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SUMMARY: B'Elanna teaches Seven about families
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By Texbkwrm

Chapter 16

B'Elanna woke out of a very fitful sleep. Reaching for her wife and not finding her, she became aware of her surroundings. She was in her old quarters and it took her a minute to realize why. Today was her wedding day, leave it to Seven to get a wedding organized in two weeks. B'Elanna still felt like she had been swept up in a tornado and should wake up in Oz.

Rising and showering quickly, her thoughts kept straying to the ceremony to come. She was a little nervous not about the marriage but about allowing so many people to see her personal side. Though she really did not know what privacy she had left if one more crewman asked how the "research" was going she was going to space someone.

Going to her closet she pulled out her dress whites, and wondered what her bride was going to wear. Seven wanted it to be a surprise. Knowing that Janeway had approved it, alleviated some of the klingons anxiety not all but some.

Looking at her reflection, she contemplated the path she had taken to get here. From lonely the girl of her childhood, to the angry teenager at starfleet academy, to the bitter, confused maquis, to finally the decorated starfleet officer at peace with herself and her past.

Icheb knocked on the door. "Are you ready."

"Yes I'm just finishing up." walking into the passageway she asked. "Is the sash straight." He adjusted it for her.

They proceeded to the mess hall quietly talking. Not about anything really just to help his parent's nerves.

At the main door they were to await a signal and then advance to stand on the left of Captain Janeway. On hearing Harry's violin begin Neelix motioned them forward pausing at the door to give B'Elanna a kiss on the cheek. "You look wonderful." he remarked. Walking down the aisle, she looked to both sides and saw the chairs packed with friends and colleagues. As she got to the end the captain gave an encouraging smile, turning around to face forward.

She waited anxiously. First came Rebi and Mitzoi, Rebi in a miniature dress blue uniform that resembled the attire of both his brothers and Chakotay. Mitzoi was in a white dress with wine trim and sash but she had a bouquet of pink flowers. This was a consolation for not being able to wear a pink dress. They walked very careful until they were in front of the captain then Rebi tried to follow his sister to the right side. She forcefully pushed him the other way. B'Elanna reached down smiling and patted him saying "It's ok I'm nervous too!" He graced her with one of his rare smiles. Just a few minutes later Naomi and Axan began marching purposely down. Naomi's dress was wine with white trim and her bouquet was white flowers. At the altar Rebi reached out and grabbed his twin's arm pulling him beside B'Elanna. Seeking to prevent a repeat of the earlier incident. Small giggles went up throughout the audience.

Chakotay walked through with a dazzling Samantha Wildman her formal gown was wine and white. Sleeveless, with a high collar in front. But low in the back and a slit up one side her bouquet was wine.

After Chakotay and Samantha took their places, There was a short pause. B'Elanna kept reminding her self to breathe. What seemed like a short eternity later, Seven and the Doctor stepped inside, the audience gasped at the beauty of Seven's appearance. The silk gown was a rich blood wine. The color so deep that when it moved it looked like liquid. It was a halter type bodice low in the front but with no back at all and slits up booth legs with every step she took you could see those long beautiful legs. She had a klingon armlet on one arm and anklets on each foot . She had strappy gold sandals for going her heels for once. Seven's hair was loose. She looked like some myth come to life but in her arms she carried a more precious burden than a bouquet. It was her youngest daughter, Katherine Janeway Hansen-Torres not even two weeks out of stasis. The bundle was sleeping peacefully and everybody there hoped she continued to do so. She already had a command voice to go with her name.

Watching her wife and daughter walk up the aisle caused tears of joy to trickle from B'Elanna's eyes. She let them fall unashamed. Finally at the altar, Seven turned and handed the baby to the EMH who went and sat down in the front row. Turning to her wife Seven smiled leaning over and wiping the tears from her cheeks and giving her a small kiss.

"Thank you for joining us in celebrating the union of Seven Annika Hansen and Lt. B'Elanna Torres daughter of Miral. It has been my privilege to know these women. I wish that I could claim that I knew that they were meant to be together from the beginning but it caught me completely by surprise." several smiles and a few giggles arose from that comment. "Seeing them here today, I wonder how I could have been so blind as to not see how well they fit together. They complement and complete each other in so many ways." Gathering there joined hands in hers, the captain said. "B'Elanna do you promise to love, honor and cherish Seven. To be by her side in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live."

"I do." B'Elanna promised. Her love shining in her eyes.

"Seven do you promise to love, honor, and cherish B'Elanna. To be by her side in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live."

Seven squeezing B'Elanna's had avowed. "I do."

"Do you have the rings?" at the nod the captain continued. "B'Elanna repeat after me. With this ring. I thee wed"

"With this ring I thee wed." and B'Elanna slipped the wedding band onto Seven.

The captain turning to Seven "Seven repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed."

Repeating the actions and words of her partner in a sure voice. "With this ring I thee wed."

"B'Elanna and Seven have each prepared a few words. B'Elanna if you would go first." the captain instructed.

