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AUTHOR'S NOTE: An answer to the memory loss Challenge. This ends up as an AU because its Season 7. Miral is born but they are still in the Delta Quadrant say 3 years after Miral's birth. However the memory aspect of the story takes place in a flashback where Miral is 18 months old so don't get confused. And no Chuckles doesn't get anywhere near our Seven in any sort of romantic way.
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By Elizabeth Carter

Part 3

Seven couldn't get the image the touch of her...her what....her B'Elanna from her mind. Not that she was inclined to want to do so. The kiss had fueled such desires and wants in her body that it astonished Seven that she had forgotten such power. But as her mate had said they could and would spend hours refreshing each other's minds, of the touch of want and love. Of bold fired desire and need. The heady musk emanating off of B'Elanna thundered in Seven's mind fueling her senses, until her whole body craved the small Klingon.

"Miral," Seven turned her attention to the child in her arms. "I need to find information about the crew. I can not keep you amused."

If the word was too large for the child to comprehend she didn't give a sign of it. "I have legos in Astro-Lab. 'Member? Zoti gived me my birthday"

The plastic building blocks had lasted well over four hundred years, not surprising really when you consider so had the idea of plush toys, dolls action figures and cars of course now air cars as toys the designs might have changed but not the idea of the toy itself. In the early twenty first century Bionica had been the first evolution of legos now legos even had Borg likeness to the modeling blocks and they kept a child entertained for hours. Miral would have no difficulty in keeping herself entertained.

"No, Wa'hom I don't remember. In time I will. You have toys to keep you busy this is acceptable..." Seven paused thinking. trying to recall why was she talking to a mere child as if she were but an adult? Apparently to the girl this was par for the course. "Zoti?"

The child nodded. "Zoti, she 'posed help watch me. She older like No-mee."

'So another child...Zoti..I should know that name....special ...why don't I know!' It troubled Seven deeply that she could not recall these names, in her heart she knew they were important. Instinct told her to protect the bearers of the names, they were special. She was still thinking of the names she had heard as she walked into Astrometrics.

Seven was seriously impressed with the vastness of the astrometrics lab. Several computer terminals efficiently created a dais in which a single person could run the whole lab by themselves. Along three walls there were more interfacing computers and stations but they were almost redundant because the hub of life was the centralized unit.

Seven thought the design of the lab was remarkable systematic and of superior order. 'Efficient' the young blonde praised. The only thing the lab lacked was a swivel wheeled chair to allow the scientist to sit and work. A silver ocular implant went up, still the lab was in Seven's mind as near perfection as she could think for a laboratory.

While three walls had kiosk interfaces the fourth wall was made entirely out of a massive view screen with a sub-level platform one stepped up upon. It was here Miral had gone and hit a small button on the floor revealing a small storage area. From here the tot pulled out a box that Seven presumed to be toys. Wile the girl was playing Seven would play herself with the computers. A smile crept on her face. This felt familiar, it felt right and it excited her thinking what she might be capable of doing with a lab like this. Astrometrics seemed like a great playground to the blonde and she was as a child.

Massive amounts of information came streaming into Seven via the tubules of her artificial hand. She had learned that Voyager NCC-74656 was an Intrepid-class vessel capable of holding 200 crew members, now crewed with 152 souls. The vessel was one of the fastest and most powerful starships in Starfleet. Voyager's folding wing-and-nacelle warp drive system allows the starship to exceed the warp 5 restriction without polluting the space continuum. Voyager could reach a speed of warp 9.975, but only for short periods.

"This is interesting." Seven murmured. As a scientist and an engineer she appreciated the complexity of Voyager's make up. Seven had discovered that Voyager's EPS system and back-up had been totally modified to employ Enaran power-conservation technology and power relays and on some decks now empowered Borg technology.



Borg.... that had a certain resonance to Seven. Something she was? A species? It sounded almost Swedish. Ignoring it for the moment deeming it irrelevant Seven continued her research, taking note of all things relevant to engineering. Seven discovered that some of Voyager's circuitry had been replaced by gel packs containing bio-neural cells, which could organize information more efficiently and speed up response time.

That was incredibly interesting to her. As was the efficiency of the ship itself. Efficiency was almost a religion to Seven, perfection the Holy Grail...... again Seven blinked shaking her head. As with most Starships it was almost elementary knowledge of the colliding matter with antimatter in the warp core situated in main engineering. The plasma based energy produced in the core was then channeled to the warp field coils in the nacelles, which created a subspace bubble around the ship, to allow the ship to travel at such high velocities.

