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By Elizabeth Carter

Part 8

The summons had Seven worried, more so than she cared to admit. Something buzzed in the imaginative ear, 'She called me Ani, means it is something deeply personal. She called me after I gave the order to search for personal logs not networked with the main computer. What if she found she's with someone else?' The inner demons became relentless. So by the time Seven reached the quarters she shared with her wife, she was frantic.

Rushing into the inner common room of the VIP quarters Seven looked around for any sign of something amiss. "Bella!" her voice became demanding. "The children? Something wrong with them? What is it? What's wrong?" Her words were now orders.

B'Elanna had stepped out of the ensuite still holding the corrupted data PADD. "I found something, but it isn't in this." She chucked the PADD down on the coffee table in the central room. "I remember everything."

Seven stared. "You remember? Everything? Clarify."

B'Elanna smiled, "Like I remember when you get nervous, agitated or overwhelmed by emotions you fall back on very clipped Borg-Speak. You find it comfortable and familiar. You've known the Borg longer than your humanity."

Seven darted her eyes side to side, her breath quickening. A surfacing memory was more than she could have hoped for, so why was she terrified of its revelation?

B'Elanna could scent the waft of fear emanating from the woman who was her mate. B'Elanna moved so she could take the apprehensive woman in hand, and lead her to the sofa. "The scent of you burns in my memory." The young warrior started. "It was your scent that surfaced my memories."

"My olfactory organ is as acute as is yours if not more so," Seven felt the need to argue, "so why then is not my memory returning? Scent is the closest factor to recalling memory."

"Don't feel jaded Ani," B'Elanna said sternly but her tone was yet comforting. "I'm Klingon, it must be tied to genetics. This is why our youngest daughter recalls things, she's three-fourths Klingon."

Seven frowned. "Bella your mathematics are in error."

"No, babe, you did that. When I had complications during the pregnancy it was your nanoprobes that repaired the complications, they took the genetic material that was strongest and extrapolated the DNA code so that the genetics were mutated and manipulated. Miral is in essence three fourths Klingon, instead of one fourth. The nanoprobes took the strongest elements in the DNA and destroyed the rest as irrelevant data. That's why she has blue eyes, when brown is supposed to be the dominating color. Blue is more efficient for space travel, brown for the sun. She was conceived and born in space. Our bodies have adapted to a more space-faring nature, because of your nanoprobes Miral is the best constructed space-traveler. But that's all besides the point." B'Elanna waved her hand in front of her as if to erase the previous conversation from Seven's attention

"The thing is being Klingon made this happen, I'm sure of it. I recall everything. From when you first came on board, severed from the Collective, to when we took out the emotional inhibitor, to when you nearly died because of the vinculum, and when your cortical node was failing, to when so many of the Maquis were assassinated and I did anything I could just to feel something, even if it was extremely risky and pain-filled, o when I was hit with pon-far because Vorik snatched me and forced a mind meld. When I conceived Miral because of it, when you were there for her birth on a shuttle-craft and saved her life and mine."

B'Elanna explained about the 'Son of K'vok' How they met and how their friendship became love, of Seven's oath to Miral and to B'Elanna to be her protector, her godmother. there were explanations about how the children were found and rescued from the dying Borg cube and how they were almost sent away by a misguided but well meaning Captain Kathryn Janeway. Yes, the fiery older woman was indeed the captain of voyager. Seven was in command of only the astrophysics department. Ro was the first officer former captain of the 'Liberty', the Maquis vessel. B'Elanna further explained about the Maquis, their beliefs and the role they played - were still playing - in the Dominion War.

Seven found herself sitting down, her mind overwhelmed with all she had heard. It was a lot to assimilate.

"Ani, talk to me." B'Elanna urged after seventeen minutes of silence. "You're scaring me."

"You're a Klingon you do not get scared."

"I get plenty scared and a Klingon who doesn't feel fear, is a fool. Even Kah'less would say that. I won't let my fear conquer me." B'Elanna felt the need to defend herself.

"I had thought Miral was a child of cross-ovum fertilization, now I find I am not her parent, that Tom 'PetaQ' Paris is her father."

"That's not true. He might be the father, but you 'are' her other parent. Doubt it ask 'our' daughter! And the Borglings – yes, its what I nicknamed them, neither one of us donated any genetic material to them and yet they are our children. Same thing, Blondie.'

Seven quirked the metallic ocular implant "Blonde?"

"A name I choose for you when you're starting to piss me off."

Seven abruptly took to her feet. "I am 'pissing' you off?"

