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Fair Game
By D M Harper


Chapter 15

Kristen, Paul, Glenn and Reesa searched a one mile perimeter of the white Cape Cod styled, two storey house before entering the structure and depositing their bags in the first bedroom on the second level. The house was scrutinised room by room then Kristen took her duffle bag down the hallway to the fifth bedroom.

The convoy transporting the three Attorneys wasn't due to arrive for another hour, so after organising for Reesa and Paul to go to the nearest supermarket for supplies, Kristen and Glenn set about preparing the other three bedrooms.

"Lucky I bought linen two weeks ago," said Kristen while making up the last of the beds.

"Does Connie know about this house?"

"No, it was supposed to be a surprise after our honeymoon, but I'll tell her once we have a spare moment alone."

Glenn looked out the nearest window, "It sure is a great property Kris."

"Thanks, the plan is for everyone to come up here to chill and forget about the crap we deal with."

"Everyone?" queried Glenn with an expression of hope.

"I'm talking about Connie's family and our friends. That is why I built five bedrooms and a separate guest house."

"This is why I love you Kris. You always think of others."

"I love you too buddy," admitted Kristen as she patted her friend on the back.

Glenn stared at her, "Do you realise that is the first time you have ever told me that?"

"Yeah I know and I should have told you years ago."

"You really have come a long way since you've met Connie."

"Indeed I have. Come on, let's go downstairs and I'll explain the remote in the entertainment room."

"Awesome, there's a game on tonight and by the way, Joan said to say hello."

Smiling, Kristen wrapped her arm around Glenn's shoulder, "I love her too."

Glenn chuckled, "You love just about everyone these days, don't you?"

"Oh, I'm just an old softie now Glenn."

Reesa and Paul returned with enough food to feed a small army. It was nearing seven o'clock, so Kristen told the other three Officers to get some sleep while she cooked enough Lasagne for everyone.

Kristen was preparing a tossed salad when two Squad cars pulled into the circular drive. Going outside, she greeted the detail led by Rob and the team immediately set up around the property.

Jack, Mike and Connie got out of the car that Van Buren had driven and Kristen hustled them inside. She goosed Connie as the ADA walked past and received a wink and grin in reply. Once Kristen had conversed with Rob, she returned inside and dished up four meals.

Jack walked down the stairs and joined her in the kitchen, "This is a lovely home, it's a shame we won't be able to relax and enjoy it."

Kristen handed him a plate, "It is, but hopefully it won't be long before we can return to normal."

"Ed and Cyrus have a good lead," commented Van Buren matter-of-factly as she entered the open spaced area.

"That's good news," replied Kristen, passing the Lieutenant a meal.

"Thank you Kris. It seems Whitfield's twenty year old cousin Peter is missing. He is off the radar and just happens to be a budding crime novelist."

Jack waved his fork, "Connie may have been right in suggesting it was someone close to Whitfield."

"I'll take that as a compliment Jack," quipped Connie as she joined the trio.

Smiling, Kristen handed her a plate, "There you go."

"Thanks Kris." Connie took a seat at the dining table.

"Okay, now I know you are eating, I'm off to bed," announced Kristen in between yawns. "If you need me, I'll be in the last bedroom on the right." Heading for the stairs, she climbed them two at a time then took a shower before slipping into the queen sized bed. She set her watch alarm for three-thirty before snuggling into the pillow.

Kristen woke before the alarm sounded and slowly prepared for her next watch. She met Glenn in the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. "Morning," she said while reaching for a bottle of orange juice.

"Good morning, I'm just heating some pasta, you want some?"

"Indeed I do, I'm bloody starving. Are Reesa and Paul still asleep?"

"No, they are outside doing a quick sweep."

Kristen grinned, "Those two aren't fooling anyone."

Shaking his head, Glenn agreed, "Paul asked her out last night. I'm happy for them, they make a great couple."

"I am too," commented Kristen as the microwave pinged. "You want salad?"

"Yes please. How much sleep did you get?"

"Nearly eight hours, so I'm good to go."

Reesa and Paul entered the house and grabbed some food before joining the other two Officers at the table

"Everything is clear Sarge," declared Reesa.

Kristen nodded, "How are Trevor, Max, Rae and Josh?"

"The Charlie Team are all hungry and tired."

"We checked on Rob and the others in the guest house and they passed on their gratitude for the food," said Paul between bites.

"I've been thinking about sending a team back to the City," stated Kristen.

"That makes sense," agreed Glenn. "Two teams can handle it out here."

Kristen finished her drink, "I doubt anyone will discover this place and I'd rather have four more Officers out on the streets looking for this nut job."

"Good idea Sarge," noted Paul.

"Okay, after I've eaten, I'll speak with Lieutenant Van Buren and if she consents, I tell Trevor to take his team back."

Van Buren authorised the change and Trevor and his team returned to New York to join the investigation in the field.

It was a tad past seven am when Connie stepped out onto the rear deck wearing a navy blue with gold pin stripe skirt suit.

Kristen had turned in her direction when she first heard the clip clop of high heels on the polished wood flooring. The smile spread across her face as she looked at her girlfriend, "Good morning Connie, you look great."

"Thank you. I know you are on the clock, so I won't keep you. I just wanted to apologise for Saturday night."

"You don't have to. It was my fault for not confiding in you beforehand and we can discuss it tonight."

The dimples on Connie's face deepened as her smile grew, "I'd like that Kris."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm a little nervous to tell you the truth."

"It will be okay," reassured Kristen soothingly. "I'll be with you the entire time. I'm not letting you out of my sight."

"I love you."

"I love you too, now go eat some breakfast. We leave in twenty minutes."

"Yes Sergeant."

"By the way, don't come out into the open again like this baby."

"Oh shit, I didn't think about that."

"It's fine beautiful, I've just completed a reconnaissance of the surrounding area and we are clear."

"Phew, I'm sorry Kris. It won't happen again."

Kristen and Glenn escorted Mike and Connie into the cleared Courtroom while Reesa and Paul took up position beside the door. Judge Hastings had ordered that no members of the public were allowed access into the gallery and Jack was relieved as were the Police. The DA was currently in his office being guarded by two uniformed Officers and would join the others for the trip back to Larchmont later that afternoon.

Ed and Cyrus sat behind the Prosecutor's table as the Whitfield family entered the gallery minus the elusive Peter, who appeared to have fallen off the face of the earth. The Slater family refused to attend the trial and it got underway on time at nine.

The Attorneys were ushered into a nearby interview room for lunch three hours later and Judge Hastings adjourned the Court at four-thirty until the following morning.

The trip back to the house took over two hours while the fleet changed direction several times to avoid the possibility of a tail and once everyone was settled, Rob and his team took up post while Kristen prepared dinner.

Connie gave her a hand after showering and changing into a pair of Kristen's NYPD Academy shorts and tee.

"I see you have gained a wardrobe Connie," jested Jack.

Connie giggled, "I have Jack and it's very comfortable garb."

Mike withdrew a bottle of Chardonnay from the fridge, "Does anyone else want to join me?"

"I'll take one," replied Jack.

"Count me in Mike," answered Connie. "It might help me sleep better."

Kristen glanced at her with a worried look, but remained silent. It was a conversation best left until later. Taking the dishes of food to the table, she and Connie took their seats and engaged in a chat about how the trial was progressing.

Mike retired to his room after doing the dishes and Jack hashed over the details of the case with Connie and the remaining bottle of wine.

Kristen went and conducted a perimeter check before checking in with the other Officers. Reesa and Paul were deep in discussion on the back porch and Kristen reminded them not to stay up too late as they were back on duty at six am. She was still smiling when she entered the house and climbed the stairs. Jack and Connie were exchanging points of view as she walked down the hall towards her room.

As Kristen opened the door to the ensuite, her cell phone sounded, "Hey Ed, what's happening?"

"We've located Peter Whitfield Kris."

"That's good news."

"Not really, the guy's got a 22 slug to the back of his head."

"Oh shit, obviously he was working with somebody else."

"Yeah, we just have to figure out who it is."

"Where did you find him?"

"His car was discovered in the parking lot over in Battery Park by two unis twenty minutes ago and Whitfield was in the trunk.Doc Rodgers said he'd been killed around seven this evening. Lupes and I are just waiting to view the car park surveillance footage over at the Crime Lab. I'm faxing over a copy of Whitfield's visitor list for the past twelve months to Jack and I'll keep you posted."

"Appreciate it Ed and I'll get that list to Jack straight away."

"Bye Kris."


Kristen closed her phone and went back downstairs to inform Jack and Connie. "Ed is faxing over the list of Whitfield's visitors since he was arrested."

