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The Explanation
By Ann


Two months with no word, and then out of the blue, she finally decides to call me, expecting me to drop everything and meet her at the hotel where we celebrated our first anniversary. The nerve of the woman. Of course, I told her yes. I just had to find out why she'd left; then, I could return back to my life.

My hands shook as I took the exit which would lead me to her. Maybe I should've insisted that we meet at a restaurant or somewhere familiar to only me; someplace where she could be the one off balance and scared as hell. I let out a deep breath and turned into the hotel drive. The valet jumped to greet me, and I smiled and handed him my keys as I grabbed my overnight bag from the front seat. Turning towards the entrance, I pulled my shoulders back and walked through the doors.

The minute I stepped through the entrance, I felt her eyes. Glancing around the lobby, I spotted her, sitting in a chair facing the entrance. Damn, she looked good. She smiled and stood, starting towards me. I stood my ground and waited. There was no way I was going to make this easy. In fact, I was going to make this as difficult for her as it'd been for me.

"Hey." Her usual confident voice sounded shaky.

"Hello, Bree. Did you get me a room? I'd like to freshen up a bit if you don't mind."

"Oh, sure. Our rooms are next to each other. C'mon, I'll take you." She started to reach for my hand, but quickly pulled back. I just turned and started for the elevators, trying to keep my focus.

The minute the elevator doors closed, she began to talk, and I found myself wishing that we weren't alone in the car.

"Kelly, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Charlie called me into his office; he knew about us."

"You saw Charlie?" Stupid, Kelly. She's trying to explain, and all I can focus on is that she got to see him before me.

"Yes, and I'll describe him in detail, but first, I need to tell you what he said. He wasn't going to let us work together anymore."


"Not for the reasons you think. He said it was too dangerous for partners to work together. I pleaded our case, and he said he'd think about it. He offered me an undercover job, and I jumped at it, hoping he'd see that his thinking was misguided. Problem was it started immediately, and I couldn't contact anyone, not even you."

"So you didn't just leave me?" Tears streamed down my face and Sabrina crossed the elevator in three strides, pulling me close.

"No, I didn't."

The bell chimed signaling our floor, and we stepped out together, moving to our rooms.

Sabrina smiled. "They're adjoining rooms."

I chuckled and kissed my lover. We wouldn't be in need of the other room.

The End

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