet you. This is Molly." Molly was cuddled into Dylan tightly, needing reassurance, and just waved her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Taylor. Miss. Molly."

"Molly, Jackson is going to make sure you're safe when I'm not here."

"From the bad man?"

"Yeah. That's right," Dylan said.

Emily smiled at Molly's shyness. "She's shy, but she'll be a chatterbox in no time."

Jackson smiled. Kind of cute. Just like her Mother.

"Emmie, I need to speak to Jackson for a minute." She put Molly down.

"Okay. Don't be long. The apple pie will be ready soon."

Dylan kissed her. "Thanks, baby."

Once in her office, she closed the door and sat on the edge of her desk. Jackson could see Dylan was tense.

"I'm leaving in half an hour or so. I hate that I have to go but I can't get around it. I'll give you Lynn's number. Any problems at all, contact her and she'll get a message to me."

"Please trust me. I'm the best. I will keep them safe." Jackson replied.

"I know." Dylan nervously ran a hand through her dark hair.

"It's hard. I'm new to this relationship stuff and it's hard not to overprotect them. Most of the time I'm stumbling around in the dark but one thing I know, Emily and Molly are my world. I've just found them, and I will not let a stalker or anyone else threaten them."

Jackson knew you couldn't always protect the ones you loved, but she determined to do everything in her power to help keep this family safe.

"I don't know a thing about relationships either, but those two through there are beautiful. If they were mine, I'd be just as defensive as you."

Dylan stood. "I appreciate it."

Both women now relaxed, understanding each other completely.

"I'll get my stuff set up. Can I do it in here?"

"Yeah go ahead. There's a spare room set up for you. Make yourself at home."

"Thank you...uh...I saw you win gold at the Olympics. You were amazing."

Dylan smiled warmly. It wasn't often people looked past her TV persona and acknowledged her former achievements.

"Thanks. I'm more into mixed martial arts now, but it was a proud moment."

"Maybe you'd like to spar one day?"

"Sure! We could do it here, I have a great gym. I'd love to test my skills against a Special Forces op."

Jackson grinned. She loved competition. "Anytime, boss."

"On that note. I'll leave you to it."

When Dylan returned to the kitchen, Emily had served homemade apple pie.

"Everything okay, honey?"

"Just fine. Mmm. This tastes amazing. You are such a good cook. I can tell living with you is going to expand my waistline."

"I doubt it with all the exercise you do. I made you some sandwiches to go with the cookies we made."

"That's sweet, baby. We do have a catering truck you know."

"I never thought of that. Well, it will probably be hot dogs, fries and everything that's bad for you." Emily remarked.

"Dien. Don't let the ghosties or the rats get you!" The little girl seemed worried.

"Are you kidding? They'll be frightened of me, Smurf. You know why?"

Molly shook her head.

Dylan put on her best cocky smile. "Cause I'm the Dylan Morgan and even a ghost or a rat can't beat me."

Emily and Molly laughed. "You're so full of yourself, TV star!"

"I know. That's why you love me. Remember to do what Jackson asks okay? I want you both safe," Dylan warned.

"She seems kind of stiff and uptight."

Dylan shrugged, "I guess military types are like that. As long as she does the job."

Emily nodded in agreement.

David Fox was gleeful as he dialled the phone.


Jimmy! Legal has okayed the story."

Yes! Jimmy mentally punched the air.

"Excellent. When do you run it?"

"Tomorrow. You're going to be a busy man, Daniels. Every news station from the East coast to the west coast will want an interview."

"I'm ready. Morgan has been due some bad publicity. Let's see how her little waitress bed warmer handles this."

David laughed. "You get anymore Daniels, be sure we're your first port of call."

"I will always get more." Jimmy ended the call with a self- satisfied look on his face.

He picked up his whiskey glass. "To you Morgan. I just knew there was a story in you."

Jackson had set up her equipment; checked it more times than necessary; walked around the building twice; informed Morris, the doorman of new security procedures; and was now faced with the prospect of joining Emily and her daughter in the living room.

Emily in an effort to try and get to know the uptight woman, had asked Jackson to join her for coffee, when she was set up.

Checking the security screen for the last time, she made her way to the living room with a sigh. Living a singular existence made conversation and companionship difficult for Jackson.

In the military, conversation was for a purpose. The relaying of information. Everyone knew where they stood and what was expected of them.

The thought of being in a social situation, expected to chat, filled Jackson with horror but she had been employed to look after this woman and could hardly avoid spending time with her.

"Jackson? Come and join me. I just made a pot of coffee."

