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All's Fair in Fairhaven
By Sparx

Part 2

B'Elanna found herself in a much better mood.

She was sprawled out on her stomach when the mattress dipped indicating that Seven had finally finished with her shower. Deciding that it was about time she did the same, she began to rise.

When she tried to roll over, she found a hand on her shoulder holding her in place.

"Don't move." Seven softly commanded. When the hybrid relaxed back onto the mattress, Seven began to softly caress the strong brown back.

Letting her fingers trail over each bump of B'Elanna's spine Seven took her time exploring the smaller woman's back. As her fingers moved lower to explore a smooth firm ass and backs of thighs, Seven began to softly kiss between relaxed shoulder blades.

It wasn't long before B'Elanna began to growl low in her chest.

With a sudden shift, Seven found herself on her back with a wild eyed Klingon hovering over her.

"I love you." B'Elanna growled as she leaned down to nip at full soft lips. After taking her time exploring Seven's mouth she pulled back to look into eyes gone smokey with passion.

"You're not angry at me anymore?" Seven asked softly, as she reached up to caress a dark cheek.

"I wasn't really mad at you at all." B'Elanna said with a purr and nuzzled into the long cool fingers. "I was just in one of those Klingon moods."

"I like your Klingon moods." Seven gasped, when B'Elanna's fingers began an exploration of their own. When sharp teeth and soft lips lowered to her neck, Seven hissed."I didn't mean to contradict you."

"I enjoyed the challenge." B'Elanna grinned as she let her tongue trail across the pale throat. Seven tangled a hand in dark hair by reflex. After long minutes she tried use her hold to push the hybrid lower. For a response B'Elanna moved back up to again possess full lips. When the dark head again moved to finally hover over already taut breasts, she knew another, sweeter torment was about to commence.

"I wasn't trying to irritate you." Seven managed to get out as she felt teeth softly graze her aching nipple.

"You excited me." B'Elanna answered just before sucking the hard nipple into her mouth. B'Elanna brought her hand up to caress the other breast as she sucked and nipped the offering before her. When she finished she traded sides and brought both breasts to full attention. With one last squeeze she moved to trail a tongue across ribs and stomach.

"I'm sorry I made you angry." Seven said as she arched under the attention.

"You made my pulse race." B'Elanna growled. Mouth following exploring fingers, B'Elanna traced a path across Seven's belly.

"I......." Seven tried when fingers plunged lower.

"You made me wet." B'Elanna stated. Fingers twirling into blond hairs, B'Elanna nipped and licked along taut inner thighs while she teased Seven to the brink of oblivion.

"You always do that to me." B'Elanna admitted. Her fingers finally dipped lower. The moisture was unmistakable. "Just like I do to you." she said with a wide grin, as she slid two fingers into her lover. Seven knew no more as a rough tongue and soft lips covered her sex and brought her to a shuddering climax.

With one last slow swipe of a tongue, B'Elanna moved back up to take the taller woman in her arms.

Still twitching with aftershocks, Seven clung tight to B'Elanna. "I love you." she said.

"I love you too." B'Elanna answered pulling her closer.

Soon both women were sound asleep in each others arms.

The End

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