"There is a fax machine here?" enquired an impressed Connie.

Kristen laughed, "Yes, it's in the study."

"Just who owns this house anyway?" the brunette asked.

"We'll talk about it later," replied the blonde. "I'll just go see if the list has arrived." It had and she perused the three sheets while walking back to the living area. Handing the pages to Jack, she noted, "No help there I'm afraid. His parents, brother and cousin were his only visitors."

"Back to square one," declared Jack disappointedly.

"I'll leave you to it."

"Goodnight Kris," said Jack warmly.

"Goodnight." Kristen climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom while Connie continued the previous conversation with Jack.

Kristen reached for her Glock under the pillow, rolled out of the bed onto the floor and turned on the bedside lamp. "Shit Connie, I could have shot you."

"Lucky for me you didn't," replied the ADA. "I was trying to sneak into your bed."

Getting up off the floor, Kristen placed her gun back under the pillow and turned off the light. "In that case, you better climb in and next time, make a lot of noise."

Connie waited for Kristen to get comfortable before settling in beside her, "Are you okay with having me in here?"

"Of course I am. I'm the boss and not actually on duty." Kristen pulled Connie closer, "How are you doing?"

"I'm a little more worried than I was before Peter Whitfield turned up dead."

Kristen kissed the back of Connie's neck, "I think Mike should make application to have the trial adjourned until we find who is responsible."

"That's what Jack and I were discussing, but any motion made would be defeated due to the fact Whitfield is entitled to due process."

"Yeah, I thought about that aspect too."

"Jack called Lt Van Buren and asked her to check into the possibility Whitfield had influence over someone at the Mental Institution. Maybe it was someone recently released."

"That's more that a strong possibility," agreed Kristen before kissing Connie's neck again. "I've missed you terribly."

"I've missed you too. I tossed and turned all last night."

"Promise me you'll never go to bed angry at me again."

Connie kissed Kristen's forearm, "I promise."

"Olivia asked me out after we worked a case together. We went to dinner and had a good time."

"Did you sleep with her that night?"

"No, there was something about her that I respected and knew she deserved better than a one night stand. We dated for several weeks before I stayed over at her apartment. When Olivia made detective, we spent less time together and basically drifted into a sex only relationship. That suited us both until Alex joined SVU. I ended things with Olivia and she dated another Officer for a short time before Alex noticed her and they have been together ever since."

"Did you love her?"

"Yes I did. Olivia used to be similar to me and the dark secrets of her past kept her independent and unwilling to share emotionally. Alex changed that as you have changed me."

Connie attempted to keep the jealousy from her voice, "Is she a good lover?"

"Yes, she is very sensuous and considerate, but not as incredible as you baby."

"I was jealous Saturday night."

"I know you were Connie, but you have nothing to worry about."

"I realise that sweetie. It was just that it was the first time I actually knew one of your ex-girlfriends and I found it rather confronting."

"I apologise for not taking that into consideration baby. While I am confiding all, this house is your wedding present from me."

Connie rolled over, "You built this house for me?"

"Yes, it's going to be our get away place for our "Perfect Days" and to host get togethers with your family and our friends."

"Sweetie, I don't know what to say. It's a wonderful gift and I love you so much."

Kristen yawned, "Sorry baby."

"Close your eyes Kris and go to sleep."

"Connie there is so much more I want to tell you."

"We can talk about it tomorrow night darling."

"Will you stay?"

"Yes Kris, I'm not going anywhere, sweet dreams."

Cupping Connie's face, Kristen lowered her mouth and kissed her lover slowly and thoroughly.

Connie moaned in response, wrapping her left arm tightly around Kristen's midriff.

"I love you Connie," whispered Kristen moments later before snuggling into her neck.

"And I am so in love with you."

Kristen sprang out of bed when she heard the loud crashing sound come from the downstairs. Grabbing her gun, she looked at Connie who was rubbing her eyes, "Stay here and lock the door behind me."

"Okay honey, be careful."

"I will." Kristen fetched her radio and asked for a SitRep from the Officers on watch. All areas were clear.

Creeping down the stairs Kristen found Mike crouched over a shattered jar of coffee. The contents were scattered across the floor and he was busy picking up the larger pieces of glass.

"Do we have a problem Counsellor?"

Mike jumped, "Oh shit, you scared me."

With a smirk, Kristen replied, "That makes us even then."

Laughing with relief, Mike straightened up, "I couldn't sleep, so I opted for a coffee."

Kristen retrieved a broom and dust pan from the pantry, "Lucky we have another jar or there would be anarchy in the house."

Mike chuckled, "Well it's good to see you are on the job."

"I'm a light sleeper Mike."

"Is that from your days as a Marine?"

"No, it's from listening for my father in the hallway when I was a child. He used to sneak into my room and beat me."

Shock registered on the EADA's face, "Christ, I'm sorry Kris, I had no idea."

"It's okay Mike, I'll see you in the morning."

"Sorry to wake you."

"Don't mention it butterfingers."

Kristen tittered all the way back to the bedroom and tapped on the door. "Connie, it's all right. You can unlock the door."

The door opened and Kristen was engulfed by Connie's arms.

"Mike dropped the coffee jar," explained the blonde.

"The coffee's gone?"

"There's a backup in the pantry, so all is not lost baby."

"That's okay then."

"Come on, back to bed. It's another four hours before I need to be on duty."

Connie kissed Kristen on the neck, "You are really sexy when you leap into action."

"Baby, I can't be distracted," pleaded Kristen in an attempt to convince herself rather than Connie.

"Oh of course not," replied Connie disappointedly.

"I'll make it up to you soon."

"Yes you will."


Chapter 16

The next three days took on the same routine with detectives from the two-seven chasing down fruitless leads one after another. The media were all over the case and frustrating the hell out of both the DA's Office and Police Department. Whitfield's family and relatives were all reinterviewed, resulting in no new information.

On Friday morning everyone involved in the operation sighed with relief that there would be a reprieve from the media circus and instead tried to enjoy the 4th of July celebrations. Kristen had organised a barbeque lunch and Rob started up a game of poker in the vast entertainment room.

Kristen was perched on the backstairs when her cell reverberated, "Hello Ed."

"Hey Kris, is Jack close by? He's not answering his cell."

"He's just inside. I'll have him call you back immediately. Is there a problem?"

"Van Buren is on her way up there. Judge Hastings has ordered the trial resume tomorrow over at New Jersey County Court House."

"He must be getting tired of having a camera and microphone thrust in his face every time he leaves the building."

"That and the fact another bomb has been located."


"At the front door of the Courthouse."

"Shit, who is this bastard?"

"A very clever one is my guess, especially after being intelligent enough to disguise himself from the security cameras."

"So just like Battery Park, we've got nothing from the surveillance feed?"

"You got it Kris. The Courthouse is now under 24/7 watch instead of just sweeping it six times a day."

"I'll go inform Jack that the Lieutenant is on her way."

"Thanks, I'll see you in the morning in Jersey."

"Will do, bye Ed."

Anita Van Buren stayed for two hours before returning home to her husband Donald and their two boys. Jack was on the phone to Judge Hastings finalising details for the morning and Kristen was busy in the kitchen adding the final touches to dinner. Connie was sitting in the living room reading over the testimony of the next witnesses and Mike was busy making notes.

Kristen's radio squawked to life, "Unit 1, Unit 4 we have an unknown vehicle approaching the top of the lane way – over."

"Unit 4, Unit 1 hold position, on the way – out."

"Roger that," acknowledged Reesa.

Kristen dropped the spoon she was holding and ran into the living room, "Guys, I need you to stay here until its clear." Running out the front door, she radioed for Sue to maintain watch on the house then raced towards the laneway where Reesa was positioned.

A red Lexus sedan rolled down the dirt road slowly and the two Officers withdrew their weapons, holding them against the outside of their legs. Kristen calmly waved to the sole occupant and he stopped.

Winding down the window, the grey haired man announced, "I think I'm lost. I'm looking for 1342 Beach Avenue."

"Sir, if you turn around, you'll find the top of the laneway to 1342 opposite the end of this road."

"Ah, so I should have turned left instead of right?"

"Yes Sir." Kristen pressed for verification of the man's story. "Are you looking for Bob and Audrey Sloane?"

"Yes, Bob's an old friend and I'm visiting for a few days."

Kristen brought up her gun and aimed it directly at the startled driver, "NYPD, place your hands on the steering wheel where I can see them and don't move. Rivas, call for backup."

The younger Officer did and within seconds, Rob, George and Tom joined the scene.

The driver was wide eyed and blubbered, "I didn't do anything wrong. The guy at the grocery store paid me a hundred dollars to come up here and check it out. He told me to play along with whatever you said."