She joined Emily on the couch. Molly, rather sweetly, was watching a sesame street DVD Dylan was in.

Emily poured a cup for her and offered a plate of cookies. "I'm sorry about the kids' programme. She insisted on watching it before bed since Dylan isn't here to read her a story.

Jackson found herself smiling at the little girl and wondering what it would be like to have a family, to be needed and loved, like the way Emily and Molly needed Dylan.

"Thanks. Um...these cookies are great. Did you make them?"

"Yes, with Molly's help. I love to bake."

"Dackson. Ou like my cookies?" When cookies were mentioned, the girl had turned her attention to them.

"They're great, Molly. Thank you." Satisfied, her concentration was back on the large screen TV.

Jackson looked around the stylish living room. "You have a great place here."

"I'm just getting used to it. This sort of life is very different to what I'm used to."

"You don't live together now?" Jackson questioned.

Jackson knew from her research that the intruder had been at Emily's apartment in Brooklyn, but she had just assumed this was now a permanent situation. She had read numerous newspaper and magazine articles saying how the lucky waitress had hooked the rich TV star and moved in with her. Some reports even suggest Emily was a gold digger, who wormed her way into Dylan's life and luxurious home.

The humble woman before her didn't seem to match those reports.

"Dylan insisted we come to stay here after the break in. I agreed for the time being, but Dylan wants us to live together full time. She's making it harder and harder to leave her."

"Don't you want to live with her? I'm sorry that's none of my business."

Emily looked amused. "Don't be. It's refreshingly straightforward. I do want to build a life with her. I just wanted to give her time to make sure this is what she really wants. A readymade family is a lot of responsibility to take on. A burden, some would call it."

Jackson regarded her carefully. Emily was not only beautiful on the outside, she had a beauty that shone from within and she obviously had no comprehension of it, which made her even more attractive. Yes. You are one lucky woman, Dylan.

"Maybe she wants to be responsible. Some burdens are well worth the bearing," Jackson said.

Emily was surprised ."You sound as if you know what you're talking about. Do you have someone you like being responsible for?" Emily could see the guard Jackson had let down pulled straight back up and locked tightly.

With sadness in her voice she said, "Not anymore." She stood quickly. "I need to check the security cameras. Thank you for the coffee and cookies. Excuse me."

What story do you have to tell Jackson? She asked herself as Jackson walked back to the office.

It was 9 pm and Dylan was sitting in her trailer, which had been set up on the haunted house location on Long Island. She was shortly going to do a walk round, with Steve Jones, the famous country singer and a psychic, to give the audience a history of the house and grounds before she and Steve would be put into the coffins, below ground at midnight.

Her eyes wandered over to the lunch box Emily had packed. Her heart swelled with happiness, she had never felt so cared for before.

She opened the box and on top of the overstuffed sandwich and bag of cookies, was a picture of a ghost, drawn by Molly, and a note from Emily.

Stay safe from the ghosts and don't let the rats bite! We love you, TV star! Hurry home.

Your two girls.xx

"Joey, I don't know what I did to deserve this, little brother, but I'm holding on with everything I have."

Dylan's iPhone chimed. "They're never ending." She grumbled as she opened her mailbox.

"What the fuck?" The email read:

From: sanctitiyofgod.com

Look in the cupboard above the sink.

She rushed over and yanked the cupboard door open. Inside was a white box. As soon as she lifted it, she could smell the putrid stench of death.

Dylan slowly opened the box.

"Fuck!" She dropped the box, its foul contents spilling onto the floor. Her stomach rolled as she watched maggots feasting on a decaying rat.

She tried to get her revolting stomach under control. Dylan then noticed a piece of paper had also tumbled out with the contents. She reached down, hands shaking, and picked it up.

It read:

I have given her time to repent but she is unwilling to leave her prostitution. So I am going to throw her onto a bed and inflict severe trails on her partners in adultery, unless they repent of their evil.

(Revelation 2:21-22).

"What the hell does fucker want?" The anger boiled up inside until she screamed and threw a punch that broke the cupboard door.

Pauley, who was heading location security, came rushing in.

"You okay, boss?"

"Some fucker has been in my trailer and left a gift." Dylan indicated the mess on the floor.

"Shit! I'll start a full search of the area. They must have got hold of a pass to be able to move around freely."

"I want this person found. Call the police and get them over to check this out."

"Will do." When he left, Dylan dialled Jackson's cell phone.

"Jackson Hunter."

"Jackson, it's Dylan. How are things at home?"

"Very quiet. No problems at all."

