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Everlasting Love
By Ally



Nikki and Helen were woken the next morning by Nick bouncing on their bed's. When they were awake enough to grab the little boy he told them there was some people downstairs to see them. Nikki reached the study first, still in her dressing gown, to see this the PR agents, instead of the usual group of about ten there were only three of them. They were all grinning.

"These are this mornings papers." Sophie said passing over a broadsheet and a tabloid.

On the front of the broadsheet was a picture of Nikki, Helen and Vince. It looked as if it had been taken from behind the camera at some point during the interview. Briefly scanning the story her sleep clouded brain registered that it gave their version of events and was generally a favourable story. The tabloid had concentrated on Helen's admission that Nikki was a good lover. As Helen joined them Nikki passed her the papers for her to look at.

"These stories are better than we hoped for, they seemed to have stepped away from the controversial slant they put on your relationship."

"What about this?" Helen asked holding up the tabloid which declared Nikki as a good lover in bold black letters.

"Well there are worst things they could have said, no-one usually bothers when newspapers declare their sexual prowess, it's when they claim your crap in bed that you complain." Sophie replied sitting next to Nikki. "Plus they only used what you said so it's not libellous...Now we've got to talk about your next move."

"What did you have in mind?" Nikki asked rubbing her eyes.

"Well we were talking to Nick earlier..." She started.

"What? I thought the entire point of you being here was to keep Nick out of this mess." Nikki interrupted angrily.

"Calm down Nikki and let me finish. I just talked to him about his interests, nothing else. We want to show you as a family unit. The press have to get used to you all together and the more you go out the more it will become the norm so it won't be such big news." She waited while Nikki nodded for her to go on. "We think the ideal place to start is at the premier for the new Disney cartoon, you've been invited and the press are heavily controlled at these events so they won't be able to mob you or take too many pictures. It's on Monday so you have 3 days. Then, if everything goes well there, we thought you might want to take Nick to see a soccer match. San Francisco are playing at home a week on Saturday, if you say yes then we can book a box for you."

"We'll discuss it with Nick and see what he says." Nikki replied after looking at Helen to see her reaction.

There was only a couple more matters to deal with before the PR agents left, they had decided that now the big interview was over they only needed to call every other day so they made an appointment to see Nikki in two days time.

"Right then, we'll leave you to get dressed and get on with the rest of your day. Congratulations on the interview and think about the movie and soccer match." Sophie, who seemed to be the only one of the PR agents to actually talk to Nikki and Helen, said. With a wave Nikki saw them out of the house.

"So what do you think?" Nikki asked when she returned to the study to see Helen still there and deep in thought.

"I'm not sure, what are these events usually like?" Helen asked by way of an answer.

"I haven't exactly been to many, and never any for kids movies, but like Sophie said they always seemed to be well controlled and I should think it'd be doubly so with children." Nikki replied.

"I do believe that the more we are seen out with Nick the less likely it is to be news and as a result the press won't hound us as much, but I'm worried about how he'll take all the attention. He's had to cope with a lot of change recently I don't want to add to that if I can help it." Helen replied.

"How about we let Nick decide? We'll tell him everything, about me and the press and then let him choose what he wants to do."

Nick took all the news in his stride - he didn't really seem all that bothered. He also jumped at the chance to go to the pictures, especially as Tyler, William's youngest son who Nick had become firm friends with after the barbecue, was also going.

The movie was better than Nikki expected, and she had been pleasantly surprised by the press control. As they had pulled up in the limousine hired for them for the trip they had been greeted by so many flash bulbs going off that Nikki had thought she was blind. Questions had been shouted at them from every side, luckily they had been ushered through the crowds into the foyer of the cinema. Nikki had kept a firm grip on Nick the entire time and she had felt the toddler hide behind her leg during the press frenzy.

Once in the foyer they were directed towards a bar area and all the children were given a gift pack filled with toys and colouring books from the movie, Nick seemed happy with this and settled down to play. Nikki had just bought them some drinks when William and his family walked over to the table.

"Nikki, Helen. I'm glad you could make it. When we saw all the flashes outside I said to Sue that you must have arrived." He said sitting on a vacant seat, his wife Sue sat next to him while Tyler dragged Nick away to play.

"The press should have enough pictures to keep them going for at least a week now." Nikki said sarcastically.

"Well I've got to admit it, you defiantly know how to get publicity." William stated slapping Nikki on the back.

"Yeah, it's a pity I don't know how to get rid of publicity. You couldn't do me a favour and cause a scandal by being found with a prostitute or something, could you Will?" Nikki pleaded.

"No he can't!" Sue laughed putting her arm around her husbands waist.

"My wife has spoken." William replied shrugging regretfully.

"So how is Nick settling in?" Sue asked looking at the two boys who were playing with the weird looking action figures they had been given.

"He's settling in really well. Everyone seems to take to him and he's liked everyone so far. He was really excited about coming here." Helen replied smiling as she watched her son.

They chatted until they were called to be seated, Nikki had been seated two rows in front of William so they couldn't carry on talking. The movie seemed to go quickly and before they knew it everyone was making their way out of the cinema. They had been warned by Sophie that they would be expected to comment on the movie for some of the talk shows.

As they got ready to leave their seats Helen noticed that Nick was rubbing his eyes, yawning and pouting, all the sure signs that he was tired. Nikki had also noticed and scooped the small boy up, Nick willingly rested his head on Nikki's shoulder. Sure enough as they exited the doors and entered the foyer it was full of camera's. Rolling her eyes Helen put on a big smile as the first camera and presenter rushed towards them.

"Miss Stewart! What did you and Nick think of this new movie?" She squealed.

"I thought it was extremely good, one of the best Disney movies I've seen and Nick really enjoyed it." Helen replied as Nikki hung behind her with Nick in her arms.

"Would you recommend it?"

"Definitely, it would be a great movie for all the family to see." With this Helen moved on.

It was only a few steps before they were ambushed by the next camera, giving short answers to each one they slowly made their way through the foyer and to their car. Sighing with relief they fastened their seatbelts and headed for home. It had been a long night for them all.

As the days went on they all got used to their new role. It had taken a while but Nikki now realised that with the addition of Helen and Nick to her family it meant that she would be in the spotlight more, it was a strange family arrangement but it seemed to be one that press wanted to know more about. Helen, it seemed, had become a celebrity in her own right. It had been reported how good she was with the club, she had featured in a lot of fashion magazines and had quite a male following.

The soccer match went with no real hitches, Nick was really excited as it would be his first live football match and although he didn't know any of the players he was still talking about it three days before the event. The day was as good as promised, a box had been hired for the three of them to sit in so they would have privacy and before the match Nick was invited to meet the players and take a run on the pitch, something that he enjoyed immensely.

The big smile on his face made it all worthwhile for both Nikki and Helen and Nick didn't stop talking about how good the game had been for a week. Nikki, after much pleading from Nick agreed to take him to another game.

Following the soccer match the pack of photographers who seemed to follow them around thinned out. There was still a few that followed them around waiting for them to slip up but most decided to take photo's of them at official functions. It was huge relief for both Nikki and Helen who felt like they were permanently watching what they did and said.

It was a month after the soccer match that Nikki and Helen did anything else that would be heavily reported in the press and that was John's birthday party. As Nikki and John were business partners it was decided that it was only right that Nikki's club host the party. Helen had been busy for weeks trying to arrange the perfect event and as John was known so well everybody who was anybody was expected to attend, it was a paparatzi's dream.

As it was such a big event Helen, who had been invited with Nikki, decided to attend and make sure everything went like clockwork. The club was being prepared two weeks in advance and the expectation and tension had been growing since then.

