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Fair Game
By D M Harper


Chapter 1

Thirty-four year old New York City Police Sergeant Kristen Stanton launched her five foot ten, athletic frame out of the still moving Radio Motor Patrol and hit the pavement running. Depressing the transmission button on the radio mike attached to her winter jacket, she said, "Central, Unit two-six. I am now 10-601, in foot pursuit of male Caucasian Freddy Timber aged twenty, five foot six, wanted in connection with a 10-29 robbery. Suspect is wearing black Nike tracksuit and light blue woollen hat - out."

"10-4 Unit two-six. Backup has been deployed – Central out."

Stanton hurdled over the two foot high concrete wall and rapidly gained on the fleeing suspect. She could finally hear the footsteps of her partner Ted Yates behind her. Thirty-three year old Yates had been rostered to her tour while her regular partner Glenn Pate was unfit for duty battling a bad chest infection. He was not due back for another week and Stanton wasn't happy pairing with Yates. The Sergeant had reluctantly agreed to have abrasive Yates ride with her. There had been conflict between the two of them for years and she was loath to trust the six foot man on a professional or personal level.

The Sergeant was one step behind the perp when she felt a heavy weight come crushing down on her from behind. As she crashed to the ground with a loud oomph, she noted that Timber had stopped running and was about four feet in front of her. He turned his head in her direction with an expression of utter bewilderment on his face. There was the loud echo of a gun discharging and Timber fell onto the ground of the darkened alley.

Trying to roll out from under the knee wedged between her shoulder blades, Stanton growled as she felt a hot pain pierce her right side.

The heavy body on top of her leaned over her right ear and announced, "That's what you get for saying no to me bitch."

Stanton's attempt to reach around and grab hold of the offending Yates was stymied when another shot of searing agony ripped into her left side.

Yates snarled, "And that's what happens when you stick your fucking nose into my business."

Struggling against the hurt, Stanton pushed up with both hands on the ground and lifted the weight and herself up. Yates tumbled to the ground and she rolled away from the man assigned to be her partner.

Stumbling to her feet, the Sergeant looked down to her left side and saw the handle of a knife protruding between the edges of her bulletproof vest. "What the hell?" she managed to say before drawing her 9mm Glock and aiming it at Yates

Yates reached for his ankle holster, withdrew a thirty-eight and sneered, "You are done bitch."

Stanton was fast losing her grip on consciousness and didn't see or hear anymore, but did feel the bullet as it entered her abdomen below the hemline of her vest. "Fuck!" she uttered before firing her weapon and falling backwards into a black abyss.

Detective Ed Green, a thirty-eight year old African-American with a neatly trimmed goatee, looked up from his desk as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren exited her office. "What you got LT?"

Handing him a piece of message paper, the mid-fifties African-American commanding officer replied, "A dead perp and a cop shooting. The officer isn't expected to survive, so grab Lupo and get over there ASAP."

On cue, Detective Cyrus Lupo, six foot one and a half, thirty-four with curly dark hair and a scraggy beard, joined them.

Green stood up to his full six feet and three inches, "Come on man, grab your coat, we got a job on."

"Oh and Ed," added Lieutenant Van Buren wretchedly. "It's one of our own from this Precinct."

"Shit!" muttered the detective as he and his partner ran toward the elevator.

The two detectives approached Captain Gordon Parsons as he stood to the left of the cordoned off area of the alley that was lit up with emergency lighting. The Officers of the Crime Scene Unit were busy processing the crime site while Doctor Elizabeth Rodgers from the Medical Examiner's Office was examining the deceased suspect.

Ed nodded to the slightly greying, stocky Parsons, "How you doing Captain?"

"Not that good Ed. We got one dead suspect and an Officer in bad shape on the way to hospital. She crashed twice before the Paramedics got her stable enough for transport."

"Jesus," stated Lupo. "What happened?"

Captain Parsons pointed towards the uniformed Officer sitting on the concrete wall. Both detectives recognised him immediately and frowned.

"Officer Yates and Sergeant Stanton," began Parsons.

"Did you say Stanton?" interrupted Green.

"You know her?"

"Yes, she is a close friend," replied a clearly upset detective.

"I know of her from my days with uniform," added Lupo. "She's an excellent cop, but I don't know her personally. So how did it go down Captain Parsons?"

"The Officers were in pursuit of a Freddy Timber who was wanted in connection to a spate of robberies in the area. When Yates pulled up outside Timber's building, he took off. The Sergeant gave chase on foot then Timber attacked her with a knife then shot her. Yates caught up to them and shot Timber as he was fleeing. CSU have recovered the knife and a thirty-eight beside Timber's body."

"Seems fairly straight forward," remarked Lupo while Green stared at Yates.

Parsons arched his left eyebrow, "A little too straight forward for my liking. Go talk to Yates and get his statement."

"You got it Captain," replied Lupo.

"Something bothering you Gordon?" enquired Green.

"I don't trust Yates, he's a slimy bastard."

"Thanks for the heads up," acknowledged Lupo.

"You're welcome."

"Okay, talk to you soon and I hope Sergeant Stanton will be all right," said Lupo as he headed towards the Uniformed Officer.

"Me too," replied Green, trying to keep the panic from his voice. He followed his partner and took notes as Officer Yates recounted his version of events.

"So how long was Sergeant Stanton out of your line of sight for before you caught up with her?" asked Lupo.

"Only a minute or two, I fell over while getting out of the Patrol car and Sarge is much quicker than me."

"Okay, I think we have enough for the time being, but we will need you to make a formal statement down at the station as soon as possible."

Ed looked at his watch, realising that dinner with her girlfriend Christine was now inadvertently cancelled and a good friend was fighting for her life.

Officer Yates got to his feet, "I'm ready to do it now. You know, get it all down while it's still fresh in my mind."

Lupo enquired, "Are you okay to drive?"

"Yeah, I am good. I'll meet you back at the station house."

Green noted the man didn't seem too upset with his partner's predicament and asked, "So where is your Patrol car?"

"Four blocks away," answered the Officer while pointing in an easterly direction.

"All right," said Lupo. "We will see you back at the station."

The two detectives were immediately approached by CSU Captain Judith Siper, "Detectives."

"Hey Captain, watcha got for us?" enquired Green.

"We have recovered a thirty-eight from the right hand of the perp and it's been fired at least twice. Officer Yates' service weapon is missing one bullet and Sergeant Stanton apparently got one shot off."

Lupo cocked his brows, "Why did you say apparently?"

"We haven't located the slug. The shell casing we recovered, but still no bullet."

"Thanks Cap," said Green as the two detectives stooped under the crime scene tape and walked with the Captain to the pool of blood four feet away from where Elizabeth Rodgers was kneeling down beside Timber.

The doctor was busy zipping up a body bag when she looked up, "Green, Lupo, how you guys doing?"

"A lot better than our perp there," replied Green while trying to stay focused on the case and not think about Kristen.

"You could say that," responded the M.E. "I'll call you as soon as I have anything Detectives."

"Appreciate it Doc," replied Lupo as an assistant helped the M.E. load the body onto a gurney and wheel it over to the dark blue van.

Captain Siper went and examined the ground where Timber had been lying, "Well, the slug isn't here either."

"What's your theory?" asked Lupo.

"It pretty much ties in with what Yates said, but something is just not right. I'll get back to you when I'm done. I'm going to widen the search area."

"We'll leave you to it," offered Green.

Green and Lupo walked back over to Captain Parsons and Lupo asked, "How long were Yates and Stanton partners?"

"Only this shift, the Sergeant's regular partner is out with the flu. I had to roster Yates on because I had nobody else to fill the spot."

Lupo continued to take the lead as Green lost himself in thoughts of how Kristen was doing. "I couldn't help but detect some animosity towards Yates Captain."

"I don't like the guy and no one wants to work with him."

"And why is that?"

"He's a cowboy, does things his way and doesn't mind breaking the rules and has been cited for misconduct on a previous occasion. I've had him cleared for transfer to the four-two, he starts there next month."

"How did Sergeant Stanton get on with Yates?"

"She tolerated him and was professional at all times, but didn't like him. You guys think there is more to this then a simple chase down and shooting?"

Lupo smirked, "We are just looking at all angles Captain."

"What hospital did they transport Stanton to?" asked Green eager for some news.

"Hudson, I'm on my way there now," answered the distressed Captain.

"I'll hitch a ride with you, I need to be there. I'll meet you back at the house, but go ahead and start the interview without me Lupes."

"I'll have the Lieutenant sit in," suggested Lupo.

Detective Green followed Parsons to his vehicle and swiftly called his girlfriend to apologise about dinner and to inform her Kristen had been seriously injured. He tried not to cry when Christine broke down and he reassured her he would call as soon as he knew anything.


Chapter 2

Sandy haired, twenty-eight year old Officer Paul Gibbs approached Green and Parsons when the pair rushed into the Emergency Room. "Captain, Detective Green, Sarge is in surgery. They just wheeled her up, she coded again as they left."

"Damn it," uttered Parsons.

Green looked at Gibbs and mumbled, "Shit man."

The three officers were joined by a female doctor Green recognised as Corrine Hayes.

"Hey Corrine, how's Kristen Stanton doing?" he asked.