"Yeah because you're being an idiot. Miral is yours as much as she is mine. And the Borglings are ours. I know you adopted them formally after Janeway tried to give them a boost off the Voyager. See the Wysanti weren't prepared to handle the twins who would not be parted from Mizoti. They couldn't handle the anger and strength of a young Norcadian. Norcadians have a lot in common with Klingon children. Nor could they deal with the Borg-speak the three fall into. They sent them back to Voyager on a shuttle craft, in stasis chambers and alone, saying if Voyager didn't want the Borg, they could leave them to space.

"The three asked for asylum and you adopted them that same day, telling Janeway that would be the last time she 'ever' interfered with the Hansen family internal affairs, and any meddling would be construed against the law. Since you were not technically apart of the crew you would demand to be left off at the next friendly port, or you would make claims of a political prisoner unjustly kept in custody. Janeway had no choice but to comply, and you responded 'it was futile to resist'."

"Your memories concerning Kathryn Janeway clearly dictate what my next actions should be."

"What are you talking about?"

"I said if I were to discover I was not the captain I would step down for the person who was."

"Yeah about that, I don't think you should be so hasty."


"Ani, the thing is, you managed to gain support of the crew and their confidence the vote over your captaincy proves that, I say until we all have our memories back you remain in control.

"So I am to engage in actions of questionable integrity filled with moral ambiguity." It was not a question.

"Yeah, not so much."

Seven wasn't buying it.

"Trust me on this. There is a command structure in place and it's working. Once more the crew voted for you to have the command chair. They didn't just pick you because you're beautiful. You're intelligent, strong and a worthy leader, no one would follow you if you weren't, even if this isn't a Klingon ship you would be challenged. Right now we need you in command until everyone is cured or we find the answers to who we all truly are and what we do on this boat. We don't need any more upheavals."

"Giving the facts of your arguments the choice to remain in command even knowing now my true station isn't as morally ambiguous nor of as questionable integrity as I first thought."

"Told you." B'Elanna moved to kiss the woman who was now her wife.

"And what of us?"

B'Elanna knew the question was coming, it didn't make it any easier to cope with when it had. "We were lovers before."

"Lovers." Seven frowned. "Not wives."

"What does it matter what we had in the past? We took the Great Oath, we're married by Klingon tradition now. You are my mate, Annika, just as I am yours."

Seven remained silent. But her lips curled into a smile of their own volition.

B'Elanna clutched her wife's face between two caramel hands , BangwI qawIu. Qaparmag." B'Elanna chose her, loved her! "And don't you dare forget it."

Seven smirked as she tasted B'Elanna's lips with her own. "Is that a joke?"

"Oh ha ha." B'Elanna hadn't even meant to pun on the dilemma of amnesia all but she were suffering.

"I do not doubt your words, Benel. What was once a lovers union does not overshadow the truth of our hearts, we are married."

"Still a lover's union." B'Elanna commented earnestly.

The smile on Seven's face brightened, "Yes it is." She leaned and rested her smooth forehead against the ridges of B'Elanna's own forehead, enjoying the closeness. For B'Elanna too, Seven always instinctively knew the more intimate courtship of the Klingons. No other lover B'Elanna had in the past ever taken the time or effort to learn. There were times B'Elanna could have sworn on the Sword of Kah'less that Seven had been born Klingon.

Headbutting in the culture of Klingons had many a definition and purpose: not only was it a pastime, drinking game and it was a warriors' move on the battlefield, but also a gentle lover's touch. Even without ridges the touch was still enticing, with her Borg enforced cranium there was no danger to Seven if she wanted to actively use the technique against an enemy.

Laying one last kiss upon her wife's brow, Seven parted herself from the Klingon's arms. but did not let go of her hand. Instead she led the shorter female to a settee in the common room. Here she gestured for the woman to sit beside her.

"B'Elanna, I think that if you and Miral have the key within your DNA to fight the Dargol narcotic we should use it. Withdrawing a little blood is a relatively painless procedure our daughter should be able to undergo it without any discomfort to her."

B'Elanna nodded. "I agree. With me now able to recall everything the anomaly that separated Wa'Hom from being under the influence of the Dargol is not age but Klingon DNA. Could be something with in the protein markers, or a particular gene. Whatever the cause, the Medical-crew should be abler to extract the necessary components and make a vaccine. But it still can take a great deal of time to cultivate a cure. I don't want to get too optimistic. But it's the best shot we have."