Intrepid class ships nacelles folded up into a higher position during warp and folded down again when traveling at impulse speed. The ship was able land on the surface of a planet due to its structural integrity and the ground hover footpad system, which made sure that the hull remained undamaged during the landing process. Voyager had a uranium hull, tricyclic life support and an artificial gravity plating.

Warp Reactor M/ARA Mark II
Normal Cruise Speed Warp 6
Max Cruise Speed Warp 9.975
Fuel sources were Cold Deuterium and Anti-hydrogen: matter and anti-matter.

Seven's next scan was of Voyager deck-by-deck Little Miral carrying a half built model of the Delta Flyer padded up behind her Soch. She tried too look at the kiosk using the ledge of the computer terminal to help her balance as she was on tip-toes. Her little eyes saw but did not register the quickly scrolling information on the monitor:

Deck 1 Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Briefing Room
Deck 2 Mess Hall, Senior Staff Quarters
Deck 3 Senior Staff Quarters
Deck 4 Transporter Rooms
Deck 5 Sickbay, Doctor's Office
Deck 6 Computer Core, Holodecks
Deck 8 Astrometrics
Deck 9 Shuttle Dock, the science lab
Deck 10 Main Shuttle Bay
Deck 11 Main Engineering
Deck 12-13 Crew Quarters
Deck 14-15 Ground Footpad System

"We live on deck three sec'ten nine." Miral said in a well rehearsed speech holding up her little hands indicating the numbers she had referred to. The toy she was building lay forgotten on the floor after being dropped. "Door 309. SoS said I have to know where I live 'case I get lost and stuff. I can tell the too-boo-lift the numbers and it goes zoom swish!. SoS said one time she lived on on on on um..on...deck twelve, sec-ton nine, but not now."

Seven withdrew the tubules from the mainframe computer terminal. In her mind she knew she should go to deck six where the computer core was housed after all if something was in error with the core it would be here it would be corrected. It was here she might also gain access to the crew manifest and the problems now facing them. Like the lack of memory and computer failure.

It occurred to her that her ...child had spoken. "What did you say?" She had perfect hearing but sometimes perfection wasn't enough if you were not paying attention.

"SoS lived on deck twelve, we live on deck three now." Miral answered lazily as children are want to do when they have far more important things to contend with like finishing their building block toys. The tot was now sitting near Seven's long colt legs picking up the bits of legos that had come off when the toy was dropped.

Despite it seemed irrelevant to the child, Seven took it all in as she had no recollection of the past, at least not yet. Whatever Miral had to offer in hints of the past was as valuable as gold-pressed latinum. The tiny hybrid Klingon was incredibly alert and vocal at eighteen months old. But then again Seven didn't know how intelligent and aware a Klingon child should be at year and a half years old. If Miral was Seven's child as well...it could be explained by the nanoprobes within the child, accounting for the superior intelligence. All at once Seven ...Soch become exceptionally proud of...yes her daughter. Miral was her daughter it was a logical assumption after all providing the evidence accounted for at the moment. And evidence didn't lie.

"We must leave here and go deck six, the computer mainframe. From there I can ascertain what is the malfunction of the computers." Seven announced to her 'child.' She looked at the questioning look to her child and back to the doors. Voyager was a scientific and scout ship. Only the military needed scout ships. If this was a military vessel it was logical to assume that they had sustained damage to enemy attacks. They might even be facing a foothold situation.

"Miral, tell me of PetaQ."

"He ... plays games with me sometimes when he 'members. SoS growls at him lots."
Seven thought she might have left her daughter with the medic but considering her mate growled at him a great deal of the time according to Miral perhaps leaving a child with someone who was not entirely the best thing to do. And yet Seven was completely uncomfortable with bringing a girl into a hostile situation.

"Tell me of No-Mee, Zoti and Nee."

"Nee make 'nanna pancakes. Hims watches me when SoS'Oy and you work, Soch. No-Mee plays kodis'cot. She and Zoti, Rebe and Zan' help watch too. Good smells."

Good smells to a young Klingon translated into trustworthy. Despite the memory loss Seven was willing to wager they were still trustworthy. And there was hope they might not have lost their memory. "Change of plan, We must find this Nee, No-mee and Zoti."

