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Family Ties
By Nico


Chapter 11

By the time Nikki had kicked the front door open, she wasn't in the mood for using a key, Campbell had already drunk himself into a comatose state. He rested in his armchair clutching a half empty bottle of vodka. She bypassed him and flew up the stairs with Helen hot on her heels.

She tried the bedroom door but it was locked and called out to her mother but there was no reply. Nikki didn't stand on ceremony and kicked the bedroom door open as well. Stella was laying on her side looking pale, dried blood clung to her face and her eyes were closed. Nikki immediately rushed to her and checked for a pulse. She breathed a sigh of relief, she still had a pulse and it felt fairly strong.

"She's not dead is she?" Helen whispered as she knelt down beside Stella.

"No she's not dead." Nikki took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "she's just unconscious."

"I'll phone for an ambulance." Helen made to stand up but Nikki took hold of her arm and pulled her back down.

"You've got about as much chance of her going to hospital as Anne Widdecombe winning the Miss Bikini contest." Nikki said dryly and if the situation hadn't been so serious, they'd have both laughed.

Nikki gently shook Stella's shoulder, and she began to stir. She was now conscious but extremely groggy. She had trouble speaking which wasn't surprising, due to the fact she had a split lip and both eyes were swollen to three times their normal size.

"Daft question I know, but how are you feeling?"

"Like I've been run over by a bus." Stella slurred her words.

"I think you should see a doctor." Helen chipped in, "I'm worried he's done you some real damage."

"I've been worse." Stella put a hand to her mouth and wiped away a new trickle of blood.

"You mean he's done this to you before?" Helen was horrified.

"I bet he's done it to everyone." Nikki remarked angrily, "why do you put up with it?" she took hold of her mother's hand and squeezed it gently.

"He's my husband." was all Stella would say.

They tried their best to get her to see a doctor but she refused, she wouldn't even let them help clean herself up. They helped her into the bathroom but then she closed the door and locked it, leaving them standing on the landing, fuming and not knowing what to do about it.

"I lost any feelings I had for him years ago. I was sure I hated him, and now I know I do." Helen's knuckles were white as she gripped the banisters.

"He's still your dad though." Nikki leaned against the wall and looked at Helen.

"He's no father of mine." Helen hesitated slightly and then spoke, "Nikki…."

"No." Nikki shook her head.

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok," she winked at her, "while mum is in the bathroom, I'll go downstairs and sort him out."

"I'll come with you. I don't trust him, even if he is unconscious." Helen followed Nikki down the stairs and into the living room.

They circled the chair cautiously, half expecting him to jump up at them. But they could see he was definitely out of it. He was clutching a half empty bottle of Vodka and snoring slightly. Nikki was tempted to cut his air supply off there and then, but instead snatched the bottle of vodka from his hands and emptied it in to the kitchen sink.

The kitchen was a mess, broken plates littered the floor and the whisky bottle had joined them. The table was askew and the chairs were upended. It was clear to both Nikki and Helen that Stella had fought back at one point. Nikki could see it all play in slow motion in her minds eye, almost the same as the night she'd been the victim.

"I'm gonna have to take the rubbish out." Nikki said as she threw the empty bottle into the bin.

"We can do it in a minute once we've cleared the kitchen up." Helen replied distractedly as she surveyed the damage.

"I'm not talking about that." Nikki pointed at the bin, "I'm talking about that," she then pointed towards the living room, "he's got to go."

Helen didn't quite know what to say, she just stood there looking at Nikki and wondering what she was going to do.

"And I better do it now before he wakes up," she pushed her sleeves up and left the kitchen.

Campbell's head was leaning forwards almost touching his chest and he'd recently thrown up all over himself in his sleep. Nikki thought it was a pity he hadn't choked to death and saved them all the trouble. She wrinkled her nose as she got close to him, he smelt of booze, cigars and vomit.

She took a deep breath and grabbed him by the lapels of his suit jacket. She tried to hold him well away from her but he was a dead weight and he kept banging against her as she tried to lift him from the chair. Helen didn't seem to want to get too close and Nikki couldn't blame her.

She breathed heavily with the effort of dragging him towards the living room door. She didn't quite know what to do with him, but decided anywhere else was better. Helen shot past her and opened the front door seeing that she was heading that way. She gasped out loud when she saw Campbell's eyes open.

"Wha' you doin'?" he slurred and threw his fist at her.

"I'm throwing you out, you piece of shit." Nikki dodged his punches, and they landed on her chest instead of her face.

