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RATING: as low as you can imagen.
TIP: for music think a waltz

By Ohyjo

And there it went again. The star shaped implant above her eye went up as Naomi was talking to her. It was the third time that day she had witnessed it going up, and down, up and down.

Just as Tuvok could raise his eyebrow in true Vulcan style, letting it go up in one swift motion, and then down again.

B'Elanna left the mess hall where she had witnessed Seven moving her implant up in consternation once again and started giggling as a song started to play in her head. She imagined Seven's raising the implant up and down to the sound of the music.

Nah, nah, nah..-up, up, and up-, tuut tuut and -down, down, down, and down.-

Maybe she could do a duet with Tuvok.

Picturing Seven and Tuvok raising their eyebrows in tune with the music was enough to set her off for real. Now she was alone in the turbo lift she gave in to full-scale laughter.

Of all people to step into the turbolift next it would be Tuvok. As he saw the laughing lieutenant he raised both his eyebrows in true Vulcan style, which did not help B'Elanna who couldn't help herself and singsonged `and down again.' Just as Tuvok lowered his eyebrow.

Lieutenant "May I enquire what you are finding so amusing?"

Coming up for air for a second B'Elanna replied before thinking: "eyebrows sir."

Tuvok's eyebrows flew up again nearly reaching the turbo lift's ceiling. "Indeed."

Having arrived at her stop she quickly made her escape nearly running towards engineering. The image of Seven and Tuvok eyebrowing to the song stayed with her.. and suddenly Neelix and his bushy eyebrow joined the duo. As always he did his best to impress Mr. Vulcan, but for some reason when Seven and Tuvok moved their eyebrows up his went down. This irritated Tuvok so that his eyebrows refused to go down, and B'Elanna imagined him having to go to sick bay with a case off permanently raised eyebrows.

The End

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