"I know where Nee is, Sosh" Miral clapped her hands. "Hims mostly in ...in...messy hall. The food place."

"Mess hall." Seven nodded. She scooped up her little girl into her arms and started carrying her off to the turbo lift for deck two. Because something in her told Seven that she didn't speak demeaningly to her girl, she wasn't going to hide her concerns. Her child was a Klingon after all.

"Miral, Wa'Hom....there might be enemies, when and if I tell you to hide, I want you to so quickly, remain absolutely silent do not utter a sound, and do not come out unless I order it. Understand?"

"Yes Sosh." the girl answered dutifully. She was a Klingon warrior's child, if she did not cry out as she was born she would never give her mothers nor guardians' position away like might a passive race. A Klingon child was genetically bound to follow the path of the warrior. Miral would not as a human child allow her fear to overwhelm her so that she might run to her mothers, crying out in her terror. She would hide as it was required and remain still and quiet, despite her fears.

B'Elanna having recalled the blueprint schematic on the monitors of the ships cross section she knew to find Engineering on deck eleven. Of course the whole deck was devoted to Engineering and the housing of the warp core. The woman let out a deep sigh and felt as if she was home.

Familiar, she knew this place.. . she knew every rivet every bolt, every scratch, every dent, every station. She knew it all. 'Okay first things first....get that damn core back in alignment.'

She might not know who she fully was, but she did know she was an engineer, it was a fixed truth in her heart, just as it was a fixed truth that she had some extremely strong feelings for the blonde..her Soch and it was a fixed truth that Wa'hom...Miral was her child.

"Who are you!" A brown haired man barked in his hand a sonic spanner held like a sword. His voice cracked under the strain of his fear in which he had tried to cover up with his bravado. B'Elanna's nose wrinkled as she picked up the shift in the males pheromones.

"I'm an engineer. Let me cut to the chase, I am betting you have no idea who the frell you are and you don't know who I am. You're in Engineering holding a sonic spanner, want to guess what you do? Look, get out of my way I've got to get the warpdrive back into alignment or our collective memory loss will be the least of our problems."

The man seemed to hesitate. "How do I know you're not responsible for .... this ...?"

B'Elanna growled she didn't have time to reassure a hyper-parenoid crewmember. She snatched the wrench from his hand faster than he could follow. "Because I am not." the Klingon said marching past the man virtually shoving him out of the way.

Looking around her B'Elanna realized Brown-hair wasn't alone. There was a blue skinned fellow that Torres recalled the species name as Bolian. A brown-haired woman who was easy on the eyes stood near Bolian, as was a young Vulcan boy. And another lad with slight ridges to his forehead and the same silver adornments as Soch had. Curious.

Both lads caused something to stir within the Klingon. The Vulcan she growled low in her throat as she touched her temple as if her head thundered suddenly in a headache the pain was small and tolerable, besides she was Klingon and a Klingon didn't complain about such small things as physical pain. The thought of him gave her irrational reactions, frustration, anger and a sudden desire for her blonde girlfriend.

The other....a sense of frustration, pride and protection.....his scent was very familiar.....why? She wanted to rub his hair like a favored aunty.....or....or...something. She had a sense of pride and for some reason his scent also made her want to smack him upside the head from time to time. 'Kah'less...its like I am his sister....but he isn't Klingon.....' She walked up to the boy and took in his scent and she was shocked to discover a faintness of Soch. B'Elanna frowned at this discovery for mist covered recollection. 'He's way too old to be her kid. Her brother then? He's familiar....the same silver adornments.....from the same House maybe....'

The kid blinked as he studied the fierce woman before him. She smelled familiar, her voice was very recognizable to him kindling feelings of pride, faint desire and awe. "I think I know you." he said.

"Same here, Kiddo." she said softly. "Look I'd love to figure out why but there's work that takes priority."

"The warpcore is off by a variance of .00078." Kiddo said. "I can...feel it." it occurred to the kid he should be trouble that he knew just how precise he had been. His fingers brushed the bridge of his nose and felt the implant. It shocked him how sensitive it was. But as the beautiful Klingon woman had said time enough for that later, right now there was work to be handled.

B'Elanna smirked proudly. "Yeah, so get over there and help me return the warpcore to its proper alignments."