"Get out of the car Sir," directed Kristen firmly.

The mid-fifties man followed the instruction and Kristen holstered her weapon while the others retained cover.

She forced the guy over the side of the hood, "Who paid you?"

"Some stranger down at the supermarket, I don't know who he was."

"Sir, please describe the guy."

"He was about your height, black hair, acne on his face and he spoke with a Boston accent. He was maybe twenty or so."

"Sir, Officers are now going to search your vehicle. Is there anything you want to declare before hand?"

"No, you won't find anything. Oh the guy said it was a joke and you'd see the funny side of it."

"As you can see Sir, this is no laughing matter. Did you notice if he had a car?"

"Yes, he jumped into a dark blue Chevy 1500."

Kristen looked to Rob, "You and Tom take a car and go into town and check it out."

"You got it Sarge," acknowledged Rob.

Kristen's left hand remained on the driver's shoulder as she removed the wallet that was protruding from the back pocket of his shorts. Flipping it open, she noted the name and address, "So Mr Tesh, is this vehicle a rental?"

"Yes it is and I'm sorry for causing trouble."

"Bear with me Sir while inquiries are made. Are you up here on vacation?"

"Yes, with my wife Doreen. I was just supposed to pick up a few items for dinner."

"I understand Sir." Reaching for her cell phone, Kristen called Jack.

"What's going on Sergeant?" he immediately asked.

"We've been compromised, pack your bags. We leave in five."

"Understood, we'll be ready."

Closing her phone, Kristen radioed Glenn and Paul and asked them to attend the house to ensure everyone was ready to go without delay. "Sir, I am going to have you stand up, please do not make any sudden moves."

"Okay, I won't."

George Grier straightened up from his crouched position in the passenger side of the Lexus, "Sarge, I've got the rental agreement in the name of Ryan Tesh from Milwaukee."

"Call the rental company and confirm the details please."

"Sergeant," said Reesa from behind the truck a few minutes later. "The vehicle is clear."

"Thank you."

Kristen's phone rang, "Rivas watch Mr Tesh." She walked out of hearing range and answered the call, "Hello Rob, what did you find?"

"The store keeper witnessed the conversation between the two men and an exchange of money. There is no sign of the Chevy or suspect. Store owner told us he left about twenty minutes ago."

"Okay, wait for us there. Glenn and Paul will be driving past in a couple of minutes, join them. We will have to return to the Precinct until alternative accommodation is organised."

"You got it."

Kristen returned to the scene, "Mr Tesh, you are free to go, but I suggest you refrain from taking money from strangers in the future."

"I won't and sorry for the inconvenience Officers."

Once Tesh had turned the vehicle around, Kristen phoned Captain Parsons then Lieutenant Van Buren with the latest development. Both agreed the stationhouse was the best option for the time being.

Anita grimaced, "Shoot, it must have been me. I left from here, but I was careful and looked for a tail. I didn't detect one the entire trip."

Kristen turned to Glenn, "Go check the Lieutenant's car for a homing device or GPS locater."

"Yes Sarge."

"Jesus," complained Van Buren. "How could he get close enough to my car with cops all over the place?"

Ed joined the group carrying several pieces of paper, "We got a name. Travis Wynn, twenty-one, born in Boston and moved here with his parents after serving time in Juvenile Detention for assault ten years ago. He was at Gracie Square Hospital for the past two years and a participant in Whitfield's therapy group sessions. He was released four months ago." Ed posted an enlarged driver's licence photo and mug shot of Wynn on the white evidence board.

Everyone looked at the black haired man with the acne on his face and the empty brown eyes staring at the camera.

"Okay people, let's get moving," directed the Lieutenant. "We need to have the Attorneys secured as soon as possible then we need to find this whack job real quick."

Glenn returned with a locator device in his hand, "It was under the left rear wheel arch."

"Son of a bitch, I want all vehicles searched and no officer is allowed in or out without displaying proper identification," instructed Anita. She took the device from Glenn and added, "Time to send this bastard on a wild goose chase."

The Attorneys were taken to the new location at the Hyatt in New Brunswick while Lieutenant Van Buren drove to another Hotel in Chelsea. Local Officers waited for Wynn to show, but after seven hours there had been no sign of him and the transmitter was turned off.

Kristen was keeping watch outside the Hotel room when Connie text her. Opening her cell, she smiled when reading the message: I love you and can't wait for another "Perfect Day". Be safe honey.

Kristen called her right away, "Goodnight baby and I love you."

"When are you off post?"

"I'm not Connie. We are all on duty until we capture Wynn."

"Oh, how are you feeling?"

"I'm good to go. Now get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight sweetie."

Kristen was relieved for a meal break by Reesa and returned to post at 0100 hours. By 0800 hours when the escort left for the Union County Court House located at 2 Broad Street, Elizabeth, Wynn was still at large.

Jersey Police assisted with the protection detail and Kristen and her team were finally relieved at 2300 hours that evening. The officers took showers then went straight to bed.

As Wednesday morning dawned, Kristen and her team carried out a sweep of the Courtroom and were shocked to discover a local news van parked outside the historical building as they exited. The Officers approached with guns drawn and with extreme caution.

Kristen noted the local Police had not arrived at the location yet and the fact no one was in the front compartment of the van or anyone around the immediate vicinity heightened her suspicions. "MOVE BACK NOW," she shouted. "IT'S A TRAP!"

The four Officers pivoted in unison and sped away from the Chevrolet Express Van. A loud explosion erupted into a flaming inferno of flying shrapnel, debris and fire. Kristen was tossed into the air and came crashing down onto the concrete sidewalk.

Reaching for her mike, she radioed Jersey Central and called in the incident. She requested backup, the bomb squad and a bus. Getting to her feet, she scanned the area to see Glenn and Paul slowly finding their footing. Reesa was closest to the fireball and not moving.

"No! No! No!" cried Kristen as she ran towards her. "Glenn and Paul, check out the area, the bastard has to have been watching us and denoted by remote. Look for a building with a high view of the street."

The two Officers took off as Kristen reached Reesa. She knelt down and assessed her condition. There was a deep lateral laceration to her forehead as well as one to the back of her head. Kristen clenched her jaw as she felt for a pulse on Reesa's bloodied neck. It was faint, but nonetheless beating. Carefully, Kristen rolled Reesa onto her side and into a recovery position. Tears welled in her eyes when she noted the piece of metal protruding from the rear and to the left of the Kevlar vest. It was several inches long, jagged and smouldering from the heat of the explosion.

Kristen pulled herself together and was relieved to hear the wail of the ambulance siren, "You are going to be all right honey, just hold on a little longer. Help is nearly here Reesa, just hold on."

A fire truck and ambulance pulled up a safe distance from the burning van and Kristen waved to the Paramedics. She stood up and watched as the two men worked on her colleague.

Several minutes later, the Medics placed Reesa onto a gurney and headed for the bus. Kristen took a deep breath and re-entered the Courthouse. Unlocking the stairwell, she ran to the roof and searched other rooftops for Wynn. She spotted him on the top of the building across the street. Depressing her mike, she said, "Unit 2, Unit 1 suspect on roof of building at 10 Broad Street."

Kristen was halfway down the stairs when Glenn responded, "Unit 1, Unit 2 on the way." She reached the building in time to witness Glenn and Paul chasing Wynn along the sidewalk. He was a good twenty yards ahead of them as he jumped onto a trail bike and sped off.

Kristen radioed Central and put out an APB on the Yamaha YZ 450 and Wynn. She ran back to her unmarked Police vehicle and picked up Glenn and Paul as she took off down the road. No one spoke as she gunned the engine and gave chase.

The Officers could see Wynn in the distance and with lights flashing and the siren squealing, Kristen stepped on the accelerator. Because of the hour of the morning, the streets were near deserted as three Patrol cars joined in the pursuit. The vehicles were gaining of Wynn when he deviated off the road, took a left and turned onto a dirt road. The Police followed, but came to an abrupt halt when the road narrowed into a two foot wide lane way.

"FUCK IT!" yelled Kristen before turning the car around and instructing the other Units to circle back around and continue the pursuit. Heading back to the Courthouse, Kristen pulled up to the kerb, got out and found New Jersey Captain Gavin Hollows talking to Lieutenant Van Buren. She placed her hand on Paul's arm, "Go be with Reesa. Take the car and I'll handle this mess."

"Okay," replied Paul forlornly. "How was she?"

A sob caught in Kristen's throat, "Not real good."

Paul went around to the driver's side and got in.

"What a fucking mess," Kristen said to Glenn. "We were sitting ducks for the bastard."

