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Even Superwoman Hurts:
Part 4 Worth it

By Berg


Present night

"Again Detective, this time watch the look of disgust and horror spread across her face."

"I…I love you," Lindsay repeated the words, looking Cindy in the eyes, seeing the large tears trace down her cheeks. His smile grew.


He waited for some reaction from the woman in his arms, but got none. Cindy never took her eyes off of Lindsay.

"Aren't you wondering how I figured it out?" He asked curious. "Or would that ruin the game?"

Stall. More time. Any minute they'd be here.

"How'd you figure it out?" she asked him, breaking eye contact with Cindy and giving the psycho her full attention. "How did you know?"

"Simple observation really," he laughed. "the way you watched her, worried over her. I've been studying you for weeks…months. I've seen the way you close your eyes at her touch. That time in the diner, when you were fighting, and she leaned over you. You smelt her," he smirked.

Cindy listening, replaying the memory from that day over in her mind.

"So in a way you're just as twisted as I am, longing for someone who'll never love you back. Hiding your desires. You envy me because I can act on mine," he laughed. Lindsay could feel the blood drumming in her ears. In all his talking, all his bragging, he'd forgot to have her kick over her gun. It still lay by her feet. She needed only one moment, one chance.

"Cindy," Lindsay spoke calmly.

Lindsay knew time was running out. She knew how this man worked. Cindy looked at Lindsay. "You're going to be okay. You're going to walk away from this," Lindsay smiled. She felt her voice crack slightly. She knew that was all that mattered in this moment. Cindy would be okay.

He closed his eyes and sighed. "Always so dramatic detective!" Lindsay saw the chance, she glanced down to her feet, hoping Cindy's eyes would follow hers. And sure enough they did. Cindy's breathing hitched slightly.

"Lindsay I can't leave without you," Cindy answered.

"That's not exactly an option he's giving us honey," Lindsay smiled.

"Funny thing about options," Cindy whispered.

"I think I've heard enough," the man sighed. "Goodnight Ms. Thomas," He drew back the knife and plunged it toward her chest.

The seconds ticked by as Cindy drew her elbow back, knocking him off balance, running to her side. Lindsay swooped down, grabbing the gun and took aim. She pulled the trigger as nothing happened. Cindy ran behind Lindsay, as the man in front of them began laughing.

"Please Detective," he snorted. The guy actually snorted? Lindsay thought. "Did you not give me enough credit…yet again. I emptied your gun clip over 30 minutes ago. Of course I had to take the chance you wouldn't notice the weight difference, hoping you'd be focusing solely on finding the young hot missing reporter. I guess my assumptions were correct," he smiled as he charged them, knife out.

Lindsay pushed Cindy back further behind her, raising her leg, knocking the knife free from the killer's grasp. "Looks like I'm not the only one who isn't giving enough credit," she drew back her fist, punching him square in the face, sending him fumbling backwards. Lindsay wouldn't take the chance, she couldn't. She charged him, attempting a tackle maneuver. He startled her, by twisting, elbowing her in the ribs.

Feeling the wind get knocked out of her, they both stumbled backwards.

"Goodnight Detective," he whispered. "now kiss me…"

One moment she was watching the fleeting look of shock and horror cross the beautiful features of the redhead who had won her heart, she saw the gun get pulled from the back of his pants. No time left on the clock. Time for a Hail Mary and she knew she'd need Devine intervention to make this work. Spinning with all her might, she threw her weight back, hoping to thrust him head first into the drywall. She miscalculated. She felt herself toppling over shattered glass, free falling.

"Not good," her last thought before she blacked out.

"Is this what it feels like when you're hit by a bus?" Lindsay asked opening her eyes for only the smallest of seconds. It took her just a moment to remember where she was and who she was with. "Cindy..."

"Don't move," came the hushed whisper. "You're hurt. Bad," Cindy whimpered.

"Where is he?"

"He's dead. You landed on top of him."

"Well that's not much of an ego boost," Lindsay sighed. The ground felt so soft. It took a second before she came to understand her head was actually resting in Cindy's lap. "Are…you okay?"

"I'm okay," Cindy whispered.

Lindsay could hear her tone. "Are you crying?"

"You could have been killed Linds," Cindy lowered her lips to Lindsay's forehead, kissing her softly. "You fell out of a window. And somehow…"

"Didn't you hear? I'm superwoman boxer," Lindsay smiled at the nickname Claire had told her about later on after her and Cindy's fight. She started to laugh but realized it hurt too much. She let out a groan of pain.

"The ambulance is coming Lindsay. Just hold on."

"You're…okay…" Lindsay asked again. This time she was feeling dizzy. "My…side…" She lifted her hand to where it rest at her side and saw the blood.

"Not good…" she stuttered before blacking out again.

The End

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