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AUTHOR'S NOTE: An answer to the memory loss Challenge. This ends up as an AU because its Season 7. Miral is born but they are still in the Delta Quadrant say 3 years after Miral's birth. However the memory aspect of the story takes place in a flashback where Miral is 18 months old so don't get confused. And no Chuckles doesn't get anywhere near our Seven in any sort of romantic way.
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By Elizabeth Carter

Part 6

The agent that caused the amnesia was gone, but its effects were pandemic, causing an identical obstruction in the temporal lobes and hippocampus sections of the brains of all aboard Voyager. Even after several hours Kes and Paris were still not sure what the residue between the synapses was. What was known was that it was distinctly possible that their old memories were intact, just not accessible.

It was the same scenario with the gel-packs because their synthetic bio-neural cells were inspired by the humanoid nervous system.

Seven and B'Elanna's cure for the electroplasma system was indeed working. The neuroelectric field the young captain had created to heal both organic and inorganic ship components was now regenerating damaged components within the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS); computer core and the gel-packs. Almost all of them were up and running perfectly.

B'Elanna had her own laborious work ahead of her. The EPS system has several secondary bypass conduits to use if the primary conduits were ruptured, for the last couple of hours that lapsed into the next day, B'Elanna and her engineering team had tackled the plasma problems. She also repaired the EPS system also had emergency routes that could redirect power to battle stations, phasers and shield generators during red alert. The plasma routed through the EPS was generated by either fusion reactors or the warp core.

B'Elanna was intrigued and fascinated by the nanoprobes her wife had used to isolate the infected areas of the ship and assimilate them into compatible components with the rest of Voyager. It actually cut the typical repair time down by eighty per cent. The quickness of her 'son' Icheb also cut the repairs down by a significant amount. The lad was a bright officer, efficient and his skills adaptable to what ever problem B'Elanna put him to, she was very proud of her 'son' and he brought honor to her House.

Kes had her own problems to solve. Scanning every member of Voyager with the medical tricorder and the portable CODIS had taken a great deal of time. Time she didn't have to devote to this aspect and come up with a cure as well. And so she had ordered Tom Paris to handle the scanning, while she and the now online EMH labored over the cure for the dargol narcotic.

Seven trailed by her wife the Chief Engineer and first officer Janeway rendezvoused within sickbay.

"Oh my there is a distinct lack of optimism in here." Janeway said as she spotted Kes and the bald holographic physician.

Seven pushed past her first officer her back ramrod straight. Her arms not clasped behind her back but folded over her ample chest. "Report." she ordered.

"Uh, Captain, We've been working around the clock trying to dissolve a chemical inside the brain without harming the surrounding tissue and...it is not easy." it was the EMH that answered.

"What have you learned?" Seven prompted

"That it could take years." Kes responded.

"Suffice it to say, we don't have that much time." Seven said.

"I don't know if we can reverse the effects of the amnesia in time to prevent a catastrophe on Voyager," Kes continued. "We all have our latent memories of ..." she shrugged "of our 'occupations'. Chief you know you're an engineer, the chief of engineering. My have knowledge of bio-chemistry, Captain you have knowledge of astrophysics, sciences, engineering and command, Ms. Ro knows the helm and ops control as well as tactical. The danger lies not in that we do not recall what it is we 'can' do but in who we are."

"You mean someone might find themselves with the wrong mate?" B'Elanna said.

"Emotional upheaval, low moral, anger makes mutiny type of thing?"

"Something like that yes." Kes nodded. "And I'm sorry but your daughter can't be relied upon to give us all the answers."

"If we never recall who we were previous, then we will never know if we are with the wrong mate, or fulfilling the wrong roles. We have the latent knowledge of our duties, for now that is important. I would offer hope in recovering ships and personal logs, but they have been wiped from the computer banks. They do not exist. Nor do the manifest of crew ranks. As I said whoever did this, wanted us to be able to maintain our ability to do our duties but not know who we are or what we are. That is no longer relevant." Seven decreed. "Use whatever means necessary to cure the amnesia."