The small Scot wasn't really looking forward to the party as, apart from the fact that she was under so much pressure for it to be spectacular, Trisha was attending. Trisha had made no secret of the fact that she hated Helen, she had said on more than one occasion that she thought Helen was using Nikki and was out for everything she could get. Helen however believed that she saw her as a threat, as Trisha also made no secret of the fact she was still interested in the taller woman and took every opportunity to fawn over her.

Nikki made no attempt to fight off Trisha's attention but she had, on more than a few occasions, fallen out with her over some snide comment she said to Helen. They always made up eventually and Helen had stopped even mentioning Trisha's bitchy torts and sarcastic comments.

Nikki, however, seemed to be looking forward to the event, not only was it being held at her club but she was going with Helen. Nikki initially had been stunned at how quickly her friends, with the exception of Trisha, had accepted Helen and now they seemed to be invited everywhere as a couple. It was never just Nikki and guest on an invitation it was Nikki and Helen, Nikki liked the sound of it but it at first she had been unsure how Helen would react. To Nikki's surprised Helen seemed pleased to be invited along with Nikki, as her date and it had given the taller woman brief hope.

Now, standing outside the club with the press happily snapping pictures of them, Helen started to relax, she was with Nikki and all that she had to do was make sure everything went well and stay out of Trisha's way. Nikki ushered her inside after smiling sweetly to the camera's.

They entered the brightly lit room as some of the last to arrive and Nikki had to say she was impressed. The room was brightly lit, the music was thumping and the atmosphere was electric.

Their present was deposited and they went their separate ways - Helen to check behind the bar to make sure they'd been no major catastrophes and Nikki to see all her friends. John was already well on his way to being drunk with William not far behind.

"Ah Nikki. It seems we women are the only ones who have been drinking in moderation." Trisha said by way of greeting, nobody could have missed the way her eyes lit up when she spotted the taller woman.

"Well, it's johns party he'll get drunk if he wants to." Nikki replied sitting down next to Sue.

"That's right." John replied spilling most of his bear as he swooshed it towards Nikki in a toasting gesture.

"I see your not accompanied by the lovely Helen." Trisha said snidely.

"Leave it out Trish, she's at the bar and for once can you lay off her, we are meant to be celebrating John's birthday after all." Nikki replied angrily.

Helen came to join Nikki at the table a couple of minutes later, she shook hand with everyone apart from Trisha who nodded to her icily.

"Is everything OK?" Nikki asked leaning close to Helen to whisper in her ear. Helen shivered as she felt Nikki's breath brush over her lobes.

"Yeah, there are no problems." Helen replied trying to mask her reaction.

The party started to get wild soon after they arrived and before to long the entire room was packed with swaying bodies, over raucous conversations were taking place and secrets were being revealed about exploits on sets of blockbuster movies.

Helen kept a close eye on things and as soon as it looked like the party was going to get out of control she asked the DJ to start playing lighter, more romantic music. It seemed to work as the mood calmed and various couples stepped onto the dance floor.

Nikki who had been dancing with some Hollywood actress who's name eluded Helen at that moment returned to the table with a big grin on her face. Helen hadn't been drinking so was completely sober. Nikki on the other hand, who was in better shape than most of the people in the room, was past tipsy and in the early stages of drunkenness.

"I think she fancies me." Nikki stated, still grinning, as she returned to her seat.

"Nikki, darling, most of the women in this room fancy you." Trisha slurred. Nikki made a face and shook her head dismissing the idea. "It's true, most of the women in this room would go to bed with you if you asked them. Even the ones that are straight would dally into lesbianism with you. Sue, tell her it's true." Trisha pleaded when she saw that the taller woman didn't believe her.

"'Tis true Nikki." Sue replied before looking at Helen. "Helen? Back us up here."

Helen flinched at being dragged into a conversation she didn't want to be in. "They would, I hear loads of women talking about you when I'm serving at the bar. You seem to have something that attracts them."

"Well, they're out of luck, I'm not into one night stands." Nikki replied picking up her drink.

"I often wondered if you really were as naive as you seemed, I didn't think anyone could not realise how desired they were when they had women practically throwing themselves at her feet. Now I know you are." Sue laughed spilling most of her drink in the process.

"I'm not naive." Nikki replied offended by the accusation.

"Yes you are. I had to practically drag you into bed for us to get together, I was throwing myself at you for months, making myself look like a complete fool. Helen also said that she had to seduce you when you two became lovers. Face it Nik, you can't read any signs and that means you are naive." Trish replied.

"Fine. I'm not staying around here to be made fun off." Nikki replied in mock anger while she stood. "Helen, do you want to dance?" She asked surprising herself.

She'd wanted to ask Helen to dance for most of the night. She'd even planned how to ask her but had repeatedly backed out at the last minute, now she'd asked her without even thinking about it. It must have been the drink which meant she'd have to be careful not to say anything that might offend Helen.

"Sure." Helen replied smiling as she stood.

They made there way to the centre of the dance floor and stood facing each other awkwardly. They waited until the DJ began playing a new song and then looked at the other embarrassed as a slow number started.

Nikki stepped forward and slipped her arms around Helen's waist bringing them closer, they were only touching slightly but they both felt their pulses race and their breathing quicken.

They lapsed into a conformable silence, each trying to control their reaction and hoping that the other couldn't feel the rapid beating of their heart. They circled the dance floor leisurely each enjoying the rare chance to hold the other without any barriers. Helen was feeling totally relaxed, she closed her eyes and rested her head against her friends shoulder, it felt good to wrapped in these protective arms, sharing the warmth of another body. Nikki personally couldn't believe she was dancing with the small Scot without any apprehension, true her hormone levels had sky rocketed and she felt like she was going to explode with want but usually when she felt like this it made her want to run as fast as she could in the opposite direction to Helen. Nikki had expected to have an awkward dance with Helen in which they'd hold each other at arms length. What was taking place was totally the opposite. They had both moved closer together instinctively and were moving together to the music. The places on her body that Helen was touching felt on fire and sensation was running wild around Nikki's body, the dance they were sharing couldn't be described as anything but sensual.

The intimacy of the situation went up another notch when Nikki felt Helen place her head on her shoulder, she looked down to see the other woman had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Slowly Nikki traced her hand up the smaller woman's spine through the material of her dress, she felt Helen shiver and snuggle closer into her shoulder, instinctively Nikki tightened her arm around Helen's waist and brought their bodies even closer together. The small brunette leaned into the caress and started lazily tracing patterns on her friends back with one hand, while the other one wound it's way around Nikki's neck, she was enjoying this more than she would ever tell, but her brain was shouting warning signals.

Nikki started and gasped when she felt Helen start to nuzzle her neck, she knew she should pull away but her body didn't seem to be responding. As Nikki's left hand retraced it's way up Helen's spine the right slipped further down caressing Helen's lower cheeks, she felt Helen gasp against her neck but she didn't pull away.

They were jolted from moment when the music stopped and a faster tune started. They leaned back from the other but didn't take a step back. Their eyes locked and Helen notice Nikki lick her slightly parted lips, Nikki's pupils were dilated and Helen was sure her own would be if she looked into a mirror. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Nikki lowering her head to capture her lips, Helen was just about to close her eyes when she heard someone call her name.

They both started and stepped away from the other, Helen frowned and tried to hide the hurt in her eyes when she noticed that Nikki no longer seemed able to meet her eyes.

"Helen, I'm glad I found you." Denny called pushing her way forward seemingly unaware of what she had interrupted. "We have a problem in the back and need your help."

"Right, I'm on my way." Helen muttered. She took a last look at Nikki who seemed to be fascinated with her shoes before quickly pushing herself threw the crowd and away from Nikki. She needed to get away and deal with the fact that her heart was breaking and she had probably made the biggest mistake of her life.

Nikki looked up in time to see Helen fleeing. "Good move Wade." She muttered to herself, "Make a move on her when you know she doesn't feel anything for you. God are you stupid?"

