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By allie


Female Body Inspector

Overhearing a couple of crewmen discussing the previous evening's entertainment while she was in the mess hall had Seven in a quandary. How could they possibly know just exactly what she had done the previous evening?

She removed herself from the crowded mess hall and made for the turbo lift to take her to engineering wondering just exactly how B'Elanna would react to the crew discussing just EXACTLY what they had done just over twelve hours previously.

Swallowing her nerves and steeling her jaw she entered engineering and glanced around for the Chief Engineer. Spotting her by the warp core Seven swiftly covered the ground between them and demanded B'Elanna join her in the engineer's office.

"Seven, I'm kinda busy just now, can't this wait?" B'Elanna was up to her eyes in diagnostics and maintenance procedures Janeway wanted completed within the hour.

"No." Succinct as ever Seven turned and walked into the office expecting B'Elanna to join her. Sighing to herself at yet another interruption to her work she stormed into the office and slammed the door.

"Whatever it is Seven it had better be good. I have a crew out there who don't know their asses from teakettles today and who are all whispering like kids in a candy store about their choice of chocolate. Half of them can't do their jobs right and the other half are looking at me like I have suddenly sprouted assimilation tubules. No offence meant love."

"None taken B'Elanna. However I may have a reason for your department's inefficiency."

"Go on? How do you work that out?"

"I overheard a couple of crewmen talking about you and I being in the holodeck last night. They were giggling like school children being let out of class early."

"And this is about us how?" B'Elanna demanded, suddenly irate.

"They mentioned that Paris had told them we were playing detectives from the 20th century and that he could tell them EXACTLY what their titles stood for." Seven actually blushed a light shade of rosy pink as she said this.

"Paris is a dead man when I get my hands on him!" B'Elanna growled. "What exactly did he tell them?"

"He told them that the detectives we were playing were called FBI: female body inspectors."

The End

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