Kiddo wouldn't argue even as the others stood around watching the boy comply with his directives. Bolian and Vulcan (having no other names for them started to assist in returning Engineering to what it should be. Brown-hair stood rooted on the spot where B'Elanna had snatched his tool from his hand. Easy-on-Eyes turned from Brown hair, ignoring his stares of disapproval.

"You seem to have everything under control." Easy-on-eyes said. "I am going to wager you're used to taking control. Though it could be a Klingon thing." she tried to smile just in case she had placed herself in danger from the shorter woman before her. "I know I work here. I have grease in my hair and my uniform is dirty so.....what do you need done?"

"First, I know my name is B'Elanna., and second I need diagnostics run for the whole ship. We need to assess all the damage. On my way here I saw cosmetic damage, blown conduits gel packs will need to be replaced and one turbo lift is down."

"I am on it." Easy-on-Eyes almost saluted as she grabbed Vulcan-boy and headed for a secondary system on the second floor of Engineering.

"You." B'Elanna pointed to the Bolian. For some reason she wanted to call him Flotter. 'Must be the blue skin....'. "We have bulkhead damage on several decks. Make teams and go repair them. Take them with you." B'Elanna pointed to Brown hair and three silent humans lurking about him, all of them wearing black and gold uniforms. "Make him carry the tools." she used her chin to point to Brown-hair.

Brown-hair perked up. 'Carry.....carry.....no Carey! That's who I am .... "Carey!" He smiled feeling better that he now had something to cling to. "I .ah. think that's who I am ...Carey. Least it seems right."

"Fine... Carey. Now get to work." B'Elanna ordered.

"Should we not be looking for survivors?" Vulcan boy asked before he followed Easy-on-Eyes.

"Handled by a medic named PetaQ. And my ......well.. ..there is a woman...She's called Seven. She's a scientist and Engineer and she is handling the computer logs. Hopefully she will uncover who we all are and what happened to cause the ship wide amnesia. We don't know if there is this was a natural phenomena or an attack from a physical enemy. Until we do keep your eyes open, we might have a foothold situation."

A man with orange and yellow spots against light orange skin, a ginger-gold mane that arched over his head and back and whiskers that made him look like a hedgehog, glanced about him. He was finding it curious that he had no idea who or what he was other than the fact he was sitting in a kitchen very near a chaffing pot and a flambeau with the blue flames still burning. Perhaps not so out of place seeing that he seemed to be wearing a yellow polkadotted chef's hat and matching apron over a rather loud blue and green pinstriped trousers and jacket. His head felt as if a stampede of wild bantas had ran over him.

"What's a banta?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" a small woman asked, she was so young looking with her wide blue eyes, close cropped pixy haircut of the finest honey and double-tipped pointed ears. Somewhere in the back of Hedgehog's mind he recalled a tiny creature that flittered about a boy who liked to antagonize a handicapped sea captain who had a phobia of crocodilian creatures.

"Um....Hello there." Hedgehog smiled warmly to the pixy.

"You had said something?" the young woman rubbed her forehead feeling her own head throbbing loudly. She tried to figure out where she was other than a kitchen. She had no clue who Hedgehog was, or what she was doing in a kitchen with him. She wasn't afraid of him, he seemed very harmless.

"Well...no...nothing...can I help you?" he asked thinking the girl was rather pretty if not frail.

She smiled warmly, "Maybe you can help me, I seemed to be a little lost."

He frowned. "Me too, actually."

"What do you think happened?" Pixy asked concern filling her gray-blue eyes. She stood and saw a group of children gathered in one corner, data pads and blocks of what looked to be sculpting clay about them. Two girls and twin boys. All of them massing together, concern, worry and fear filling their tiny faces.

"They look terrified." Hedgehog frowned sadly as he too started to walk as non-threatening toward them as possible. He raised his specked hand and waved, "Hello there," a pleasant smile. "Not to worry we won't hurt you."

The smallest girl stood up for the others her hands on her hips as she looked at the furry man and the pixy-woman. She seemed to take charge of the four as she seemed more bold and brazen than the others. They all had facial ridges of some sort. The taller girl had four horns going vertical along her forehead the smaller one a ridge that was also vertical and the twins had lateral ridges along the nose. Very similar to those of a Klingon or Bajorian.

"Identify yourself" the bold one demanded trying to look as intimidating as possible. Which was a bit comical seeing that her auburn hair had been half-braided. Obviously the two girls had been interrupted in braiding each other's hair when the amnesia stuck and they hadn't had a chance to finish.

