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I couldn't sleep, so I did another challenge story that Michael issued. Had to be a POV from someone that is either Tom, Janeway or Command staff. Not our two lovely ladies. Tom has an affair with Captain Iron Pants, errr um Janeway. B'Elanna and Seven get mad.
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The Fallout
By Hayseven

The fallout that occurred was a surprise.

Humans are illogical, and their emotions are often confusing and contradicting to their nature. To mate with someone based purely on physical attraction and stay with them is most irregular. To marry them after the facts is self-destroying.

I should go back and recount the events.

We were heading towards an uninhabited planet and were taking turns acquiring R and R. The planet was a haven compared to the turmoil off recent space faring events. The crew was three day into their sojourn when I was called to the brig. In a brief moment two people broke the rules and four, eventually five, lives were altered.

It appeared Ensign Thomas Paris threw away his marriage vows by sleeping with at that time an unknown woman. In a barely restrained rage, Lt B'Elanna Torres threw her soon to be husband Paris through the door of the makeshift retreat. It was fortunate the hut was made from local bark and not bricks. The falling rain that made puddles, had broken his fall, otherwise, he would have suffered more than a broken arm, minor bruising and squashed nuts. He has made a full recovery and he will still be able to procreate. The Lt. was released that same day from the brig, Tom would not bring changes and the Captain did not insist on it.

It was two days later when a cool Seven, the Astrometrics officer, had walked onto the bridge. After sparing Ensign Paris a cold menacing look, she entered the Captain's office without seeking entrance. The shouting could be heard on the bridge. Only the Captain and Seven knows the truth, but the fact remained that Seven had struck her commanding Officer, in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack. The Captain steadfastly refused to elaborate on the events, and would not allow any action to be taken on Seven.

I spoke to Kathryn my friend, not the Starfleet Captain that night. She told me all. Laid out the truth in all its seediness. She was the woman Ensign Paris committed adultery with. It had happened whilst the two were reminiscing over the adventures they had over the years. I believe the Captain had let her guard down, and in a lapse in judgment entered into a "fling" as humans deem it. Kathryn had told me how Seven had been mad that she would betray her friend B'Elanna. After the shouting match, Seven had hit Kathryn and told her that "One who lies in another's bed, can expect to find something they did not want." Kathryn told me she could not bear to charge Seven, she felt she deserved it. Her reaction was extreme but Kathryn said she understood Seven's response.

It was weeks later Seven came to me, and asked to perform a marriage ritual. B'Elanna and her were mates and already took the Klingon vows but wished to have a human ritual. In those weeks earlier, Seven was the one B'Elanna came running to. She couldn't understand how one could so easily break a vow with careless abandon. B'Elanna had been shaken and Seven 's reaction had been purely human. Her friend was hurting and she wished to find appeasement. I never did find out how Paris ended up with a broken arm and why he walked bow legged for three days but I suspect Seven had a hand in it. Seven also felt Kathryn was to blame.

That was months ago, and now we are in uncharted territory. A marriage and a child. We now have a Klingon hybrid whose mate is fiercely territorial. No one is willing to mess with a six foot tall ex borg, nor her mate. I find it illogical it took an ill chosen mate to bring together two people who by rights should have been mated before then. Perhaps that was the only smart thing Paris did, and well standing up to his responsibility after his sordid affair. After all, he is a father now.

Kathryn gave birth to a girl that has her father's eyes and nose, not to mention her mothers scowl and hair. The problem of having a Captain with a child when we are far from home is nothing compared to what we suffered at the hands of the Captain when she had to give up coffee for the sake of her unborn. That event is now referred to as "The Eighth Hell" The two of them raise the child and have a loose arrangement. As the senior security officer, I see a lot of things, but not even I could have predicted those events or their reactions.

The fallout that occurred was a surprise.

The End

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