"Seven we have each talked about our dual natures. Our love for both halves of the other but I want you to know that it is not just the klingon in me or the human in me that loves you. Below both of those layers before I even get to the klingon or human parts of me I love you. If you were to take me and break me down into atoms and then scatter me across the universe each of those atoms would still love you. I will love you in this life and the next. When the stars are cinders, and all that is left is the velvet dark my love for you will still glow." as B'Elanna spoke tears fell from her lovers eyes.

The captain pausing for a few minutes to allow the blonde to regain her composure. "Seven whenever you are ready."

"B'Elanna we used no words in the collective and I still find their use difficult. So these word's are not my own. I came across them in my research of an ancient book you discussed with me but they convey more than my own words can." At the word research a smile came to the klingon's face. As well as many members's of the audience. "Intreat me not leave thee or return from following after thee: For whither thou goest I will go and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people and thy God my god. Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also if ought but death part thee and me." (Ruth 1: 16 &17) "I love you B'Elanna." with that Seven pulled B'Elanna to her and kissed her passionately."

Smiling over there heads Janeway said. "I now pronounce you wed. You may now kiss the bride."

Chakotay quipped from the sidelines. "They got a little bit of a jump on you."

When they broke apart the captain laughed motioning the children up beside them with Icheb handing the baby to Seven. "May I now introduce the family of Hansen-Torres."

Amid much clapping the group left to the reception area.

They had chosen to use Mexican cuisine because of B'Elanna's heritage and the children's fondness for tacos. This greatly pleased Neelix because he could use his spices freely but the had made sure that there were several milder choices for people with less adventurous tastes.

Laughing and talking the first toast to the couple, was from Captain Janeway. I wish you all the happiness in the world." After several solemn ones and several silly ones they came to Tuvok expecting a very logical toast. They were surprised. No let me amend that they were shocked when Tuvok forcefully punched B'Elanna on the arm and barked out a sentence in klingon causing her to blush and then choke with laughter. "Commander Tuvok, what did you just say to my chief engineer." The captain asked incredulous.

"It is a traditional klingon wedding toast." the Vulcan replied with his usual impassive demeanor.

"What does it mean?" the captain pressed for a translation.

"May your sheets catch fire and may you break the bed." at this response the whole room hooted with laughter and B'Elanna turned purple with embarrassment.

As several other people began to gently razz Lt. Torres, one of the crewman who were covering the bridge during the party come over to the captain. Pulling her aside. "Captain you have a transmission from the alpha quadrant."

"Well, they're early." thinking to herself I wonder if it is B'Elanna's mother. It would be great if she could speak with her today. "Okay I'll be right there." excusing herself.

The officer guided her to her ready room not the bridge. "Capt. Picard asked for a private transmission."

Wondering at the secrecy Janeway entered her office. "Okay patch it through." after a few moments her screen lit up in the image she could see Capt. Picard, Lt. Barclay who she had spoken to several times concerning wormhole theory, and Picard's chief engineer Geordie LaForge she had been introduced but have never spoken with him. "Captain Picard to what do I owe the pleasure of an early call."

"Captain Janeway I will let Lt. Barclay answer that." Picard said softly.

Reginald Barclay's face lit up with joy. "Captain Janeway, We can get you home!"

Chapter 17

"Lt Barclay I am afraid I am stunned . How can you get Voyager home?" Captain Janeway was terribly afraid that there was an error or that she had misheard him.

"Captain. We can't get Voyager home. We can get her crew home though. We have been able to modify the transporters to cross wormhole space. We have beamed through 5 probes and returned them safely. Including one with living material. It works best if the beam initializes on the departing side. What we intend to do is start conducting some tests sending inanimate objects first. Then a non-sentient living organism and then I will beam aboard myself to help with the transporter adjustments. We do not believe that we can beam more than five at a time safely and the transporter has to be readjusted by hand after each use. We believe that once our tests are complete. We can safely beam your crew aboard in five days. The adjustments and tests should take about two weeks." Lt. Barclay explained.

At that the composure that Kathryn Janeway had held on to throughout her journeys in the delta quadrant cracked and she started crying softly.

Sending his subordinates from the room to give the woman a measure of privacy, he interrupted her when she started to apologize. "I cannot know how hard it has been on you and your crew. I do know though that if anybody deserves to be able to let some of this pressure off it is you. You owe no one an apology."

"Captain Picard thank you and your people from the bottom of my heart. I am going to go tell my crew." Captain Janeway stated.

Leaving the bridge she walked in a daze until she got to the mess hall where the reception is being held. Walking to the middle of the room, she signaled to Neelix to cut the music. "I need everyone's attention for a few moments." activating her com badge she told the computer "Computer ship wide announcement access"

Access granted

Hearing and seeing her so solemn everyone was instantly quiet."

"This is Captain Janeway, I have just spoken to Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise." pausing to make sure everyone could hear. "They have found us a way home."