"Er...well..um..." Hedgehog stumbled, turning to Pixy for help. "That's a funny thing, I don't actually think either of us remember who we are. But given the apron and hat I think I work here." He tried to seem all the more friendly.

"I think....I know you." Spike said. "Well... they seem familiar too." she gestured to the other children.

"Someone wants us to forget." One of the twins said.

The other nodded. "Seems tactically sound if you wanted to take over a ship. Make everyone forget who, they are, what they do and infiltrate. You can then tell them you are apart of the crew and give false orders to the senior staff."

"It is unlikely that children would be the enemy however someone could seem nice and be the enemy." Bold-one said looking to hedgehog.

"They could be like us," Spike said.

Bold-one stared they didn't seem to make her nervous, but she was curious. "We should take precautions. They might be trading on our innocence. We should bind them."

"We won't hurt you." Pixy emphasized.

"We don't,"T1 started

"know that." T2 finished.

It was an eerie thing to hear, much more so for the boys as they had not expected to finish each other's words. They knew because they were identical they were brothers. They knew because of the implants they had a connection to Bold-one. They felt connected to her, as if they could hear the ghost of her thoughts in their heads, like memories, like a dream.

'We are using neural interfaces to share information.' Bold-one realized, she could do so with the boys but not with the other girl or the adults. 'It must because of our silver implants.' she cocked her head, her little mouth forming a grimace of displeasure not being able to figure anything more out. "We are damaged, who is responsible for this?" Bold-one demanded of Hedgehog, a little disgruntled that she had been distracted.

"That's a question I'd like to know." A new voice asked coming from over the adults shoulders the speaker was in her mid to late forties, her voice smoky like the purr of a feline. Her red hair was cut page-boy style at her side a ebony haired woman with nasal ridges and an earring. Bold one recognized one as human the other Bajoran. She also knew her own species to be Norcadian, Hedgehog was Talaxian and Pixy was Ocampan. Turning she knew Spike was Katerian and the twins were Wysanti

Bold-One looked over the newcomers if she was willing to talk to Hedgehog she now seemed to clam up in the presence of Red and Earring.

Red caught the tension building in the child and tried to soften her demeanor by padding gently up to the gaggle of children.

"You're all very brave, and I can see very intelligent and you're right it's hard to distinguish who to trust and not but I think we are all in the same boat."

"I'm pretty sure we are on a starship and not an aquatic vessel." Bold-One rolled her eyes.
Red smiled at the child's literal understanding. "What I meant we are in this together."

"You could be faking." Bold-One spat out. "I think we should lock you up in the storage closet."

"Oh and how are you going to do that." Earring smirked.

"I 'm stronger than I look. So are the twins." Bold-One walked forward. Her hand ran over the back support of a chair, its titanium skeleton bent, twisted and creaked under the girls hand.

The adults and the other children starred in wonderment. The boys looked at one another and then back to the adults. They smiled. "It would be best if you comply." they said in unison.

'Even I think that's spooky.' Spike thought. 'How come I'm not strong?' to try her own powers she hoped she held, Spike rested her hand on the back of another chair but try as she might she could not bend the metal. 'That bites!' she grumbled feeling left out.

"Now look squirts you need to take it easy. No one is here to hurt you..."Earring said trying to calm the situation. "We're all a little out of our element here."

The children wouldn't be budged. Some adult was responsible for all this mess and the four adults in front of them were a good place to start the interrogations. In a child's experience, anomalies tended to resolve themselves, one way or another. Of course a frightened child who finds out they have superior strength they are want to do the irrational.

It seemed to be the strange law of drama that it tends to be interrupted. The doors to the mess hall swooshed open all heads turned once more, this time to reveal a tall blonde goddess carrying a cherub faced Klingon hybrid toddler.

"Nee! Nee!" Miral squealed clapping her little hands. "Nanna pancakes ! Nanna pancakes!"

The others all turned to Hedgehog. Who was shocked to say the least to have been given a name. More so that someone knew it. "You know me?" He looked with his yellow eyes to Seven.

"Nee!" Miral laughed nodding her head.

"Oh thank god someone knows what's going on." Red said stepping forward for a moment forgetting the miniature battalion. "Tell me what has happened."

"Unknown at this time." Seven answered the red-head. "I am still trying to assess the collective damage done to this vessel.

"But she knew who ...he was." Pixy pointed to Hedgehog… er...rather Nee.