Lieutenant Van Buren waved them over, "What happened here Sergeant?"

Kristen gave a quick summary of events then posed the question, "Someone from here must have blabbed. There was a complete media blackout. No one knew we were here for four days."

"I want to know what happened to the 24/7 watch?" demanded Van Buren.

"So do I Lieutenant, they weren't here when we arrived," commented an agitated Kristen.

"I'll go speak with my Officers now Lieutenant," suggested Captain Hollows.

"I want answers Captain. That van should never have made it to this location, let alone be left here unattended."

Captain Hollows approached two nervous looking Officers while Kristen watched.

"This isn't good enough," she whispered to Van Buren.

"No it's not Sergeant and heads are going to roll," countered the Lieutenant. "McCoy is not going to be too pleased when he finds out." She placed a hand on Kristen's forearm, "Go check on Officer Rivas. I'll handle things this end. You can take my car."

"Thanks Lieutenant." Kristen took the proffered keys and raced to Trinitas Hospital.

Paul was pacing the hall of the Emergency Department when Kristen found him, "How is she?"

With a tear stained face, Paul stopped and faced her, "She's trying to outdo you. Her spleen is ruptured and her left lung is pierced. The doctor is preparing her for surgery now."

Laying a comforting arm around her friend's shoulders, Kristen joked, "Well at least her hips are fine."

"Yeah, she's going to be okay, isn't she?"

"You bet she is."

The curtain drew back and there was organised chaos as Reesa was swiftly wheeled past the two Officers.

"Waiting room, third floor," a nurse said as she whizzed by.

Kristen nodded and led Paul to the lifts.

Connie looked around the Courtroom in search of Kristen and was disappointed not to find her. Lieutenant Van Buren had been sketchy with her briefing before the Attorneys left the Hotel and Connie was anxious to speak to her fiancée.

Judge Hastings entered the Court and the trial proceeded until the lunch adjournment.

Jack approached both Mike and Connie to update them on the morning's incident.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed a mortified Connie. "Has there been any word on Officer Rivas' condition?"

"The last I heard, she was still in surgery."

The double wooden doors opened and Kristen appeared. Seeing the look on Connie's face, she smiled and nodded.

Connie excused herself and went to her, "Is Reesa okay?"

"Yes, she'll be out of action for a few weeks, but will make a full recovery. How are you doing?"

Connie's eyes filled with tears, "I'm tired of all this madness and destruction."

"I am too. We located the getaway bike and Officers are still searching the area."

Connie looked at the dried blood and scratches on Kristen's face, "You've been hurt."

"I'm fine, just a couple of nicks and bruises."

"Can you have lunch with me?" The question was more of a plea than a request.

"Sorry Connie, I only came to check on you."

"Shit!" cursed Connie before turning and joining Mike and Jack.

Kristen was about to follow her when her phone sounded, "Yes Captain?"

"We've got him," answered Parsons. "The dogs sniffed the rat out. He was holed up in an abandoned house half a mile from where he dumped the bike."

"Excellent news, that's such a relief. Did you find out what happened to the surveillance team Captain?"

"Yeah, the pricks went for a coffee run and the leak came from a cleaner at the Courthouse. Van Buren ordered a trace on all outgoing phone calls from there yesterday and the Tech located one made to Owen Tutelage from the clearer Ralph Cummings. Tutelage posted the location of the trial on his website last night. It's assumed Wynn or an associate of his read it and set the ball rolling. Both Cummings and Tutelage have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act and when I left the interview room, Van Buren was reading them the riot act. I want you to maintain security there Sergeant. We can't assume the threat is over."

"Okay Cap, I'll speak to the other team leaders and let them know."

There was a pregnant pause before Gordon continued, "Kris, that was good work this morning. The outcome could have been a lot worse had you not detected the setup."

"I was just doing my job."

"Yes and we'll talk later."

"Yes Sir."

Kristen shut her phone and ran after the attorneys. "JACK," she bellowed down the deserted hall.

He turned as did the other two.

"They've arrested Wynn and two others for information disclosure," declared the blonde happily as she neared them.

Jack's face broke into a grin, "I'm really relieved to hear that."

"Does this mean we get to go home this afternoon?" asked Mike optimistically.

Kristen shook her head, "No, the routine will stay the same until the trial is over."

Connie entered the room commandeered as the lunch room and Kristen left to speak with the other teams. She realised Connie was upset about having no control over her life as well as being concerned about Reesa's injuries. Not having a moment alone together the past four days didn't help the situation either, but Kristen had a job to do and Connie's feelings had to take a back seat until a more convenient time.

After briefing the other Officers, Kristen had a quick lunch with Glenn outside the Courtroom.

"I noticed Connie is none too happy," commented Glenn as he finished his sandwich.

"Yeah, she is pretty upset and I can't blame her. She is overtired and misses home."

"I know how she feels. Joan is crankier every time I call her. She snapped at me several times during our last conversation."

"At least you don't have to watch her and feel like crap because you can't touch her or spend a moment alone."

Glenn laughed, "That's very true Kris. Jack was saying earlier they will wrap up their case this afternoon."

"Good. I miss my bed and Connie."

"Hopefully it will be over by the weekend."

"That's if there are no more lunatics out there."

There wasn't and final addresses to the Jury commenced at nine o'clock on Friday. Connie closed the people's case and Kristen sat in the back row marvelling at how good an ADA she was. Kristen was very proud of Connie and was anxious to get her alone and tell her.

The Jury retired at 1120 hours and Jack, Mike and Connie returned to the Hyatt. Connie went straight to her room and took a nap in an attempt to make up for three weeks of lost sleep. Mike and Jack mulled over the Jury's mood while Kristen was finally relieved of duty.

Going to the bathroom, Kristen removed her uniform and stepped into the shower. Ten minutes later, she climbed into bed and text Connie: Hey my love, I've made it to bed, miss you.

The reply was swift and simple: Asleep.

Kristen wasn't about to let that slide and called her, "Why are you mad at me?"

"I'm not, sorry. It's just that it happens to be dad's birthday today and we're stuck here."

"Oh baby I'm sorry about that. I called him earlier and he said he understood and just wanted you to be safe."

"Kris." The word was a mere whisper, but full of meaning.

"I know baby, but it will be over soon. You are just tired, go back to sleep and I'll come see you later."

"Do you promise?"

"Yes Connie, sweet dreams."

"I love you Kris."

"I love you too."

Jack answered the Sergeant's knock on the door and greeted her jovially, "Hello Kris, I see you have brought us some comfort food."

Stepping inside, Kristen placed the box of pastries on the counter, "A sugar hit might help with the wait. I'm surprised the Jury isn't back yet."

Mike joined the pair, "Hey Kris and the Jury will be procrastinating over Whitfield's mental health history."

"Surely they are not dumb enough to find him not guilty on that? His lawyer didn't even offer it as a defence."

"No," agreed Jack. "But it's still an issue for them to consider."

"Is Connie still sleeping?"

"I believe so," replied Jack while selecting a doughnut. "Mike, it's your turn to make the coffee."

"Coming right up Jack."

"If you'll excuse me," said Kristen as she headed towards Connie's room.

"You're excused," quipped Mike. "She needs some cheering up."

"Yeah, she's missing out on her father's birthday."

Opening the door, Kristen's eyes adjusted to the darkness and she quickly took off her uniform, boots and underwear and placed them on a nearby chair. She carefully slipped into the bed and in behind Connie. She pulled the sleeping brunette onto her chest and kissed the long neck. "I love you so much Connie," she whispered.

"Mmm, hello honey," replied a stretching ADA. "What time is it?"

"A little after seven," answered Kristen in between soft kisses.

"How come you are naked?"

"I find it easier to make love to you that way."

Connie groaned, "Oh god, I've missed you so much."

"I'm not on duty for another hour and I'd like to alleviate some of your tension."

Connie giggled, "Tension? I'm about to climb through the wall sweetie."

"That makes two of us."

"Let me go freshen up first honey."

"I'll be right here." Kristen whimpered when Connie got out bed wearing boxers and a tee shirt, "I've missed being with you baby."

"Back at you Kris."

Connie returned momentarily and was nude. Kristen lifted the covers for her and Connie asked, "So what changed your mind about being with me?"

"I saw the effect this absence was having on you and it's not like we are sneaking around or that I'm on duty."

"It's been hard not having you around, but this is a definite bonus."

Kristen's cell phone rang, "Sorry baby, it's Ed." Reaching out, she grabbed the phone off her belt and Connie lowered her mouth over Kristen's exposed right breast. "Oh dear god baby," Kristen cried before answering the cell, "Hey Ed."