There was still quite a bit of power behind his fists even though he was drunk and Nikki grimaced a few times as he landed a punch. She dragged him out into the front garden and threw him on the lawn. He landed on his back and rolled about drunkenly trying to kick her, she was too quick for him though and stepped out of the way.

"I don't care where you go, but I don't want to see you back in this house. Do I make myself clear?" Nikki snarled at him, "because if I do, I can let my fists do to the talking. After all, it seems to work for you."

"Fuck you!" he shouted up at her.

"No, I think this time you're the one who's been well and truly fucked." Nikki left him laying there and went into the house slamming the front door behind her.

Helen moved from the sofa and peeked around the curtains again for the tenth time in half an hour. Campbell was still outside in the garden, just sitting there staring at the house. It had gotten dark a couple of hours before and they'd assumed he'd move when darkness fell. But he hadn't, he'd just sat there, in-between the odd bout of shouting abuse at them.

Stella had gone to bed, she was tired and sore and it was an effort for her to sit up with them. They both decided to stay there that night, knowing it wasn't safe to leave her alone or even take her with them. They had said about phoning the police but Stella refused to allow them to do it, she wanted no trouble. So Helen had made them both a quick bite to eat and then they'd sat in the living room talking quietly. They'd phoned Sean earlier on and told him what happened, he'd been all for rushing straight over and looking after Helen but she told him it wasn't necessary. She asked him to look after Bill overnight and he reluctantly agreed.

"He's still out there." Helen sighed and sat back down.

"Just like he was two minutes ago." Nikki grinned at her, "sit down and relax, he can't get in and if he tries, I'll the call the police."

"Sorry, he just makes me nervous when he's like this and it's the worst I've ever seen him." Helen sat down next to Nikki, needing to feel close to her.

"You're not nervous, you're scared. Look, you're shaking again." Nikki tentatively slipped her arms around Helen's shoulders and drew her closer.

"I'm fine really." Helen smiled up at her and then leaned her head on her shoulder.

"I'll talk if you will." Nikki knew it was the only way she would talk.

"You sure?" Helen looked up at her again.

"No not really, but perhaps it's time I did." Nikki nodded and leaned back.


Campbell was standing there, purple with rage, and clenching his fists menacingly as he looked at Nikki. She was shaking from head to foot, he knew, the old bastard knew. Her mother stood to one side, looking from one to the other as if not quite knowing how to deal with it all. Helen stood slightly in front of Nikki, wanting to protect her but knowing she couldn't if it all escalated.

"You filthy perverted little bitch!" Campbell raged on, "how dare you engage in those sorts of activities while you're living under my roof," he waited for Nikki to answer, but she said nothing, "well?" he boomed.

"I have never brought anyone back here." was all she could say.

"Dad, don't please." Helen squeaked.

"You keep your mouth shut," he pointed at her and she flinched.

"Don't start on her." Nikki didn't know why she was defending Helen, after all, it was her fault Campbell had found out.

"I wouldn't defend her if I was you, she's the reason I know about your filthy disgusting little habits." he smiled triumphantly as Nikki's face went through several different emotions.

"You told him? You went and fucking told him?" Nikki rounded on Helen.

"Nik, I, look…." Helen stammered, she was still in shock and didn't know what to say.

"Save it." Nikki snarled, "I don't want to know."

Helen panicked, she wanted Nikki to know the truth but there wasn't time. Campbell was getting closer.

"I want you to stop seeing that girl, you will not go anywhere near her, do I make myself clear? And I want you to stop all this perverted nonsense."

"Fuck you." Nikki hissed.

"I'm giving you one last chance." His eyes were bloodshot from drinking and Nikki could smell the whisky on his breath.

"And the answer is still fuck you. I'm seventeen years of age, I'll see who I want, when I want and nobody will tell me otherwise. Especially not you." Nikki sounded braver than she felt.

"Fine, looks like I'll just have to beat it out of you." His reflexes were like lightning and strode towards her and grabbed her all in one go.

His grip was like iron and she tried not to cry out in pain as his fingers dug into her flesh. Stella stood still as if in a trance, unmoving and silent. Helen immediately reached for her father to try and push him off Nikki but he flung her against the wall and dragged Nikki to the floor.

She sheltered her head as his kicks and punches rained down on her. She felt her ribs crack as his foot connected with them, and screamed out in pain. That was when she heard her mother trying to intervene. She was screaming and crying at Campbell to get him to stop, but he was like a man possessed and the force of his blows increased.

"You…filthy…dyke," his words were punctuated by punches and Nikki could feel his saliva dripping on to her.