"Hi Ed, let's go some place a little more private to talk." The mid-thirties blonde led them to the doctor's lounge and offered them coffee. They all declined. "Sergeant Stanton has lost a massive amount of blood. She's loosing it faster than we can pump it in. She has sustained a deep stab wound to her left side that punctured her spleen. Once her lung was gashed on the right side, she suffered a pneumothorax. We managed to reinflate the lung, but there is a laceration to her liver also. There is a through and through gunshot wound to her lower abdomen, but at this stage the internal bleeding is our main concern. We managed to stabilise her before going into surgery."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Gibbs. "I better go call Glenn and let him know."

Parsons turned to Green, "Glenn Pate, Stanton's partner."

Ed remained in shock and didn't acknowledge he knew Glenn. He just nodded and wasn't prepared for the next statement from the doctor.

"I have sent the rape kit to your Crime Lab."

"Rape kit?" questioned an astonished Captain.

"We nearly missed it, but when she was brought in by the Paramedics I noticed her trouser zipper was undone. I asked if it had been unzipped because of the G.S.W. and the medics told me they hadn't done it. The Sergeant has clearly been raped. There is significant bruising to her inner thighs and extensive vaginal tearing and her lower back has several bruises that look like knee impressions."

"Oh dear god no," said Ed in a broken voice. "This case just took a whole new turn."

"I'll call Rodgers and Siper with the information," offered Parsons.

Corrine Hayes placed a comforting hand on Ed's right forearm, "She would have been unconscious at the time Ed."

Ed scowled as the anger built, "The filthy son of a bitch." He pulled out his cell phone and called Cyrus Lupo.

"What's up partner?"

"Are you at the house?"

"Yes, Loo and I are just about to walk into the interview room."

"Sergeant Stanton has been raped and there is no way Timber had enough time to stab, shoot then rape her. Something doesn't add up here."

"Shit!" replied Cyrus. "You think Yates did it?"

"Yes, pull the radio call to Central and see how long there was between Stanton's pursuit transmission and Yates' call for a bus. Find out how long it took the first backup to arrive too."

"You got it Ed and Yates is way too calm for someone who has just shot a man to death and has a partner near death."

"Precisely Lupes, Stanton is in surgery now and I will call when I have more news."

"Okay and I'm real sorry your friend has been hurt like this. Yates can sweat it out a little longer."

The senior detective closed his phone and reattached it to his belt, "What are her chances Corrine?"

"Not very good I'm afraid, she was barely holding on." The doctor noted the tears in the handsome man's eyes, "You know her well?"

"Yeah, Kristen is a close friend and deserves better than this. She is a fine cop and a terrific person."

"I tried to locate a next of kin, but had no luck."

"She doesn't have anyone Corrine," answered Ed softly. "No family, just a couple of friends. My ex-partner Lennie and I were fortunate to work with her several years ago and have been close ever since." The tears he had been holding back spilled down his face. He took the tissues Corrine offered him and apologised, "Sorry about that."

"Don't be Ed, it's only natural emotion."

Wiping his eyes, Ed collected himself, "Okay, I need to get it together and put this prick away."

"Look, she is going to be in theatre for hours, so I'll call you with an update."

"Thanks Corrine, I'll head back to the Precinct." After speaking to Parsons briefly in the corridor, Ed took a taxi to the two-seven and stormed up the stairs then into the Squadroom.

Lieutenant Van Buren and Cyrus were talking to ADA Connie Rubirosa when he entered the bullpen. Nodding to the five foot nine, dark haired beauty, he said, "Counsellor."

"Ed, how is Sergeant Stanton doing?" asked the thirty-one year old with genuine concern.

"Her chances are slim." He took the time to fill the ADA in with all the information he had.

"Headquarters is sending over both Officers' jackets," said Van Buren. "But from what I know of Yates, he is a real bastard and has history of causing trouble."

"Bastard or not," said Connie. "We need to tread carefully and put his sorry ass behind bars for good."

Van Buren looked at her senior detective's stricken face, "Are you okay Ed?"

"Yeah LT, I'm fine, it's just that this one is very personal."

"You want to explain that?" asked the Lieutenant.

"Kristen is a close friend and this fucker crossed the line."

"Are you sure you don't want to take a step back?"

"No, I have a handle on it."

"Okay, but I am coming in with you," directed Van Buren. "I don't want any mistakes, so everything is to be done by the book."

"I'm coming in too," announced Connie. "I want to watch this bastard squirm."

Officer Yates calmly looked up as the three detectives and Assistant District Attorney entered the room, "How is Kristen doing?"

"She is currently in surgery," replied Van Buren as her cell phone rang. Retrieving it from her jacket pocket, she answered, "Hello Doctor Rogers, what do you have for me?"

"Lieutenant, there is no evidence to suggest Timber had sexual intercourse prior to death and the Crime Lab found no traces of semen or pubic hair from the rape kit. The perp used a condom; there were traces of a prophylactic lubricant. The condom hasn't been located at the scene at this time."

"Thank you doctor," said Van Buren evenly.

"There is more Lieutenant, tests revealed gun shot residue on the inside of Timber's palm, not on the outside of his hand like you would expect. The residue had been smeared on and not splattered. No prints were lifted from the knife or the thirty-eight and the slug I removed from Timber's chest is a 9mm. Ballistics are testing it as we speak and the shot came from a distance of about four feet. It was also interesting to find the entry wound to Timber's torso came from a front on stance. That suggests he was facing the shooter and not trying to flee the scene."

"Excellent work, I appreciate the rush you have put on this Liz."

"You're welcome Anita; just nail the bastard's balls to the wall for what he did to Sergeant Stanton."

"Consider it done." Van Buren shut her phone and nodded to Cyrus.

Reaching under the table, he activated the recording device. Connie and Ed stood to the side of the table while Cyrus took a seat opposite Yates.

Placing a folder on the table, he began, "Just so we have all the facts Officer Yates, can you tell me what happened from the time you and your partner Sergeant Stanton pulled up in front of Freddy Timber's apartment building?"

"Sure, Sergeant Stanton and I spotted Timber take off down the stairs as we pulled alongside the kerb. Sarge jumped out of the car and took off after him. We had him in sight for a block then Sarge told me on the radio to pull over when Timber ducked down a walkway."

Cyrus interrupted and asked, "So how far was that from where you shot Timber?"

"Four blocks."

"And you previously stated it took about one or two minutes before you caught up with Sergeant Stanton because you tripped while getting out of your RMP."

"That's correct. I slipped on some impacted snow."

Pointing to Yates' outer coat, he enquired, "Is that how you tore a hole in your jacket?"

Looking down, Yates inspected the small hole in the navy blue material. He hesitated for a nanosecond before answering, "Yeah, must have snagged it on the door as I fell."

"Go on please," prompted Cyrus.

"I turned the corner into the alley and saw Timber backing away from Sarge. He fired a shot before I could draw my weapon and shoot."

"How far away would you say you were when you discharged your weapon?"

"Maybe ten feet or more, he started to run and I just discharged my weapon. I didn't even realise the Sarge had been stabbed until I saw the knife on the ground."

"What did you do next?"

"I radioed for backup and a bus."

"How long was it before they arrived?"

Van Buren left the room quietly and Connie followed.

"Maybe three minutes," answered Yates.

"And what did you do during that time?"

"I applied pressure to the Sergeant's wounds until Paramedics arrived."

"Thank you Officer Yates. We will just type up your statement then get you to read it through before signing," explained Cyrus while standing and moving towards the door. "You want a soda or something to eat?"

"No thanks I'm fine."

Ed followed closely behind his partner and noted both the Lieutenant and ADA were on their phones.

Cyrus picked up a sheet of paper off his desk and handed it to Ed, "That's the transcript of the radio call Stanton made to Central. It was received at 1832 hours and it was 1857 hours when Yates radioed for assistance and the bus."

"So the prick had a clear twenty-five minutes," pointed out Ed angrily. "We need to check the G.P.S. locator on the Patrol car to see what time it was when he pulled over."

"That's a good idea," agreed Cyrus.

Connie butted in, "Judge Harris has agreed to sign a search warrant on Yates, his home and his locker here at the station. I'll draft up the papers straight away, we have more than enough probable cause. Ed and Cyrus, I will get the paperwork to you as soon as I can."

Van Buren closed her phone, "That was CSU Captain Siper, her team discovered a used condom in a storm water drain, but there is still no sign of the missing slug. Doctor Rodger's call was to inform me Timber had no sexual activity prior to death and he was shot front on from a distance of around four feet. There were no finger prints located on either the thirty-eight or the knife.

Ed looked at Cyrus, "Timber wasn't wearing gloves."

"No, but Yates was," replied the beared detective.

"I think we have enough," declared Connie. "Charge the piece of filth with one count of first degree murder, one of attempted murder of a Police Officer and one of rape."

"I think I know where that absent bullet might be," announced Ed as he rushed back into the interview room.

The others followed him and stood back as the seasoned detective gave instruction, "Stand up Yates and take off your jacket."

"What for?" replied the surprised Officer.

"Because I asked nicely," answered Ed, who was in no mood to elucidate.

Cyrus and Van Buren moved in closer to support the detective.

Yates looked at them one after another, "What's this all about Lieutenant?"

In reply, Ed grabbed Yates by the scruff of the jacket, dragged him to his feet and slammed him face first into the light green painted wall, "It's about nailing your sorry ass. Edward Yates, you are under arrest for the murder of Fredrick Timbers, the attempted murder of Police Sergeant Kristen Stanton and her rape. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been explained to you?"

