DISCLAIMER: This story contains sex between two characters of the same sex, but if you're on a list receiving it that shouldn't surprise you.  I, of course, do not own these characters I wish I did.  This story was originally written a really long time ago so it takes place before the whole stupid marriage to Tom thing.
This was a song fic of the song Falling Into You, I'm not sure who wrote it but I tip my hat to 'em.

Falling Into You
By Ezrilover

The chirping of B'Elanna's door was really starting to piss her off.  She had tried yelling at who ever was out there but they just wouldn't go away.  B'Elanna just couldn't believe how inconsiderate and irritating this person was being, for she knew that on a ship as small as Voyager that everyone would know that she had just gotten off work after 26 hours of major repairs.  But then there was always Tom, who had been increasingly irritating ever since their breakup, trying to win her back.  With a loud growl B'Elanna rolled out of her warm bed, hoping to face a new enemy, sure that it was Tom.  

As her door swept open B'Elanna was surprised to see Seven Of Nine standing there looking at her with a raised metallic eyebrow.  Seven started speaking in Klingon to B'Elanna, it took B'Elanna a minute to catch up to the words flowing from Seven's beautiful mouth, for though she was Klingon she didn't often speak the language or hear it for that matter.  So it took a few moments for Seven's words to register, and to B'Elanna's surprise it was the Klingon mating ritual. 

B'Elanna groaned and pushed Seven away.  'Just great' she thought, 'now I have to deal with her Klingon personality again.'  Though thoughts of passion also rose in B'Elanna's mind she pushed them away too, thinking that no woman like Seven could ever really mean this deep of pledge to her.  B'Elanna looked at the face of the woman she was denying herself, and could fell a pain so strong it was physically.

As B'Elanna looked into Seven's eyes she saw her own pain reflected, and her mind reeled.  She found herself questioning her actions, "had she hurt Seven's feelings?'  After that thought she came to a realization, 'Seven had feelings!?'  The though had never crossed her mind before, but she could see them in her eyes now.

Seven's heart broke as she was pushed away by the only person she could truly love.   Having started a mating ritual with B'Elanna, not calculating that B'Elanna would think that she was suffering from multiple personalities again, Seven for the fist time in her life put her heart on the line.   But though that was the reason behind B'Elanna's reaction, Seven couldn't know that.  So heart broken and lost, Seven thought that B'Elanna's reaction was that B'Elanna did not and would not ever love her.  For what kind of Klingon would take a cold heartless Borg as a mate. 

Weeks went by and B'Elanna knew she had been wrong about Seven's personality and feelings, she could now see the pain, confusion and love in Seven's eyes.   Though she and Seven had been getting along fairly well in the last few weeks before the proposal, now Seven was withdrawn and avoided B'Elanna whenever possible.  

This change in relations did not go unnoticed by Captain Janeway, who in desperation was seeking to bring the two together.  Sitting on the couch in her ready room sipping her coffee Kathryn let out a sigh and spoke to herself, "I just wish I knew what the hell was wrong with those two this time.  Seven won't even tell me and I could usually get anything out of her."  She sat her coffee down rested her elbows on her knees and rubbed her forehead before running it through her shoulder length auburn hair.  "Hell, I've even asked B'Elanna what was wrong.  Not that getting her to really tell me anything had ever been easy, but she's been extremely tight lipped about this, she hadn't even told Harry about it." 

As the door chimed a slow egger smile slid across Janeway's lips she knew she had no other choice but couldn't help but enjoy doing this.  Moving to stand behind her desk she called, "enter."  The door swished open to reveal B'Elanna with Seven standing behind her, B'Elanna looked very nervous but Seven was her usual calm self.  "Ladies, I've been thinking it's about time for a complete overhaul of the warp drive systems on this ship and I want you two to work together, agreeably, on how to do this.  So as of today you will be camping out together until this gets done."

B'Elanna's mouth dropped open and Seven spoke, "Captain I fail to see how setting up a makeshift shelter of canvas and cooking over an open fire will aid in the overhaul of the warp drive."