Stunned silence followed that announcement no one seeming to even breathe. It was like a still photograph as if everyone was afraid that to move. Like moving would wake them and that this would only be a dream. When the talking started, it all started at once. The captain was deluged with questions. She explained what she could and then she said "I don't have all the answers yet. I will be speaking to Capt. Picard again in the morning and I will give a full briefing then. Go ahead and go back to your party. There will be time enough tomorrow for answers and work. Computer end access."

The conversations took of like wild fire, some people crying, some laughing, Chakotay dragging the captain back to the table where the rest of the bridal party was quipped. "Well captain I don't think anyone is going to be able to top that wedding present." The table erupted in laughter breaking the tension.

"Captain," B'Elanna whispered. "Are you okay?"

"I think I just went into shock for a little bit but I am getting my feet back under me." Janeway quietly responded.

Overhearing Chakotay said "Well that's good because you are going to need to be on your toes with me you promised me a dance." with that he pulled her onto the dance floor. The party continued until the middle of delta shift but B'Elanna and Seven had slipped away to the holodeck around 1800. Neelix and Samantha had agreed to watch the children for them.

Entering the holodeck Seven initiated the program that she had designed as her surprise to her wife. The scene was a rustic cabin with a sunken tub big enough for two on one end and an antique klingon bed on the other. It was a exact replica of a Klingon honeymoon lodge with one exception. the entire floor was covered with a dense thick pad and the bed hung rather close to the ground. Seven remarked. "I have no qualms about 'breaking the bed' but I do not desire broken appendages. This design is more efficient."

Growling with desire the klingon pulled her into a passionate embrace. Not getting the eager response she normally received she pulled back asking with concern. "Seven what's wrong?"

Seven replied. "I find that I am experiencing anxiety over our return to the alpha quadrant. I am afraid that my appearance and behavior will embarrass you."

"One I will never be embarrassed by you!" came the fierce response. "Two lets look at this logically. You are drop dead gorgeous; you sing like an angel; you are stronger than a klingon; you are so intelligent you could teach physics to most of the instructors at the Starfleet academy; and in conclusion you make love to me until I can barely walk." laughing B'Elanna kissed her before she continued. "Hell I am going to be beating people away from you with sticks." grinning lasciviously she purred into Seven's ear. "Lets see if we can break a bed." The former klingon devoted herself to pushing all thoughts of the alpha quadrant from her lover's mind.

Alpha Quadrant

Captains Conference Room

"I am sure that you are wondering about all the cloak and dagger that has been going on." Captain Picard told his command staff and department heads. "Lt Barclay, Chief Engineer La Forge, and Commander Data as well as hand picked members of their staff have been working around the clock on a way to get Voyager's crew home. They have been conducting tests and they have found a way. We will be able to transport the crew and some belongings with them to the Enterprise." at the mummers of surprise and delight the captain signaled for silence. "People I know that this is very good news but we have a lot of work to do. I am going to need cooperation from every department. Com. Leforge and Lt. Barclay will be handling the final tests today and if every thing goes as planned he will be beaming aboard Voyager today. The modifications to there transporters will take approximately two weeks. I need all the logistics hammered out before then. They will not have one nanoseconds delay on our part. Also I need a rough draft so that I can go over this with Captain Janeway during our briefing."

"Make sure that all your people are aware that this is classified information. I know that Voyager is a popular topic but we want the word to come from starfleet to the families and that will not be done until every crewman is aboard the Enterprise. Security you will be monitoring all transmissions. No word of this will be leaked to the holovid news agencies. Number One you will be handling the assignment of quarters and the arrangement of cargo. Data I need you to provide information storage for all of Voyager's logs and scientific studies. If we need anything we have carte blanc. Beverly I need you to be ready to conduct complete physicals as they come in and when we transfer the EMH he will be downloaded into sickbays computers. Deana I need you to handle settling them in as they come aboard. You may recruit any personnel that you require. I know that this may cause some inconvenience but the Voyager crew has put up with far worse for far longer. Any questions?"

"Captain how many people will be beamed aboard at a time?" inquired Dr. Crusher.

"Five at a time with about 1 hour intervals between transports." Geordie responded.

The security chief spoke up "Captain will there be any special security precautions?"

"What did you have in mind. Lt Yarr." the captain asked.

"There are five former Borg and several former Maquis on Voyager. Should they be under observation?" Tasha responded.

Picard's voice turned cool. "The former Maquis are current Starfleet personnel and shall be treated with the same courtesies as any member of this crew. The others individuals that you mentioned have been rescued from the borg and are no longer part of the collective."

"Yes Captain." came the chastened answer.

"If there are no more questions?" after a pause the Captain dismissed them. "Make it so."

Walking out into the hall way Deanna pulled Reg aside. "Can I speak with you a minute?"

"Okay I don't have much time though." Barclay moved with her over to an adjacent room.

"Reg, what is going on?" the counselor looked at him concerned.

"I don't know what you mean." the lieutenant looked confused.

"Reg I know you. You are practically resonating with anticipation." pinning him with a look.

"I am excited that my theory works." he said carefully.

"Reg" conveying in one syllable that she knew there was more to this.

Seeing that she was not about to let it go he caved. "Okay but you can't tell anyone." after a long pause. "I have a crush on Captain Janeway."