"Good. I need you to be extra careful tonight. I was left a rather nice present in my trailer."


"A maggot- infested rat with a rather unpleasant quote from the bible; A warning of sorts to Emily and me. It was an email that tipped me off. It's as if they know my movements and if they know that, they might be able to work out when Emily is least protected."

In the background Dylan heard the laughter and squeals of Molly getting ready for bed. Her heart thudded at the thought of anyone threatening them.

"Make sure the police see it and send me the email address it was sent from. I have a contact who works with the FBI, who could try and trace it; probably faster than the police."

"Thanks. I'll forward the whole email to you now. Let me know if you get anything."

"I will, and don't worry. I'll take watch all night in front of the cameras. No one will get near."

"Thanks. Oh and Jackson? Remember, don't tell Emily. I don't want her worried."

"If you think that's best. I'll call you if I get anything."

Dylan ended the call and Lynn came all flustered. "Dylan are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm just angry. When I catch whoever is doing this, I'm gonna tear them limb from limb."

Pauley came back in grasping a crew pass.

"We found this discarded on the road outside the site. The guy who it belongs to was knocked out and hidden in the trees around the perimeter."

"I want security tightened, Pauley. I want the guards checking these passes on everyone as they do their rounds; even if they know them."

"Yes, boss, and the police are on their way."

"I'm sorry, Dylan, but the director wants to start the walk around now," said Lynn.

"It's okay. I'll do it, but if any calls come from Jackson Hunter I want to know right away."

"No problem."

"Right let's get to what I do best." Dylan grabbed her jacket and followed Lynn out to the house.

A pair of binoculars was trained on Dylan as she walked across the location.

You'll never figure it out Morgan. I'm just too smart for you.

Lynn watched Dylan deliver her piece to camera with pride. She showed none of the stress and tension she was feeling about the stalker situation. Ever the consummate professional, Dylan was able to go to a different space in her mind, a calm dispassionate place that allowed her to work under the most trying circumstances. Lynn supposed it was the discipline of her martial arts training that enabled her to do it.

It was now close to midnight.

They would then be taken to the house and left to record any strange noises or happenings with their own video cameras. Then at around 2 am, they would be taken from the house and placed in the coffins. The lids then would be shut and they would recorded their experiences on video camera situated within the coffin.

The house is said to be haunted by four different ghosts. One appears to be the present owner's father. He has allegedly been seen holding his great granddaughter in an upstairs window.

The other is a greyish smoke- like figure that can reportedly pass through people in the home's kitchen. As the basement was being renovated, an unexplained swastika was found built into the linoleum floor.

The ghosts of a woman and a dog have been seen walking the grounds at night. The woman is said to be waiting for her lover, who never comes, and can be heard wailing through the night.

Will we be able to brave the ghoulish goings on? Will Steve Jones have the courage see through Dylan's Dare or will he be left running scared? We'll find out over the course of the night, when we take part in 'Dark Terror!'

"Cut! That's great, Dylan. Let's move to the coffin site." The director shouted to the crew.

The set became a hive of activity as the crew moved cameras and cables to the new location. Dylan and Steve had their cell phones taken off them, given their cameras, and taken inside to begin recording.

Jackson woke up in front of the security monitors. She had stayed on watch all night after the incident in Dylan's trailer.

Jackson stretched her long body and yawned, looking over at the clock on the laptop.

"5 am? Man I need coffee!" She said rubbing the sleep from her face.

Just then, Emily popped her head round the door. "Would you like some coffee Jackson?"

"You read my mind! You're up awful early."

"I'm used to being up for work and Molly will be up shortly expecting breakfast. Is there anything you don't like?"

"You don't have to make me anything. I can ..."

"Don't be silly. What about cheese omelettes, bacon and toast?"

"That would be wonderful, thanks." Jackson could see how Dylan loved this woman so deeply. It would be so easy to fall into the haze of her the beauty, warmth and caring, that seemed to radiate.

Get a grip, Hunter, She mentally slapped herself and turned her attention to her laptop.

She had emailed the details of the stalker, who had left the present for Dylan, to her friend in the FBI last night. He had promised to email back the results as soon as possible.

She opened up her email client and gasped when she saw the banner headline on the rolling news.

"Shit!" Not wanting Emily to put the TV on and let Molly see, she jumped from the desk and swiftly moved through to the kitchen.

Emily looked up. "Hi, Here's your coffee. I was just going to bring it through." When she saw the strange look on Jackson's face, she knew something was wrong and panic seized her chest. "What? Has something happened? Is it Dylan?"