Yates sneered at the seething detective, "Prove it."

"That will be my pleasure," announced Connie. "So far we have ample evidence to prosecute you."

Ed turned Yates around, gripped the front of his bloodied uniform shirt and ripped it open. Buttons popped and flew across the floor as the bulletproof vest was revealed along with an entry site. "I believe we have found the missing bullet from Sergeant Stanton's service weapon."

"Yates," said Van Buren crossly. "You will hand over your clothing for forensics and I suggest you call a lawyer."

Yates struggled against Ed's arms, so the detective spun him around and pushed his face into the wall again, "Ain't no sense in fighting it dude, you are done here." Taking out his cuffs, Ed shackled the Officer while Cyrus held him against the wall.

"Take him downstairs, remove his clothing then take the sorry excuse for a human down to Central for booking," directed Van Buren furiously.

As Yates was led out of the two-seven, Connie left for 60 Centre Street to pick up the search warrant.

Two hours later, Yates was being held in a holding cell awaiting arraignment the following morning and Ed was on his way back to the hospital while Cyrus was dropping off Yates' uniform and evidence collected from his locker to the Crime Lab at One Police Plaza.

Ed raced up to the surgical floor and located Officers Gibbs and Pate sitting in the waiting room.

Glenn Pate, twenty-six, black haired and six foot, stood and embraced Ed, "I'm so glad you are here, Kristen will appreciate it."

"I'm sorry man," said Ed, barely holding it together. "The good news is Yates is sitting in a cell down at Central Booking."

"Yeah," replied Glenn as he let go of Ed. "Paul told me Yates' statement was rather dubious."

"The bastard won't get away with it, the evidence is too strong," reasoned Ed. "His timings of events are all wrong and the distance of the shot to Timber is erroneous. Glenn, I need to ask you a few questions."

Paul cleared his throat, "Guys, I have to go and get back on duty. Too many are out with the flu, so there is no one to cover for me. Call when you have news."

Glenn embraced his friend, "I will and thanks for being here."

Ed took a seat and pulled out his notebook, "Glenn, can you think of anything that would explain why Yates did this?"

"I can," Glenn replied before coughing. "Sorry about that. Damn chest infection is finally breaking up."

"That's no problem man, take your time."

An hour later, Ed phoned ADA Rubirosa, "Hey Connie, I think you need to come down to Hudson Hospital, I've got your motive."

"I am on the way Ed."

"Fifth floor, see you and bring a recorder."

"Okay, give me fifteen." Closing her phone, Connie shut the service file on Sergeant Stanton and headed out of the stationhouse.

It was 11:56 when the tall ADA entered the waiting room and after introductions, pulled out a digital recorder and placed it on the nearby side table. "This is a recorded interview between New York Police Officer Glenn Pate and ADA Connie Rubirosa from the Manhattan District Attorneys Office. Also present is Senior Detective Edward Green from the 27th Precinct. Officer Pate do you have information concerning the attempted murder and rape of NYPD Sergeant Kristen Stanton on this day, January first 2008?"

"Approximately three years ago when Officer Yates was assigned to the two-seven, he asked Sergeant Stanton out for coffee and she politely declined."

"Were you present at that time?"

"Yes ma'am, afterwards Yates made the comment that Stanton was an ice queen and he would take great pleasure in melting her. I told him to back off and show some respect. Yates told me women didn't deserve his respect and that Stanton was only teasing him, wanting to play the game."

"Did you discuss this matter with Sergeant Stanton?"

"Yes ma'am, we had been partners for six months and had formed a close friendship, so I felt it best to inform her."

"How did she react?"

"She was unaffected ma'am. Yates actively pursued her from then on for several weeks."

"In what way did this occur?"

"He made comments about how beautiful and sexy she was during roll call, sent her flowers and asked her out to dinner on numerous occasions at the completion of shift."

"Were you privy to any of this?"

"Yes ma'am, I was. I approached Yates about a month later and asked him to stop."

"What was his response?"

"He slugged me ma'am and accused me of banging her and being jealous."

"Did you make a compliant?"

"Yes ma'am. At that time, I spoke to our Captain, Bradley Norton. Norton retired a month later without forwarding the compliant on the Internal Affairs Bureau."

"Did you take the matter up with Captain Parsons?"

"No ma'am, because Yates had ceased stalking Stanton by the time Captain Parsons took command."

"Has there been any further incidents involving Yates and Stanton?"

"Yes ma'am, last year at a function to celebrate Officer Paul Gibbs' birthday and Stanton's promotion, Yates showed up uninvited and created a scene. Stanton and I escorted him from the bar and he manhandled Stanton and forcibly tried to kiss her."

Connie's right eyebrow rose in question, "I trust the matter was reported?"

"Yes ma'am, Sergeant Stanton made an official complaint to Captain Parsons and IAB investigated several days later. Yates was suspended for twenty-eight days and fined three hundred dollars. It was also recommended he be transferred out to another Precinct."

Ed interrupted, "I spoke to Captain Parsons and can confirm that as correct. Yates was due to be transferred to the four-two next month and Sergeant Stanton had no issue with riding with Yates today."

"That's correct ma'am," added Glenn. "She called me before start of shift to inform me."

"How did she sound?"

"Okay, she commented that she was over his Neanderthal narcissist attitude and only had to put up with him for twelve hours."

The corner of Connie's mouth curled into a smirk, "Is there anything else you can tell us Officer Pate?"

"Yes ma'am, Sergeant Stanton had evidence that Yates was involved in various illegal activities."

With eyes wide, Connie enquired, "Can you be more specific Officer?"

"No ma'am, all I know is that Sarge had compiled evidence and was ready to hand it over to IAB."

"Okay, do you have any idea where this evidence could be?"

"No ma'am, Sarge is a very private person and keeps most things to herself."

"All right, thank you very much Officer Pate. I will have this typed up for you to check and sign."

"Okay ma'am."

Leaning over, Connie turned off the recorder and placed it in her soft leather attaché case.

Corrine stuck her head into the room, "I've got an update."

"Is she going to be okay?" asked Glenn apprehensively.

"Yes, Doctor Greer has stabilised her. Once he removed her spleen, the bleeding was under control. He repaired the damaged section of liver, relocated her dislocated right hip and performed an appendectomy. The doc is currently attending to her lacerated ileum, so it will probably be another two hours before she is out of recovery. From there she will go to ICU for a couple of days before being moved to a private room.

Ed stood and hugged his friend, "Thanks for the news Corrine."

"You're welcomed."

"When will we be able to visit her?" asked Glenn.

"To tell you the truth, not until tomorrow, she will be heavily sedated until the morning. She has a breathing tube in and won't be able to talk. The tube will come out once Kristen is conscious and that will probably be around late afternoon."

Connie got to her feet, "Okay, that is good news. Ed, give me a call when she is ready to make a statement."

"I will and I really do appreciate you coming down here this late Connie."

"It is part of the job Ed and I'm glad Sergeant Stanton is going to be all right, goodnight."

Three sets of eyes watched the pants suited Attorney leave the room.

"Good god, how attractive is she?" posed Glenn.

"Very much so dude," replied Ed. "Let's go grab a coffee and something to eat; there's nothing we can do until the morning." He looked at Corrine, who had a dreamy expression on her face. Jabbing her with his elbow, he asked, "You okay there girl?"

"Yeah, I'm just having a moment."

Ed laughed, "You need to be finding yourself a new girlfriend."

"I'm working on it," joked the grinning doctor.


Chapter 3

Connie had returned to the two-seven after leaving the hospital the night before to collect the service files on both Yates and Stanton and it had been two am before she finally went to bed after reading Yates' jacket in its entirety and most of Stanton's.

When she had arrived to work that morning, she immediately discussed the case with Executive District Attorney Michael Cutter and District Attorney Jack McCoy.

As she was leaving Jack's office, Michael noted, "This one's got to you, hasn't it?"

Connie raised her brows sarcastically, "They all get to me Mike."

"Look Connie, you are a terrific ADA, you are aggressive and tough, but it's your sympathy for the victim that makes you brilliant."

Surprised by the recommendation, Connie blinked and smiled, "Thank you Mike."

Then he went and spoilt the moment by chuckling, "The fact that you are extremely attractive and have great legs doesn't do you any harm either."

"Ah okay," countered an embarrassed ADA. "I am going back to my office now and you have great legs too." She swiftly went to office 927 and closed the door. She was unsettled by Cutter's remarks and didn't want her gender to be an issue in the DA's Office. She had worked too hard at Harvard Law to ever contemplate she was now an ADA because she looked good in a skirt and high heels. Sighing loudly, she returned to her desk to re-read the DD5s and 61s from Cyrus and Ed before heading to the Courthouse.

Disgraced New York City Police Officer, Ted Yates was remanded in custody until his hearing on February 11th. Michael Cutter handed over full responsibility of the case to Connie and she was happy to oblige. The forensics evidence alone was enough to guarantee a conviction and the statements offered by others made the case a slam dunk.

Kristen was plucked out of her unconscious state by the fear of choking. There was something caught in her throat and she had trouble swallowing. Panic set in and her eyelids flew open. Concentrating hard, she tried to focus on her surroundings. She saw a white ceiling and turned her head to the left and spotted the monitor. "Damn it," she thought to herself. "I'm in hospital and that fucking prick Yates tried to kill me." Her breathing slowed and she relaxed as realisation set in.