"Reg. You don't even know the woman. You have let the work you have done for Voyager lead you into another fantasy." the couselor struggled to keep her demeanor professional. Knowing the problems he had had with holoprograms."

"I have had a crush on Kathryn Janeway for 15 years. She gave a lecture at a symposium that I attended. I spoke with her about the new discoveries she had made in her recent cruise. We sat and had coffee and talked science for three hours. Then her boyfriend came and picked her up and I never spoke with her again until she and Voyager were marooned in the Delta Quadrant. Why do think I worked so hard to get on the Voyager project? Before you say anything I know she doesn't remember me and to her I am only a distant colleague. I have followed her career and you know how close I have been to this. She is a wonderful woman and I know that there is going to be nothing more than work between us but it would mean the world to me to be able to get her home and maybe one day be lucky enough to be counted among her friends."

"Oh Reg. I am so sorry." As an empath she recognized his feelings when he spoke. They were not an infatuation but a very selfless love and it made her heart break for her friend knowing the high improbability of those feelings being reciprocated.

"Do not be sorry. I'm not and now I have an appointment with a transporter." Barclay hastily walked away.

Chapter 18

Delta Quadrant

Captain's Ready Room

"Captain are B'Elanna and Seven going to make it to the briefing?" Harry Kim asked.

"Yes, I hated interrupt their honeymoon but I am going to need my chief engineer for this." Walking over to get the data cubes that contained the information that Capt. Picard had just transmitted. When all of her senior officers were present. Capt. Janeway began to pass them out. "B'Elanna I am sorry to make you attend but I think once you see these you will understand."

"Captain, If this works, Seven and I can honeymoon anywhere in the alpha quadrant. I am thinking Risa maybe. You can spring for the champagne." the klingon teased to show that there were no hard feelings.

Seven said "No." after a rather long pause. "The appropriate compensation would be for her to baby sit." Seven's face never lost it's typical cool composure but her blue eyes twinkled with laughter.

"I think I should have accepted the first offer while I was ahead." Kathryn said smiling. "All right if we are going to get you two to Risa we have a lot of work ahead of us. The Enterprise is going to start the first transport at 1200 if all goes well with the first they will proceed culminating in the transport of Lt. Barclay. He will help modify the transporters so that we can begin transporting home. Our people will need to be deciding what they will bring with them and what they will leave. All of our computer libraries must be ready for transfer. We will need a schedule of who will transport when. All non essential personnel will transfer first as these are being done we will have to be shutting off decks. As this occurs we will need to transfer all bridge functions to the secondary bridge in engineering. After we have moved the bridge we will close decks 1-9. All remaining crew bivouac in the remaining decks. So we need to make sure that any essential functions on those decks are transferred to decks 10-15. I am going to have B'Elana, Tuvok and Ensign Vorik accompany me to the transporter room." At the protests she shook her head. "I know that you would all like to be there but I need you at your stations. Harry you are going to be handling the transmissions to the Enterprise. Chakotay I feel that at least one of us needs to be on the bridge. Tom I don't know if we will have to maneuver closer to the micro wormhole or not. Besides B'Elanna Vorik is the most experienced with transporter technology. And Tuvok, well Tuvok is very good at handling difficult situations and I want him there." they nodded understanding her reasoning. "You may monitor the proceeding from the bridge screen."

As they filed out Seven and B'Elanna lingered. Seven requested "Captain I would like to accompany you as well I am very familiar with transporter technology"

"Seven while I would like you to be there. I need B'Elanna there is risk involved in any untested procedure. That is why I required Chakotay to remain on the bridge. In the event of an accident, which is unlikely, your children would lose both parents."

"Your logic is reasonable. I will comply." Turning to her lover she firmly embraced her and kissed her roughly. "You will return to me intact. Resistance is futile."

Hearing her wife's worry under the borg monotone. B'Elanna reassured her. "I have a honeymoon to finish. I would come back from Stovacor for that." caressing Seven's cheek and gently kissing her she continued. "You better go and check on the kids no telling what they have done to Neelix and Sam." At this they departed, B'Elanna with the Captain and Seven to go and save their friends from an unknown fate.

Entering the Transporter room at 1100. Lt Vorik and Tuvok were already there. The two engineers began to double check every piece of equipment. At 1155 Harry's voice came over the com. "Captain the Enterprise has opened the micro wormhole and is beginning transmission. Transferring transmission to you."

With that Captain Picard's voice came over the com. "Captain Janeway We are ready to begin."

"Acknowledged Enterprise, you may begin." At 1200 a small brown canister materialized in the room. It looked like it was about a liter in size but the looks of awe this tiny bit of the alpha quadrant received from the two women were worthy of a super nova. Being Vulcan the two men only raised eyebrows in astonishment.

An inquiry came over the com "Voyager have you received."

Snapping them out of there trance. "Janeway here. We have received beginning sensor scans now."

B'Elanna and Vorik began every kind of test imaginable with their tricorders. "Captain, somebody over there must like you that is French roast coffee and it came through completely intact."