She wanted to get up and run away, but she didn't have the strength to move. Her body felt as if it was on fire and screamed in pain silently. She heard Helen, but couldn't make out what she was saying, everything was getting a bit fuzzy. She could also see her mother's feet next to Campbell's but her vision was going as well. And the last thing she remembered before passing out, was Campbell's foot crashing down on top of her head.

Present day

Nikki didn't realise she'd been crying until Helen gently reached up and wiped her tears away with her thumb. She smiled weakly at her, the memory had sapped her energy but she also felt relieved, as if carrying it all those years had been a heavy weight upon her soul.

"I talked, your turn." Nikki leaned against Helen, feeling increasingly tired.

"There's not much to tell really." Helen took a deep breath, she was still shaking, remembering that night had take it out of her too, "when you'd passed out, he grabbed me by the throat and smacked me across the back of the head."

"Why?" Nikki had always thought they'd gotten on well.

"I tried to defend you, that was reason enough." Helen shrugged.

"Did he ever hit you before or since?" Nikki was getting angry again, for two pins she'd go out into the garden and kick his teeth in.

"Yes to both." Helen looked uncomfortable.

"When?" Nikki sat up straighter, Campbell was an inch away from getting a good hiding.

"Mostly after you left home. And the last time was last year." Helen grabbed one of Nikki's cigarettes, she hadn't smoked since she was a teen but she needed one now.

"WHAT?" Nikki exploded and Helen jumped.

"Shhh! Keep your voice down," she placed her hand over Nikki's mouth, "He hit me on Christmas day last year. He was drunk as usual and pissed off cos mum was going on about missing you. He kept shouting at her and I told him to leave her alone. He waited until we were on our own, which took him a while because I knew what he'd do. Anyway, he pinned me up against the wall in the kitchen and he punched me in the ribs. It was hard, but not hard enough to knock me over, and I managed to hide it from Sean. That's all there is to tell." Helen tapped an ash and took another deep drag, her head spinning.

"I should go out there and kill that bastard right now." Nikki was seething.

"No, because the mood you're in, you'll end up killing him, and the last thing we need is for you to end up in prison."

"You'll still get to visit me." Nikki attempted to crack a joke but neither she or Helen laughed.

"I don't want to visit you in prison, I want you here at home were you belong." Helen's voice dropped to a whisper, "I want you here with me."

"Helen…." Nikki tailed off as Helen raised her hand.

"Let me kiss you Nikki, please, just this once," she knew Nikki was probably going to refuse but asked anyway.

"What's that going to achieve?" Nikki felt her nerve ends tingling, for some strange reason, the thought of kissing Helen made her stomach do somersaults and not in a bad way.

"Please Nikki." Helen's eyes were sleepy looking and Nikki felt a familiar stirring in her stomach.

She couldn't believe it, she was actually attracted to her. But then again, maybe she always had been and had denied it on purpose. She couldn't really refuse, and nor did she find herself wanting to. She placed her hands either side of Helen's face and drew her closer.

Helen's heartbeat quickened, as her eyes closed. They opened again momentarily, she didn't want to miss anything, she'd been waiting for this minute for so long. As Nikki's lips traveled closer to her own, her eyes instinctively closed again and she leaned into Nikki as their arms went around each other.

Nikki's warm, damp lips closer over her own and a sigh escaped Helen's throat as their tongues danced in unison. The kiss deepened and they leaned back on the sofa, Helen enjoying the feel of Nikki so close to her after years of dreaming about it. Nikki's thoughts were in a whirl, a million different thoughts flooding through her head and the only one she could make sense of is that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world apart from where she was now.

Nikki broke the kiss and looked down at Helen, she was smiling up at her with the sexiest look on her face that Nikki had ever seen. They grinned at each other and Nikki leaned down again to capture her lips once more. Campbell was making a noise again outside but neither of them cared, they were both to busy getting lost in each other.


Chapter 12

Six weeks later

The last few weeks had been great for everyone, it was as if they'd found a new lease of life. Campbell hadn't been seen since but none of them were totally convinced it was the end; they knew he'd pop up again when it suited him. They were worried about it, but knew life had to go on.

Bill had moved back into his flat above the garage and was ecstatic that Campbell had disappeared. He and Stella became close again, there was nothing keeping them apart like before. When James had first brought Stella home, he and Mary had liked her immediately and were happy when they announced their engagement. She had been a very good daughter in law and even when Mary, and then James, had died, she continued to look after him as if he were her own father.