"Good afternoon Kristen," greeted an unfamiliar voice. "It's nice to have you back." A brunette woman in her early fifties and shiny green eyes peered over the edge of Kristen's view and caught her blue eyes, "You can't speak dear; you have a breathing tube in your windpipe. It will be removed in a few minutes."

Kristen nodded her head slowly in understanding.

"There is a very handsome man waiting outside to see you. He has been here all night and day. I'll just go fetch him."

Nodding again, Kristen listened to the whoosh of the breathing machine and the insipid ping of the other monitors. She attempted to move her legs, but was unable to and the panic returned twofold. "FUCK!" she screamed to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the cheery nurse.

"The doctor will be in shortly to explain your injuries. My name is Petula and I will be looking after you until ten o'clock tonight. Now here is that rakishly handsome man I was telling you about." She placed the call button into Kristen's left hand and added, "If you need anything, just buzz."

The nurse disappeared from view and Kristen tried to smile when Ed came into sight with his big brown eyes brimming with tears. He looked exhausted and she wished she could tell him.

Reaching out, he gently brushed back a stray strand of blonde hair off her forehead, "You had a few of us worried honey, but you are going to be just fine."

Kristen squinted at him in question.

Ed continued to soothe her forehead, "I know you have questions, but some will have to wait. ADA Rubirosa is on her way over here to interview you. I'm working the case, so we can't discuss it yet."

Kristen blinked twice, hoping Ed would understand.

He did, "Okay honey, two blinks for yes?"

She blinked twice.

Smiling, Ed explained, "You dislocated your right hip Kris and are in traction, so you are basically strapped down."

There were two blinks and a slight smile.

"I want you to know Glenn feels like crap and won't visit until he is over the flu, but he was here last night. He sends his love as do Paul, Joan and Christine."

The two blinks were slower this time and tears flowed from the corners of blue eyes.

Leaning over, Ed kissed her clammy forehead, "It is okay honey and everything is going to be all right. We just have to get you well and back on your feet."

Lifting her left arm, Kristen made the gesture of writing.

"You want to write something down?"

Two blinks.

Ed straightened up and pulled his notebook and pen from the inside pocket of his crumpled suit jacket. "I'll hold the book while you write."

Two blinks.

Placing the pen between his friend's thumb and index finger, Ed held the notebook steady above her face so she could see it. He watched as she slowly wrote the numbers, 10, 25, 4, 6 followed by the word study.

Her left arm fell down onto her chest and she closed her eyes tightly.

"Kris is that the combination to the wall safe behind the picture frame in your study?"

Two slow blinks.

"Okay honey, I understand. Cyrus Lupo, my partner will be here soon."

Two half blinks.

"Are you in pain?"

Blink, blink.

"Press the button honey."

She did and Petula appeared.

"She's in pain nurse," explained Ed.

"That's to be expected now she is awake," answered the petite brunette. "I'll just increase the dosage of pain relief."

"Thank you," said Ed as he returned his notebook to his pocket.

Petula made the necessary changes to a pump then cheerfully announced, "Doctor Greer will be here in five minutes to speak with you Kristen."

Two blinks.

"That means she understands," explained the detective.

Petula laughed, "Good system. Is the pain easing?"

Two rapid flickers.

There was a knock on the door and Ed turned to see the tall ADA of Hispanic heritage. Smiling, he motioned for her to enter.

"Afternoon Ed," Connie remarked brightly.

"Hey Counsellor, Cyrus should be here any minute." He placed his hand on Connie's arm and ushered her outside into the hall. Handing her the note page from his book, he continued, "Connie, Kris wrote down the combination to the safe at her home."

Smiling broadly, the ADA enquired, "I assume that's where we will find the dossier on Yates?"

"I'd bet on it. The doctor is due to arrive to remove the breathing tube, so you want to grab a coffee and give Kris a little privacy?"

"Sure Ed, my treat."

"I'll just go tell Kris we will be back in ten."

Cyrus strolled up the hall and enquired, "How is Kristen doing?"

"She is awake and ready to talk. We have a location on her Yates file," answered Ed.

"Great news, let's get started."

Connie patted Cyrus on the shoulder, "Coffee break first."

"Yeah, Connie is buying," proclaimed Ed before returning to Kristen's bedside briefly.

Kristen exhaled as Petula removed the plastic tubing from her airway. She coughed and tried to stop herself from gagging. It didn't work and the pain shot across her chest. "Damn," she whispered in a croaky tone. "That smarts."

"Yes it does," agreed the nurse. "How does your throat feel?"

"A little rough, but I'll make it," answered Kristen light-heartily.

"Would you like some ice chips to suck on?"

"Yes please," Kristen replied in a raspy voice.

A grey haired man with green eyes came into view, "Now that we have that out of the way, I can update your condition."

"Thank you Doctor Greer."

"First off, you are in traction to immobilise your right hip. It was dislocated and the traction will align the bones and allow your tendons and muscles to settle."

"How long will that be for?"

"It will be for at least a week. Once your other injuries start to heal, we will start you on some physiotherapy to get you walking again."

"Sounds like I better cancel my subscription to tango classes," wise cracked Kristen.

Doctor Greer chuckled and Kristen smiled as she heard Petula tittering in the background.

The doctor continued, "The stab wounds pierced your lung and spleen. We removed your spleen and reinflated your lung, hence the tubing and underwater seal drainage. Your liver was also lacerated, but will heal in time. The G.S.W. caused damage to your ileum and I had to remove the affected section. You also lost your appendix in the procedure. The bad news is you will be out of action for some time, but I expect you to make a full recovery."

"Thank you Doctor, I really appreciate you saving me."

"You can thank the fifty Police Officers who turned up here last night and donated blood. We had to give you several transfusions during and after your surgery. There has been a steady line of Officers turning up since then."

"You know we all bleed blue," quipped Kristen humbly.


"So Doctor, are my days as a swimsuit model over?"

"If you stick to one piece, you'll be fine. Unfortunately, we were working against time and I had to make an incision between your breastbone and pubis. We needed to find the cause of your blood loss as quickly as possible."

"Oh well, I need to toss out my bikinis then."

The doctor and nurse laughed again.

Kristen arched a fine blonde brow, "How many staples?"

"None, I used surgical glue so your scarring will be minimal. You also received a cut to your chin and I closed it with glue too."

"I'm grateful because those staples hurt when they are removed."

Smiling, Doctor Greer said, "I believe two Detectives and an ADA are waiting outside to speak to you. I will leave you to it, but before I go, do you have any more questions?"

"Yes I have one. The NYPD are paying for all this right?"

"They are, so you can relax."

"In that case, I would like to book in for a vacation around September."

Doctor Greer left the room chuckling loudly.

Ed looked at him and commented, "I see you have been charmed by the comedic skills of Kristen."

"She's a riot all right and doing very well. We'll move her to a private room tomorrow morning. You are right to go in."

"Thanks Doc," replied Cyrus.

Kristen heard the door whoosh open and asked, "Is that you Ed?"

"Yes honey and I've brought along Cyrus and ADA Rubirosa."

"Great Ed, you bring guests and I haven't done my hair. Hey Petula, is there anyway I can have the back of the bed raised so I can see everyone?"

"Sure, but you won't be able to rise up much without pain." Petula reached for the bed remote and said, "Okay, let me know when."

"Hit it Petula."

The bed rose slowly and after a second, Kristen declared, "That will do. Damn, everything hurts." She could just see Ed's partner. "Hey Detective Lupo, it's nice to finally meet you."

"Likewise Sergeant Stanton, I'm just sorry it's under these circumstances."

Due to the pain medication, Kristen's tongue was loose and when she looked at Connie Rubirosa, she actually sighed loudly and uttered, "Oh dear lord."

Alarmed, Petula moved closer, "Are you okay dear?"

A heavenly smile spread across Kristen's face, "Oh uhm, yes, I am fine. Must be the meds kicking in."

Connie stepped forward, "Hello Sergeant Stanton, sorry to bother you."

"Oh it's no bother ma'am."

Cyrus looked at his partner and asked, "Do you want me to ask the questions?"

"It's all yours."

Kristen gazed at the stunning ADA and suggested, "Please take a seat ma'am."

Connie got comfortable and Cyrus withdrew a hand sized recorder from his jacket pocket, "This is a recorded interview with Sergeant Kristen Stanton, badge number 5462 conducted by Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Ed Green from the 27th Precinct. Also present is Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. The time is 1424 hours on January 2nd, 2008. Sergeant Stanton, do you know the identity of the person who shot Freddy Timber then stabbed and shot you?"

"I do, it was Officer Ted Yates from the two-seven."

"Do you know of any reason why Officer Yates attacked you and would want Freddy Timber dead?"

"Yates stated it was because no one says no to him and that's what I get for sticking my nose into his business. As to Timber, I assume he was a convenient patsy while Yates dealt with me."

"Do you understand what Yate's comments meant?"

"Yates was referring to the fact I had repeatedly rejected his requests of a date and he was scheduled to be interviewed by Internal Affairs on Monday to answer charges of corruption."

"How are you aware of these charges?"