"Kris, we've got a full confession from Wynn, Cummings and Tutelage and need Jack down at the station. Can you bring him over straight away?"

"Sure, give me about forty."

"You got it, see you soon."

Kristen put her cell back on her belt then framed her hands around Connie's head, "Baby, I have to take Jack to the station."

Lifting her head, Connie swore, "You are shitting me?"

"No baby, Wynn and the other two have confessed and they need Jack to draft the paperwork."

"Fine just go." Connie pulled back and got out of bed, "Three fucking weeks Kris!" she went into the ensuite and slammed the door.

"Crap!" muttered Kristen while sliding off the mattress and reaching for her clothes. After dressing, she went to Jack and the pair left for the two-seven.

Connie stepped out of the shower and dressed in a fresh, dark grey, skirt suit. Her antagonism over having to be in the Hotel didn't abate and when she entered the living area, she snapped at Mike, "What's the go with this Jury? Any imbecile could see Whitfield is a piece of shit and guilty as all hell."

Mike stood and went to the coffee pot. Pouring an extra mug, he handed one to his ADA, "There's a lot of evidence to sift through Connie. It's going to take some time."

Taking a seat on the sofa, Connie leaned back and sighed heavily, "I swear I will be so glad when this is all over. I'm behaving like a brat and poor Kris is on the receiving end of my tantrums."

Chuckling, Mike reasoned, "Kris understands and she is good at remaining focused on her job. Jack was telling me it was her attention to detail that saved them all from perishing in that bomb blast on Wednesday."

Connie started to cry, "I haven't even had the chance to speak to her about it. My emotions are all over the place and I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed with Kris beside me."

Mike sat down, "It's been tough on all of us Connie." His phone rang, "Hopefully this is the Jury back."

It was and by 2230 hours, both Connie and Mike returned to the Hotel with a guilty verdict and a sentencing date on July 14th.

"This calls for a celebration. I'm ordering in a streak with the works and a beer, you want something Connie?"

"Yes, a shower then bed," replied a yawning ADA.

"Okay, goodnight and well done on the case."

"Thanks Mike, goodnight."

Kristen looked at her watch and exhaled loudly.

"It's nearly all done Kris," sympathised Anita while watching Ed, Cyrus, Jack, Wynn and his attorney Beau Quinn from the Observation Room.

"Only for the time being, we still have to inform Connie and Mike they will have to stay at the Hyatt until Monday's sentencing."

"How about you drive over and tell them and I'll play bodyguard to Jack and make sure he gets back to the Hotel."

"Thanks for the offer Lieutenant, but you have a family to get home to. I'll wait, besides, Connie and Mike should be asleep by now."

"Is Connie still pissed?"

"Yes, it was her father's sixtieth birthday celebration tonight and we missed it. Her brother and his family even flew out from Los Angeles for two days to visit."

"That's a shame. Donald and the boys have been e-mailing me photos of themselves so I don't forget what they look like. They're real subtle at times."

Kristen giggled softly, "It's good that they understand and try to make it easier on you."

"They do, but it doesn't compensate for not being home for this length of time."

"This is the first time Connie has had to deal with being protected for this length of time."

"Well only three more days to go and from what Wynn has told us, Whitfield has run out of associates. Since the bomb, the other lunatics and fanatics have crawled back under their rocks."

"Jack mentioned the office has stopped receiving hate mail and death threats."

"Yes, it's amazing what the wrath of a Police Commissioner and Mayor can do when they appear on every talk show on television. By the way, how is Officer Rivas doing?"

"I haven't been able to visit her yet, but Officer Gibbs says she is doing well and should be out of hospital in another week."

"That's pleasing news Kris."

Jack started to pack up the paperwork while Ed and Cyrus escorted a handcuffed Wynn out of the Interrogation Room.

"Looks like it's time to take Jack back," said Kristen as she opened the door. "I'll see you soon Lieutenant."

"I'll buy you dinner when this mess is over."

"You're on, bye."

Connie felt the soft caress across her lower back and stirred to full alertness. "Honey, it's still dark. I thought you were on duty until nine?"

Kristen spooned into Connie's back, "I am, but I'm taking a meal break. I hate to tell you this, but you are stuck here until Monday by order of the Police Commissioner."

"I thought as much and I'm really sorry about my bad moods."

"Shush, I understand Connie," replied Kristen before nibbling on her lover's ear lobe, "It's been hard on you, but we are nearly at the end baby and after Monday, I am taking you to the Larchmont home and turning off all the phones."

Connie lifted her right hand and cupped it behind Kristen's head, "I need you so bad." She turned her head and captured eager lips.

The couple's love making was fast and fevered and Connie struggled to remain quiet several times, so Kristen kissed her ardently to stifle the responses.

An hour later, Kristen left an exhausted and fast asleep Connie. She showered before relieving Glenn for a break.

He took one look at his partner's lopsided grin and remarked, "I gather Connie is feeling better."

"Not one word Mister, now go. Joan is waiting in your room and if you don't return in time, it's okay, I've got you covered."

Glenn smirked, "Thanks Kris, you may have just saved my wife's sanity and our marriage."


Chapter 17

After a shower and change of uniform, Kristen drove to the Courthouse and took a position to the right side of the back row of seats. Mike had already addressed the Court on the death penalty and Defence Attorney Quinn was currently speaking.

Connie felt a shiver creep down her spine and turned towards the door. She smiled when Kristen give her a small nod. Lowering her eyes, she returned her attention to the Jury.

Turning her head to the left, Kristen glared at Whitfield and noticed he was staring at Mike and Connie. The young prisoner was muttering to himself and his hands were formed into tight, white knuckled fists. Sensing something wasn't quite right, Kristen text Glenn and Paul to direct them to move closer to the defendant's table. She watched as both Officers read the message then look at her and dip their heads in acknowledgement.

Glenn moved to the end of the left hand side of front seats directly behind the defence table and Paul inched his way to the right.

Kristen walked down the aisle to the front row behind Mike and Connie. She sat down next to Ed and kept her eyes on Whitfield.

Ed leaned in to her and whispered, "You've noticed how uneasy Whitfield is too?"

"Yes, who searched him before he was brought into Court?"

"Officers Mendez and Callan, he was clean."

"Did anyone from his family make contact?"

"His brother Jayden tried to embrace him, but was stopped mid-hug by Callan."

"Shit Ed, I think he's going to try something."

"I'll tell Mike to ask for an adjournment and we can take Whitfield outside and search him again."

"Thanks Ed, I just have this gut feeling about him."

Ed took out his notebook and pen to write a note for Mike while Kristen maintained her watch on Whitfield. As Ed passed the message to Mike, Connie turned to Kristen and saw her staring at the defendant.

The blonde stood and reached for her weapon as Whitfield jumped up from his chair and raised a handgun in the direction of Mike. "GUN! EVERYBODY GET DOWN!" she shouted as she sprang over the railing towards Mike.

Glenn and Paul both launched themselves over the wooden rail as Whitfield fired.

Kristen saw Connie dive onto the floor as she made contact with Mike's shoulders. She landed on top of him as the pair crashed to the floor. Her Glock went skidding along the floor boards from the jolt and stopped when it collided into the bottom board of the Judge's bench.

Glenn and Paul were all over Whitfield and the gun was knocked from his hand when Officer Mendez hit his wrist with a baton.

Officer Callan picked up the Berretta and yelled, "CLEAR!"

Although only winded, Mike remained on the floor. He felt something hot and sticky dripping onto the side of his neck and hollered, "CALL A BUS, OFFICER DOWN."

Glenn reefed Whitfield to his feet and dragged him out through the side door to the holding cells as Ed shouted, "GRAB THE BROTHER!"

Paul jumped back over the railing amongst the frenzied Whitfield family and restrained twenty year old Jayden Whitfield.

Cyrus called for an ambulance while Connie rushed to Kristen. She rolled her off Mike and immediately placed her hand over the gapping wound on the left side of her lover's temple.

Mike got to his knees and handed Connie his handkerchief, "Here use this Connie."

Connie did and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He checked for a pulse and found a strong beat, "She saved my life."

Ed grabbed hold of Jayden Whitfield's arm and helped Paul pull him though the side door.

"YOU STUPID KID," screeched Roger Whitfield to his son. "How could you let that monster talk you into helping him?"

Hilda Whitfield broke down and cried hysterically. The Court Officer led the Jury members out of the room and Judge Hastings got out from under his bench and moved to Kristen.

Connie's hands were shaking and bloodied, but she continued to apply pressure to the wound.

Two Paramedics came rushing through the double doors and Connie gave details, "Gunshot wound to the forehead."