She was pulled from her self abuse by the feel of Trisha sliding her arms around her waist.

"So do I get a dance?" Trisha asked against her ear.

Grinning Nikki turned and slid her arms around Trisha's shoulders. One thing about Trisha was that she always managed to arouse Nikki, it wasn't the all consuming passion that she felt when she was with Helen but it was something. Plus if Helen didn't want her then who could blame her for turning to Trisha for comfort and release. As the blond slid her body along Nikki's, Nikki felt herself get lost in the sensation and heat of someone else's body and she welcomed it.

It was an hour before Helen was free to rejoin the party, while she was working she had also been thinking about Nikki. She had eventually decided that they needed to sit down and talk, Helen had decided she was willing to tell Nikki her feelings if it would sort this mess out once and for all. At least then she would know Nikki's feeling for her and she could either start rebuilding her broken heart or she would be the happiest woman in the world.

With this thought in her mind she went to find the taller woman. After looking at their table and finding no-one she headed for the dance floor. Not spotting Nikki she headed over to where William and Sue were dancing.

"Have you seen Nikki?" She shouted over the music.

Not moving away from each other William pointed to the back wall of the club. Frowning at the fact that it was the opposite side to where their table had been situated Helen went to find Nikki.

As soon as she pushed her way through the final wall of dancing bodies Helen spotted Nikki. As her eyes locked on the scene being played out on the long settee of the back wall Helen felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

Nikki was sat on the settee in the middle of a passionate kiss with Trisha. Trisha was straddling Nikki's thighs and as Helen watched Nikki's mouth left Trisha's and started the journey down her neck. Trisha leaned to her right side giving Nikki more access while she started undoing the buttons on the other woman's shirt. Helen felt tears well up in her eyes as she head Nikki groan when Trisha's hand slipped into her shirt.

Not being able to watch anymore Helen fled across the room, she stopped when she heard Denny's voice realising she was at the bar.

"You alright Helen? You look upset."

"I'm fine, just feeling tired. Look I'm gong to go, if you have any more problems either find Nikki or contact me tomorrow." Helen said. Not wanting to stay in the same room as Nikki and Trish any longer.

"OK, see ya tomorrow." Denny replied watching confused as Helen left.

Nikki, meanwhile, was enjoying the feel of warm hand roaming across her skin, they left a trail of tingling sensation wherever they went. It was a long time since anyone had touched her like that and she was enjoying it.

"Oh Nikki!" She heard Trisha groan reminding her of who she was with.

For months she had wanted to do this to Helen, she'd wanted Helen to be the one running her hands over her body and setting it on fire. The memories brought her back to Trisha, what could she offer the blonde? What did she want to offer her? When she answered truthfully she realised she was making a mistake.

Nikki pulled back slowly, taking her hands from where they were on Trisha's thighs before using the now free hands to remove the blondes hands from her shirt. Trisha frowned at this her breathing still heavy.

"No, Trisha. We can't do this." Nikki gasped wishing she wasn't so aroused.

"Yes we can." Trisha disagreed leaning down to recapture Nikki's lips. She looked angry when Nikki moved out of the way.

"I *don't* want to do this." Nikki admitted.

"You wanted to a minute ago!" Trisha stated clenching her jaw.

"I'm sorry..." Was all Nikki could think to say, she felt guilty now but it was nothing compared to what she would feel if she let this go on.

"You're sorry?" Trisha demanded seeming shocked at the rebuff. "Right, your drunk. I shouldn't have done this. Either that or I should have made sure you were more drunk." Trisha grinned.

"Trisha..." Nikki called as the blonde got up off Nikki's lap and moved away.

"Don't worry about it Nik. You know where I am if you ever decide you want to carry on where we left off just now." With a flirty smile she walked away.

Nikki's alcohol muddled mind slowly clicked into gear and she realised she wanted talk to Helen. Slowly getting to her feet she headed to the bar.

"Den?" She called seeing the tattooed young woman talking to a group of women.

"Yeah Nik?" Denny asked excusing herself and walking over. "Can I get you another drink? You look like shit and they say the best thing for the hangover you are going to develop is to stay drunk."

"Do you know where Helen is?" The taller woman asked ignoring the comment.

"Yes she left about an hour ago, she looked upset but said she was just tired." Denny replied pointing towards the door.

"Oh, OK." Nikki replied confused at why Helen hadn't told her she was leaving.

When her brain finally kicked into gear and put the events together Nikki groaned and rubbed her hands over her eyes. She stood where she was frowning, she should go home and sort this mess out with Helen but she knew the small Scot was likely to be angry and wouldn't listen, there was also the fact that she was still slightly inebriated and was likely to just make everything worse. Deciding that it would be best to leave it a while Nikki made her way to her office fully intending to head home when she was sober. However, as soon as she led on the couch she was asleep.

Nikki groaned as she slowly slipped into the conscious world. Her head was pounding, her throat felt like the bottom of a hamsters cage and her stomach was doing somersaults. She know the headache was going to intensify the moment she opened her eyes but her back was aching from the position she had been sleeping in so she knew she was going to have to get up. Cautiously opening her eyes a notch she realised she was not in her room, her eyes snapped open and she sat up - too quickly. Nikki clutched her head and groaned again as pain ricocheted around her brain.

As soon as the pain receded to bearable levels Nikki struggled to sit, tentatively opening her eyes for a second time she realised she was in her office. She thankfully remembered that she had some painkillers stored in her desk drawer.

A quarter of an hour later she was on her way home, she remembered the events of the night before and knew she had to talk with Helen and she was hoping that Helen'd had enough time to calm down. Praying that the small Scot wasn't in a shouting mood Nikki parked up and headed up the stairs to the front door.

Whatever Nikki had expected to happen, it wasn't what transpired when she opened the door. She didn't even have time to close the door before a crying Nick threw himself into her arms.

"I don't want to go Nikki." He cried into her shoulder.

"What are you on about? You're not going anywhe..." She trailed off as she got her first look around the living room. Three suitcases stood at the foot of the stairs all lined up obviously ready to pack into a car. On the stairs Helen was struggling to bring another big suitcase down to join the others. "What the Hell is going on?"

Helen's jaw clenched as she stared at Nikki with her son in her arms. "I'm moving out and I'm taking Nick with me!"



Nikki stood with her mouth agape, totally shocked at Helen's revelation. Her brain clicked into gear when Helen started to struggle with the suitcase again.

"What? Why?" Nikki asked devastated. Helen and Nick were her family now, she couldn't cope with loosing them.

"I don't want to become too dependant on you, we won't be able to live here forever, you wouldn't want us to, so I thought it would be better for us to go now rather than when we are too attached." Helen stated, it sounded a weak excuse to her own ears and she saw from the expression on Nikki's face that she didn't believe her.

"Look, why do anything rash now? Let's talk about this first..." Nikki started.

"I don't have time to talk I've got to get this suitcase sorted." Helen said starting to move again, she was sweating from the weight of the case. She was surprised when Nikki set Nick on the floor reached up and pulled the bag from her hands, in another couple of seconds the case was with the others. "Fine we'll talk!" She responded angrily not having any more excuses. She noticed that as soon as Nikki stopped moving Nick grabbed her leg and hugged it still crying.

"Lynn?" Nikki called assuming that the nanny would be in the house, the younger woman immediately stuck her head out of the kitchen door. "Could you look after Nick please?" She asked prying Nick's arms from around her leg and kneeling down so she was at his height. "Your mum and I are going to talk this through OK? We'll work something out but you need to go with Lynn, will you do that?."

The toddler nodded, he looked from Nikki to Helen tears rolling down his face before he ran quickly to Lynn who picked him up and disappeared back into the kitchen.

Helen stalked into the study and sat on a chair in front of the desk. She crossed her arms across her chest defensively and stared at Nikki.