"I was the one responsible for bringing Yate's illegal dealings to the attention of IAB two months ago after receiving information from a Confidential Informant."

"Do you have evidence to substantiate your claim?"

"Yes I do Detective Lupo. I have collected signed affidavits from prostitutes under Yates' employ along with falsified records connecting him to the disappearance of drug evidence from the property store." Kristen started to cough and Connie stood to retrieve the cup of ice chips on the side table. She passed one to her and Kristen nodded as she popped the frozen flake into her mouth. "Thank you, my throat is a little sore."

"You're welcome," said Connie before taking her seat.

Kristen closed her eyes then resumed, "I also have recorded footage of Yates receiving payoffs from known drug dealers."

"Under whose authority did you carry out this private investigation Sergeant?"

"The Borough Commander."

"Was anyone else aware of your investigation?"

"Yes, there were two others Detective Lupo. Once I brought my suspicions regarding Yates' pimping business to Captain Parsons, Commander Jacobs contacted me and asked if I'd work quietly behind the scenes and gather solid evidence. Due to my extra activities, I informed my partner Officer Glenn Pate of the situation."

"Did Yates ever make any threats to you prior to yesterday's assault?"

"Yes, about four weeks ago he approached me after the completion of shift and told me I was a cock teaser and would get mine soon enough."

"Why did you agree to partner up with Yates yesterday morning?"

"I'd worked with him on previous occasions and he'd never been anything other than professional each time. Besides, no one else at the station wanted to work with him."

"Before yesterday's events, did you ever fear for your own safety while around Yates?"

"No Detective, I did not."

"Miss Rubirosa, do you have any questions?"

"Sergeant Stanton, can you recount what occurred from the time you gave chase to Freddy Timber."

"Yes ma'am. I pursued the suspect for eight blocks in and out of alleyways until he turned into a darkened side street. I was one step behind him and preparing to take him down with a tackle when I was brought down from behind. I felt knees press into my back and was unable to move. Timber stopped running, turned to face me and I heard a gunshot from above me. Timber had this surprised expression on his face then he fell face forward onto the ground. He was about four feet away from me at that time."

Kristen brought a trembling left hand up to her lips and Connie gave her another chip of ice, "Thank you. I struggled to get to my feet and was stabbed between the edges of my vest on the right side. That was when Yates told me his reason and then stabbed me for the second time on the left. I managed to get him off me by rolling to the side. I got to my feet and drew my weapon. Yates shot me in the lower abdomen as I discharged my gun. I blacked out as I hit the ground."

"How did Yates know it was you who was responsible for his IAB investigation?"

"I would assume a cohort of his at One Police Plaza must have informed him."

Connie stood up and moved to the door, "Detectives, can I have a word?"

Cyrus turned off the recorder and followed Ed and Connie out the door.

"We need to protect Sergeant Stanton's involvement with IAB until we go to trial," explained the ADA.

"Agreed," replied Ed.

Cyrus nodded in concurrence.

"Has she been notified of the rape?"

"No," answered Ed. "I asked the doctor not to inform her so I could tell her in private, maybe after she has rested some more."

"All right Ed. I think the Sergeant has had enough questioning for the day and I need to get to Riker's to interview Yates at five."

"I'll go with you," volunteered Cyrus.

"Thank you Detective, I'll buy you dinner afterwards."

"You've got yourself a deal Counsellor."

Kristen was fast asleep when the trio returned to her room, having succumbed to the medication.

"I'll stay with her," offered Ed.

"No you won't, you need to go home and sleep," pointed out Cyrus. "Or you will be no good for anything."

"You're right. I'll go home before my girlfriend forgets what I look like."

"I'll come by and visit with Sergeant Stanton after dinner," advised Connie. "I have the day off tomorrow, so I can sit with her."

"Thanks Connie," said Ed before kissing Kristen on the temple.

Her eyes fluttered open with the contact and she groggily proclaimed, "The ADA is gorgeous."

Ed chuckled, "Uhm Kris, she is still in the room."

Kristen didn't reply, she was fast asleep again.

Turning, Ed noted the flushed cheeks of the ADA, "Time to go."

Cyrus paced the floor behind Connie as prisoner Yates was escorted into the Interview Room and directed to sit down beside his Attorney John Stokes at the table.

"Ah the lovely Miss Rubirosa," said Yates smugly. "Have you come to apologise for getting it wrong?"

"No, I'm here to tell you there will be no deals and the death penalty is on the table."

"What?" exclaimed Yates as he stood.

Cyrus moved quickly and shoved him back onto the seat, "Sit down asshole."

"She drove me to it," blurted out Yates.

"I beg your pardon?" asked an astonished ADA.

"Stanton made me mad ... crazy with desire. I only gave her what she wanted. What all you bitches want."

Connie rose from her chair, "We don't need a confession from you. We have all the evidence we need. CSU located the condom with your semen inside plus we have Timber's blood and GSR on the cuffs of your shirt and Sergeant's bullet in your vest. This is also the fact your Patrol car was parked two blocks away from the scene and the radio calls and G.P.S. printout indicate a space of twenty-five minutes from when the car stopped to when you called for backup and a bus. Oh yes, there's also the matter of your ankle holster being empty when Detectives collected your clothing. We are done here, see you in court."

Yates sniggered, "Tell Detective Green I understand why he protects Kris, she is one sweet piece of ass."

Connie let her rage get the better of her, "You are a disgusting, sick piece of crap Yates and I'll be sitting in the front row watching when they stick the needle into your arm." She stormed out of the room and never looked back.

"Can I ask you a question Cyrus?" asked Connie while cutting into her Sirloin steak.

"Go ahead Connie."

"Are Ed and Sergeant Stanton romantically involved?"

"No, they are just close friends. From what Ed told me last night, they met on a case six years ago and struck up a friendship. Kristen doesn't have too many friends, but Ed, Paul Gibbs and Glenn Pate are all close to her."

"Do you know much about her?" probed Connie with genuine interest.

"Not really except she is well respected by her colleagues and is very loyal."

"She is pretty gutsy to do what she did for the Borough Commander."

"Indeed and very intelligent to safeguard the evidence."

"I'm glad we picked it up before eating."

"I'll sort through it tomorrow with Ed."

Swallowing, Connie said, "Sergeant Stanton's service record is really impressive. I haven't finished reading it yet, but so far it's outstanding."

Cyrus tilted his head to the side, "If you don't mind me saying, you have taken quite the interest in her."

"I'm just passionate about ensuring justice is served when crimes involve Police Officers. If the District Attorney's Office can't protect them in court, we have no chance of maintaining the public's faith in the system."

"That's a reasonable observation," replied Cyrus with a smirk. "So while we are being so candid, is there any truth to the rumour you are dating Michael Cutter?"

Connie grimaced, "None what so ever. I don't mix work with my personal life and I don't date work colleagues."

"That's sound advice Connie. It just causes a lot of mess."

"Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"Yes, Kylie. She works at an internet café. It's very casual because it's hard for me to find the time to date."

"I understand that all too well."

"You still playing Devil's advocate between Jack and Michael?"

Connie giggled, "Not as often, they have learnt to play nicer with one another."

Cyrus grinned, "You should just hand them a set of boxing gloves and let them duke it out."

"It certainly would put an end to the ongoing pissing contest between them. Both of them should leave all the arguments about Law for the Courtroom and I've told Mike not to bad mouth Jack around me anymore." Connie signalled to a waiter and asked for the bill. "It seems to be working."

Cyrus dropped Connie at the hospital fifteen minutes later and she made her way up to I.C.U.

Kristen smiled broadly when Connie stepped through the doorway, "Hello Counsellor."

"Hello Sergeant."

"Please call me Kris and I see you've been to my house."

Connie lifted the NYPD duffle bag, "Yes, I thought you might need a few items from home. I hope you don't mind, but Ed fetched the keys from your belongings and gave them to me."

Kristen smirked, "I don't mind. Did you find the files?"

"Yes thank you very much. Ed and Cyrus are going to sort through them in the morning before handing them over to IAB."

"I appreciate that ma'am."

Connie sat down beside the bed, "Please call me Connie. I brought your toothbrush and tube of paste. I packed a couple of pairs of boxers and tee shirts, but couldn't locate any sleepwear."

"Uhm, I don't wear any during summer and boxers and a tee shirt constitute my winter garb. I'm a simple kind of gal."

Connie avoided the blonde's blue eyes, "Oh I see. I also brought shampoo, conditioner and a hairbrush."

"I'm really grateful Connie. Do you always treat victims this well?"

"I try to be has helpful as I can," replied the ADA honestly.

"I'm privileged then?"

"Yes you are."

"Connie Rubirosa, you strike me as someone who wouldn't lie."

"I try not to, but sometimes it is necessary in my line of work to protect people or to get at the truth."

"That's good, because I want you to be truthful with me."

"Sure, what do you need to know?"

"Did Yates rape me?"

Connie stood up and moved closer. Placing a hand on Kristen's left shoulder, she answered softly, "Yes he did."

A single tear escaped from the corner of Kristen's left eye, "Well I guess that explains the pain in my vagina then."

Reaching over, Connie wiped away the tear, "He used a condom."

Kristen closed her eyes tightly, "What kind of animal rapes a woman while trying to kill her?"

"The kind the State of New York will put to death."

Kristen scoffed, "I'll turn up for that show."