Seven looked to the smaller blonde, then back to her child. "Who is that?" She whispered to the tot.

"Kess." Miral pronounced. She knew this game of 'who am I' it was a bit fun for an eighteen month old.

The others gleamed with hope.

"How about me?" Earring asked.

Miral thought for a moment. "You....Ro." A smile knowing she had gotten it right.
Even now the children crept closer surely a woman with a baby wasn't a threat. In fact all four children felt a massive surge of protectiveness for the small girl.

Seven placed her arm tightly against her child, she didn't like the predatory look of hope in the other's eyes. As if Miral held the keys to everything lost.

"Which one is No-Mee and Zoti?" Seven asked her little girl.

But before Miral could answer, Bold-one stepped forward. "Why does she know things? Why didn't she forget everything too? Who are you?" the girl demanded. "We are going to put them in a secure place. You'll go to."

"Stand down," Seven ordered. "Comply."

The four kids turned, Bold-One folding her arms over her chest. "You are an adult, and therefore untrustworthy. Since the baby is not infected with the amnesia it is logical to think the effect will not last long on us. We will wait, until then you have to go into the closet as well."

"Your behavior is erratic. The four of you are unstable, contemptuous of authority, convinced that you are superior." Seven accused.

"Typical adolescent behavior for any species," Earring now claiming the name Ro commented.

"Indeed." Seven gazed at the children. "Stand down. You are afraid and thus become aggressive, this is natural. Miral says she knows you, you are familiar somehow to me as well." Seven touched Bold-One and gently smiled. "I know you...Miral calls you 'Zoti." Seven smiled touching T2 on the cheek, "She calls you Re-bee, and you Zan," she touched T1's cheek. "I don't know how, or why but we are connected."

Zoti touched the implant on her face then traced a line over Seven's left eyebrow. "We are the same. I can feel you, here." Zoti touched her forehead. "We are using neural interfaces, that is why we are bound together. I can't really hear you but I can sense you. Seven you feel safe...like...like I belong to you."

"Us too." Re-bee and Zan said as one voice.

Seven's face dropped slowly wishing she knew more. But she trusted her feelings, the familiarity. Even if there was no true memory of who the children were, they did indeed belong to her. They looked nothing like her but that small fact was irrelevant.

"Yes you do." she turned to the frowning No-mee. "And I remember feeling feelings for you, No-mee, even if I don't know what exactly the connection is."

Spike...er.....No-mee smirked feeling proud she belonged to the blonde.

Seven nodded. "The four of you need to be safe and I want you to keep Miral safe."

"We will comply." all four of them said at the same time.

Seven turned to the four adults. Her voice didn't waver as she took command. "This vessel has been severely damaged. I won't be able to repair it alone. So we need to work together if we mean to figure out what happened." Seven said. "Those I encountered have no recollection of who they are. Regardless there is much to do. Data PADDs will have instructions on how to repair certain malfunctions. We still need a count of the collective personnel on this vessel, an inventory of consumables."

"Who put you in charge?" Red asked.

"No one, but I know what needs to be done." Seven said evenly.

"How do we know you're not responsible for what happened." Red was now glaring fiercely at the statuesque blonde woman.

"And I don't know if YOU are responsible. What I do know is this ship had sustained damage. Regardless of who is accountable it needs to be repaired now. You will comply." Seven walked up to Red returning her own glare of ice managing to put out the flames of Red's contempt. "If you are unable to assist in manual repairs, take inventory of our consumables."

Red gritted her teeth. "I think I can manage the repairs."

"Um...I think I'll help the assess the wounded." Kess said softy.

"Well we might not recall who we are, but we'll all need to eat. I think I'll start in there." Nee said as he made his way back to the kitchen.

"Red, come with me to the bridge, it's as good as place as any to look for repairs and get into the computer once, Seven here investigates the core." Ro insisted.

Red would not be budged.

"Come one Red let it go. She takes command naturally hell she might be the captain...." Ro soothed. "She's got a point there's a lot of work to do, and if we want to find out who we are we have to have access to the computers and sensors, we can do that on the bridge."

The older woman glared once more before she moved off with her roommate. "I guess you're right." Red said at last. "It just doesn't feel right to take orders from her."

"Why? Because she's younger? Well she seems to be on top of things, I say for now we let her."

"And if she's the threat?"

"Then we neutralize her, until then to the bridge woman!" Ro smirked slapping Red on the arse.

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