"What is all this about?" Nikki asked trying for a second time.

"I've already told you. I don't want to become dependant on you."

"That's crap and we both know it. If I've done something wrong tell me and I'll put it right...please. Don't just walk out, I don't want you to go."

"I've told you the reason, it's up to you whether you believe it or not. Now if you don't mind I've got to put the bags into the car." Helen stood up from her seat and walked to the door, she hadn't even put her hand on the doorknob before Nikki was blocking her way.

"If that's the real reason why were you trying to sneak out while I wasn't here? Why are you so eager to go now? Surely you'd be able to stay a few more days and get everything sorted. Have you even got somewhere to go?" Nikki demanded.

"I have sorted everything out, We are going to stay in a hotel until I find somewhere to rent, I know it won't be as good as here but we don't all have your money."

"Then why stop in a hotel? At least stay here until you have something permanent?" Nikki pleaded.

"I don't want to!" Helen stated, for an instant she regretted the harsh words as she saw the pain flicker in Nikki's eyes but then she remembered the scenes the night before.

"Why?" Nikki asked almost desperately. "What have I done? Please Helen tell me."

"Just leave it Nikki. We'll be out of your way in about an hour." Helen said angrily as she moved towards the door, she had it half open before Nikki slammed it shut.

"What about Nick? He doesn't want to go and he's half my responsibility. Do you really think moving him again isn't going to disturb him, not to mention the fact that he won't be as happy somewhere else?" Nikki tried in a last ditch attempt.

"Don't you dare use my son to blackmail me into staying. He is my son and I'll do everything in my power to see that he's happy and cared for." Helen shouted, all the anger she had been feeling since last night came bubbling to the surface.

"If you wanted to see him happy then you wouldn't be taking him away from here you only needed to see him earlier to see he's devastated about leaving." Nikki shouting back in answer to Helen's raised voice.

"It's not going to be easy no matter when we leave, the longer we stay here the more attached he'll get, in the long run it's better this way." Helen argued still seething with anger.

"Why would you have to leave at all? I'm not going to kick you out, I don't understand why you would think that I will."

"What about your partner? When you start a serious relationship they aren't going to be happy with me and Nick around all the time, it makes sense that we'll be the ones to go."

"When I start a relationship the other party will have to understand that you and Nick are an important part of my life, you are my family I would never choose a woman over you." Nikki replied looking Helen in the eyes so she could see that she was sincere.

"That's good to know but there's still the issue of us becoming too dependant on you." Helen said grimacing when she saw Nikki throw her arms into the air in a show of exasperation.

"What is wrong with you Helen, we've been through all this before, you aren't becoming dependant on me that's why you are working at the club. There is something you're not telling me."

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Helen started avoiding Nikki's gaze.

"I can tell when you're lying Helen, tell me what I've done so I can put it right." Nikki shouted as she finally lost her temper.

"There is nothing you can do." Helen shouted back releasing all the bitterness she had been feeling since returning to the house and spending a sleepless night imagining what Nikki and Trisha had been doing.

"Well, I can try if you tell me what's wrong. Just give me some time, unpack your things and give me a week and I'll do whatever you want." Nikki promised.

"You don't get it do you? I can't stay here, that's the problem."

"Why not?"

"Because I love you!" Helen shouted, as she realised what she had just said her hand raised to her mouth as if trying to physically take the confession back. She noticed Nikki falter and stare at her dumbly. In that second all her anger drained away and her eyes filled with tears as she continued. "I love you and I can't stand seeing you with Trisha, if I live here then I'll have to watch you together...please save us all a lot of pain and just let me go."

"I can't let you go Helen, I'm surprised you haven't picked up on the fact that I love you to. And as for Trisha why do you think we will get together?" Nikki said tenderly, giving in to her want as she moved forward to take Helen into her arms.

"I saw you yesterday." Helen admitted as she closed her eyes and rested against Nikki. "I saw you at the club and it looked pretty serious...then when you didn't come back last night I just assumed you went home with her."

"Oh god." The taller woman said as she ran her hands through her hair. "Trisha kissed me and I gave in but I pushed her back after a while. I was drunk and frustrated from the lack of response I got from you, everytime we seemed to get close like we did while dancing, we both seemed to run away, but I knew that Trisha couldn't be a substitute for you. I told her that I couldn't do it and decided I should talk to you, but you'd gone so I went into my office and must have fallen asleep. I'm sorry."

"So you and Trisha aren't..."

"No, I only ever wanted you." Nikki said quietly before slowly lowering her head to capture Helen's lips.

Helen had kissed before, she'd touched, tasted and wanted but nothing quite prepared her for the assault kissing Nikki had on her senses. She wanted to stay this way forever, if time had frozen in that instance Helen would not have minded because she would have been in Nikki's embrace.

She whimpered as she felt Nikki's tongue flick across her lips and opened her mouth willingly to the intruder. Aching to feel Nikki's skin Helen slipped her hand up Nikki's shirt grazing her fingertips over the other woman's flat stomach, she was pleased when she felt the muscles jump under her fingers.

Before she could get any further Nikki's pulled back. It was only then that Helen realised that some point during the kiss she had been backed up against the study wall.

"Not so fast." Nikki murmured breathlessly into her ear.

The only response Helen could muster was to whimper again. She was shaking with the need to taste Nikki's lips again. She honestly believed that she was going to explode if Nikki pulled away completely.

"I can't make love to you in my study." Nikki said looking straight into Helen dilated eyes.

"Why not?" Helen asked, please with herself for making a coherent sentence even if it was only two words long.

"Because I'll never be able to concentrate in here again if we did." Nikki replied, unable to stop herself from stealing a quick kiss.

"At this moment I don't care." Helen stated bringing her knee up so her thigh pressed against Nikki's hot centre, she grinned wickedly when Nikki groaned.

"That's not fair." The taller woman protested unable to stop herself from thrusting her hips forward.

"All's fair in love and war."

"All?" Nikki replied raising her eyebrows.

Before Helen knew it Nikki had pinned her against the wall and was plundering her mouth so hungrily it took her breath away. Desperate for oxygen, Helen pulled her mouth back so quickly she banged her head against the wall, Nikki took the change in her stride and started nibbling and sucking on Helen's neck.

"God, I want you so badly." Helen whispered huskily.

Not having the willpower to deny a request spoken with such need Nikki started working on Helen's shirt buttons kissing every inch of flesh that was revealed.

"Mummy? Nikki?" The little voice was like a splash of cold water for both women and they drew back quickly.

They quickly made themselves presentable before Nikki opened the door. Nick was stood by the door frame, still pouting, and looking at the women.

"Are we still going?" He asked Helen his eyes imploring her to change her mind but not believing she would.

"No, Nick. I've had a word with Nikki and she's convinced me to change my plans, we're staying here." She grinned as the toddlers eyes sparkled and a smile spread across his face. He rushed into the room and threw his arms around his mothers neck, who only just had time to bend down in time to catch him.

Helen cast her glance to Nikki who was also smiling happily, hugging her son with one arm she stretched the other in the direction of Nikki indicating that she should join the hug. Nikki readily accepted wrapping one arm around Nick and one around Helen, the two most important people in her life.

Nikki woke the next morning with a feeling that she could only liken to the feeling she used to have at Christmas as a child. She led there with her eyes closed trying to remember what had changed, as she let her body feel her surroundings she smiled. Helen!

She could feel the small Scot led half over her, her back to Nikki's front. Nikki's arms were wrapped protectively around her and from the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest Nikki knew she was asleep. Still smiling Nikki pulled her closer and buried her head in Helen's hair.

At the smell Nikki's mind flicked back to the night before. They had both gone to bed just after Nick after spending at least half an hour making out on the settee. At Nikki's suggestion, they moved it to her bedroom where things really heated up. They had spent the better part of the night making love and had finally fallen to sleep from exhaustion, it hadn't stopped them both waking up during the night and continuing their earlier activities.