Something troubled her about her wife's willingness to keep the discovery of the truth silent. For Seven it was a dishonor upon her self to keep others in the dark. 'Do not react in a rash and hurried actions.' She had agreed she wouldn't abdicate command so readily, but former drone could not simply forgo her promise. For the Borg all matters were black and white, zero and one, negative and positive, shades of gray did not exist. Dispensation of a promise must be given, B'Elanna had ever reason to want to hold back Seven's relaying the truth of who was in command. But Seven had made a vow.

So she had solved the dilemma of contradicting promises, she had called Janeway on a secure hail and ordered the woman to the hydroponics bay. It wasn't a rash action, nor was it keeping the information of the truth of captaincy from the person it truthfully belonged to.

Seven paced the circumference of the hydroponics bay, her nervousness clear to see for any who had the eyes to see it. It was crystal clear to Kathryn Janeway as she entered the bay. "Captain, this seems to be a strange place to have a debriefing."

"Not a debriefing, more a philosophical discussion." Seven said.

"You may have to clarify that, Captain."

Seven looked at the older woman, the ocular implant rose. "You do not feel your position is that of first officer, you feel the need to command?"

"I take it this is not a rhetorical question."

"It is not."

"As much as Torres feels she belongs in engineering I feel my place is in the bridge. and not in the first officer's chair."

"And so it is." Seven responded. "I will clarify." Seven took a deep inward sigh and began to explain to the red head all that B'Elanna had shared with her.

There was a long beat of silence.

"Your wife is right, Seven." Janeway dispensed with the title. "It would be a disservice right now to the crew, the unity we have now and the moral. You must for the good of the ship remain as acting captain, and I will play the part of first officer." Seven's befuddled expression caused the older woman to smile. "You kept your word, Seven. You said you would abdicate command if it was discovered you were not the captain. But now isn't the time to do so. And I have to admit you seem born for it. Its as if you were made to command billions, you multitask well I have never seen anyone ever be so organized, and so alert to everything aboard a starship. I don't have to have my full memory to know this."

Seven offered a wan smile. "And what would yours say?"


"Ro Larren, would she concur?"

"I could always order her to comply. But I don't think I have to. She's actually been your greatest supporter, next to the chief engineer of course. No she will agree with us, that this play must be carried out, we have our parts and we will act them well."

"As you order, 'Captain'." Seven smirked.

"Do you think it will work? Extracting blood and the Klingon protein marker to use as an antivirus?"

"It's the best opportunity we have to stave off this amnesia. We still not be able to find the answers as to why we were afflicted with the Dargol amnesia, or who set it upon us. B'Elanna has agreed to donate bone marrow if necessary. Miral, I feel is too young to undergo the procedure."

Janeway thought for a moment, "But hers might be the stronger as she is so young, if her marrow holds the key to curing all of us, I think we should take it."

"You might be enlightened to your captaincy, but the last time I allowed you to interfere with my children you sent them from me and they were traumatized for it. I will not allow one of my children to used and you have no authority when it comes to them, my family or my wife. You cannot order me to comply, Janeway." Seven's voice dropped to a low toned octave. Looming over the red head, Seven made for an exceptionally intimidating figure. Janeway was forced to take a step back. True fear raced through her heart. Nothing under the stars or in them was as ferocious or as dangerous as a mother protecting her young.

Seven stormed into her quarters, angered that Janeway had even hinted at abusing her generous offer. At the moment she wished she had heeded B'Elanna and kept her mouth closed on the matter of captaincy, but it occurred to the young woman, Janeway would have suggested the harvest of little Miral's bone marrow regardless of station. Sometimes the zeal of the woman's desire to have things go her way overcame her humanity. It should have been made clearly evident when in hearing of how she came aboard Voyager.

Janeway had refused the irrefutable rights of choice under the claim she was giving Seven her humanity and individuality. The Borg had taken it from Annika Hansen when she was six years old and Janeway had taken familiarity and safety from Seven when she was but twenty-four.

All the words B'Elanna had told her of her assimilation came back to Seven's enraged mind, and it only served to anger her further:

"If I were to turn this ship around and head back into Borg territory I'd be putting my crew at risk. I'm not prepared to do that. Try to understand, you have to stay on board Voyager. But I'm offering you freedom from the Collective, and I assure you we will do everything we can to help the transition."

"I've decided to keep you in the brig until I'm certain you won't try to harm us again. If necessary the Doctor can treat you here. I honestly believed you were going to help us."

"I've met Borg who were freed from the collective. It wasn't easy for them to accept their individuality, but in time they did. You're no different. Granted, you were assimilated at a very young age, and your transition may be more difficult, but it will happen."