The Medics took over as Connie and Mike got to their feet.

Cyrus placed his hand on Connie's left shoulder.

"She'll be okay," mumbled Connie as she started to weep. "Kris is tough."

A few minutes later, the Paramedics had Kristen strapped to the stretcher and wheeled her out.

"Go with her Connie, I'll finish up here," suggested Mike.

Judge Hastings announced, "We will have a ten minute recess then proceed without the defendant."

Connie was escorted to Trinitas Hospital by Rob and Sue. The trio quickly located Kristen in the Emergency Department and were promptly ushered out of the cubical by nursing staff. They took up position outside and waited for a prognosis.

Ten minutes dragged by before a doctor came out from behind the curtain and asked, "Do were have next of kin here?"

"That's me Doctor, I'm Kristen's fiancée."

"Okay, the good news is the bullet didn't enter her skull. Its path sliced directly through the skin. She is a very lucky woman. Once I've sutured the wound, she'll be taken up to a room for observation and should be able to go home in a couple of days."

"That's wonderful news, thank you," remarked a much relived and teary eyed Connie.

"She has just regained consciousness and it will be about thirty minutes before she is taken upstairs."

"Thank you."

"You can come in if you like and wait with her while I stitch her up."

"I'd like that," replied Connie. She followed the doctor into the cubicle and the held back tears fell unashamedly from her eyes as she looked down at Kristen lying on the bed.

There was a large swab covering Kristen's forehead and blood was seeping through the cotton mesh. Connie stood out of the way as the doctor reached for a vial and syringe from the trolley.

"Kristen, I'm just going to numb the wound then suture. You'll feel a slight sting."

"No problem," acknowledged the patient groggily.

Connie observed as the four inch open lesion was closed then bandaged with clear film.

The doctor looked at her, "It shouldn't be long before she goes to a room."

"Thank you again Doctor."

Kristen sat up wobbly, "Hey, I didn't know you were here."

Smiling, Connie approached the bed and took her left hand, "Of course I'm here."

Reaching up, Kristen wiped away the tears, "I'm okay baby. How is Mike?"

"He's fine and the Judge is proceeding without Whitfield, so no more drama today."

An orderly arrived and Connie, Rob and Sue followed as Kristen was wheeled to the sixth floor and into a private room. After settling onto the bed, Kristen asked the nurse if she could have a shower to wash off the blood before donning the hospital gown.

The nurse assented and Rob stepped outside to wait.

Seven minutes later, Kristen emerged from the bathroom carrying her uniform and boots, "Hey Rob."

He stepped into the room, "What's up Sarge?"

"Can you and Sue give us a moment and go collect an evidence bag from your Patrol car?"

"We can as long as you keep and eye on Connie."

"I plan to."

Once the two Officers left, Kristen closed the door and Connie pulled her into an embrace, "You were wonderful, but I was so scared when I saw you had been wounded."

"Thanks, but it's my job and as you can tell I am doing fine."

Connie pressed her lips to Kristen's and kissed her gently. As they parted, Connie's cell sounded. "It's Mike," she declared while withdrawing it from her pocket. "Hello Mike, how did it go?"

"Whitfield will be put to death on a date to be determined. It's finally over and we can all go home, but more importantly, how is Kris doing?"

"Deep laceration to her temple and no entry wound. She has a two night stay and is going to be just fine."

"That's terrific news, oops gotta go Connie, bye."

Connie returned the phone to her pocket and embraced Kristen again, "We won honey."

"I never thought there was much doubt."

"No, but I'm so relieved to be able to go home."

"When the doctor does rounds, I'm asking to go home. I feel fine and I want to be with you."

"That would be nice and I'd like to visit dad first. I haven't even got him a present."

"It's okay. We can buy something on the way and how about we take him out to dinner?"

Connie arched her brows, "Sweetie, you've just been shot, don't you think you need to rest?"

"No, I want to get back to normal. Besides, I've had worse."

"Yes you have, but I'd like you to be in one piece for our nuptials."

Kristen grinned, "Well I have six weeks to work on it."

"Oh my god, I hope mom has been busy with plans during all this?"

The blonde tittered softly, "You know she has and I'm sure everything is organised."

"The last time I spoke to her, she was having a melt down over the catering menu."

Kristen roared with laughter, "We can talk about it tonight and sort it out."

Kristen was visited by her work colleagues and friends over the next few hours and at six, she was discharged and along with Connie, rushed home to change for a dinner date with Gabriella and Carlos.

On the way to the restaurant the couple picked up a gift and arrived to hugs and kisses. Connie and her mother discussed wedding plans while Kristen chatted over the case with Carlos. He insisted on an early night and for Kristen to go home to rest.

The couple were home by ten and Kristen experienced her first headache. After digesting some pain killers, she showered then climbed into bed.

Connie joined her moments later and nestled onto her chest, "How is the pain?"

"It's easing baby. I guess I overdid it a little?"

"I'm glad you found some relief and it's wonderful to be in our bed again."

Kissing the top of Connie's head, Kristen agreed, "It sure is."

"Captain Parsons called while you were in the shower. You are off duty until Monday."

"Nice, would you like to go to Larchmont Friday night?"

Connie nibbled on Kristen's bare chest, "I would. It's time we had another "Perfect Day"."

"Connie, I'm sorry."

"What for sweetie?"

"For being so tired and getting hurt."

"Darling, we have just spent three weeks on the go, we are all worn-out. I hardly slept more than four hours a night and lord knows how much you got. You were working non-stop and busy saving others, which by the way, is an incredible turn on."

Deep breathing replied and Connie reached behind and turned off the lamp. Snuggling into the crook of Kristen's arm, she closed her eyes and smiled.

Kristen opened the front door and allowed Connie to gain entry.

"I'm expecting the kitchen to be a mess," said Connie while walking into the hall.

"No baby, I organised for it to be cleaned the day after our mass exodus. Everything is nice and spotless."

"Phew that's good. I thought we'd have to clean up first, so thank you."

"Do you want to put the groceries away while I take our bags up to the bedroom?"

"Sure, so what would you like me to cook for dinner?"

"It's all taken care of Connie. Once you shower and put on a new outfit, I am taking you out for seafood."

Connie leaned over and pecked Kristen on the lips, "I love you."

"I know you do and stop distracting me. Our table is booked for seven."

Connie rushed off and put away the two bags of groceries while Kristen bounded up the stairs and unpacked. Connie entered the bedroom and commenced undressing on the way to the bathroom.

When Kristen was done, she went and sat on the counter and watched Connie. "Paul took Reesa home from the hospital today."

Connie turned her head, "That's excellent news."

"I dropped in before picking you up. Her mother is visiting for a week to give her a hand."

"Is Paul seeing Reesa?"

"Yes in a roundabout way. He asked her out three weeks ago, but they haven't actually been able to go anywhere."

"I think that's sweet and they make a nice looking couple."

"I called into the two-seven and had lunch with Ed and Cyrus. Apparently, I am going on a doe's night on the sixteenth of next month. Ed's planned the whole thing."

"Well that is part of the best man's job."

"I invited Olivia, is that okay?"

Turning off the water, Connie opened the screen door and reached for a towel, "Of course it is sweetie."

Kristen smirked, "I just wanted to make sure."

Connie dried off and hung up the towel, "Kris, I trust you and Olivia. I'm not jealous and I know how much she loves Alex."

Reaching out, Kristen touched the side of Connie's face, "I love you and thank you."

"Oh, I forgot, the Wynn case is scheduled for sentencing September 3rd."

"What time are you looking at?"

"Life, it's the mandatory sentence for the attempted murder of a Police Officer and Whitfield waived his right to appeal his sentence so his execution is set down for September 22nd."

"I think I'll go to that show."

"I'll be there too." Connie draped her arm over Kristen's shoulders, "I want to see him pay for all the hurt he caused."

Kristen moved in closer and kissed Connie on the neck, "Cheers to that. Now hurry up and get dressed baby."

Kristen and Connie's "Perfect Day" began the second they walked back into the house after dinner. Connie's dress sailed across the polished floor boards and was quickly followed by Kristen's shirt. The couple made love in the hall before moving onto the kitchen bench then the stairs.

Once they reached the bed, Connie pushed Kristen onto the mattress and devoured her lips. Their coupling continued until past four in the morning when Kristen collapsed sideways onto her pillows.

"I swear Connie you are absolutely everything to me."

"And you are mine and one of these days, I am going to count my orgasms. I'm sure it's a world record."

Kristen chuckled, "I lose track after ten."

Giggling, Connie confessed, "I didn't even get that far."

"Mmm, we are made for each other."