"Enterprise the transport was flawless." Janeway said with a smile. "and thanks for the coffee."

"Voyager we are beginning recalibrating now." Picard paused. "And Lt. Barclay says you're welcome."

Again the engineers began a thorough inspection of the equipment leaving the Captain and Tuvok to the hardest part of any task the waiting.

1255 again Harry's voice echoed through the room. "Incoming transmission from Enterprise. Transferring."

"Voyager we are ready to begin the second test.." Picard informed them.

"We are ready. Janeway out."

At 1300 five transporter beams arrived. It was five humanoid dummies they had internal sensors that registered information at every level from the surface to the cellular. "We have received ,we are doing the scans now, and we will transmit the data as soon as complete." as this drama continued both ships were becoming quieter and quieter as the proceedings were broadcast through the com system. All attentions focused on the results. These scans took longer than the first and instead of announcing the results. They were broadcast to both sickbays where medical personnel were waiting to decipher them. Several moments past with both transporter teams getting ready for the next transport and waiting anxiously for the findings.

"Voyager this is Dr. Crusher. Our findings are well within system safeguards. How say you?"

The EMH responded. "My findings concur."

There well several muffled yeses and people began to breathe again.

At 1355 Ensign Kim spoke "Transferring transmission."

"Captain Janeway we are just about ready to begin transfer we may be a few minutes behind schedule." The chagrin evident to hear.

"Of course Captain. Do you mind if I ask what the hold up is?" Janeway inquired the worry evident in voice.

"Captain Janeway, they are going to transport you a cat and for some reason did not think he would need a cage. He keeps wandering off the transporter pad. They are replicating a cage as we speak and then they must get him in it. The doctor did not want to sedate for fear of interfering with the test." after a short silence. "Also this is one of my officers pets and he asked if you would see that she is taken care of." there was a long suffering sigh at that.

Even Janeway chuckled at this explanation. "Assure your officer that his cat will be well taken care of."

"They are ready to proceed. Voyager"

"Acknowledged Enterprise."

At 1405 a very pissed off orange cat, three bags of cat food, two bags of litter, water bowl, litter pan, cat bed and assorted cat toys appeared on the transporter pad.

As Captain Janeway acknowledged the transport both ships could hear the yowls in the background. After they had conducted all the tricorder test and transmitted them, the Captain approached the cage carefully. "You're not going to let it out are you." B'Elanna looking warily at the animal asked.

"I'm not sure." Janeway answered.

Tuvok walked over spoke to the animal in Vulcan and then carefully removed the purring animal from its restraint. At there astonished looks he said. "My wife raises sehlats."

B'Elanna turned to the captain for an explanation "They are like a teddybear with fangs and teeth."

"Oh. At least the thing has quieted down." B'Elanna commented gratefully.

"Mr. Neelix would you mind coming to the transporter room. I have a duty for our morale officer." When the Talaaxian arrived she handed him the cat and the bag of toys telling him that the rest would be brought down later.

"Captain Picard what is the cat's name. Janeway over."

"Spot." came the sardonic supply.

A few minutes later both doctor's had given the okay. This was the final test if a person could arrive from the alpha quadrant unharmed, then this was all a go. All over the ship eyes counted down the minutes.

1455 the expected transmission came. Even though they were expecting it there were some startled jumps. "Voyager this is Enterprise. We are ready for the final transport."

"Acknowledged Enterprise we are standing by." after those words silence reigned until they heard the unmistakable hum of a transporter beam. As the shape came into view it was a smiling Lt Barclay with a dozen red roses in his hand.

Chapter 19

Delta Quadrant

"Welcome aboard Lt. Barclay." Kathryn Janeway moved forward to greet him with a large smile on her face. "Captain Picard, your officer has arrived safely." At the transmissions cheers went up in both ships. Accepting the roses graciously, she inquired "How was the trip?"

"Captain Janeway it is good to be here. It felt no different from any other transport. Captain." Smiling broadly he continued "I am anxious for the scans to be completed so that we can begin the modifications to the transport and get you home."

"First you have to go to sick bay for the rest of the evaluations." Janeway insisted motioning him through the doors. While walking through the passageways he gave her a quick run down on some of the changes that would be required. They quickly found themselves in sick bay. Leaving Barclay to the attentions of the EMH the captain pulled B'Elanna to the side. "B'Elanna there are going to have to be a number of adjustments to the sensors so that we can get a transporter lock on the other side of the wormhole. I know that the Doctor is going to have to keep the lieutenant here while he conducts his tests but I would like to have you, Vorik, Carey, and Seven here so that you can debrief him and get the ball rolling." Activating her com the captain summoned them to sick bay.

Within a few minutes Seven marched into sickbay, paying no attention to the man on the biobed she pulled her wife into a passionate clench. Looking to the EMH for an explanation Barclay asked. "Is that how she greets everyone?"

The EMH responded dryly. "I wish. No they were married yesterday and had to postpone their honeymoon."