"We will be autonomous, independent." Seven continued to use the Borg" collective "we".

"That's what individuality is all about." Janeway explained slowly.

"You would deny us the choice as you deny us now. You have imprisoned us in the name of humanity yet you will not grant us your most cherished human right. To choose our own fate. You are hypocritical, manipulative. We do not want to be what you are! Return us to the Collective!"

"You lost the capacity to make a rational choice the moment you were assimilated. They took that from you, and until I'm convinced you've gotten it back I'm making the choice for you. You're staying here."

"I'm staying here? I have decided to keep you in the brig." Seven's left hand shook was she fought to control her rage, the last words her wind focused on spiraled in Seven's mind, haunting her. 'You lost the capacity to make a rational choice the moment you were assimilated. They took that from you, and until I'm convinced you've gotten it back I'm making the choice for you. You're staying here.' "Not anymore." Seven uttered, "I won't let you command my destiny. I choose it for myself. And I won't have you using my daughter."

Still Janeway had to have been a good captain or she would not have a crew following her, B'Elanna would have mentioned any hint of mutiny. There wasn't such a thing spoken of. "You will have my loyalty until you cross the line with my children," the amazonian blonde swore softly.

"Sosh!" Miral yelped as she and her siblings strode into the family quarters. The tiny Klingon lunched herself with a single leap into the blonde's arms so she might be caught up and snuggled. Despite the fact that in Klingon tradition a child wasn't coddled, B'Elanna and Seven both fawned over the tot, lavishing her with the affection more in common with human ancestry.

"Wa'Hom." Seven cuddled her youngest daughter to her so she might kiss the girl's crested forehead. "Children." It was a single word but it carried the very depth of the woman's love for her children.

Ever the blunt and bold one, Mizoti stepped forward looking at her mother with earnest eyes. "SoS reports she has recalled who she is and all the past because she is Klingon and this is why our sister Miral recalls also."

"You were told true, Mizoti." Seven answered.

"She says we are truly a family and that you are truly wed."

Seven smiled to this. "This is also correct."

"I'm glad. It doesn't matter now if we never remember everything, SoS and Miral can for us, it is enough, Mama."

Seven cupped her eldest daughter's chin. "Spoken as the true first daughter of Annika of the House Presiba. But I think it best that we try to recover the memories. So that everyone might feel the relief you do now, don't you concur?"

"Other people's relief is irrelevant." Mizoti said with the honesty of a ten-year-old. "They should be content at their stations. We are alive, protected and safe because you are our captain, Mama. It is enough."

"For some this might be true, but for other not so much." Seven retorted. "Families must be restored like Naomi and her mother Samantha Wildman, if not for Miral they might not have found their true unity. Or that Neelix is Samantha's new husband and Naomi's adopted father. Is this irrelevant?"


"Then we must try to restore the others. Would you not like to recall your past?"


Seven frowned, "Why?"

"Because if my memories mirror my nightmares, then I do not want to recall anything."

Seven placed Miral on the floor and took Mizoti into her embrace. "Tell me."

"Green fog, a red-headed woman sending me away, there's a gray skinned lady too with silver eyes and tubes coming out of her head, but you appear out of a card - the Queen of Hearts. You're her and you tell the red-headed lady and the gray-skinned lady they have no power, and they will comply. Resistance is futile. Then a whole bunch of voices say it over and over and then I wake up." Mizoti's eyes fall to look at her boots. "Lots of times in the dreams I feel alone, then sometimes I feel too crowded in my head and both are very scary. Only you singing 'You are my Sunshine," makes the fear go away. Please don't tell SoS. I want to be brave, like a first daughter is supposed to be."

"But you are brave, Mizoti. You are yet a child and it is the nature of a child to need their mothers, just as it is the need of mothers to give care and love and nurture their children. Take no shame in the natural order of things. I know that your SoS would not see shame in night-terrors."

Mizoti offered a watery smile. "But Mama, what if those dreams are real?"

Seven gave a thought to Janeway's misguided attempt to "do the right thing" for the lost Borglings. "I will challenge that which would harm you and they will be defeated. Resistance is futile." She touched her daughter's chin, "Take no fear in the restoration of memory, Mizoti. Your SoS and I will not fail you and your siblings."

"And you can't fail your obligations to the ship and crew," the child understood this. "You have to honor your vow to the crew. It what makes you a good Captain, Mama."

Seven could not help but marvel at her child's faith and trust in her. And she could see it reflected in the eyes of her other children even unto the youngest. And it was because of this that she could not fail. The memories of Voyager would be restored.

To Be Continued

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