The Epic Proportions challenge opened on the 5th January 2007 with a closing date of 5th April the same year. The aim of the challenge was to prompt longer stories and, we dared to hope, epics from the femslash world. All fandoms adhering to the site's rules and regulations were welcome, as were original tales, so long as they followed the usual guidelines and were a minimum of 20,000 words.
The response to the challenge was enough to warm the heart of any archivist and femslash lover and a big 'Thank You' goes out to everyone who participated. Now, go enjoy the stories.
Battlestar Galactica
Aeryn Ryker Epoch of Night
Roslin/OFC - No synopsis given.
Birds of Prey
Harper An Empirical Question
Barbara/Helena - Barbara needs a date for the New Gotham Police Department's Annual Charity Gala and Helena knows just the personf or the job.
The Facts of Life
debs21221 The New Facts of Life
Jo/Blair - In life we all make choices, our facts of life. Once made can we ever go back?
Karen Sisco
Ann Cross-Jurisdictions
Karen/Marley - Marley is assigned to work with the FBI on a local money laundering case, and Karen becomes involved when it’s discovered that the suspect may be the fugitive who successfully eluded the marshal five years earlier.
Debbie Dream Weavers
Suzie Hofmeyer, recently bereaved, has reached a life changing point. With the opening of a much dreamt about Coffee Shop, she can hopefully put some of her past behind her. During the hectic first year of the coffee shop's development, a widowed police officer, Christine Walker, and her young daughter arrive on the scene. Is another dream about to be realized?
Soricha Deserted Challenges
Brooke/Sam - In a completely different world, life teaches so much more than one could have hoped to have learned.
Teh_no For Now
Chloe/f - Smallville/Terminator - For Chloe, helping a time traveler stop nuclear Armageddon could be day-to-day routine. But being told that in the future, she's a lesbian?
Stargate Atlantis
Manda A Place Called Home
Laura/Elizabeth - Taken as slaves by the Wraith, Laura and Elizabeth fight to stay alive, stay together, and get home.
Stargate SG-1
Celievamp Fight or Flight
Sam/Janet - A cry for help leads to a potentially deadly encounter.
Geonn Suspicion
Sam/Janet - Janet is taken by an enemy long-thought dead. When SG-1 rescues her, it's not quite the happy homecoming they'd envisioned.
trancer Déjà Vu All Over Again
Sam/Janet - An alternate universe of the season four episode "Window of Opportunity". Rather than Jack and Teal'c, Sam and Daniel are stuck in a time loop.
Teh_no For Now
Chloe/f - Terminator/Smallville - For Chloe, helping a time traveler stop nuclear Armageddon could be day-to-day routine. But being told that in the future, she's a lesbian?
Jillo The Scheherazade Stories
The Scheherazade Stories--#111--Choice :: Seven of Nine tries to improve the Borg Queen’s perspective to forestall her reassimilation for another regeneration cycle, this time on the subject of impossible choices.
The Scheherazade Stories--#510--Journey :: Seven and the Borg Queen have a philosophical discussion over Captain Janeway’s handling of ethical dilemmas.
The Scheherazade Stories--#800--Shades of Grey :: Decisions need to be made.
The Scheherazade Stories--#70--Bitterness :: The crew divides against itself as Seven and B’Elanna’s relationship deepens.
The Scheherazade Stories--#511--Joy :: Seven and B’Elanna carve a bit of joy out of Voyager’s perilous situation.
The Scheherazade Stories--#60--Betrayal :: Things are starting to deteriorate aboard the starship Voyager as the time for the division of the crew approaches.
The Scheherazade Stories--#271--Entropy :: The Borg Queen gets her answer; the ship and crew get screwed.
The Scheherazade Stories--#995--Written on Water--A Coda :: The story of the USS Voyager is somewhat diminshed in the Alpha Quadrant.
Joan Getting To Know You
Janeway/Seven - Some of the senior staff and a few of the crew are having practical jokes played on them. Meanwhile, Janeway and Seven finally admit their feelings for one another.
Del Robertson Simply Irresistible
Xena/Gabrielle - Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazon Nation for what they think is going to be a relaxing getaway. But, since when are things ever that simple for the warrior princess and her trusty bard?

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