Janeway smiled and suppressed a chuckle, "That's not exactly what I meant Seven.  What I meant was that you to will lock yourselves alone together in a room of your choice to work and wont leave until your works done.  This means that you Seven will first take a nice long regeneration cycle and Lieutenant Torres you may wish to take up coffee drinking and short catnaps, so that you don't end up killing Seven.  You two will be pulling at least one all-nighter to get this done, You have 3 days to come up with a working plan.  And B'Elanna, I do expect that nether of you will need a trip to Sickbay.  Your dismissed."

Seven's eyes were a pale blue, paler than normal and tears were welling up around the edges.  B'Elanna had to do something, knowing what she knew, how could she let Seven cry? 

After days of working and living with Seven as her only company, B'Elanna had found to her surprise that Seven actually had a beautiful personality and the heart to match.  Somehow she had never known, even with all the ships gossip, that Seven played with Naomi Wildman and was the friend she herself had never had to the child.  She had never been graced with the knowledge that Seven sang love songs when working late at night when the ships silence was so total that you could hear the hum of the warp core.

As the first tear fell from Seven's eye, B'Elanna knew that she loved the strong, beautiful woman standing in front of her, and that there was no honor hiding that love.  B'Elanna stepped closer to Seven and took her into her arms. 

Seven's skin felt so soft and smelt so sweet and warm.  B'Elanna's Klingon blood was raging through her veins and her two hearts were pumping faster than they ever had before.  B'Elanna looked deep into Seven's eyes and watched them change colors, from pale blue to deep teal blue and than deeper as there mouths met
softly.  B'Elanna knew at that moment she truly had found her soulmate and could not let any one separate her from Seven.

And in your eyes I see ribbons of color
I see us inside of each other
I feel my unconscious merge with yours
And I hear a voice saying "What's mine
is yours."

It wasn't until this moment that B'Elanna realized that Seven's long ago bitten proposal wasn't the work of that other personality.  But how could they get married?  B'Elanna had just broken it off Tom having told him she just wasn't ready, but was that true?  Could she marry Seven, the thought felt right but were her reasons wrong?  B'Elanna told Seven she needed time to think and watched as Seven walked away sadly.

Ten minutes later B'Elanna's shift started and she headed to Engineering slowly while lost in thought.  'What if Seven can't wait much longer and found someone else?'  B'Elanna knew that if that happened she would never forgive herself, but did she love her enough to marry her?

Seven stood silently in Astrometrics thinking of the rash actions that she had taken a months before.  It had been her luck that just as she was coming to realize her feelings for B'Elanna were stronger then any others she had ever felt that a chance encounter with another piece of Borg garbage flouting around the galaxy would not only force her into seeing her feelings for what they were but would make them obvious to everyone else.  Only no one ever mentioned it again and Seven had thought she was safe from the truth of her love, until a few days ago when Caption Janeway decided to intervene again.

After spending the entire Alpha shift thinking about Seven and getting nothing done B'Elanna had only came up with one reason not to marry Seven.  'What if she really doesn't love me, she just thinks it's love?'  B'Elanna could see herself getting hurt if that happened but realized that no matter what happened, if they didn't stay together she'd be in pain.   So why not take the leap and pledge her life to the only person she truly ever loved.  With that last thought B'Elanna headed to Cargo Bay 2 to find Seven and propose.

Seven had never thought that thinking could be so exhausting but after only twelve hours of being on duty, Seven was more fatigued then she had ever been.  The hallways seemed empty to Seven as she headed to the Cargo Bay to get some rest, but then she wasn't really looking to find other people.  Nonetheless the walk to the Cargo Bay was taking longer than she had ever thought possible, but finally she did reached the doors to her makeshift home.

As the doors swished open B'Elanna looked up to see the object of her affection standing in the door looking like her heart had stopped beating.  B'Elanna rose slowly to her feet and walked over to Seven, while speaking the words to the Klingon mating ritual.  Seven's eyes tear up and a huge smile burst across her face.  Seven accepted with the traditionally spoken words and through her arms around the shorter woman. 

Seven leaned into the embrace and looked down at B'Elanna with love and passion, they took only a few seconds to lean into a soft kiss.  Their lips met softly then B'Elanna gently nibbled on Seven's lower lip and sucked it delicately into her warm mouth.