In the corner they separated gasping for oxygen. Seven whispered huskily. "It has been five hours forty-two minutes since I have seen you. I find this stressful."

"Me too." The klingon leaned her head against the blonde's shoulder.

Hearing a cough they turned to see Capt. Janeway observing them. B'Elanna tensed knowing how the captain felt about such displays. "It's okay B'Elanna I think I can cut you some slack considering that this is supposed to be your honeymoon." Kathryn grinned at their sheepish expressions. "Seven let me introduce you. This is Lt. Reginald Barclay the man who devised this plan. Lt. Barclay this is Seven Hansen-Torres the wife on my chief engineer." Realizing that she had not introduced her crew in the transporter room, she hurried to do so. "This is Lt. B'Elanna Torres my chief engineer."

At the introduction Reg looked puzzled. "I am sorry I just thought you were taller."

At this cryptic response B'Elanna asked. "Have we met?"

"Oh no but I went with some friends to see the opera and the klingon diva they had playing you was quite a bit taller. I was just expecting more of a resemblance." Reg explained not understanding the pitiful groan that came from the engineer.

The Doctor's ears perking up at the word 'opera' began to push for more information.

B'Elanna spoke quickly "Doctor the captain wanted us to debrief him. You can ask him at a later time." Interrogating him about the modifications. She hoped that she had deflected that topic for quite some time. They spoke for three hours before Reg was released. After settling the visitor in, they all retired to there quarters knowing that in the morning would be the start of some very long days.

The next two weeks saw the whole crew putting in double shifts those that weren't helping with the modifications were organizing and packing. Finding herself in the mess hall after Samantha had come to get the children. Seven notice that Neelix was very subdued. "Mr. Neelix are you functioning adequately."

"Oh Seven I did not see you there. I guess I was just wondering what I am going to do." Neelix said with a sigh.

"Explain." The former borg insisted.

"Well I was contemplating whether I should go to the alpha quadrant with the rest of you or stay here. The Captain said that if I stayed I could take the Delta Flyer or that I was welcome to come." The Talaaxian looked torn.

"You will come with us. You have no one here." After a pause "B'Elanna has explained about family to me and you are a member of our family you will come with us."

"But Seven." Not even being able to finish

"No. B'Elanna explained to me quite well that it was love and not biology that makes families. Our family would be diminished without you. You will come with us." Seven said forcefully to the little man who was the first to make an effort to get to know her.

Upon hearing that he smiled brightly. "What can I say? I know resistance is futile. Thank you Seven."

She patted he awkwardly on the arm and left to complete her duties.

Exactly two weeks from the date of Lt. Barclay's arrival they began the process in reverse. At 1400 hours exactly, Spot was reunited with her master. They began to prepare for the first one of them to return home. Walking over to Harry, the captain smiled at how much he had changed in years and yet how much of that naive young man remained the same. "Harry when you get over there you will have to act as liaison between our crew and the Enterprise. As the senior officer you will be responsible for helping them to settle in."

"I understand captain I won't let you down. See you in five days. Don't be late." He teased.

Smiling she motioned him toward the pad. At 1500 exactly the transporter was activated. Following the hum of the beam there was a long hush as they waited for confirmation.

"Voyager this is Enterprise the transport was successful. Captain Janeway we have your crewman." At the end of Capt. Picard's message the whole crew clapped and cheered.

An hour later the medical go ahead came through and the evacuation began in earnest. They would begin sending non-essential personnel at 1800. There would be two transfers of cargo while the schedule was announced.

When Seven saw that her name was among one of the first to go, she went to find B'Elanna. "Computer where is Lt. Torres."

The Hansen-Torres Quarters

Entering she noticed that the children were absent. Searching until she came into the bedroom she noticed the smaller woman sitting on the bed. "B'Elanna I wish to know if you are aware of the reason that I am leaving in one of the first groups."

"I was just about to call you. Seven know that I don't want you to go but when I spoke with the captain I had to agree with her the kids need you with them they would be frightened in such an alien environment without you and I have to stay here to finish this. We have until 2100 you and the kids beam out at 2200. I am off duty for the next five hours." Looking up into her lover's eyes, she pulled her onto the bed. "Seven I love you."

"I love you as well B'Elanna Torres. I understand the reasoning but I still do not like it. I will miss you." Seven whimpered. They made a kind of desperate love to one another. Trying to hold back time. Memorizing every kiss and caress. Attempting to absorb enough of the others presence to last five days.

At 2055 the klingon her voice breaking said "we have to go." They got dressed and met the rest of the family in the hallway outside the transporter room.

B'Elanna began giving last minute instructions to them. "Mitzoi ,Rebi, and Axan you listen to your mom and try to stay out of trouble till I get there. I know you are going to be a little scared but it's going to be okay. Your mom will be there. Icheb is coming in the next group and the people over there are very nice. Lt. Barclay says there are lots of kids on board. I will be there in five days. You take care of your mom until I get there."

"Seven." Kissing her again. "Don't get used to sleeping alone." She teased. "I love you."