"And if we can't?" it was Janeway that asked the question.

"Then we adapt," the blonde captain said.

"That's a bit cold," Janeway pressed.

Seven turned her face mere millimeters close to the smaller older woman's. "And you would have us lament over what we do now know, do not remember? We adapt and live and go on living. If we never find a cure for this dilemma then we adapt, and better our chances of survival."

Janeway felt a chill fall into her blood.

"If you can not comply Janeway, you will be removed from your duties, until such time that you can comply. I'm sure Neelix could use some assistance in the mess."

"I don't have a problem following orders," Janeway said between clenched teeth.

"You are a scientist. Assist Paris in identifying the crew DNA," Seven ordered. "When completed, if you think you are able to assist Doctor Kes then assist her in finding the cure."

"Aye Captain."

Seven turned to the pixy and EMH, "I sincerely hope that you do locate a cure to the dargol, Doctors. Good luck." The blonde briskly turned on the heel of her black boot, the door of the sickbay barely had time to open before Seven went through it. On her tail was B'Elanna.

"You wear that well." The half-Klingon said to her wife and captain as they walked briskly down the corridors of the ship.

"I beg your pardon?" an ocular implant rose disappearing amongst the strands of golden hair that framed her face..

"Command." B'Elanna smiled. "You do wear it well."

Seven allowed a small smile to grace her lips.

"You enjoyed that," B'Elanna almost accused.

The slight smirk grew into a grin.

"You're treading very dangerous ground, here BangwI."

The grin morphed into a full blown, very toothy smile.

"That's it!" B'Elanna stepped closer to the woman she had claimed as her wife. Her Klingon hearts hammering hard under her breastbone demanding she take her wife. The fires of want burring bright and hot. Unanswered lust, the show of power of a warrior fueled B'Elanna's passion. The smaller woman's caramel fingers traced Seven's delicate lips. The young Klingon loved the touch of the satin softness, the eloquent lines of beauty found in the blonde's mouth. She was so very beautiful, so gorgeous, B'Elanna found herself falling more and more in love with her younger beloved each passing moment.

Satin soft lips replaced exploring fingers. Satin caressing satin. The kiss conveyed everything B'Elanna had felt for this wondrous woman before her.

"Our quarters now!" Seven demanded.

How they made it to their quarters neither of them could say. The ride in the turbo lift, the clumsy near run down the corridors of the ship all of it a blur. The stress of engineering and the bridge, the pace Seven and B'Elanna had both set for themselves and their staff was nothing short of a marathon. The kisses became hungry and passionate

"Want you." Seven grunted as they managed to get into the common room of their quarters.

B'Elanna pushed her wife back until the taller woman's knees hit the edge of the bed and she went backwards. Before ex-drone could move B'Elanna was sitting on top of her on the mattress. "Okay I get to play the Hunter." B'Elanna kissed Seven's angular nose. "HoSjIh. Chijeylatlho. QawIu." B'Elanna leaned forward overpowering Seven's mouth with her own.

The Klingon darted her tongue into the warm cavern tracing the edge of ivory. Seven moaned, her thigh raising just slightly hitting encouraging B'Elanna to deepen her kiss. The friction between Seven's thigh against the seam of her trousers into her clit caused the smaller woman to gasp and moan.

"Yes you are strong, I submit to you BangwI. I choose you as well." Tiny kisses trailed along B'Elanna's mouth, little nips to her lips, leaving the Klingon trembling in want. Seven continued to torment B'Elanna with nips, kisses, growls and touches just as she herself suffered from her passion.

"BangwI.... " Seven moaned feeling herself growing slick and wet, ready for the brunette's touch. The slender Amazon moved against B'Elanna's body kissing her neck, nuzzling her ear thrilling to the feel of B'Elanna's hands on her body as she moved to a silent music against the brunette.

Their clothing shedding as they went as if they were a targ's winter coat. This time B'Elanna didn't stop her hungry lover. The small warrior stretched over Seven, kissing her way down the blonde's body, nuzzling her breasts, down Seven's breastbone and under their slight curve, down across her belly.