Her brain clicked back to the present as Helen's hands started to slowly stroke Nikki's own.

"Umm, morning." Helen said sleepily.

"Morning." Nikki nibbled on Helen's ear eliciting a groan.

Helen turned in Nikki's embrace and captured the other woman's lips in a searing kiss. Surrendering to the kiss Nikki thread her hands in Helen's hair and pulled her closer, she traced her lovers lips with her tongue. Helen gladly opened her mouth shivering as Nikki stroked the length of her tongue with her own, their tongues fought for dominance in each others mouths until Nikki was forced to pull away for air.

The small Scot pushed up on her arms so she could look down at Nikki and Helen had to admit that she looked happier than she had seen her in month's. Nikki's eyes were dark but twinkling with arousal, she had a big grin on her face, her lips were swollen from all their kissing and her skin was flushed. Helen knew in that moment that she was the sexiest person she had ever seen, she had been trying to remember if this was how she used to look as a teenager after they had made love. If Nikki did then Helen was at a loss as to why she didn't do everything in her power to find Nikki when she left.

"What?" Nikki laughed as Helen appraised her, was all this happiness because of her?

"You are so beautiful. I'm so lucky to have you." Helen said breathlessly.

"I'm the lucky one!" Nikki stated.

"No...I've done some terrible things, you know I have. I was lost without you and now you've come back into my life you've turned it around...I don't deserve you." Helen whispered tearfully.

"Maybe, you don't but you've got me anyway. I couldn't live without you Helen, I wouldn't want to live without you." Nikki replied before tenderly reaching forward to kiss Helen.

The kiss soon turned from tender and sweet to fierce and passionate, Helen didn't protest when Nikki flipped her and trailed a line of kisses to her breasts. Helen was powerless to do anything but writher as Nikki teased her nipples from erect to rock hard peaks with her mouth.

She was moaning loudly by the time Nikki moved down further. Helen opened her legs willingly as Nikki settled between them. Nikki bit and licked the inside of Helen's thighs but refused to touch the other woman's aching centre. As she moved her assault to the other thigh Helen tried to thrust her hips down to try and force contact with the place that needed it the most.

"Please!" She begged getting a chuckle from Nikki.

"What?" Nikki asked blowing teasingly across the wet folds.

Helen moaned again, she opened her eyes to see Nikki looking at her, her eyes blazing with arousal and desire. The small Scot's breath caught with the intensity of the look. With their eyes still locked Nikki lowered her head and flicked her tongue teasingly over the small nub at the top of Helen's sex.

As Helen shuddered at the touch Nikki knew it wasn't going to take very much to push her over the edge. Pulling back slightly Nikki ran her tongue up and down Helen's slit, stopping momentarily to trace the other woman's open hole. All the time she avoided the small Scot's most sensitive areas. Helen was whimpering loudly as she carried on the torment and Nikki had to hold her hips down as she started to writher trying to get the taller woman to touch her properly.

Finally Nikki decided that the sweet torture had gone on to long and, using her thumb to tease the little bundle of nerves, she thrust her tongue as far as it would go into Helen's willing hole. Almost immediately she felt Helen's body go ridged and flicked her tongue over the smaller woman's G-spot, which she had discovered last night. That was all that was needed to send Helen over the edge. Nikki carried on her ministrations as Helen shuddered and shaked, every muscle contracting then releasing. Just as Nikki thought Helen was going to come down from her pleasure induced high she screamed out, her upper body raising off the bed before falling back against the pillows bonelessly.

When Helen finally regained her senses she felt Nikki curled up against her side. She turned her head kissing her lover and tasting herself on her lips.

Nikki woke for the second time that morning to see that she was alone in bed, she had never felt so alone. Getting up and putting on a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt she went to find Helen.

Following the smell of bacon Nikki entered the kitchen to see Helen at the stove wearing nothing but a t-shirt. The t-shirt had been pilfered from Nikki's drawers and it was one she rarely wore because it was too big for her, now on Helen it reached to just above her knees. The neckline was also huge, it had been disturbed while Helen cooked and reached up to the neck on one side while the other just balanced on her shoulder revealing an expanse of flesh on her shoulder and her collar bone.

Helen had not sensed Nikki's appraisal from the doorway and Nikki managed to slip into the kitchen unnoticed. She came up behind the smaller woman and wrapped her arms around her from behind while leaning down to nip and kiss the bare skin of her shoulder.

"You should be getting ready for work you know." Helen said leaning back willingly into Nikki's embrace.

"I missed you in bed." Nikki replied with her head still buried in Helen's shoulder.

"Well, now you've found me you can go and get dressed."

"I will in a second." Nikki replied making her way slowly up Helen's neck.

"Nikki, the sooner you get ready for work the sooner you'll be back." Helen stated. Nikki noticed that she still moved her head to the side to give her better access to her neck. "Go!" Helen said eventually pulling back.

"It's your fault for looking so sexy in my t-shirt." Nikki sulked.

"I'll take it off if you want." Helen said grinning wickedly.

Nikki moaned imagining the image. "You are just a tease." She said leaving the kitchen to take a shower.

An hour later Nikki was trying to leave the house to go to her office. Unfortunately every time she was ready to leave she had to give Helen a good-bye kiss, a good-bye kiss that lasted for at least ten minutes and either ended up with them pinned up against the wall or led on the settee. It also meant that Nikki had to spend another five minutes making herself look presentable.

Heading back for the door with her suitcase Nikki looked back to Helen, trying desperately to leave without giving into her urge to kiss her.

"I really, really have to go." Nikki said regretfully.

"I know." Helen replied her pupils dilated with need.

"OK, I'm leaving."

"Right, I'll see you tonight."

"Right." Nikki said opening the door, as she was about to step out she turned back and gave into her need by kissing Helen. This time she captured Helen's hands before they managed to wind their way into her hair and then pulled back.

Grinning at the fact that she had managed to finish the kiss before it went any further. She ran quickly down the front-steps and jumped into her car. Only when she was safely seat-belted into the front seat did she allow herself to look back at the house. Helen was leaning against the doorjamb still only wearing the t-shirt and with a hungry look in her eyes. It took all off Nikki's willpower not to go back and spend the day in bed.

Helen grinned when she saw the want in Nikki's eyes. Nikki grinned back as she put the car in gear and fled before she could get anymore aroused.

Nikki sat in her office at 11:30 staring out of her window with a huge grin on her face, her eyes were unfocused indicating she was not looking at a scene out of the window but was in a daydream. She was pulled out of her thoughts when her secretary entered the room.

"Miss Harris is in the outer office requesting to see you." The secretary said frowning at the smile on her bosses face.

"Send her in." Nikki replied.

A few seconds later Trisha enter the office and threw herself into a chair, she too frowned as she looked at Nikki.

"You're in a good mood for a Monday morning. Usually you're walking around like a thunderstorm."

"I'm just happy."

"Well, I guess my drunken behaviour the other night is forgiven then?" Trisha asked smiling.

"No harm was done, forget about it." Nikki replied the smile not moving.

"OK, so what has caused this unusual mood?..Helen? Am I right, you and her are together?" Trisha asked before going on. "I might have guessed, I bet she's over the moon as well, she'll be patting herself on the back." The sarcastic tone of her voice was not lost on Nikki.

"Leave it out Trisha. Yes, I told Helen I loved her yesterday and we are a couple now. She loves me and I'm positive about that, whatever you say will not change my mind so you night as well save your breath." Nikki said the smile slipping from her face for the first time that day.

"You're a fool Nikki, anyone can see what she's after and it's not your love."

"You're wrong, I felt how she feels about me with every kiss we shared, something like that can't be fake."