"Yes we are sweetheart. Are you ready for sleep?"

"I am, but I need to use the bathroom first."

"So do I. Do you want to take a shower? I believe I've got your juice all over me."

"Juice?" queried Kristen with pursed lips.

"Well, what else am I going to call it?"

"No idea, it just sounds funny coming from you."

Connie slapped Kristen's butt, "I'll think about an alternative."

Connie was lazily running her fingertips over the fast fading scar on Kristen's abdomen, "They really did a wonderful job on this."

"Yup, it's nearly all gone."

"Were you hurt many times in the Marine Corps?"

"You know about my jaw and I was lucky baby. I got shot two other occasions. The first time, my flak jacket took the full force and the second was to my lower back."

"I've never noticed a scar there and trust me I know every inch of your body."

"I can't argue with that and the scar is hidden by the dark blue of my tattoo."

"Very clever, so how come you built a pool when the ocean is only eight hundred yards from the back fence?"

Kristen laughed, "Because I've always wanted a pool and it's solar heated for winter. I actually don't like swimming in salt water."


"My father nearly drowned me in the surf when I was six. He held my head under the water because I couldn't swim out to him."

Connie shook her head, "I hate him."

"He's dead Connie."

"I know, but I still hate him. I can't imagine how hard your childhood must have been."

Kristen smiled broadly, "It did teach me to hold my breath longer."

Connie tittered, "Oh that explains your magnificent performance in the pool earlier."

"Indeed it does baby."

Connie stretched her legs out along the deckchair, "I wish we could stay like this?"

"We could, but it may get a little cold in the next couple of weeks."

"You know what I meant."

"I do and any time you want to give up work is all right with me. It's not like we'd be poor."

"Don't tempt me honey. It's a nice idea, but I'd be bored after a month."

"What about when we have babies?"

Smiling brightly, Connie answered, "Kris, that won't be for a few years."

"I'm thirty-five in five weeks time and I don't want to leave it much longer."

Connie shifted so she could look directly at Kristen, "Thirty-five is not old sweetie and you've never said anything about it, but do you even want to be a birth mother?"

"No I don't. I've always wanted children, but never felt the maternal need to give birth."

"Do you think that is a result of your parents?"

"Yes, but I think it's also because I'm not feminine."

Connie questioned with surprise, "Not feminie?"

"You know what I mean? I am more butch then fem."

Connie chuckled, "Now that's true, but you are a knockout in a dress."

"Thanks, but I am totally uncomfortable in one. You on the other hand, are extremely feminine."

"Hey no fair, I only wear makeup and dresses to work."

"What do you call the outfit you wore last night?"

"Oh that was just to tease the hell out of you and it worked."

Kristen scoffed, "Yeah it did. It's those legs of yours. I'm a helpless fool when they are on show."

"Hence the reason I occasionally put them out there."

"You like me in a dress, don't you?"

"Yes I do."

"So, you'd like to see me in one more than once a year?"

"It would be nice, but I understand your reasons."

"Good, now how about we go inside and I make dinner while you call your mother and make that appointment for your gown fitting."

"Thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten."

"Yes, your mom called me this morning."

"That woman is unbelievable."

"She's great and just excited for you."

"True and she's been marvellous organising everything," conceded Connie as she stood up.

Kristen rolled off the recliner and jumped to her feet, "I invited your family up here for next weekend. Apparently you sister is having a birthday and your mother hinted to me several times during our conversation."

Taking Kristen's left hand, Connie led her inside, "Yes, she is subtle that one."

"It will be fun."

"Before we met, how much entertaining did you do?"

"None, it's your influence that has changed me."

Connie embraced her, "I enjoy the fact you are more open."

Kristen grabbed Connie around the hips and lifted her up onto the counter, "Me too." She handed her the phone, "You talk and I'll cook."

Later that evening in bed, Kristen was slowly twirling her finger around Connie's navel, "When I was ten my father took a wooden spoon to me and hit me that hard on the butt, he broke the spoon in two. The next morning all my hair fell out. The doctor said it was caused by alopecia, but it was later diagnosed as shock. That's why I have long hair, just because I can. My eyebrows and lashes were the only other hair to grow back. I never grew underarm or pubic hair when I reached puberty."

Connie reached down and stroked Kristen's head, "I love your hair and I just assumed you'd removed your body hair by laser treatment. I'd notice the absence of a razor the first time I went to your house to pack a bag for you when you were in hospital."

"All this information I am telling you," said Kristen in a soft voice. "I have only ever shared with Elizabeth."

"I'm very grateful and proud of you sweetie."

"I meant it when I said I would tell you everything."

"I know honey. When is your next session with Elizabeth?"

"On Thursday at eleven. I've got a few things I need to do in the City, so I'll see her afterwards."

"Are you talking about the paperwork for the civil union?"

"You got it. I just need to file it."

"I wish we could have a full legal wedding?"

"I do too and maybe one day same-sex marriage will be legal and we will just do it all over again."

"Oh that reminds me. Can you drop by the office some time on Monday and sign the new wills Mike drew up for us?"

"I'll do it during a meal break. After next week, all our plans are settled thanks to your mother."

"What would you like for your birthday?"

"Baby, I am getting married to you, that's the best present ever."

"That's very sweet, but I have to buy you a gift."

"Connie, I'm not used to celebrating birthdays. They weren't part of my childhood because my father thought they were a waste of money. I've always spent them on my own or on the job."

Connie shook her head twice, "Even when you were in the Marines?"

"Yes, this will be the first time I'll be with someone and mentioning it."

"Wow that is just incredible."

"Baby, a lot has changed for me during the past six months and all for the better."

"Ed was telling me you are more open with your friends now."

"I am and after the Yates' attack, I realised how precious they are to me and then falling in love with you made me into a big softie."

Connie giggled then playfully swatted Kristen on the shoulder, "Real funny sweetie."

"I do my best. I'm thirsty, you want a drink?"

"Yes. How about we go downstairs together and take a skinny dip?"

"I've noticed you have become rather found of running around here butt naked."

"All the better to make love with you," quipped Connie.


Chapter 18

The next four weeks flew by and on Wednesday August 13th Connie went out on the town with her mother, sister, sister in-law, friends and colleagues for her doe's night while Kristen took Carlos, Alexandro and Robert out to dinner then the movies.

Kristen arrived home a little after 11:30 and Connie staggered into the bedroom at 01:20. She went straight into the bathroom and turned on the light.

"Are you all right baby?" asked a wide awake Kristen.

"I'm ... kind ... of really ... drunk honey," replied Connie before bursting into a fit of the giggles.

Kristen laughed at her antics and climbed out of bed. Going into the ensuite, she snorted at the sight of Connie sitting fully clothed on the toilet. "Baby, you need to take off your clothes before you use that."

Connie waved her hand in the air, "Nah ... I'm not peeing ... just sitting ... I forgot what ... I was doing."

"You were getting ready for bed."

"Oh yes ... brush my teeth for me ... so I don't reek of champagne."

Trying not to laugh again, Kristen helped Connie take off her cardigan, shirt and bra. Next, she removed her jeans, socks and underpants.

"I drank ... way too much ... sorry sweetie."

"It was a special night Connie so you are excused."

"It was a ... lot of fun ... mom is rotten. She never shut ... up about you ... I swear ... she loves you more than me."

"That's not possible," replied Kristen as she handed Connie her toothbrush.

"Alex, Julia and Theresa got ... into a shot contest ... they are smashed."

"You brush your teeth and I'll go get you a bottle of water."

"Okay sweetie ... you are so cute when ... you are naked."

"So are you."

Kristen left the room and returned to find Connie in the shower. She handed her the bottle and returned to bed.

A few minutes passed before Connie snuggled in beside her and without delay, fell asleep.

At six-fifteen Friday night, Connie came storming through the front door of the house and shouted, "KRIS, SWEETIE WHERE ARE YOU?"

Kristen stuck her head out of the study doorway, "Down here baby, what's up?"

"You are not going to believe this, but I am flying out to Vermont in an hour?"

Exiting the room, Kirsten walked down the hallway, "What did you just say?"

"Mike is sending me on an extradition case with Ed and Cyrus."

"No way!"

"I have to make application to the Court in the morning and we are flying back tomorrow afternoon."

"Oh no, that is not right," protested Kristen.

"I spoke to Jack and he said there was nothing he could do about it. There is no one else available."

"Fuck that, you are supposed to be on vacation," protested Kristen bitterly.

"Well officially I don't start until Monday, but I'm supposed to pick up my gown in the morning."

"I can do that baby, but we are supposed to go out to the wedding rehearsal tonight."

"You'll just have to do it without Ed and me."

