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By Morgaine Q


It was rare that Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the starship Voyager, was actually speechless, sick to her stomach, and sweating all at once. But at this moment, she was all three.

Her breathing was automatic. Her ears were numb, and she forgot to blink so that her eyes were burning from dryness because of the exposure.

She knew that somewhere someone was talking, but she couldn't hear anything except the swoosh in her ears. Slowly, the hum disappeared, and she caught the last words.

"… please speak."

Kathryn tried to shake her head, without actually doing it.

Her counterpart waited patiently for her to speak.

"I … you … what?" was all Kathryn managed to say before she fell unconscious into a pair of arms. Without the arms behind her, she would have made a pretty good landing on the floor.

She became aware of her surroundings again a few minutes later, and the first thing she saw was the Doctor.

"Oh good, Doctor," she murmured. "I had the craziest dream." She closed her eyes again as the dizziness returned.

"Really?" He gave her a hypospray and stayed beside her. "Tell me," he challanged her. For a second, Kathryn smiled.

"I was in the holodeck with the entire crew. They were watching my wedding. You were there, too, in a priest's gown, and you were performing the ceremony."

"What happened then?" the Doctor asked her gently.

"You asked me to do my vows, and …" Kathryn paused, a frown flitting over her face. "I believe you woke me up then."

"That is correct, Captain," he said.

Kathryn opened her eyes when someone suddenly took hold of her hands. She saw her Chief Engineer beside her.

"Kathryn, are you okay?" For a second, Kathryn wanted to ask her when they had become on first name basis, but then it came back. With another turn of her head, she saw Chakotay, Tuvok, and Seven standing on her other side.

Chakotay had the widest grin on his face, while Tuvok looked more concerned, and Seven… well, she was, like always, unreadable.

"Captain, can you stand up?" Kathryn looked back to the Doctor, then back to B'Elanna, before nodding slowly.

With the Doctor's and B'Elanna's help she got up and saw her crew looking at her. Most tried to hide their grins, but their eyes showed that they were amused.

"I think, we can continue," the Doctor said, and after his words, Tuvok went behind Kathryn, Chakotay to B'Elanna and Seven went back to her place in the first row.

"Dear friends, we now can continue with the bonding between Kathryn Janeway and B'Elanna Torres …" his voice carried over the wideness of the green field back to the last set of chairs filled with crewmembers.

The End

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