"You felt what you wanted to. You've been following her around like a love lost puppy, all of a sudden she feels the same, it's because you want her to feel the same..."

"Look Trisha, I don't care what you think. Helen and I are in love and if you don't like it then stay out of our way but I'm not going to put up with you insulting us both." Nikki spat.

"And that's it? You'd chose her over our friendship?" The blond asked outraged.

"I love her Trish." Nikki stated by way of a reply.

Trisha stared at Nikki, who held her angry gaze unflinchingly, for a couple of seconds before the blonde stalked out of the room, slamming the door.

Nikki slumped into her chair letting out a breath. She didn't want to loose Trisha's friendship but if she couldn't accept her relationship with Helen then she wasn't going to let her ruin their happiness. At the thought of Helen Nikki grinned, before she could think better of it she picked up the phone and rung her home number, it rung only once before it was picked up.

"Hello?" A happy Scottish lilt said.

"Hi sexy!"

"Nikki?" Helen asked her tone sounding happier. "I'm glad you called."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, I was missing you. So how is everything?"

"Well, I haven't got very much done, everytime I pause I start thinking about you and start remembering last night. I think my secretary thinks I'm on happy pills or something, I can't stop smiling." Nikki admitted.

"Snap, Nick is taking liberties because I'm too happy to punish him for anything. I think he thinks it's strange but is too wise to question it. So...if you haven't got anything done does that mean you won't be coming home early?" Helen asked innocently.

"Well...I am my own boss. I guess with the right incentive I could give myself half a day off." Nikki said in mock thoughtfulness.

"The right incentive?"

Helen lowered her voice whispering everything she could think to give Nikki incentive to take time off. Whatever she said obviously had the desired effect as Nikki hung up the phone and was out of her office in a second.

The rest of the week went quicker than either woman would have hoped, everybody commented on how happy they were. The people they told of their new relationship seemed genuinely happy for them. Their life seemed to be going perfectly and they didn't want to leave each others company for even a minute. Every second spent not at work was spent either in bed or wrapped in one another arms in front of the television.

Helen was surprised when one morning as she worked from home Trisha called. Politely inviting her in Trisha made her way into the kitchen.

"Nikki isn't here, she's at her office." Helen said still shocked at seeing Trisha she'd stopped paying home visits to Nikki month's ago.

"I wasn't calling to see Nikki...I guess she told you about my reaction to your relationship?"

"No, I didn't even know she'd seen you." Nikki admitted.

"Well, I didn't take it very well and I wanted to apologise."

"You're apologising to me?" Helen asked her eyes wide.

"Yes. I know we've never got along, we were both fighting over one woman and that will cause conflict but...I just want whatever will make Nikki happy and that seems to be you." Trisha said surprising Helen even more.

"Erm...thankyou." Was all Helen could think to say.

"I hope we can be friends. Nikki made it pretty clear to me that if I didn't accept you then our friendship was over." Trisha admitted.

Suddenly it all made sense to Helen. Trisha was scared of loosing Nikki as a friends so she was willing to bury the hatchet with Helen. No matter what Helen personally felt about Trisha she knew that Nikki was close to her, even when they split up they both confided in the other and stayed close. For this Helen was willing to take the peace offering.

"Of course we can be friends." Helen said offering the blond her hand to shake.

Shaking the pro-offered hand Trisha grinned. "Good, I'm pleased. We probably have a lot in common maybe we can have a girlie chat sometime."

"I'd like that." Helen said genuinely meaning it.

When she told Nikki that night of the events of the afternoon Nikki was surprised. When she got all the fact the surprise turned to happiness.

"That's great! I always thought you and Trisha could be friends if you'd just put you're differences aside. You know, at this moment everything seems perfect in my life."



A week after the disastrous party that had resulted in Helen and Nikki's heart to heart and ultimately them admitting their feelings for each other Nikki rushed into the house. She had a huge grin on her face and a flat box in her hands.

"Nikki are you OK?" Helen, who had been witness to her entrance, asked.

Nodding her head Nikki passed the box to Helen. Eyeing Nikki and the box suspiciously Helen slowly opened it. She gasped as she saw the dress delicately wrapped in tissue.

"Nikki it's beautiful." Helen said holding it up to her body, it looked like an exact fit.

"I'm glad you like it, put it on."

"Why? If I put it on now it'll just get dirty. I'll leave it for a special occasion."

"Tonight is a special occasion, I had it made so you could wear it when we go out tonight." Nikki replied wrapping her arms around Helen and pulling her close. "Please."

"We're going out tonight? What about Nick?"

"He would kind of cramp my style, that's why I asked Lynne to stay the night and baby-sit." Nikki replied grinning.

"You have all this planned don't you?"

"Yep, so you might as well give into me and do as I say." Nikki said before leaning down and kissing Helen slowly.

"Sounds promising." Helen flirted, "I guess I'd better go and get into this dress."

Nikki was still smiling as she watched Helen's retreating back. When she was finally out of sight Nikki sighed before going to find Nick.

Nearly two hours later Nikki was downstairs after getting showered and changed herself. She hadn't exactly been quick in her own preparations, but one thing she had learnt over the last few month's was that Helen took an age. She always looked breathtaking when she finished so normally Nikki didn't mind, tonight was a different matter. Nikki wanted it to be special, which meant not arriving at the restaurant late to find that their table had been given to someone else.

Standing Nikki once again went to the bottom of the stairs. "C'mon Helen, we're gong to be late!" She shouted up.

"Fine, but it's your fault if I don't look good enough for where-ever you are taking us." Helen replied coming out of their room. She was trying to put her earring in while balancing her handbag from her wrist.

"How can you not look good enough?" Nikki asked raking her gaze over Helen's figure, every curve was revealed in the tight, navy blue dress Nikki had spent hours choosing.

"You know what I mean, if you'd tell me where we are going I'd be able to plan better. If it's one of these showbiz bashes where the papers will be all over us then I need to look good." Helen sulked, she had spent half an hour trying to get some clue from Nikki as to where they were she planned to take them while Nikki was dressing. Nikki had not revealed a thing.

"To me you'd look sexy in a bin bag and tonight I'm the only one you have to worry about." Nikki replied grabbing Helen's hand as she reached the bottom of the stairs and pulling her towards the door. "Lynne, Nick! We're going."

They both heard tiny footfalls heading towards them from what had been termed the 'play room' before Nick came rushing at them throwing his arms around Nikki's neck as she leant down.

"You both look very pretty." He said looking at them both.

"You're a little charmer aren't you?" Helen said tickling his side to elicit a happy squeal from him. "I wonder where he gets that from?" She looked at Nikki indicating it was a rhetorical question.

"Don't look at me!" Nikki stated feigning innocence before quickly changing the topic. "We'd better get going. Give me a hug kiddo."

With hugs all around they set off. As Nikki was the only one who knew where they were going they took her car as she was the designated driver. They drove for a while in comfortable silence until Helen spoke again.

"Are you going to tell me where we are going now? It's not like I can back out now." She pleaded.

"I don't need to tell you, we're here now." Nikki said grinning.

Helen had noticed that they were driving on a quiet country road now, however, Nikki had stopped and was indicating to pull into a car park. She noticed what looked like a small restaurant, not the kind of place rich business women would frequent.

Nikki led Helen into the restaurant and was greeted by a friendly middle-aged woman who couldn't do enough for them. They seemed to know Nikki indicating that it wasn't her first time there. As Helen got into the main dinning area she saw what was so special, the room was stylishly decorated, indicating a friendly and intimate atmosphere, as well as serving meals there was a bar and a dance floor which seemed to have couples of both orientation dancing slowly in the middle. But the thing that took Helen's breath away was the view from the windows that lined the left hand wall. The restaurant had floor to ceiling windows and for the first time Helen realised they had travelled to the top of one of the Hollywood Hills. The restaurant was situated perfectly to give an almost birds eye view of Hollywood and for Helen it was breathtaking. All of the tables were set on tiers so they each had a prime view but Helen and Nikki were led to a table right at the front.