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Seven pulled away as tears ran down her face even thought she was smiling.  B'Elanna's confused look persuades Seven to tell her that this was her first kiss.  B'Elanna felt so honored that all she could do was smile back and wrap her arms around her, holding Seven as close as possible.  B'Elanna begins to realize that Seven will be experiencing more firsts now and decides to take it as slow as possible with her so that they both enjoy it.  

As B'Elanna held Seven she let her hands ran soft circles along Seven's back as she started to kiss her pouty lips again.  Seven's breath was slowly becoming shallower and her heart was now pumping faster than her nanoprobes could correct.  B'Elanna couldn't help but move her kisses to Seven's ears and neck slowly alternating between dry soft kisses and little nips.

I was afraid to let you in here
Now I have learned love can't be
made in fear
The walls begin to tumble down
And I can't even see the ground

Seven thought her heart would explode, it was beating so fast, but she loved every second of it.  With B'Elanna's lips creasing her Seven was became heated, which had never happened to her before and scared her a little but she didn't want it to stop.  In fact, Seven couldn't see how she could ever stop touching B'Elanna.

After having tasted of Seven's lips B'Elanna knew that she couldn't just stop there she had to love all of Seven the way it she was meant to be.  Moving her creases to Seven's face she kissed tediously along her jaw until she came to Seven's right ear which she licked and sucked before moving up to place tiny kisses on Seven's eyelids.  Seven smiled at the treatment she was receiving but wanted more and couldn't hold back a grown of pleasure and frustration.  B'Elanna knowing full well what the grown meant moved back to Seven's mouth for a modest kiss before kissing down her neck letting her lips rest over Seven's pulse point before softly nibbling at it.

As Seven's groans grew louder B'Elanna finally knew without a doubt that they would be together forever.  B'Elanna started to cry but only briefly before moving to take Seven into another kiss.  This kiss was all of her love, hunger, and pain, put together, it was so intense that Seven's back arched of the ground causing her breasts meet B'Elanna's for the first time.  

Seven had never felt anything this sensual before and found her body rubbing against B'Elanna's, she so desperately needed more contact.  Seven looked up into B'Elanna's eyes and silently asked B'Elanna never to stop.

Fighting for control B'Elanna closed her eyes and lessened to the pounding in her ears, she had never had the chance to be with someone she loved before and she was going to make it last as long as she possible could.

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

B'Elanna finally controlled her passion and started to slowly stroke Seven through her Bio-suit, her hands traveled slowly up and down Seven's arms and over her shoulders before easing down the sides of Seven's soft full breasts.  Seven gasped as B'Elanna cupped her breasts in her strong hands and held them loosely as her thumbs stroke Seven's erect nipples.

Seven looked into B'Elanna's half lidded eyes and saw B'Elanna's passion, strength and the love she held for her.  Seven could now see that B'Elanna was in love with her from the very depths of her heart and soul, and this love made Seven's eyes tear up again.  B'Elanna seeing the tears kisses them away by running her swollen lower lip along Seven's pink cheeks.  Seven smiled at B'Elanna and pulled her down, kissing her with all the passion she had been denying for those 18 years she had spent with the Borg, the kiss made B'Elanna's need to feel the rest of Seven even more intense.

B'Elanna's hands ran down Seven's back until she found the tiny zipper to Seven's Bio-suit so that she could slowly unzip it.  She pulled the shoulder down to revel the pale white skin of Seven and leaned in taking a deep breath of Seven before touching the treasure she had just uncovered.

B'Elanna's mouth met the soft warm skin of Seven's neck and with a shiver of longing B'Elanna started to slowly mouth her way along Seven's shoulders with her full swollen lips. Seven's body rubs and her arms pull at B'Elanna, she needs more contact and B'Elanna could see it in her eyes.

Smoothly pulling Seven's suit down over her warm breasts freeing them to the warmth of her hand, B'Elanna started licking the fleshly part carefully avoiding the nipple.  This treatment was sending shivers through both women and Seven was covered with goosebumps.  Seven's mouth opens silently, she had wanted to call out to B'Elanna but the words were trapped under the passion that longed for realize.

