DISCLAIMER: Start Trek is Paramount's not mine...this story mentions sex between people of the same and opposite genders...personally I'd run at the prospect of some of it, but its up to you ;o) Oh and don't expect this to make much sense, as half of it was written ages ago and the rest just now as a writers block unblocker..hmm I'm confusing myself now.

Experiencing Your Humanity
By ralst

"You wish for me to be a gangster?" Seven questioned.

"Well no, I mean you could be a gangsters moll." Tom's face lit up. " Just think of those short dresses and plunging neck lines."

"I think not Mr Paris." Janeway interrupted.

"It's just a bit of fun Captain." Tom excused, "Besides she can hardly go in a suit and fedora, carrying a violin case, I mean she's a girl."

"She's a woman." It was now B'Elanna's turn to interrupt. "And why can't she go in a suit if she wants to?"

"I do not wish to go in anything Lieutenant." Came the ex-Borg's reply.

The smile on Tom's face turned smug "Now that would be something to see." B'Elanna and Janeway both gave him a playful punch to the stomach. "Ooof."

"You've got to dress up Seven, its a 1920's party." Said Harry.

"I do not wish to attend this party." Seven told the young man.

"Everyone's going." Tom whined. "You can't not go."

"I can." Seven turned to leave the others.

"Seven, wait." Janeway took up a position infront of Seven. "This is a great opportunity for you to experience your humanity."

"I am always doing things to 'experience my humanity', as you put it." Seven side stepped the Captain. "I do not believe missing one party will make that great a difference."

"It could be fun Seven." Harry piped up. "I was thinking of asking for your first dance."

"There will be dancing?" Seven questioned the group.

"Yes." Replied Janeway.

"If you come you'll have people lining up to ask you to dance." B'Elanna volunteered.

"Will you be one of them Lieutenant?" Seven asked focusing all of her attention on the engineer.

"Er, sure Seven." B'Elanna smiled. "If you come tonight I would love to dance with you."

"Fine. Then I will attend the dance." Seven began to walk from the room. "I shall choose my own costume."

Seven exited.

"Looks like someone's got an admirer." Tom nudged the half Klingon.

"Shut it Paris," B'Elanna cut him off, "you're only jealous."

"Too right." He eagerly agreed, "Who wouldn't want the blonde bombshell after them?"

"Yeah." Was Harry's wistful comment.

Kathryn just nodded mournfully.

"Where is she?" Janeway grumbled for the fourth time in a matter of minutes. "She promised she'd be here."

"Then she'll be here." Chakotay tried to slip a comforting arm around the petite woman's shoulders, but his efforts were met with a shrug of indifference. "Seven's a big girl, I'm sure she can find her way to the messhall without incident."

"But what if she's changed her mind?" Kathryn's fingers started drumming against the kitchen counter but her eyes stayed transfixed on the entrance.

"So? If she changes her mind it's not exactly the end of the world." Chakotay literally had to duck to avoid the force ten glare. "Come on Kathryn, surely Seven has the right to miss the party if she wants to?"

"She promised she'd be here." Kathryn's hand had by this time bunched into a fist, her instinct being to slam it into Chakotay's pleasant face.

"Don't worry Captain she'll be here." Tom joined in, his words slightly mumbled as he tried to talk around the cigar stuck to his bottom lip.

Chakotay moved closer to Janeway and leaned in to whisper, "I thought you'd gotten over your obsession with Seven? I mean you were laughing before about her asking B'Elanna about the dancing."

"I am not obsessed!"

All eyes in a twenty metre radius turned to observe the Captain, before a malicious glare had them all hastily turning back to the safety of their drinks. All that is apart form B'Elanna, who took the outburst as her cue to join the group.

"Not obsessed with what?" B'Elanna questioned, earning a sour look from Chakotay.

"Nothing." Kathryn's eyes travelled back to the messhall doors just in time to witness Seven's entrance, "Wow! I never knew a woman could look so good in a suit."

All eyes then turned to Seven, who was wearing the exact thing Tom had thought inappropriate for a girl, a blue pinstriped suit, matching fedora and a violin case clutched in her Borg enhanced hand. "Oh, that obsession." The helmsman mumbled, his eyes glued to where the white silk of Seven's shirt parted to hint at the cleavage beneath.

"Seven! Over here." Janeway's frantic gesturing was not exactly inspiring in a leader, but then the crew had learnt to make exceptions for her little Borg obsession, even though most had thought it faded by now.

"Captain." Seven nodded to Janeway and the others, her eyes coming to rest on B'Elanna's red silk covered frame. "You look beautiful Lieutenant."