"This is beautiful, but what is it all in aid of?" Helen asked as Nikki took her hand on top of the table.

"I was thinking about us recently and I realised we've never been on a proper date, we've been invited to parties as a couple but I've never romanced you. So I decided that I was going to take you out." Nikki said pleased she went to all the trouble when Helen smiled. It wasn't Helen's normal smile that she flashed for the press but her hundred watt smile which only genuine friends saw when they said something funny or they complimented her and Nikki knew she had said the right thing.

"Thankyou, I don't think anyone has ever done something so special for me." Helen whispered as her eyes grew damp with tears.

Nikki shifted in her seat blushing at the compliment. "It's nothing." Nikki muttered.

"It is." Helen stated, she left the topic there as she could see the discomfort it was causing her lover but she promised she would show Nikki how special it made her feel when they got home that night.

The night was everything a first date should be, Nikki was nervous for everything to be perfect, Helen was excited and thrilled everytime it became apparent how much effort Nikki had put into the night. Just as their meals arrived a four piece quartet arrived and started playing romantic music. Helen looked at Nikki and grinned raising her eyebrows in silent question. Nikki just shrugged.

They talked as they ate, about Nick, about the years they had spent apart. They were trivial topics but it didn't matter to either of them, they were thoroughly enjoying their time together.

"Would you like to dance?" Nikki asked as they finished their meals and the plates were cleared away.

"What about our sweets?" Helen asked trying to mask her surprise, Nikki wasn't the kind of person who did anything that could cause her potential embarrassment in public.

"They'll bring them to our table and let us eat them when we're ready." Nikki replied.

Helen rose, by way of an answer, and took Nikki's hand leading her to the dance floor at the opposite end of the restaurant.

Nikki grinned when she noticed that they hadn't taken five steps by the time the quartet were called over by a gentleman to play to his partner. A slow song had just started when they reached the dance floor and Nikki didn't need anymore excuse to pull Helen into her arms.

Helen didn't resist for a second. She rested her head on Nikki's shoulders and let herself get lost in the feel of Nikki's body moving against hers and the secure feeling of the strong arms wrapped around her. She pulled back when she heard Nikki chuckling.

"What are you laughing at?"

"I was just thinking, last time we danced like this resulted in you nearly walking out. Luckily it ended with us getting together but not without a near disaster along the way." Nikki replied.

"You went straight from dancing with me to kissing Trisha. You have to promise not to do that again." Helen stated trying to look stern.

"I only ended up with Trisha because you couldn't get away fast enough when we almost kissed."

"Well we won't have that problem this time." Helen said slowly leaning in to catch Nikki's lips. As Nikki moved forward to meet her Helen teasingly pulled her head back. Growling Nikki brought her hand up to cup the back of Helen's head and pulled her forward. As they kissed she could feel Helen smiling, taking the teasing as a challenge Nikki nipped Helen's lower lip with her teeth, smiling herself when she heard Helen moan.

Helen pulled Nikki closer as she brought her own hands to run through the back of Nikki hair and deepen the kiss. Nikki automatically opened her mouth when Helen ran her tongue over her lips and she moaned herself.

They were both completely lost in the heat of the kiss and as a result it took them a couple of seconds to hear the wolf whistles and catcalls from the other couples on the dance floor. In fact Nikki's consciousness only registered them when Helen pulled back, she looked at the other woman through half lidded eyes to see she was grinning cheekily.

"You, Miss Stewart, are making a scene." Nikki teased.

"I didn't hear you complaining at the time." Helen flirted.

"My mouth was occupied with other things." Nikki shot back.

"Is that why your wining, dining and romancing me? Because you think it'll make me easy?"

"You mean it won't?" Nikki asked feigning shock. "Right that's it, pack your things we're going."

"It's a good job I know your joking or I might sleep in a separate room tonight just to prove my point."

Nikki laughed as she said that. "We both know that you'd never manage to spend the whole night in there. You'd be sneaking back into our bedroom during the night. I'm just to damn irresistible." Nikki joked.

"You may look irresistible but so does that dessert that the waiter has just put on our table and now that we've made an exhibition of ourselves on the dance floor I think we should go and finish our meal." Helen said before making her way through the now dancing crowds.

Nikki watched her go noticing her swaying hips and how the dress seemed to accentuate her firm buttocks. 'You are a total gonna Wade.' Nikki thought to herself as she set off after her lover with a goofy grin on her face.

When she reached the table Helen was already sat down tucking into her banana split with a wicked grin on her face.

"What are you smiling at?" Nikki asked curiously.

"I was just thinking how good this dessert is, but then I started thinking how much better it would be served off...your body." Helen stated in a low husky voice. Her smile became wider as she saw Nikki's pupils dilate at the thought.

"Helen we've already made a show of ourselves on the dance floor, I think they may throw us out if we started eat ice cream of each others bodies, how ever much I like the idea." Nikki whispered.

Helen made a show of pouting as she licked ice cream of the spoon. Nikki swallowed and tried to concentrate on her dessert.

They left soon after and each couldn't wait to pay the bill and leave so that they could be alone. Helen was just about seated in the car when she felt Nikki pull her into her arms and capture her lips in a bruising kiss.

"As much as I loved tonight, I'm not going to make love to you in a car park Nikki. So take me home to bed." Helen gasped as pulled back from the kiss.

The next day Helen was sat at her desk, her eyes unfocused, staring into space, only the smile on her lips showed that she was thinking about anything. She jumped when the front doorbell rang pulling her out of her thoughts. She knew she'd have to get it as she was the only one in the house, Lynne had taken Nick swimming. So, still smiling she made her way to the door.

"You took your time, I've been ringing the bell for the last five minutes." Trisha stated walking into the front room without being invited.

"Hiya Trish." Helen said standing aside.

Helen had initially been sceptical when Trisha had said she wanted them to be friends but after a week the blonde had shown no other intentions. She had called to the house every other day just to chat to Helen and the small Scot had to admit that they got on well. Trisha was witty and charming and if you looked past her bluntness and cynicism she was a great friend to have. Helen didn't often talk about her and Nikki's relationship thinking that it would be rubbing salt in a wound and Trisha didn't mention it much. That was the grounds the friendship was built on.

Trisha looked Helen up and down with her eyebrows raised ironically. She shook her head and sat down before speaking.

"I come here to avoid Nikki and her inability to do anything but smile goofily and I end up with the same from you."

"You've seen Nikki?" Helen asked eagerly Trisha responded by rolling her eyes.

"Yes, she's fine but I'm sure that's not what your asking for."

"Maybe I should ring her." Helen said thoughtfully.

"You are hopeless girl. Have you never heard of playing hard to get?"

"Why would I want to play hard to get?"

Trisha shook her head again. "So, where's Nick?" She asked changing the conversation.

"He's gone swimming with Lynne. He's going to a soccer match with Nikki again tonight and he's so excited he hasn't been able to sit still. We are hoping he's gong to burn off some excess energy."

"Oh." Trisha said dropping her eyes from Helen's in what the brunette was sure was a guilty look. "He gets on really well with Nikki doesn't he."

"Yeah, he loves her to bits. He's always talking about her." Helen said her smile widening, the smile turned to a frown when Trisha just nodded. "Why?"

"No reason." The blonde replied a little too quickly. "Nikki always talking about him as well."

"That's good. I'm glad they get on, it would have been awkward otherwise."

"Yeah." Trisha replied before quickly changing the conversation.

The earlier discussion with Trisha nagged at Helen. After the conversation had moved from Nick Trisha had reverted to her usual self, but that fact only made Helen more suspicious of her strange behaviour when enquiring about the small boy.