Taking Seven's left nipple into her mouth and rolls her tongue around it, B'Elanna was purposely driving Seven into a frenzy of hunger for her that nothing will ever hold a candle to.  Seven's Back arches of the floor again and B'Elanna supports the arch with her arm so that she could stroke Seven's flawless posterior.   

B'Elanna's mind was on overload thinking how lucky she truly was, to have found her soul mate in a world of pain and loneliness, how could she be more fortunate.  Then B'Elanna thought of the children that Seven had raised only to lose.  That would be better to raise a family with the one person she actually felt she could, to have children no one could take away.  But, these were thoughts for another time and B'Elanna put her mind on more timely things.

B'Elanna moves her mouth over to take Seven's right nipple in and licks it till it's swollen with blood only to bites down just hard enough to break the skin.  Licking and sucking at the blood, well Seven rived in a combination of lust and pain.  B'Elanna had marked her mate, but she had never expected her to like it.  But Seven loved it; she knew the meaning behind it and wanted nothing more than to have a mark where everyone could see it. 

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star
Finding a belief, falling where you are

B'Elanna pulled Seven's suit down to her adman just short of her pubic region and admires her wife's beautiful form, woman and machine who would have thought a former drown would be so beautiful.  B'Elanna started licking her way down the warm smooth metal, tasting it's tang, that ends just above where the suit lies now.

Seven rives in pleasure no one had ever touched her Borg parts with love before and she had never known how sensitive they were to touch.  Seven had never thought B'Elanna could love all of her lit alone that part of her, but her mate was and enjoying it too.  

B'Elanna pulled Seven's suit down on the right side and started softly kissing her wife's hip letting her tongue roll over the smooth skin. It's not long before the sent of Seven rises from her warm wet depths and drives B'Elanna wild.  B'Elanna's blood started pumping even faster and shivers ran through her body settling in her nipples and vagina.

B'Elanna roughly pulled the suit down around Sevens knees and started slowly and softly running her fingers thorough sevens hair, well she works her way up to kiss her again.  This kiss was purely passion and lust far beyond simple kisses, now they stroke each other's mouths and sucking on each other's tongue.

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Seven's breathing becomes vary shallow and she started bucking agents B'Elanna's hand needing more contact.  As Seven becomes more insistent and kicks her suit off trying to make B'Elanna see how much she needs her, it's working.

B'Elanna smiled lustfully and started kissing her way back down so that she had her face right next to Seven's warmth.  B'Elanna laid small kisses along Seven's damp sparsely haired lips, slowly carefully easing those lips aside with her own.

Needing more contact B'Elanna delicately spreads Seven's legs with her hands and started slowly licking at Seven's sweet juices mindful never to touch her clit.  As Seven rived voicing inarticulate begs for more, B'Elanna stroked her tongue along Seven's clit for the first time.  Seven's body left the floor, and she started moaning grabbing on to B'Elanna to hold her tight as the sensation of her first orgasm rocked through her body.  B'Elanna held on to Seven as she came down off her high and placed small soft kisses all around her beautiful wife's face.

Catch me, don't let me drop
love me, don't ever stop!

They shared a sweet slow kiss as Seven laid calmly in B'Elanna's arms.   'The arms of her wife,' Seven smiled.  'Oh how that designation fits what we have become,' Seven though as she looked into B'Elanna's eyes and knew that she felt the same.  Seven sighed and said, "I really wished I could stay like this forever but I am fatigued and need to regenerate."  Then seeing the look of disappointment on B'Elanna's face she reluctantly asked,  "B'Elanna would you stay with me while I rests?"

B'Elanna watched as Seven stood in her alcove and shifted into position.  The computer announced the start of Seven's six-hour cycle and B'Elanna groaned as she realized she would be without her love for six whole hours.  They would have to make arrangements to put the alcove ether in B'Elanna's quarters or to make a privet and permanent family quarters in Cargo Bay 2, they would also have to talk about having a family and how to announcing their marriage to the crew, but that was later.  B'Elanna didn't want to dwell on the future or the past she just wanted to live for the moment, and she knew that now all of their moments would all be precious.  B'Elanna came up beside Seven to stand on her alcove and kissed her one last time before lowering herself to curling into a ball on the floor next to her and falling fast to sleep.

So close your eyes and let me kiss you
And while you sleep I will miss you

The End

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