Seven swallowed a moan B'Elanna's name upon her breath.

B'Elanna eased herself down between Seven's parted legs, kiss along the crease of her hip, gently nipping the sensitive skin there before laving it with her tongue. The brunette's hand slid along the outside of Seven's thigh as she kissed her way up the inner surface towards the blonde's knee before turning her head to do the same in reverse down her other leg until she was back at the crease of Seven's hip again.

"Oh Bella." Seven couldn't help but buck a little into the touch her hands gripping the side of the B'Elanna's tunic, her nails almost painfully raking down the Klingon's back, instinctively knowing the touch aroused B'Elanna's blood until it burned. The blonde's head rocked back, her legs lifting allowing the smaller woman better access, everything she was doing sent Seven into the sky, the stars beyond.

B'Elanna rested her cheek against Seven's stomach to her belly button to the soft hairs of her center feeling them brush against her own lips. The brunette's hands curved around her young lover's thighs, holding Seven steady as she teased her with the tip of her tongue and lips. B'Elanna's tongue easing deep inside Seven, her soft skin brushing against the brunette's cheeks the warmth of her pulling at the warrior as the flame to a moth.

Seven's eyes closed on their own, she felt her breath come faster as she felt the first tinges of fire creep over her body. The young woman's heart thudded loudly through her chest, her legs trembling, her body shivering as B'Elanna caused her to fly higher and ever higher. "B'Elanna....B'Elanna....oh Bella..." the words uttered as if a prayer.

The Klingon felt her own body grow warm and wet at that first taste of Seven, almost sour-sweet, the tang of peaches. The older woman drew back just to look at Seven, so perfect, so beautiful, all flushed, engorged, glistening. She pressed the flat of her tongue to Seven, licking her hard from bottom to top before she suckled Seven's clit into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it for a moment before letting Seven go again. B'Elanna eased the tip of her tongue between her lover's labia parting them letting Seven's juices trickle into her mouth and then suckle first one side then the other not wanting to waste a drop. Expertly B'Elanna flicked her tongue across Seven's center, listening for that change in her beloved's breathing that told her she truly had Seven's attention as she pressed her tongue into the blonde as far as she could before licking up again towards her clit.

Seven felt the waves coming faster and faster, B'Elanna's gentle attentions were what she needed, what she wanted. The steady pace soft thrust and lick caused the athletic woman to writhe under B'Elanna's perfect touch.

"Yes, BangwI....I've got you." B'Elanna encouraged, tightening her hold a little to still Seven's movements. She dropped a kiss onto the other woman's center "It's okay. I will take care of you, Ben'el." B'Elanna cooed. "I love you." These were not words of lust, this was admission of purity of their love.

Seven licked her lips the heat rushing through her as she felt her lover suckle her clit again, letting her teeth gently graze the edge, B'Elanna rolled her tongue over it pressing it between her lips before gently releasing it then pressing once more the flat of her tongue to it before moving down to press her mouth over her center, blowing cooler air gently over the flesh before easing her tongue into Seven again to collect more of the musky nectar.

B'Elanna loved to feel the different textures of Seven on her tongue, knowing now which areas to lick harder, softer, where to kiss, where to gently bite. B'Elanna flicked her tongue inside Seven again, feeling the young woman arch, and quiver. B'Elanna would blow cool air once more across before mouthing Seven again, and again Seven arched up, the younger woman's arms clutching B'Elanna tightly.

Seven's body curved around B'Elanna's as the brunette drank deeply from her inner core and as Seven reclined against the soft cotton comforter of the bed, the brunette kissed her way along the long thigh, back down the other side, her fingers gently playing with Seven now as she slid back up the lanky body to kiss her.

Seven found herself growling, she knew if she pushed too hard she would lose the peak of climax. B'Elanna's touch was magic. Seven sat up just a little watching her beloved, holding onto her, indeed B'Elanna was magical. Her love so pure Seven felt herself climb again and again. The blonde fell back as the white fire rippled into her.