"B'Elanna." Seven paused for a moment to regain her composure. "My wife, my treasure, my heart." Choking up again she could not continue for a long while. "I will be waiting."

Tears running down her face, B'Elanna watched her family walk on to the pad. While they did the last minute adjustment Seven just looked at her wife with heartbreak in her eyes. As the transporter started to hum B'Elanna blew her a kiss. She stood for a long time just staring at the space where they had been.

Chapter 20 conclusion

Kathryn Janeway sat in her command chair for what she knew would be the last time. They were transferring control to the auxiliary bridge in engineering. Glancing at the work stations around her . She was experiencing an eerie double vision. The present as her current crew moved from place to place and the past. Seeing again the destruction that being pulled through the caretaker's array had done. The smoke and the bodies and the moans from the injured. Looking over at Tom she remembered Lt Stadi her flight officer a bright young woman with her whole future ahead of her. She thought of her first officer Lt Com Cavit a man with a dry wit and who had been preparing for the birth of his first daughter. In her training at Star Fleet Academy she had been required to take the Kobayashi Maru simulation. It was meant to prepare command officer's for no win situations but in that scenario invariably the commander died with her crew. How do you prepare to return after losing almost half of your crew and surviving?

B'Elanna stepped over breaking her reverie. "Captain we are ready to proceed."

"Thank you Lt Torres." standing she spoke. "Computer transfer control to auxiliary bridge. Authorization Capt Kathryn Janeway Decca Charlie Able 654."

Walking through the now silent corridors, she recalled fonder memories. Passing the mess hall she recalled how glad she was that Mr. Neelix had decided to stay with them and now would be returning to the Alpha Quadrant with him. His optimistic and resourceful personality had helped them survive this trip. Again looking at the mess hall she recalled the wedding that had taken place not yet three weeks again and missed her friend. B'Elanna was missing Seven terribly. They were talking everyday in the transmissions and it did seem to help.

Finally entering the secondary facility, she activated the com. "All personnel we are about to deactivate and seal decks 1-9." turning to her Chief Engineer. "Lt. Torres are there any life signs on decks 1-9."

"No life signs. All personnel are between levels 10-15." B'Elanna replied.

"Seal the decks." Captain Janeway ordered.

"Decks 1-9 sealed."

"Deactivate decks 1-9" the captain continued.

"Decks 1-9 deactivated, Captain." with those word the upper sections of Voyager went dark.

"Chakotay how many of the crew are left now?" she inquired of her first officer.

"Fifty-seven" he said looking up from his console. "Five will be transporting in 15 minutes.

"We are on schedule then." she confirmed.

"The last five to beam out will be myself, Commander Chakotay, Lt. Torres, Lt Barclay, and Commander Tuvok." stilling Tom's protest with a look. "Lt Barclay is staying because he is the most familiar with the transporter modifications and Commander Tuvok is staying for the very logical reason that he is my friend and wishes to see this through with me. The other choices are self explanatory. Let's finish this so we can go home people."

As more people departed, the decks became darker and quieter. By the dawn of the last day, It was like a ghost ship and they were the phantoms. Lt Barclay was manning the transporter room and in the engine room the captain was giving Tom the final logs to transport with him. B'Elanna came over. "Captain" holding up a datapad "I don't see when you have scheduled to take the warp core offline. If we don't do it soon shutting it down is going to delay us."

With those words the Captain remembered that B'Elanna had not understood the ramification of abandoning the ship. "B'Elanna, we have to leave the warp core and the computer online so that we can engage the remote auto destruct. We cannot leave the ship abandoned. What if the Hirojen or someone like them came across it. The technology is just too dangerous."

This information rocked the engineer to the core. While a captain runs a ship, an engineer own it. B'Elanna had crawled through the miles of Jeffries tubes, replaced or repaired all of the ships systems, and even done space walks onto the hull. She knew Voyager better than the people who built her. To her it was a living entity with a personality of its own. She knew it's quirks and it's temper and she knew just what she had to do to get just that little bit more from it that had saved them so many times. Grieving she laid a hand on the console almost stroking the machine. Knowing that this had to be done, yet still tears fell.

Coming up behind the smaller woman, the captain placed a hand on her shoulder. "She's been a good ship." for a moment the two women that loved Voyager best grieved together. "Why don't you go call Seven? It's about that time."

Allowing the klingon some privacy with her wife, she went to check on the transporter room. She entered in time to see Lt Vorik, Tom, and Lt. Carey begin to settle items on the pad. She knew that this was the last cargo transfer and then the three men in front of her would transport in the next hour. "Gentlemen I know that I will not see you again until the Enterprise let me wish you a safe journey." Reaching forward to shake their hands.

Kathryn was startled when Tom said "Permission to break protocol."

"Granted." she said puzzled.

He pulled her into a fierce bear hug. "Captain you have been like a big sister to me. Knocking sense into me on more than one occasion. I appreciate all the second chances."

Smiling she said "You had me scared there if you had said I was like a mother to you I would have had to space you." at his wry smile. "I have often thought of you as a bratty little brother but I am proud to see how much you have grown up. Now finish getting ready you are not making me late."

