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By Demeter


The man who sat in the interrogation room might still be wearing his arrogant smile, but Lindsay was sure that wouldn't last for long. They had a survivor. They had DNA.

She allowed herself a smile of her own as she too took a seat in a chair across from the suspect.

Behind her, Jacobi closed the door and leaned against it comfortably.

"Mr. Pearson, your problems have just doubled," she informed him.

"You think so?" he smirked.

Pearson was too sure of himself; the CEO of a big private security business, he thought himself invincible. They had proof, though, that he had assaulted at least two women who'd been employed by him, probably more. Some had been scared into hiding. One of them was now willing to talk, and currently sitting in Jill's office. For one of them, they'd been too late. He had killed her, and he was going down for it.

"Guess what, we found someone who is still able to talk."

"Lying, no doubt." He shrugged nonchalantly. "The girls from the low-paid section are always looking for a way to advance."

Behind her back, Lindsay could almost feel Jacobi roll his eyes. Pearson's reasoning was as predictable as it was disgusting.

She kept herself focused.

"DNA doesn't lie, Mr. Pearson."

That was supposed to be the killing blow, and indeed, something changed in his expression. Not to worried or scared though. He looked her up and down. Lindsay held his gaze, unmoving, though he made her skin crawl.

"I know you think it's outrageous. That's pretty high and haughty for a woman who has plenty of perversions of her own."

For a couple of seconds she just stared at him, blindsided.

"That's right, Inspector, I might be going down, but I'm taking you with me. I've got members of my staff who used to work for the department. They know things."

"Lying, no doubt," she repeated his earlier words to him, but the thought alone was enough to make her queasy.

Pearson leaned back in his chair, grinning. "I was wondering, are you using those cuffs on the little redheaded reporter – or do you like watching your friend from the DA's office do it?"

The blood drained from her face in an instant; for a moment, Lindsay was glad she was already sitting down.

"Shut up," she said roughly.

"Why should I? You're doing your best to ruin me. I'm just repaying the favor. 'San Francisco's Finest Kinky Sex Lives Revealed'. Now how would you like that headline?"

Her face felt hot, but Lindsay forced a smile before she pushed herself off from the table. "Congratulations, Pearson. Every deal you could have made until now is off. I can't wait to hear what my friend from the DA's office," she emphasized, "has in store for someone who has raped four women and killed one."

She turned to leave, fighting the urge to run from the room.

It was impossible. How could he know?

"Just keep digging that grave of yours deeper," she heard Jacobi say before he joined her outside in the observation area.

"He's playing you, Linds. Don't let him get to you."

"Thanks for the tip," she said dryly, but her mind was still spinning. They had been so careful. Hell, they hadn't even done much, yet.

"I want that piece of garbage to go down. Maybe it would have been better if Denise were to--"

"Jill will handle him. It's just gossip, after all."

He did a double take when Lindsay bit her lower lip nervously and then glanced away.

"It is, right?"

"Not... entirely," she mumbled.

"Not entirely as in you finally made up your mind and asked the girl out? Congrats. Took you long enough."

"Not entirely as in... get your mind out of the gutter, Jacobi."

"That's not where it is. I'm just trying to understand what you just said."

Lindsay pressed her hands against her temples as if to ward off the headache that was beginning to build. She was uncomfortable, even knowing that the secret would be safe with her partner. Jacobi was one of the most laid back people she knew. He didn't condemn easily. And still – she wasn't really ready for anyone to know.

Least of all a scumbag like Pearson. "How can he know, damn it!"

"Maybe he actually told the truth about those employees," Jacobi suggested. "We could easily check which of them used to work for the department."

Lindsay sighed. "We could, but the damage is done."

"It could help our case with him."

"Let's do that then." She wondered what she was going to tell Jill and Cindy, feeling irrationally guilty about this new development. There hadn't even been much more than the pleasant surprise of finding a hungover Cindy in their bed, having gotten there kind of accidentally after the New Year's Eve Party.

Lindsay found herself smiling at the memory, even if there was nothing pleasant about the current situation.

Jacobi's hand on her shoulder made her turn around. "Just remember, this was your decision, and it's nobody else's business. Whatever they say."

"Thank you." Lindsay mustered a grateful smile for her partner's sake, though that wasn't the whole truth. It was the decision of three people, and she feared that two of them might reconsider once they really learned what was at stake.

The End

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