"Oh god. Bella..oh Bella." Over again and again the name was called out. Seven had no self-control; her body aching, reaching, clawing the bedcovers. The young woman would seek the stars and find home in their lights

B'Elanna knew the soaring to the skies was as overpowering, as was the floating back down to earth. She stroked her delicate hand across Seven's hip and belly, kissing and nuzzling her as the younger woman clung to her as a lifeline. And then Seven rolled on top of B'Elanna, the brunette ran her fingers down the blonde's spine, bringing her lover back to her.

"My Sev, my Ani, my beautiful wonderful love." B'Elanna purred, causing Seven to clutch the older woman's body tightly as she felt herself float back to earth.

"I love you." Seven's voice took on a smoky hue. "My heart is pounding so hard. Can you hear it?" Seven thought for sure B'Elanna must.

"I can feel its rhythm." B'Elanna said.

"I know you need your release as well." Seven managed trying to find her center but the world was still spinning so rapidly. The blonde almost egoistically thrilled to give B'Elanna such pleasures as she herself experience. Knock your arse for a loop good sex. But only so because the sheer pleasure the other derived from giving her partner a mind blowing orgasm.

They held each other tightly for a moment, each whispering their undying love. Seven's lips kissed the fullness of B'Elanna's breasts, kneading their bounty, bring them together before she planted kisses upon the forced cleavage. Seven was in full play mode now, biting B'Elanna's nipples, they hardened into little buds as long delicate fingers probed into the warm depths of the brunette center.

Seven whispered, "You are so wet and ready for me," she traced the outer lines of B'Elanna's labia, waiting for the hitch in older woman's breathing to tell her what her lover wanted.

"Your touch....Kah'less." B'Elanna managed, trying to form words more than grunts as Seven touched her so deftly. "...there... more... harder... yes....Kah'less Seven!....." Now it was B'Elanna's turn to call on Seven, the young woman's name a prayer as the first wave washed over, B'Elanna's back arching as she opened herself to Seven's touch. Try as she might to keep her dark eyes open to watch Seven, her expressions as the blonde had watched her but it was near impossible.

Golden hair shadowed Seven's face, the curve of her body as the young woman arched the smaller woman. B'Elanna felt herself tightening inside, the second wave the third washed over her only Seven had ever done this to her----done this for her.

The petite brunette clutched Seven, spasming, her fine arse lifted off the bed as the young woman coaxed B'Elanna into giving herself to Seven completely. Seven was far from over pleasing her wife.

Seven pushed into B'Elanna's pelvic bone with the palm of artistic hand, long fingers slipped once more into the brunette's warmth pinching her clit, pushing hard against her instinctively knowing B'Elanna unlike herself liked a harder touch. Knowing further that B'Elanna needed it.

Seven's lips bit upon her lover's nipple, the breath the blonde exhaled was a growl. She knew her growling always made B'Elanna all the more wet. It wasn't long before the brunette felt the surge inside. She didn't fight it but let it out showing Seven exactly what she did to her. What Seven meant to her.

"I love you so much." B'Elanna said the words with her heart.

"I love you Bella." Seven murmured into B'Elanna's flesh. She shifted her weight so now she was now on her hands and knees, instead Seven's weight was now against B'Elanna's body pushing harder into her, long fingers curled around the brunette's clit just touching B'Elanna's magic spot, penetrating with two fingers, at first it was just a ghost of a touch, until Seven heard B'Elanna's panting her needs 'That's it BangwI. Cum for your peach, comply," nonsensical growls that out of context would seem hilariously funny but in passion it sent B'Elanna over the stars.

B'Elanna obeyed. What else could she do - Seven having bewitched her. The brunette clung to Seven, her breath almost sobbing as B'Elanna felt her womb tightening, swelling almost to bursting point. The brunette kissed Seven fervently, enfolding the younger woman in her arms holding on to her love.

"I've got you, I've got you." Seven reassured B'Elanna as the brunette had done so earlier. The lanky blonde held B'Elanna tightly to her, slender hands slid slowly from the brunette's sensitivity and covered the smaller body with her own knowing and enjoying B'Elanna's need for Seven to cover her with her own body. " I love you BangwI."