"I advised him I would be in the front row."

Smiling slightly, Kristen noted the worry on the other woman's face, "You are pretty feisty Counsellor."

"He brings it out in me, he's a complete narcissistic bastard."

The blonde reached for Connie's hand, "I really am grateful for your help."

Looking into tear filled eyes, Connie grinned, "You're welcome. So tell me how you are feeling today."

"Not too bad, at least I can brush my teeth now and feel almost human." Kristen glanced down and saw they were still holing hands. She felt a wave of comfort wash over her and sighed.

"Kristen, I know you are fairly independent and if I overstep the line, please let me know."

"I will, but I don't feel too independent right now."

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Tears fell from the blonde's eyes, "In my belongings you'll find my cell phone. There's a contact number for Elizabeth Olivet. Can you please call her tomorrow and ask if she can visit me?"

"I know Elizabeth; we use her as an expert witness on cases from time to time. She's an excellent Psychiatrist and I'll call her first thing in the morning."

"I think I'm going to need some professional help in dealing with all this shit." Kristen started to cry harder, "I'm usually not this emotional."

"It's okay Kristen, you have been through a fairly traumatic experience and your body and mind need to heal."

"How do you know so much?"

"My sister was in an abusive marriage for years until she finally found the strength to walk away and start all over again. She was raped several times by her husband and when she showed up at my door all battered and torn, I arranged for her to seek help with Elizabeth."

"It seems like it's in your nature to help people."

"I've been told I have genuine sympathy for the victim." Connie grabbed two tissues and wiped Kristen's tears. "And I used to be a kindergarten teacher, so learned how to listen to people."

"Thanks for hearing all my crap. Have you heard how Ed is doing?"

"Cyrus spoke to him while we were having dinner and he got some decent sleep last night."

Releasing her hold on Connie's hand, Kristen turned away, "I'm kind of tired now and it's been a long day."

"All right, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Okay, goodnight."

Connie reached the lifts before she realised Kristen had pulled her hand away when dinner with Cyrus was mentioned. The brunette was overwhelmed with a rush of confusion and decided to speak to Kristen about it the following morning.


Chapter 4

"Don't make me laugh Ed," pleaded Kristen as she held onto her left side.

Chuckling, Ed replied, "Okay I'll try, but just remember you started it."

"I'll concede that, so tell me how Christine is."

"She is good and sends her love."

"Just good?" taunted the still tittering blonde.

"Oh okay, she is brilliant."

"That's more like it and you better hurry up and marry that girl."

"Yeah yeah, I'll get to it."

"Get to it? Shit Ed, you've been dating for three years."

Smirking, Ed joked, "Well, I've got to be sure."

"Damn, you are hopeless and your dad had it wrong when he nicknamed you Fast Eddie."

"Hey now, play fair."

"Not much chance of that happening."

Looking at his watch, Ed stood up from the chair, "I need to go honey and I'll see you tonight."

"No you won't. Stay at home with Christine instead. One visit a day is all I need. I don't want you tiring yourself out."

With an arched eyebrow, Ed asked, "You sure?"

"Positive, now kiss me goodbye and give my love to Christine."

Ed did as asked then departed for the two-seven. There was a knock on the door and Captain Parsons stepped into the room carrying a bouquet of flowers.

"Hey there Kris," he said while placing the arrangement on the counter. Leaning over, he kissed Kirsten on the cheek.

"Nice of you to drop in Gordon and thanks for the flowers."

"You're welcome. A few of the guys will be in to see you today. How are you doing?"

"A lot better now I'm out of I.C.U. This place is roomier and I get to use my cell."

"I'm really glad you are doing better Kris. You had us worried there for a while."

Kristen nodded, "Unfortunately I'm out of action for some time."

Gordon sat with Kristen until he had to leave for work. She closed her eyes then opened them again when she heard Connie's soft tone outside the room asking if it was okay to visit.

The smiling ADA stepped inside holding a floral arrangement, "Good morning Kristen, how did you sleep?"

"Hello and I slept well. I think it has something to do with all the drugs they are pumping into me."

The brunette put the flowers on the counter beside the ten other floral arrangements, "I see you are pretty popular."

"Apparently I am."

"I see you are sitting up more too."

"Yes and I've even had a sponge bath this morning."

Connie grinned, "I'm sure that made you feel better."

"It did. So how come you aren't dressed for work?" asked Kristen while looking at the causally attired ADA. She was dressed in denim jeans that emphasised her long legs, black woollen sweater and a black camel hair overcoat.

Taking off her coat, Connie hung it up on the rack beside the door then sat down on Kristen's left. She smiled then replied, "I've got the day off for good behaviour."

Kristen's eyes were trained on the ADA's perfectly rounded 34B breasts, "I uhm, oh and you chose to visit me?"

Connie blushed brightly when she realised where Kristen was looking. She decided it was a good time to bring up the subject of Cyrus Lupo, "You're my star witness, so I've got to look after you. I gather from your reaction yesterday it was the first time you met Detective Lupo."

"Yes it was. I knew all about him from Ed, but never had the opportunity to meet. He seems like a really nice guy."

"He is nice and a good detective. Since taking over from Alex Borgia at the DA's Office, I have managed to forge a good working relationship with him and Ed."

Sadness crept over Kristen, "It was tragic what happened to Alex, just tragic."

"You knew her personally?" asked Connie with interest.

"Yes, but only on a profession level. Before she joined the DA's Office Glenn and I worked several drug related cases with her. She was a damn good Attorney and deserved better than to be kidnapped, bound, beaten brutally and stuffed in the truck of a car only to be left to asphyxiate on her own vomit." Kristen took a moment, "Men can be so violent."

Reaching out, Connie placed her long fingers on Kristen's forearm, "I couldn't agree more and her murder had a lasting effect on Jack McCoy."

Smiling, Kristen quipped, "Jack has quite the reputation for having affairs with his ADAs."

Connie tilted her head back and laughed raucously, "Yes he does, but I think that came to an abrupt halt when Claire Kincaid was killed in a car accident and no, I would not go there."

"But Cyrus is another story?" quizzed Kristen tentatively.

Connie went with the truth. She had no idea why she felt so close to the attractive blonde or why she was rattled by the question, she blurted out, "He's a great guy."

A soft knock on the door cut short the conversation. Elizabeth Olivet, an attractive forty-eight year old with brown hair stood in the doorway, "Sorry to interrupt Miss Rubirosa and Kristen."

"Hello Elizabeth," replied Connie while standing. "I'll give you some privacy. I'll see you later Kristen, take it easy."

"Thanks Connie and see you soon. Oh and thanks for the flowers."

Once Connie had left the room, Elizabeth took a seat, "I must say I was surprised to receive Miss Rubirosa's call on your behalf, it's been a while."

"It has and I appreciate you seeing me as such short notice."

"I had two cancellations, so here I am."

Kristen started to cry, "I'm a damn mess and don't know what to do. My emotions have taken a hammering and I keep having nightmares every time I close my eyes."

"I asked Miss Rubirosa for some background information and am aware of what happened. The first thing you need to do is resolve your feelings of guilt."

"Guilt? The god damn bastard raped me while I was unconscious and bleeding out."

"And the second thing we will be doing, is working through your anger issues."

Kristen bawled for five minutes before pouring out her frustration at being unable to defend herself against Yates' attack then cried again while vehemently telling the Psychiatrist how she wanted to have five minutes alone with the man and seek her vengeance.

The two women chatted for over two hours before Elizabeth was due for her next appointment at her office. She informed Kristen they had made good progress and would see her again on Tuesday afternoon.

Kristen received visits from work colleagues and the Borough Commander Phillip Jacobs during the course of the day. Ed and Christine dropped in on their way out to dinner and by nine o'clock, Kristen asked for something to help her sleep.

Over the weekend, Glenn and his wife Joan visited along with Paul. Kristen was happy to see them and by the following Wednesday morning, she was ecstatic to have the temporary colostomy bag and catheter removed. As the surgical site and lung drainage was disposed of the previous Friday, she was now attachment free and eager to begin Physiotherapy.

Kristen was given some pain relief before slowly getting out of bed and standing up for the first time in a week. She felt nauseous and unsteady, so waited a moment before taking her first step with the aid of a walking frame. Under direction from the Physiotherapist, Kristen gradually walked out into the corridor and grimaced with each step. When she returned to bed, she was exhausted and quickly fell asleep.

Kristen was eating her dinner when Ed arrived later that afternoon, "Hey Kris, nice to see you sitting up straight."

"Hello handsome and I've begun my therapy."

Ed noted the walking frame beside the bed, "Way to go, you'll be out of here before you know it."

"The doctor told me I could be out by Friday. He is really happy with my progress, so I'll be home in two days time and undertaking Physio daily."

Ed kissed her on the lips, "That's great news honey."

"Are you done for the day?"

"Yes and Christine will be here shortly. Cyrus dropped me off on his way out to dinner with Connie."

"Oh", replied Kristen disappointedly.

Ed's brows curved upwards, "You jealous girl?"

"No, not at all," lied Kristen while not wanting to discuss it further.

"Come on, this is me you are talking to. You've got a thing for my partner," taunted Ed playfully.

Kristen flicked a pea off her plate and hit her friend on the forehead, "I don't think so Mister."