That was until she'd met and married Campbell. Things between them had then become very strained and had gotten worse when he'd learned about what had happened to Nikki. Campbell had hated anything to do with Stella's former life and he'd tried his damndest to make sure she forgot all about it. But thankfully she and Bill been able to put their differences behind them and they were now closer than ever.

"DAD! Hurry up, or we're going to be late." Stella shouted up the stairs.

Her bruises had now faded and the soreness had all but disappeared too. It wasn't the first time it had happened and unfortunately, the psychological wounds would never heal, although given time she knew she could learn to live with it.

"I'm coming!" he shouted back down, "I'm just getting dolled up in case I meet a sexy granny while I'm out."

Stella shook her head and giggled, and then her face relaxed into a smile as she heard the sounds of laughter coming from the kitchen. Nikki and Helen were getting on well these days and it made her happy, it was all she had ever wanted. Life without Campbell was certainly happier; she just hoped it continued to last.

"Are you sure you will be ok while I'm out?" she had been looking for an excuse not to go, since she half expected Campbell to pop up somewhere.

"We'll be fine mum, you go out and have some fun with granddad." Helen smiled at her.

"You've got my mobile, and if anything happens just call us." Nikki reminded her, she too was worried about Campbell popping up.

"I will I promise." Stella said as she waved the phone at them, and then put it back in her pocket, "Can't live my life in fear for ever, might as well start enjoying myself now," she had decided not to let him have any sort of power over her.

Bill shuffled into the kitchen, holding his portable oxygen bottle and wearing his best suit; he twirled around as Nikki whistled at him.

"Ooooo granddad. You sexpot!" Nikki chuckled as he posed.

"I'm gonna knock 'em bandy," he announced, "been years since I've been to a tea dance, I just hope I pick up some souvenirs," he said with a leering smile.

"Aye, I just hope it's not the clap." Helen said dryly and everybody burst into fits of giggles.

Bill and Stella finally left the house and Nikki and Helen got down to business after a quick cuppa. They were decorating the house because Stella had felt like a change, she was eager to wipe out all traces of her husband. Nikki and Helen eagerly agreed, it would keep them busy so that they couldn't spend time dwelling on the situation.

They soon trudged upstairs with the paint and got to work, only stopping two hours later for a quick sandwich and a drink. Nikki couldn't help but look at Helen, there was something alluring about her that she hadn't ever noticed before. It was like looking at someone you'd known for a long time in a totally different light without at first realising it.

"Just look at you." Nikki said smiling as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"What?" Helen took a mouthful of her coke and swallowed as she frowned at her.

"Sitting there covered in paint looking all butch." Nikki put down her sandwich and sat there giggling.

"It works for you." Helen shot back smiling.

"You've got an answer for everything," she shook her head and raised an eyebrow at her.

"It's a skill I've needed to acquire whilst you've been home." Helen winked at her.

"Oh well, given your job it's no wonder you're the way you are." Nikki downed the rest of her coke and stood up.

"And just what's that supposed to mean?" Helen feigned an irritated look.

"Well you spend all day locking nutters up so some of it is bound to wear off." Nikki stuck her tongue out at Helen and then shot off in the direction of the garden while she gave chase.

She caught up with Nikki midway down the garden and dragged her on to the grass. She sat astride her and pinned her arms to the ground in a vice-like grip. Despite her short stature, Helen was amazingly strong; Nikki put it down to all the exercise she did to stay in shape for work.

She looked up at Helen's body, her eyes traveled over the soft swell of her breasts and her strong arms. She watched as the muscles rippled beneath the skin, it sent a shiver down her spine. Nikki was pretty sure she could push her over and pin her down but she was happy to let her think she was in control.

"Not so funny now is it?" Helen grinned.

"Oh I don't know I'm kind of enjoying the feeling of being gripped between your big butch wing governor legs." Nikki started giggling again.

"Trust you! My legs aren't butch are they?" Helen looked down at them; she thought she had quite nice shapely feminine legs. She loosened her grip on her as she examined her legs and Nikki quickly took advantage.

"Nope you've got very nice legs, quite shapely for a woman of your age." Nikki said as she flipped Helen over and sat astride her and held her down.

"You bastard!" Helen exclaimed as Nikki started to tickle her unmercifully. Nikki was about to stop when they heard a voice from the other side of the fence.

"When you two have quite finished acting like children, could you please keep the noise down, I have visitors." came the snooty voice of Mrs. McDougle, their next door neighbour.