"Thank you Seven." B'Elanna's fingers began a slow caress of Seven's silk collar. "You look as sexy as hell."

Kathryn was suddenly overcome with a bout of coughing, just as Tom bit down on the end of his cigar and began spitting out tobacco.

"Do you wish to dance Lieutenant?"

"Sure, why not." Seven led B'Elanna onto the small dance floor.

"Was that Seven who just came in?" Asked Harry, having finally been released from helping Neelix arrange the canapés.


"Oh, I wanted to ask her for the first dance." Harry watched as on the dance floor Seven's hand came to rest on B'Elanna's behind, while the half Klingon began a series of kisses leading from a creamy white neck to full and welcoming lips. "I guess I'm too late."


"It would appear so." Kathryn agreed with a sigh.

"Never mind Harry, there are plenty more young ladies here tonight for you to dance with." Chakotay tried to reassure.

"Yeah, I guess." Melancholy evaporating into eagerness Harry turned to Janeway. "May I have this dance please Captain?"

"What?" Shock soon melting away, Kathryn grabbed hold of Harry's arm and dragged him towards the dance floor. "Well if you insist Ensign." Her words followed by a girlie giggle that was so out of character it made those who heard it fear for their own sanity.

"Perhaps it's an age thing?" Chakotay mused.

"Huh?" Tom was still trying to get the tobacco from between his teeth.

"Kathryn, maybe she only goes for people nearly young enough to be her children?" He watched as the woman in question stuck her hand down Harry's baseball trousers, her effort rewarded with a glassy eyed look of pleasure or pain from the young man.

"Could be." Tom was more interested in watching his ex and Seven performing their own version of dirty dancing to take much notice of what Chakotay was wittering on about.

"Do you want to dance?" Chakotay held out his hand to Tom.

"Huh?" Tom gulped audibly, then realising it was probably the only offer he'd have all evening, he took hold of Chakotay's arm and led him out onto the dance floor. "Just so long as I get to lead and you don't tread on my toes, okay?"


"I do believe I am enjoying this chance to 'experience my humanity'." Seven whispered just before lips claimed her own in a fierce kiss.

"Good." B'Elanna's hands found their way inside Seven's suit jacket and began to caress the silk covered breasts. "But I think you could experience more of your humanity if we went back to my place."

"In...deed." Seven stopped any semblance of dancing as she grabbed hold of B'Elanna's ass and squeezed their bodies even closer. "Then I believe we should retire to your quarters."

The hands massaging her backside made it impossible for B'Elanna to speak, so she merely nodded her agreement.

"Should I inform the Captain of my departure? She did seem eager that I attend this event."

Taking Seven's hand in her own B'Elanna began leading the other woman out of the messhall. "I think dear old Katie's too preoccupied to notice whether you're here or not, now come on, I have plans for you."

Seven turned while being led away to see Kathryn gyrating madly infront of a terrified Harry Kim, the Captain's decision to cut back on holodeck time with her human shaped sex toy had obviously left her with some pent up sexual energy, and poor Harry was just about to reap the benefit. "Indeed, and I have a few plans of my own Lieutenant."

The Next Morning

B'Elanna turned over to see blue eyes regarding her fondly, a sexy smile edging its way onto Seven's full lips. "Good morning B'Elanna."

"Morning sexy." Having dispensed with the niceties B'Elanna reached up and pulled Seven into a fiery kiss. "I think it's about time we extended your humanity to include morning sex."

"Indeed." Seven pushed B'Elanna back down into the bed before straddling her hips. "Would that be different to the evening, night, shower, standing, lying and turbolift sex you have already schooled me in?"

"I think you should be the judge of that."



Harry Kim opened his eyes cautiously, the last thing he needed was to attract the attention of the sex fiend that had taken over control of his Captain's body. With stealth and a good amount of prayer Harry slipped from Kathryn's bed and began tiptoeing towards the door.

"Mmmm Harry?" Janeway mumbled sleepily.

"AAARRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!" Trousers suddenly wet with terror Harry ran screaming from the room.

"Oh shit! Not another one." With a few choice curses Kathryn went back to sleep, making a mental note to restart her visits to the holodeck.


Tom opened his eyes to the unexpected sight of Chakotay's muscular chest, as he lay practically on top of the man. "Er, well this is novel."

"Yeah." Chakotay's voice reverberated through his chest to Tom's ear, causing the helmsman to smile contentedly.

"Would you like some breakfast?" Tom lifted his eyes to meet those of his, now he came to think of it, rather handsome second in command. "I make great scrambled eggs."

"That sounds lovely."

The End

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