After Ed and Christine left, Kristen reached for the walking frame and slowly made her way to the counter to retrieve the toiletries kit. She inched her way into the bathroom and set the item on the sink. Returning to her bag, she fetched a pair of black and gold striped boxers and an old NYPD tee shirt then made her way back to the bathroom.

Easing off the purple hospital gown, Kristen studied her body in the full length mirror. She gingerly touched the scar under the right rib cage and promptly started to cry. With trembling hands, she moved the frame to the side and stood front on. She cried harder as she looked at the red, raw scar running down the full span of her torso and the black and purple bruising to her hip. She was shaking badly as she touched the scar on her lower left rib area. "You fucking bastard Yates," she said through gritted teeth. Picking up the frame, Kristen tossed it into the wall and immediately regretted it. The pain shot through her hip and she wept pitifully, "You fucking son of a bitch."

Turning on the shower, Kristen stood under the hot stream and sighed when the throbbing discomfort mercifully eased. After washing her hair, she picked up the soap and gradually cleansed her body. She bawled when she reached her genitals. The uncomfortable pain had long gone, but the memory of what Yates had done, lingered. Kristen knew she had to get control over it before it crushed her.

Once she was finished in the shower, Kristen dried off then donned fresh clothing. Foregoing the upside down walker, she made the slow trip to the counter, placed her used articles into the duffle bag and withdrew a pair of flip flops.

Steadying herself, she took a deep breath and refused to give into the pain any longer. Stepping out of the room, Kristen walked the entire distance of the floor and it became her routine ten times the next day.

On Friday, she was discharged from hospital a little after noon and retreated to the sanctuary of her own home.

Connie sat behind the Prosecutor's table and to the right of Michael Cutter. The Defence Attorney was vainly trying to discredit Detective Lupo's testimony. Her thoughts turned to Kristen and the guilt she felt for not visiting the Police Officer the past two weeks bore down heavily on her shoulders. The pre-trial preparation had kept Connie busy, but that was no excuse not to see Kristen.

During her previous visits, Connie had felt an easiness of conversation between them and knew it was more than just an Attorney and victim situation. Connie was drawn to Kristen's struggle to deal with her heinous assault and near death experience, but knew she was close to over stepping her professional boundaries, something she was unable and unwilling to do. The Sergeant was no doubt alluring with her humour and natural blonde beauty and Connie had struggled to hold back her own feelings and be caught up in the trap, hence her decision to limit contact with her.

Connie's musings were disturbed when Cutter stood up and objected. Her thoughts returned to Kristen and the sorrow she felt for losing that sense of closeness with the woman heightened. "Good god, why does Kristen get to me?" the ADA asked herself.

Before she knew it, the trial was adjourned until nine Monday morning and Michael was asking her out for dinner. She agreed in the hope it would take her mind off the blonde with the sweet smile.

It didn't, she zoned out several times during the meal and when Michael made the comment she was beautiful, her eyes flew open wider, "Pardon Michael?"

"I was just saying you are a very beautiful woman."

"Thanks for the compliment." She crinkled her nose, "I'm very flattered by your attraction Michael, but this is not a date and I apologise if that was your intention."

"I should be the one who apologises Connie. I shouldn't have taken the liberty of assuming we were on a date."

"Michael, you are a good looking and nice guy, but I don't date inside the office and certainly not my boss."

"I understand Connie."

Connie's cell phone rang, "Excuse me." Flipping open the phone, she answered, "Hello Ed, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just thought you'd like to know Kris was released from hospital today."

With her interest piqued, Connie asked, "How's she doing?"

"Pretty good, she is walking unaided and seeing Elizabeth Olivet twice a week."

"I'm glad to hear that and thanks for the call."


"Goodnight Ed."

"Kristen Stanton?" enquired Michael as Connie closed her phone.

"Yes, she has been discharged from hospital."

"You prepared for the hearing?"

"Everything is set to go in five weeks time."


Chapter 5

Kristen kicked the boxing bag one last time to complete her workout. She was bathed in perspiration and headed out of the garage and into the house. Entering her bedroom, she grabbed fresh underwear before going into the ensuite.

Ten minutes later, she dressed in bike leathers and ate a light breakfast before returning to the garage. Sliding onto the seat of a dark blue Kawasaki Ninja ZX, Kristen donned her lime green and white helmet then opened the garage door with the remote.

Twenty minutes on, she entered the locker room of the 27th Precinct and dressed in a uniform before attending roll call.

Glenn sidled up to her, "Welcome back Sarge."

"Thanks, are you and Joan still on for dinner tonight?"

"We sure are."

Sergeant Hale addressed the assembled officers, "Good morning everyone and welcome back Sergeant Stanton."

The room erupted with cat calls, whistles and applause.

Kristen waved her left hand, "It's good to be back and still breathing."

"On that note, Sarge you are riding the front desk today, Tuesday and Wednesday."

"Yay for me," joked Kristen before the briefing resumed. Returning to work on restrictions meant she would be finishing duty for the next two weeks at 1300 hours.

Connie stood straight backed behind the Prosecutor's table and presented the final summation to Judge Whitley. "Your Honour, I believe the people have ample evidence to commit the Defendant to trial."

Dark haired Jonas Whitley looked towards the defence table and declared, "I agree Miss Rubirosa. As I am now onto my trial rotation, I will preside over this case and as such, set it down for February 18th. The Defendant is remanded in custody until trial, next docket."

Avoiding Yates' steely glare, Connie waited until she could no longer hear his shackles clinking before turning around and heading for the double doors. She stopped when Cyrus approached.

"Buy you a cup of coffee Counsellor?"

With a pleasant grin, Connie answered, "It would be my pleasure."

Kristen stood up and followed them out the door at a discreet distance then took a right turn and headed to the stairs that led to the tombs. Showing her identification to the desk Sergeant, she was informed Yates was segregated in the first interview room and awaiting transportation back to Rikers.

Without signing in, she walked down the hall and nodded to the Officer standing guard outside the room.

"All yours Sarge and the camera is off," he said with a wink.

"Thanks Craig, I owe you one," responded Kristen while opening the door.

Yates was sitting at the table when she stepped inside. He looked up in surprise and snarled, "Come to wallow in triumph Sergeant Stanton?"

"No, I'm here seeking my redemption." Kristen was emotionless with her reply as she took off her utility belt and placed it on the floor behind her.

Yates stood up, but his leg irons restricted his movements.

"Officer Foreman," Kristen calmly said through the open door.

"Yes Sarge," replied the strongly build Officer as he joined her.

"Uncuff the prisoner please."

He did then left the room, closing the door.

Kristen took several steps closer and Yates backed into the corner, "Unlike me, you will see it coming you fucking egotistical bastard."

"So you want more of what I've got sweet thing?" taunted Yates while grabbing at his crotch.

The hatred and anger Kristen had for the man who took from her without permission reached boiling point and she snapped, "Shut your filthy mouth."

"Make me bitch."

Kristen took up a boxing stance, "Hands up prick."

Yates laughed and raised his hands, "This is going to be over before you know it and I'll bend you over this table and fuck your sweet pussy all over again."

The first punch landed on his nose without warning and the sound of breaking cartilage echoed off the walls. Yates staggered backwards and grasped his nose, "Fuck bitch."

A left hook connected with his jaw before he refocused and sent him tumbling to the floor and the first kick smashed into his unprotected testicles as did the second and third.

"And that's what you get for messing with me," declared Kristen calmly to the groaning form curled up in a foetal position on the floor. "Rot in hell you fucking coward."

As Yates lapsed into unconsciousness, he heard someone say, "Ooh Rah!"

Connie was on the way to her office when Jack approached. "What's up Jack?" she asked, noting the scowl on his lined face.

"I just received a phone call from the Warden at Rikers. It appears remandee Yates was assaulted in Reception upon his return from Court."

"That's a shame," replied Connie dead pan.

"He has been transported to University Hospital and requested to speak to you."

"Oh great, I suppose the son of a bitch wants to squeal on who ever beat him up."

"Only one way to find out I guess," taunted Jack.

"I'll go see him on my way home," suggested Connie.

Kristen's hands were shaking as she stepped into Captain Parson's office.

"What can I do for you Kris?"

"Sir, I'm not ready to come back to work, I'm requesting to take some vacation time."

Gordon stood and placed a hand on her right shoulder. He felt the tremors, "Okay Kris, take as much time as you need and I'll square it with 1PP"

"Thank you Sir."

"If you need anything, call," he offered as the blonde walked away.

Going to the locker room, Kristen tossed on her bike jacket, grabbed her duffle bag then headed to the car park. The ride home was quick and she ran into the house and showered. Once she was done, Kristen dressed in black trousers, white tee, ribbed dark blue sweater and her favourite cowboy boots. Returning to the garage, she pulled on her leather jacket and helmet.

Dropping off her uniform to the dry cleaners, she then rode to Elizabeth's office. She broke down and confessed to her attack on Yates once she stepped into the room. Elizabeth suggested she had done the right thing by taking leave and arranged an appointment for every morning at eight-thirty for the next two weeks.

Kristen regained her composure before leaving and met up with Glenn and Joan in the City for dinner. She was calm and her usual self during the Chinese meal, but fell apart once she returned home.