"No! no. Please calm down. It's not that. I just didn't want you to turn on the morning news with Molly around. I think it's best if you watch." She lifted the TV remote and switched on the TV in the kitchen.

'If you're just joining us, we're talking about the big celebrity news. People Magazine claims to have evidence that exposes the paternity of Emily Taylor's child. Emily Taylor is the young waitress who has captured the public's imagination as the everyday girl who stole the TV star Dylan Morgan's heart. We are now joined by Jimmy Daniels, who has followed Dylan Morgan's career with interest, and was the man to break this morning's story.'

Jackson watched as Emily gasped, clasping her hand to her mouth. Upset females were not her specialty but Jackson felt she had to do something.

Shit. What do I do? Jackson thought and awkwardly started rubbing her back in soothing strokes.

The news anchor continued.

"Jimmy, Thank you for joining us."

"Thank you for having me on, Matt."

"Jimmy, can you tells us the back ground to this story? It sounds a little like a soap opera."

"Yes it does. But it's just another in the long line of events that makes Dylan Morgan's life a soap opera. The country's hero, bringing back gold from the Olympics. The Internet sensation who got a TV show that went stellar all over the world. Then she meets the love of her life at a rundown diner and whisks the woman off to live in her luxurious condo. Throw in a stalker, and I think you'll agree her brother being the biological father of her girlfriend's daughter isn't really a step too far."

"Your right there, Jimmy. Tell us about Joseph Morgan and how you got hold of this information?"

"Well Matt, A couple of seasons into Dylan's hit TV show, Joey Morgan followed his sister into showbiz looking for the big time. He didn't have the same luck or talent, apparently, and soon got involved in the party scene. Before long he was addicted to coke and alcohol. From my research, Dylan tried getting him into rehab several times but it never stuck, and she refused to give him anymore money that he could use for drugs. My contact at the fertility clinic tells me that Joey came in desperate for money; That was all he was concerned with. He got paid and, a short time later, died of an overdose. Emily Taylor came along, chose her donor and the rest is history."

"It's an amazing story, no response from either Dylan or Miss Taylor but I'm sure we'll hear more over the coming days. Jimmy Daniels, thank you. We'll be right back after these messages."

"Oh God ...I ...I don't..." Tears streamed down Emily's face as she tried make sense of her thoughts which were racing around her brain.

"Emily, do you want me to get a hold of Dylan for you?" She pulled out her cell, phone ready to dial.

Joey's the donor? How is this possible? If this is true, then Dylan is ...

Suddenly calm Emily knew what she needed to do.

"No. I need to phone the clinic. I need to know if this is true. Dylan must still be working in that house or she would have phoned."

"I'll get you the number." Jackson did a search on her phone and wrote it down.

"Thanks, I'll make the call in the office. Can you listen for Molly and please, don't let her put on the TV."

"Of course, you go ahead. I'll watch her."

Once inside the office, Emily let her head fall back against the door and let out a long breath.

When she had chosen her anonymous donor, Emily had based her choice on three things - He was tall with dark hair and worked in the theatre. Although most women chose someone educated like a professor, doctor or lawyer; Emily had wanted her child to have that artistic flair that she so admired. She imagined some young hard working actor, plying his trade off Broadway, looking for his break. Joseph was no actor though. He had followed his sister looking for the fame but, if this was right, Molly would have all the best elements of Dylan. Molly would be hers because, from what Dylan had told her, Joey loved and idolised his sister. If he'd lived he was sure to have given Dylan a helping hand at starting a family.

She rallied all her courage and dialled the number.

"Hello, This is Emily Taylor."

"Yes, I have seen the news. Before we discuss how the press got this information, I want you to confirm that the donor was Joseph Morgan."

"Yes, my security number is 91101980."

Tears started to roll down her face as she listened to the answer.

"And the rest of the batch? Is it still secure and available only to me?"

"Thank you. I'll be in touch."

She replaced the phone and looked at the picture of Molly and herself on Dylan's desk.

You wanted us to be a family, honey. Are you ready for this?

She made her way back to the kitchen. Molly, thankfully, still wasn't up.

"Is everything alright? Morris phoned up to say the front of the building is swarming with press."

"It's true. All of it. I need to get hold of Dylan. I don't want her to panic. Jimmy Daniels messed with her before and she went crazy. I know she looks big and tough but she's so sensitive and unsure of herself inside, her first reaction is anger when threatened. I need to speak to her and tell her everything will be ok."

"I'll get hold of Lynn for you."

Part 6

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