"I don't need my memory back to know I love you."B'Elanna kissed the golden brow of the woman she treasured. A softer kiss on the still red wound on the taller woman's cheek. "Ben'el."

"Even onto the gates of Stovokor, you will have my love,–my heart." Seven vowed kissing the wound she had given to B'Elanna's cheek. "We will sail the Black Fleet together, Ben'el. I need no memory to know this----to know you own my heart."

" Red, babe what difference does it make if we never recall who we are? Look maybe there are some sins and deeds some would want to forget and this is their chance." Larren leaned over her bowl of marsupial surprise stew.

"Larren, I can't believe that just came out of your mouth." Kathryn scowled, stabbing her roast beef with a fork,

"I'm not saying I want that, I want to remember who I am, where I came from, our past everything. I wear an earring that is special and there are only a few others that were a similar style, we're all Bajoran, this much I know. And I want to know why I wear it—why they do." Larren took several sips of her stew from her spoon.

"Check the library—our 'efficient' Captain has repaired it recently." Kathryn said around a mouthful of roast beef and potato.

"What is it with you and her? You act like she's a threat to you." Larren moved to take the hand of the woman she was quickly developing feelings for, or perhaps recalling them considering they woke up naked in bed together.

"Nothing, it just.... " the red head sighed, slipping her hand free form the other's grasp, "perhaps it is as you say, I don't like being commanded by a woman who's fifteen years my junior."

"Professional jealousy." Ro took a sip of her rapidly cooling soup. "Look Red, the crew voted, Seven's our captain, you're first officer. Now if you are in truth the Captain, Seven said she'd step down. But let her deal with all the questions and crap."

"And if she micro-manages?" Kathryn stabbed another bit of roast beef and a baby carrot.

"Then that's her perogative, but the crew now have a leadership they can follow. She cured the systems."

Swallowing this time before she spoke, Kathryn asked, "And what if she know how to repair the damage because she was the one to install it and she's faking it."

"Her DNA and CODIS match those already stored in the medical library." Ro pointed out.

"And if she set it up." Kathryn asked setting down her fork and knife. "She's the one doing what she said these changelings are doing?"

"I don't think so, she'd never endanger the lives of her children." Ro's dark eyes pinned the slate gray of her lover. "And they check out too, they are not a set up. I think I know a few things about that sort of thing. I kinda feel like we are some sort of resistance group."

"Resistance group?" Kathryn shook her head. "Against what?"

"Something sinister, something or rather the 'someones' that might have introduced the dargol into our atmospheric systems." Ro watched as her lover took another bite of her brisket and frowned.

"What you have other thoughts?"

"No it's not that." Kathryn set her fork down. "This doesn't taste right....I don't know like it should be done a little more."

"'Done a little more'? Red it's well done, a little more done and its going to be burnt."

Janeway sighed and picked her fork up once more. "Yeah, guess so." she took a reluctant bite of meat she didn't think was cooked or in this case replicated enough. "So you feel we are a resistance group...what something like Victor Hugo's Maquis?"

Ro gave a shrug.

"And what the confederation made us forget everything to what end?"

"Neutralize our movement, make us believe we're apart of their confederation, their fleet, and doing it without casualties. They might need more personal and who better than to make us think we're apart of them. Hell maybe we're not supposed to be in these uniforms. I liked wearing my leathers far better, they felt more natural. This ...isn't me...not the me that I am now...maybe we are supposed to wear them and I just hate the uniforms."

"I rather like the uniforms. The jacket has a habit of riding up, and I hate to see it winkled but I do like them."

Ro laughed. "Well red does look good on you, but you know I get this funny feeling that a red-shirt gets you killed."

"And you laugh over this," the voice was sardonic. "Good thing you're wearing red too."

"After dinner I plan on more then wearing Red." Ro leered, raising her eyebrows up and down.

Janeway nearly chocked on her roast beef.

Part 7

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