That night, after Nikki and Nick has returned from the soccer and Nick was in bed she grilled Nikki about it.

"Trisha called around today."

"Yes? She called in the office today but didn't stay very long."

"She mentioned she'd been there. Does she ever say anything about Nick?" Helen said doing a poor job of feigning nonchalance.

"Not much, I think she's tired of me ranting on about on about him. Why?" Nikki asked pulling Helen towards her.

"I guess I'm just overreacting." Helen said in a low voice.

"Hey! What's up? Tell me." Nikki said holding Helen away from her to look into her eyes. Helen softened at the concerned look on Nikki's face.

"It's just that she asked about Nick and then seemed to go...weird, when I mentioned how much you loved him."

Nikki frowned at this but then shrugged. "Trisha sometimes gets that way. I wouldn't worry about it."

The answer didn't do much to put Helen's mind at rest however and she eventually decided to ask Trisha about it when she visited next.

Two days later saw the dawning of a rainstorm. The sky was dark and many trees had fallen victim to heavy winds. Therefore Helen was not expecting Trisha when she appeared just after dinner.

"Are you going to let me in before I get soaked to the bone?" She asked by way of a greeting.

"I wasn't expecting you today Trisha." Helen said stepping aside. "I didn't think you'd call in this weather."

"I have nothing better to do." The blonde said sighing as she sat on the sofa. "I know I told the press I was taking a 6 month's sabbatical but I may take up some movie offers. I'm bored stiff sitting at home all day."

"I thought you were on a sabbatical because your doctor said you needed a rest?"

"Sitting around all day is not my idea of a rest." Trisha replied and Helen had to fight to stop herself from smirking.

"Maybe you should go on holiday." Helen suggested.

"I might, but I usually get followed by paparazzi. I remember once..." Before Trisha could carry on with her story Nick burst into the room.

"Mummy, can I play out? Lynne won't let me." He complained.

"Nick, it's raining, you can't play outside in this." Helen replied throwing an apologetic look at Trisha for the interruption.

"Why not?" Nick asked.

"Because you'll get wet. Why don't you play inside? You have more than enough toys in here." Pouting to try and make Helen feel guilty he left the room. "Sorry." Helen apologised as she turned back to the blonde.

"No need to apologise, he is adorable. I can see why Nikki is so taken by him." Again Helen sensed Trisha's change in mood.

"Trisha...is there something wrong?" She asked knowing there was no time like the present.

"What do you mean?" The blonde asked trying to act innocent.

"Everytime you mention Nick your mood seems to change." Helen saw Trisha chewing on her bottom lip as if debating something in her mind. Eventually she met Helen's look.

"You really love Nikki don't you?" Trisha asked totally shocking Helen with the question.

"I couldn't love her anymore if I tried." Helen replied honestly.

"I know, I can see that now. I'm sure you know that when Nikki first brought you to live with her I thought you were just in it for the money. But I see you as a friend now and...has Nikki ever told you why we split?"

"No, not really. She said you just grew apart." Helen said confused about where the conversation was going.

"We did. That was only one thing though. The main reason was...because Nikki wanted children." Trisha stammered breaking eye contact to look at the floor. "I refused and we argued over it, eventually it got too much and we split."

Helen sat in stunned silence for a couple of seconds before frowning, she opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Trying again she was almost upset when sound came out because it meant she'd have to ask the question she was dreading.

"Are you trying to say that the only reason Nikki is with me is because of Nick?" She asked, her voice only a whisper.

"I don't know Helen, all that I know is that I don't want to see you hurt."

"No! I don't believe it...why didn't you mention this before instead of accusing me of clinging to Nikki because of her money?" Helen said raising her voice, it had to be another of Trish's plans to split them up.

"Back then I was looking after Nikki's interests, not yours." The blonde replied.

"You are unbelievable! Is getting Nikki back so important to you that you'll go as low as trampling over people's feelings?"

"I know you must be upset so I'll ignore that comment." Trisha said diplomatically.

"No. I don't believe it." Helen was feeling faint. "She didn't even know about Nick...she told me...the detective didn't give her anything about him, she hardly got any information at all." She was throwing any argument she could think of but still there was a nagging voice in the back of her mind. One that Trisha had a knack of voicing.

"Helen, Nikki paid a PI a fortune to track you down. Do you think he really found out so little about you? If that's true how come when you robbed her and took off, it only took one phone call to track you down?"

Trisha waited, she could see a million feelings chase there way across Helen features. When the other woman still hadn't spoken after 5 minutes she stood up.

"I'm sorry for telling you that, I know it hurt's but in the long run it will hurt a lot less than if you'd found out five years from now. I'll leave you to think, call me if you need to."

Helen didn't even hear the door close.

Helen had tried to ignore what Trisha had said but as she sat at her desk trying to concentrate on the club's accounts she found her mind drifting back through the time she had been in America to see if they were any signs that Nikki had been lying.

Of course in hindsight they were any number of possibilities, every conversation seemed to hold a double meaning that could have indicated that Nikki knew. There was also the Private Investigator. Would a professional get so little information on her, it wasn't as if she had been hard to track down, Yvonne managed it.

These thoughts floated around her mind until, eventually, they became too much for Helen. She had to do something to prove that Nikki hadn't known about Nick and therefore wasn't just with her because of the little boy.

Deciding the only way was to see for herself Helen left her study and sneaked across the room into Nikki's. She looked around the room before slipping into Nikki's study and closing the door. Sighing she berated herself for feeling like a spy, it wasn't like she was doing anything wrong, she had been in Nikki's study before. It still didn't stop her from feeling that she was doing something she shouldn't.

Not knowing if the file would be about her or under the name of the Private Investigation company Nikki had hired Helen first went to the big filing cabinet in the corner of the study. It took her about half an hour to work her way through the files. Finally, finding nothing of use Helen went to Nikki's draws. She knew there was some private files locked in the middle draw of Nikki's desk. Helen had seen Nikki unlock them a couple of times and knew that the key was hidden under the desk lamp.

As Helen opened the draw she saw that there was around 5 files and all of them were unmarked. If one of these wasn't the file she was looking for then it must mean that Nikki had them in her office. She laid the five files on the desk and sat in the chair while she looked through them.

The first file covered the finances of the club, the second seemed to be some kind of solicitors document - also about Nikki's finances. She was so intent on working through the files that she didn't hear the front door closing.

Nikki had also had a unrestful day. She had contacted her solicitor about changing her will to include Nick and Helen, however the solicitor had other ideas. Even though it was Nikki's money the man said it was 'his duty' to tell her she should wait 'a few years' to see if 'things progressed'. Did everyone think that their relationship was trivial and wouldn't last. He had even hinted, like everyone else, that Helen didn't feel the same way Nikki did and might have influenced Nikki in some way. Eventually she decided she wasn't going to get any more work done and she should go home.

Arriving to a quiet Nikki noticed that Helen didn't immediately leave her study to greet her like she usually did, Nikki made her way across the room. Knocking loudly on the door she opened it and popped her head in the study. Frowning when she found no-one present she decided that her lover must have taken Nick out.

She wearily made her way to her own study to so some of her paperwork. As she opened the door she heard rustling paper. A million thought and accusations went through her mind before she even saw who was in her study. When she saw Helen seated in her chair with her private paperwork draw open she felt like her heart had been pulled out and trampled on.

Despair turned into anger as she thought of all the times people – mainly Trisha and John had accused Helen of only wanting her for her money and all the times she had defended the woman in front of her.

"What the hell are you doing?" Nikki asked. Helen had been so intent on her task that she hadn't even noticed Nikki was in the room. The look of guilt on her face as she looked at her lover confirmed everything Nikki had suspected.

Part 16

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