She went to call Ed then remembered he was on a stakeout with Cyrus, so she put her phone down on the low table. Paul was on holiday in Vegas and she wasn't about to contact Gordon and disturb his night. Breaking her second rule for the day, she rode to the nearest liquor store and bought a quart of whiskey. Kristen had sworn to herself at the age of eighteen she would never drink alcohol, let alone use it as a means of sedating her feelings, but she was in a dark place and needed to quell the pain.

The ice tray was empty and the whiskey bottle half full when the insistent knocking began on the front door. Wearing only a pair of navy blue briefs and white tee shirt, Kristen staggered to the door and yelled to the unseen visitor on the other side, "Who is it?"

"It's Connie Rubirosa, we need to talk."

"I don't think so Counsellor," slurred Kristen. "Why don't you go talk to Detective Lupo instead? He's open to chatting with you, but not me."

"Open the door please and are you drunk?"

"I certainly am and why are you here after being nowhere in sight for the past six weeks?" Kristen answered her own question, "Oh let me guess, it's got something to do with your precious case and me being the star witness."

"Come on Kristen, you don't seem to be the type of person who drinks their troubles away."

"You don't know me Counsellor. I thought for a brief moment you seemed interested in learning more, but I was mistaken. All you needed was to play nice until you got what you wanted."

Connie's voice softened, "Please Kris, open the door."

Kristen returned to the brown leather couch and her drink, "It's not locked."

Turning the door handle, Connie entered the spacious living room and spotted the blonde slouched on the couch. "Why are you drinking?" she asked.

Kristen looked at the ADA and scanned the high heels, dark grey pants suit and the expression of concern of the beautiful face, "Why not Counsellor? I've fucked up monumentally. I can't return to work because I can't stop shaking and am basically a piece of useless shit."

Closing the door, Connie approached the blonde, "Did you know Yates was assaulted at Rikers?"

"No," replied Kristen. Technically it wasn't a lie.

Connie knitted her eyebrows together, "Would you lie to me?"

"Yes, if only to protect you."

"Yates is in a secure room at University Hospital and asked to speak with me."

Raising her glass, Kristen snapped, "Lucky you, that must have been a real treat for you."

"Guess what he told me?"

"I have no idea."

With hands on hips, Connie replied, "He said you went to see him in the tombs and assaulted him."

"Where's your proof? If you had any I would have been under arrest by now."

"I don't have any. The cameras at the Courthouse and at Rikers appeared to have suffered simultaneous malfunctions at the most convenient time."

"It's been know to happen on occasion."

Connie's lips pursed, "Yates had the audacity to suggest he'd withdraw an assault complaint against you if I took the death penalty off the table."

"It sounds like he set up the whole deal to better his lot."

Connie glared at Kristen, "I swear to god, if you have messed up my chance of putting that scum away for good, I'll ..."

She didn't finish the sentence, Kristen stood and put her hands up, "Stop right there. How dare you come into my home and threaten me. Do your best Counsellor, because quite frankly, I just don't care. So would you please just fuck off and leave me to my misery."

Connie's temper flared, but one look at the broken blonde quelled the heat instantly and she turned to leave. As she closed the door, her heart broke and the tears flowed when she heard a gut wrenching howl emit from inside the house.

Reaching for her cell phone she sat on the stoop and called Ed.

"Hello Connie."

"Hi Ed, listen I'm at Kris' and I think she is having an emotional break down."

"Say what?" exclaimed a surprised detective.

Connie quickly explained about Yates then added, "She's drunk."

"Dear lord, if Kris is drinking, she is in a bad way. Do you believe Yates' story?"

"Yes, the lack of operational cameras in two places is no coincidence and Kristen's behaviour doesn't help."

"If you knew Kris, you would know this is so out of character for her. I'm currently on a stakeout and can't get there."

"It's okay Ed. I'll stay with her and make sure she's all right. I'll call Elizabeth in the morning and sort something out with her."

"Thanks Connie, I really appreciate your help."

"Bye Ed."

Connie called Jack McCoy next and asked for the rest of the week off. "Jack, Michael can handle the Hammond trial on his own," she explained.

"It's okay Connie, I can fill in for you and good luck with Sergeant Stanton."

Taken aback by the comment, Connie asked, "How did you know I was talking about Kristen?"

"I may be old Connie, but I'm not blind."

Connie giggled, "Was I that obvious?"

"No I just recognised the signs."

"Nothing is going to happen until after the trial and I don't even know if she is interested in me."

"Make sure it doesn't. You can't afford to give the defence ammunition against your witness' credibility."

"I'm aware of the ramifications Jack."

"I'll see you on Monday."


"You owe me dinner and an update."

"Bye Jack," replied Connie before closing her phone and returning to the front door. Going inside, she found Kristen curled up on the couch.

"What are you still doing here?" enquired Kristen through her tears.

"Kris, I'm here as a friend to help you," answered Connie while hanging up her coat.

"Why would you do that?"

"Because I care about what happens to you." Picking up the bottle of whiskey and ice tray, Connie took them into the kitchen and turned on the kettle. Looking through the cupboards until she located a jar of coffee and mugs, Connie made two before returning to the living room. "Come on, sit up, it's time to sober up and talk."

"I'm sorry for shouting and swearing at you," apologised Kristen as she sat up and reclined onto the back of the couch. "This is not a very proud day for me."

Connie handed her a mug, "We can talk about all that later after you've had coffee and taken a shower."

The couple sat in silence sipping coffee until Kristen stood unsteadily on her feet. Connie reached out and supported her by holding onto her left hip, "Steady on Kris." Without losing contact, Connie got to her feet and looked into bloodshot blue eyes, "Do you have any idea of the amount of trouble you are getting me into?"

"I can only apologise to you. I've fucked up badly."

"Come on, I'll help you to the shower."

"It's okay. I can make my way there."

Connie watched Kristen walk off down the hall and sighed. It was the first time she had seen the blonde in all her glory and she more than liked what she saw. Kristen's long legs were well defined with taut calf muscles as were her buttocks. As her eyes travelled upwards to the broad shoulders, she reached for her phone and called Michael.

After two rings he answered, "Connie, is there a problem?"

"Yes Michael, I need for you to take over the Yates case."

"What's happened?"

"I'll explain at a more convenient time, but there is a conflict of interest."

"Oh okay, we'll talk tomorrow at the office."

"I won't be in until Monday and I've cleared it with Jack."

"Connie, seriously, what's going on?"

"It's a personal matter Michael. I'll speak to you soon."

"All right, goodnight Connie."

Putting down her phone, Connie was satisfied with her decision. Her Mexican born mother Gabriella had been pestering her to find a nice girl and settle down since Connie had been appointed to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and her father Carlos, a Spanish immigrant, had been no better. Now it was Connie's turn to take the first step towards that opportunity.

Heading towards the bedroom, she gasped when a naked Kristen came into view while in the ensuite. The blonde was oblivious to her presence as she stood under the shower water. "Good god," Connie whispered as she openly gawked at the olive skinned physique. Finding her voice, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

Without turning her head, Kristen muttered, "A little more human."

"I'll fetch you some water," suggested the highly aroused ADA.


Connie took a moment to settle her over stimulated hormones and withdrew two bottles of water from the refrigerator before returning to the bedroom. She dropped the bottles when she heard the shattering glass. As she ran into the bathroom, she was confronted with a still naked Kristen standing still and surrounded by broken glass on the tiled floor.

"Don't move Kris, you'll cut your feet honey."

Kristen grimaced, "Okay."

Connie reached for a towel and handed it to the other woman, but not before she glanced at the pert, compact breasts and heavily muscled abdomen.

Kristen wrapped the towel around her body, "I hit the screen door with my elbow."

"It's okay," said Connie as she draped her arms around Kristen's slim waist and lifted her off the floor then carried her into the bedroom.

Kristen placed her arms around Connie's neck, "Thank you and you are surprisingly strong."

"You are safe now," remarked Connie as she set Kristen down. "I'll leave you to dress while I clean up the glass."

"A broom and dust pan are in the pantry," said Kristen while walking to a chest of drawers.

Connie came back with the broom and a refilled coffee mug, "There you go."

"I think I'd rather go to bed."

Connie shivered at the thought of joining her. Common decency told her it was not a good idea to make advances to an over emotional drunk woman who had earlier beaten a man with her bare hands. Instead she went into the bathroom and tidied up. When she was finished, she found Kristen curled up in bed.

"I'll be all right now Connie, you can go home."

"I'd like to stay. I don't think you should be alone tonight."

"Then in that case, you can borrow some clothes and have a shower in the other bathroom. There is a new toothbrush in the bottom counter drawer."

"That's a good idea." Connie returned to the living room and secured the front door before turning off the lights then collecting a pair of checked boxers and black tee shirt from the dresser.

After turning off the bathroom light, Connie make her way back to the main bedroom and neared the bed, "I'll sleep on the couch."

Reaching out, Kristen clasped her hand, "I know you are seeing Cyrus, but could you sleep in my bed with me?"

Connie wordlessly slipped in under the covers. Kristen rolled onto her left side and Connie spooned into her back, draping an arm over the blonde's hip.

"Thank you Connie," said Kristen sleepily.

Connie snuggled into Kristen's neck and softly kissed the soft skin.

The blonde moaned softly in response, "Goodnight."

"Just so you know, I am not dating anyone and if I was, it wouldn't be Cyrus."

There was no reply from Kristen, she was fast asleep and Connie soon followed.

Part 6

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