Leaving the group she returned to engineering. On entering she could hear Seven's voice crooning a love song to her lover. As the captain came further into the room the soft voice changed into a growl the song was klingon. B'Elanna reaction was comical she choked on a laugh and blushed furiously. "Where did you here that?" at Seven's answer B"Elanna said "I am going to have to have a talk with Ro when I get there."

As they completed there conversation, Capt Janeway approached her friend. "What klingon song was that, B'Elanna."

Flushing again, she sheepishly replied. "It's kind of a klingon Rock-A-Bye-Baby. Its basically a reminder that we still have a honeymoon to finish and that I have a family to get back to."

Kathryn contemplated B'Elanna's embarrassment by a klingon lullaby. I am going to have to get the rest of the story from Seven. Letting it slide for the moment she finished the last of the logs. "Tuvok can you take these to the transporter room for Tom." handing them to him at his acceptance.

Reporting from the transporter room "Ensign Paris, Lt Vorik, and Lt. Carey have been transported. Tuvok out."

"Tuvok we will meet you there." the captain informed him as she motioned B'Elanna and Chakotay to her console. "We need to initiate the remote self destruct program." waiting for them to join her she began placing her hand on the panel in front of her. "Computer this is Captain Kathryn Janeway initializing remote self destruct protocol 13a. Authorization Omega Baker Zebra 911."


Chakotay placing his hand beside the captain continued "Computer this is First Officer Commander Chakotay initializing remote self destruct protocol 13b. Authorization Charlie Omega Alpha 414."


Her voice and hand steady but her eyes sad she completed the procedure. "Computer this is Chief Engineer Lt. B'Elanna Torres initializing remote self destruct protocol 13c. Authorization Delta Charlie Omega 127."

Acknowledged awaiting final authorization. Time is now 1430 Authorization must be completed in 24 hours.

With that they made there way resolutely to the transporter room. As they entered B'Elanna made her way over to help Reg with the final adjustments.

Tuvok came over to the captain. When she saw him she smiled wryly. "Not quite how I pictured our return."

"At least we are returning." The Vulcan said stoically.

"Not all of us." she replied sadly.

Barclay interrupted "Captain it is five minutes till the final transport."

"Thank you everyone for your service and your friendship. After we get home, I hope that we have the opportunity to get to know each other even better." smiling she turned and motioned them onto the pad. "I have specific instructions not to make B'Elanna late or I will be baby sitting into the next millennia." they all chuckled gently as the stepped on the platform.

Transport Engaged

Alpha Quadrant

"Come on the Captain wants us both to be there when Voyagers captain arrives."

"I am coming. I am coming." Deanna Troi assured her lover. "We don't want to get you any further on his bad side by being late."

"It's my job to point out possible problems and the former borg are potential concerns." was the muttered response.

"I have met Seven and she is only concerned with getting her wife back. In fact she reminds me a lot of you." the Betazoid retorted.

"How?" eyes widening in shock.

"Tasha Yar! How can you not see it? Your both tall blue eyed blondes, your both dangerous if something you love is threatened, you both hide your feelings behind cool exteriors, and you hide a well of passions and emotions that you show to certain people." Looking up at her love of 10 years, she was amazed again at how someone so smart could be so clueless.

"I just don't see it but if you say she's okay then I trust your judgment." The disgruntled security chief said. Knowing without looking that she was getting another one of those looks. You know the look you get when your partner is still amazed that you just don't get IT.

Entering the transporter area they saw Capt Picard, Dr Crusher, and Geordie to one side with the EMH, Seven and her family on the other. They watched as the clock ticked toward 1500.

As the beam dissipated to reveal the five final returnee's, Seven brushing past them desperately embraced her spouse. It was a scene that has been throughout history of a soldier or a sailors returned. Hushed reassurances came from B'Elanna. That she was safe and home to stay. Seven kept caressing B'Elanna's face trying to convince her heart that she was finally here.

After long moments leaving the lovers to their reunion, Captain Picard stepped forward. "Welcome aboard Capt Janeway."

"Thank you Captain." pausing as she realized that it was finally over, but knowing that she had one last thing to complete. "Captain I appreciate all that you and your crew have done for mine and I hope to be able to say that personally to as many as I can. I have one last piece of business to finish."

"I understand" he reassured her. "Let me escort you to the bridge."

It took some time for them to assemble on the bridge. Chakotay and Tuvok were to her right and B'Elanna were to her left as she stood before the large bridge screen. On the screen Voyager loomed dark but still graceful. This image was on monitors throughout the Enterprise "Are you ready to transmit?" Picard asked.

Nodding she began "Computer this is Captain Kathryn Janeway. Initializing remote self destruct protocol 13d. Remote authorization Omega Baker Alpha 067. one minute.

Acknowledged, 59,58,56...... Listening to the computer drone it's litany of sacrifice, everyone silently counted it down together many with tears in there eyes. 4,3,2,1,0 there was a short pause and then the screen lit up as the warp core breeched and with a flash Voyager was gone.

The End

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