DISCLAIMER: I don't own em.. Paraborg does. FF situations, not meant for minors or the timid.

By Cirroco DeSade


"I was never aware that I was so sensitive there B'Elanna."

Smile "Learn something new every day."

"Indeed. I find I appreciate how strong your hands are.. oh!" shiver "that is nice."

grin "Glad you like it."

gasp "What are you doing with your mouth?"

"mmm.. adding a new variable."

"unnnnh... Indeed. Please con-" squeak "OH- tinue with this experiment."

"oh yeah," slurp " no problem"


"Oh you like that?"

whimper "yessssss."

nibble nibble

"oh..." groan "I should tell you that that area is extremely sensitive."

mischievious grin, lick "this area?"

squeak, whimper, pant "yessss! Especially there in the middle. I do not know... oh.." pant,gulp "that area is densely concentrated point of extremely sensitive nerve endings"



"let's see about that."


long luxuriously swipe of tongue


head pops up

"Hmph. Who knew Borg regeneration recepticles were so sensitive? Guess that ends her first back rub." shrug


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