"I guess so, I'll help you pack."

Ed knocked on the front door twenty minutes later and Kristen answered it as Connie raced out of the bedroom.

"Don't forget my dress and I'm really sorry Kris."

"It's not your fault and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. Hey Ed and goodbye."

Ed took Connie's bag, "Sorry about the rush, but Cyrus is double parked outside."

Connie quickly hugged Kristen and kissed her slowly, "I'll call you tonight."

"Okay baby, be safe." She let go of Connie and embraced Ed then whispers, "Thank you Ed."

"You're welcome, but we gotta move."

Connie waved and headed out the door with Ed, "I'm so pissed at Mike for this and the bastard has turned off his cell so I can't tell him."

"I know what you mean," countered Ed as the pair neared the silver Ford Taurus.

Cyrus waved and Connie asked, "How come Cy is using his vehicle instead of the Squad car?"

"Once we get back from Burlington, he has a personal trip to make and didn't want to waste time swapping vehicles."

"Well that makes sense. Time is something we'll all have in short supply."

Ed popped the trunk and placed Connie's overnight bag inside with the other luggage. She draped the garment travel bag containing her skirt suit on top then closed the trunk.

"Mike said you guys have all the paperwork," commented Connie while taking a seat in the back.

Cyrus displayed an envelope in front of her, "Got it all here."

Kristen raced back into the bedroom, packed three suit cases then called Gabriella, "They've just left. I'll be there in thirty minutes."

"Okay, see you soon. Oh and Kris, don't forget the package."

Kristen laughed, "I packed it into my truck this morning."

"I was just checking, bye."

After placing the luggage into the Dodge truck, Kristen rushed over to her future in-laws' house.

Connie settled into her seat beside Cyrus, "Can I read the paperwork?"

Cyrus pulled the envelope from the inside of his jacket, "There you go Connie."

The ADA perused the extradition order then asked, "So this guy is wanted for a murder committed four years ago?"

Ed leaned over, "Yeah, apparently he beat his wife to death and skipped bail three and a half years ago. Cops in Burlington arrested him for a DUI and ran a check on his licence. When it came back as a fake they fingerprinted him and found the arrest warrant on him issued in New York and two in Vermont for homicide."

"And the Vermont Court wants to try him first?"

"Basically, that's why we needed to move tonight."

"Well, let's make the best of a bad situation. Cyrus, do you know where we are staying?"

"Yes the Sheraton Hotel."

"At least we'll have nice rooms."

"That's true and on that note, the Department can spring for a couple of beers," suggested Ed as he got the Steward's attention.

"I'll take a whiskey and dry," said Connie. "I need one."

An hour later, Cyrus drove the rental car into the drive of the Sheraton Burlington Hotel, "Geez, this is pretty swanky."

"Nice, I'm glad I'm not picking up this tab," remarked Ed as the Concierge greeted them and Cyrus popped the trunk.

"I'll go check in," offered Connie. "What time are we expected in Court?"

"Nine-fifteen, the local Prosecutor will meet us there."

"Okay, meet you guys at Reception."

Connie approached the front desk and after booking in, she was handed three key cards by the Receptionist.

Ed and Cyrus joined her and they went to their rooms.

Connie opened her door first, "I'll see you two in the morning."

"Goodnight Connie," replied Cyrus.

"Goodnight and we'll leave here at nine," advised Ed.

"Okay, goodnight."

Going inside, Connie was surprised to find a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice on the counter. Reaching for the attached card, she read it and smiled.

Ms Rubirosa,

Enjoy your stay with us.

If you require anything, please contact the front desk.

Compliments of Management

Pouring a glass, Connie phoned room service and ordered dinner. Looking around the suite, she went into the bathroom and drew a bath.

Rolling over on the bed, Connie turned off the alarm and groaned. She was not looking forward to arguing points of law with another Prosecutor in an hour's time, especially not with a hangover. The first glass of champagne the night before had led to an empty bottle.

Sitting up, Connie walked into the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of Advil from her toiletries bag. Five minutes after showering, there was a knock on the door and peeking through the spy hole, she spotted a Hotel employee.

Opening the door, he greeted her with a cheery disposition, "Good morning madam, your breakfast is served."

"But I didn't order any."

"No madam, it has been taken care of for you, so has the gratuity," he placed the tray on the table and retreated.

Connie lifted the lid on the plate and her stomach rumbled with hunger.

After eating and dressing, there was another knock on the door. Connie assumed it was Ed and Cyrus. She wasn't prepared to see her sister Theresa, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Theresa smirked, "There has been a change of plans."


Theresa grabbed her sister's shoulders and jumped up and down with excitement, "Happy wedding day Connie."

Connie tried to catch up to Theresa, "What are you talking about?"

"You and Kris are getting married this afternoon at three."

"I ... what?"

Bursting into laughter, Theresa stepped inside and handed Connie a large white box, "Your wedding gown sister dear. Mom will be here in ten minutes then we are off to the beauty spa."

"How the hell did this all happen?" enquired an astonished Connie.

"Your darling fiancée and our mother have been conspiring to put this all together. Jack and Mike set up the fictitious ruse to get you here and Ed and Cyrus ably assisted them."

"What about all the guests?"

"Everyone has been here since last night. We all flew in on the flight after yours."

Tears welled in brown eyes as realisation struck Connie, "Oh good god, this is incredible."

"Kristen knew you wanted a legal marriage, so she organised to have the wedding here."

"Oh I love her so much," said Connie before erupting into tears.

"And she loves you Connie. If you give me two minutes, I'll go get your other bags from my room. Kris packed everything you'll need."

Theresa left and Connie sat down on the couch and waited. Within minutes, Gabriella and Theresa knocked on the door and after much hugging and tears; the three women went downstairs to be pampered.

Kristen stood nervously at the altar as she looked towards Ed and whispered, "I think I'm going to throw up."

Placing a hand on her left shoulder, Ed replied, "You said that ten minutes ago and didn't."

A trembling Kristen confessed to her best friend, "I've never been this nervous before Ed."

"You'll be okay honey, just take a deep breath."

The string quartet perched above the balcony started to play and Theresa came into view at the end on the aisle wearing a midnight blue sleeveless satin gown.

Kristen smiled and swallowed hard as Carlos and Connie followed behind. Carlos was wearing the same black, tailor made suit as Ed, Paul and Glenn. Tears started to flow from Kristen's eyes as her bride caught her eye.

Connie was magnificent in a floor length Vera Wang designed strapless white satin gown.

Ed noticed Kristen start to fall forward and grabbed her by the elbow, "Easy Kris, are you okay?"

"Oh yes Ed. My Connie is so beautiful and she loves me."

Connie smiled radiantly at her loved one and mouthed the words, "Thank you." Her eyes cast over the Valentino off white satin A-line sleeveless wedding dress and tears pricked the back of her brown orbs. Her bride's hair was sweep up into a cascade of blonde curls and her makeup accentuated her natural beauty. Connie's chest tightened as he father presented her to Kristen.

Kristen gave her a slight nod and cried harder. When Carlos withdrew, Kristen held out her hand to Connie and the couple stood side by side as they faced the priest.

Once the priest announced the happy couple married, Connie wrapped her arms around Kristen's shoulders and pulled her in for a heated kiss.

Placing her hands on the small of Connie's back, Kristen surrendered to the kiss and her heart overflowed with joy and love.

The guests applauded as the newlyweds continued to kiss and seal their vows.

Kristen dipped Connie backwards and finally released her lips, "Hello Mrs Stanton-Rubirosa."

Connie smiled brightly and gripped onto Kristen's neck, "Well hello there my clever woman."

Kristen hauled Connie up and into her arms, "I thought I'd go for the big surprise and I think we're supposed to walk down the aisle now."

Connie looked around at the guests, "I do believe that's correct and you have managed to surpass all your other surprises."

Hand in hand the pair set off to be congratulated by family and friends.

Five hours passed before Connie finally got Kristen into her room, "I really can't find the words to tell you how much I love you."

"I know what you mean baby and you are my one and only love." Kristen kissed her wife feverishly and slowly pulled down the zipper on her wedding dress.

Slipping her hands to the back of Kristen's gown, Connie searched for the clasp while devouring her lips.

Kristen groaned as her hands kneaded into bare flesh. Pulling back, she locked eyes with Connie and declared, "You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen."

"So are you and I'm looking forward to consummating are marriage once I get this amazing dress off of you."

Kristen sniggered softly and promised, "Oh baby, you are definitely not getting any sleep tonight."

Connie regaled happily, "Hallelujah to me, now kiss your wife Mrs Stanton-Rubirosa."

The End

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