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Oh, this is kinda part 2 of Michael's challenge that wanted Paris to have an affair with Janeway. Seven and B'Elanna must find out. From Janeway's POV, read The Thing's Men Do to see Paris's POV. Oh, and I couldn't remember what else the Captain drank, so I hope I got it right. Not beta-ed. So mistakes a-plenty.

Janeway's Eighth Hell
By Hayseven

The little planet we found was quite an idilyic setting. Lush green forests, tropical climate and crystal clear water clean enough to drink straight from the land.

I ordered my crew to all take R and R and after sorting out ships business I conceeded to Tovak's wishes to spend time earthside. After all, a captain has to remain as clear minded as possible to ensure a smooth sailing ship.

I had found a clearing and after erecting a makeshift hut I went about exploring the area like I once used to do in my youth. How I used to love trapising across the countryside imagining I was the first to discover a rock formation, or the patch of field by the farm.

I was two days into my enforced solitute when Ensign Tom Paris found me swimming by a creek. He had brought a picnic basket with him and went about setting it up. I was most surprised, after all it is not often one finds herself alone with a young married man that was your Junior. What he was up to I couldn't figure, as I did believe he was up to something. We had known each other for too long to believe he had wandered into my camp by accident. The man had a vintage Merlot with him, surely that would of rang warning bells loud enough to wake the dead.

Taking a seat on the blanket I soon found I enjoyed the young man's company, I had forgotten how charming and smart he could be. In a loud rolling noise thunder interrupted our trip down memory lane and we sought shelter in my hut. Making a fire we settled down for the dislay of nature at its finest. After awhile Tom came and wrapped his arms around me, stating I was cold and damp from the storm. He went about running his smooth hands up and my arms, his warm breath ghosting along my skin. He brought goosebumps to my not often touched skin.

"I want you Kathryn" He said. Just like that. And just like that I found myself suscumbing to his charms. Oh how I knew it was wrong, he was a subornanite, son to a friend and a married man. Not to mention much younger than I. After little protest from me, we wound up on the floor, our bodies pressed together in a heated need for mutual heat and touch. It had been so long since any kind of feeling had been awakened in me. A kind lover, he brought out such passion within me. It lasted for hours and required many a cup of coffee to sustain me.

That morning I woke alone. Going about the place in a happy mood I was rudely interupted by Tuvok asking for my presence on the brig. I found a rampaging Klingon stalking her cell, shouting obsentities worthy of a world class sailor. In a private meeting I made my apoligies to B'Elanna but she would have no part of it. I betrayed her and for that I lost face and her trust. Releasing her to her quarters I ensured a divorce was ready for her within days.

Drinking my coffee in my ready room, the door swooshed open to allow entrance to a tall blonde ex Borg that looked like she wanted to tear me limb from coffee filled limb. Coming to stand in front of me she asked how I could sink so low as to fornicate with one so unworthy of my rank. I had asked myself that too, but refused to answer that. After trying hard to explain my actions I saw Seven as close to uncontrolled rage as ever. Her coll fascade was cracking and only sheer will prevented her from letting loose the tide of emotions. I had not expected the punch across my face as I told her it was not of her concern.

Later my Security Officer came to me and as friends I spoke of the incident. I tried telling him that it was human weakness that prompted me. A need to find fullfilment in anothers warmth. I could of told him I did not really protest this coupleling yet I think he knew. My friend who could not understand the complexities of Human emotions understood my desire to ease my loneiness.

During a routine physical the Doctor congradulated my on my impending pregnacy. After reviving me from the floor he enquired as to the father. I left him standig there in a state of shock as I told him it was Tuvok, I wanted him to squirm a little.

I had always wanted children but gave up the notion after realising that the life of a Starfleet Captain left no room for parenthood. I wanted to trapise the universe and no child could compete with my love of adventure.

A week later after a meeting with Tom the decision was made to continue with the pregnacy. It was then the Doctor informed me of the need to forgo Coffee for the sake of my child.

Within a hour of not partaking in Coffee I suffered severe pains and withdrawals. I ordeed the Doctor to find a substitute.

It was lucky the Doctor was hologram when he told me no substitiute could be made. His body would of been quite broken had he had a real flesh and blood body. I left him to ponder a way out of this problem and an order of "Make it so."

A temperary cure was found that aliviated the worst of the withdrawals. I could ingest Coffee by way of patches that slowly infused into my bloodstream. Of course it was not long before a tolerence was formed and it was back to the drawing board. When the cravings was at it's worst I was confined to the sickbay for the safety of the crew.

It was eight months later that Lilah Thomasis Kathryn Paris Janeway was born. Tom was so proud of the event, and his hand was quickly healed after I broke while holding it during the birthing process. Lilah has a loud healthy cry and it is lucky for us all that B'Elanna is pregnant so she is able to breast feed her.

The moment I was able to I had my Coffee. I had longed to feel the dark thick sweet fliud go down my throat and settle in my belly thus infusing me with warmth.

Lilah Thomasis was unexpected but if she is the only blessing that came from my indscresion, then it was worth it. I must do something about that name. Too long. Lilah was do for short. Hmmm, I wonder if Tom feels up for some hanky panky. That guy is never around when I need him. Always with Lilah, stating that she came first.

The End

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