"Sorry about that Mrs. McDougle, I don't often get to spend time with my sister and I'm having trouble keeping my hands off her gorgeous body." Helen kept a straight face as she spoke.

Mrs. McDougle was shocked into silence and rushed off slamming her door behind her.

"You're outrageous." Nikki was having trouble breathing from laughing so hard.

"The old bat deserved it." Helen grinned wickedly, "I should have whipped my shirt off, that would have gotten her going," she chuckled.

"Yeah it would have gotten me going and all." Nikki wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh behave, you've seen me naked before." Helen's heartbeat quickened, and she wondered if she should have said anything.

"Nothing wrong with trying to memorise it!" Nikki joked and Helen's heartbeat finally slowed a little.

Later on that afternoon they decided to call it a day and have a well earned cup of coffee. The room was almost finished and it wouldn't take long before they could move onto the next. They were chatting animatedly when Stella and Bill came home.

"Waheyyyyy, the old man's pulled." Bill punched the air in triumph as he came through into the kitchen, while Stella followed with his small portable oxygen cylinder.

He was looking tired and Nikki was worried. He was breathing a little harder than normal and his face looked pale.

"You haven't…." Nikki tried to look happy, despite her worries over his health.

"He has." Stella confirmed, "I felt like a spare part while he sat and chatted his new girlfriend up."

"God, we can't leave you alone for five minutes can we?" Helen laughed; "I'm pleased for you though," she smiled warmly at him.

"Now, I'm sure you know the dangers of unprotected sex, so Helen and I will nip down to the chemist for you later. And we'll get a cucumber so you can practice." Nikki giggled and shot out of the kitchen as Bill threw an apple at her.

"You're just jealous cos you're not the only lesbian in the family," he laughed as she came back into the kitchen holding the apple.

Helen's face went blood red, they didn't know, they couldn't know. She bent her head and became very interested in her cup.

"That's the oldest line in the book granddad, I've heard god knows how many blokes use the same line." Nikki laughed along with him, not even realising how Helen had reacted, it hadn't crossed her mind.

"What? It's not my fault. I've been a lesbian for years, it's about time I came out of the closet," he joked and then noticed the effect his words had had on Helen, he hoped he hadn't upset her; "you ok love?"

"I'm fine granddad, just hot after all that painting," she hoped the little lie would cover up the reason for her red face.

"You didn't dance did you?" Nikki placed the apple back in the fruit bowl and crossed her arms as she leaned against the countertop.

"I did, it was a slow dance and I was a bit puffed out but I feel marvelous," he beamed.

"Just be careful, please, for me?" Nikki looked pleadingly at him.

"I will, I promise." He changed the subject, "You two up for a night out? I've got a date and I want you all to meet my new bird."

They enthusiastically agreed and sat down to have another drink while Bill told them about his afternoon. Much to Stella's embarrassment, he let it slip that she'd been very much in demand when the dance had gotten underway and had had dozens of men asking her to dance with them. She was still married to Campbell and definitely wasn't looking for anyone else, but it had made her feel attractive and wanted for once and it did her self confidence wonders.

Helen eventually made a move to go home and get ready for the coming night out. She'd phoned Sean beforehand and he seemed eager to join them. They hadn't been getting on too well lately, he'd been cold and distant with her and she couldn't work out why.

She felt guilty that it didn't really bother her that much, after all they were married and she was supposed to love him. She did love him, she knew that much but she knew she wasn't in love with him; she was sure now she never had been and it made a big difference to their relationship. She didn't know what to do about it, all she knew, was that she'd made her vows and had promised to keep them no matter what.

When she got home Sean was pottering about the house bleating on he couldn't find his favourite shirt.

"Have you checked in the wardrobe?" Helen knew it was in there, he never looked for things properly.

"Of course I have," he said and then blushed when Helen took it out and held it up in front of her, "I swear it wasn't there before."

She laughed, "Typical man, unless it jumps out at you, you can't see it."

"So what's the plan for tonight then?" he was beginning to look forward to it. He and Helen hadn't spent much time together lately and he missed her.

"We're just going down to the pub to meet granddad's new girlfriend. What happens after that, I have no idea. But according to granddad, it's going to be a heavy session. I just hope he can handle it though, he's had a very busy day today and he's looking tired."

"I'm up for a good boozing session." Sean's eyes sparkled, he hadn't had a good night out for a while.

He also knew Helen got amorous after a night of drinking and he hoped they'd end up in bed. He'd make sure she forgot any stupid ideas about being in love with Nikki. He was pretty sure sex would solve everything.

"Is your mum going?" he chatted whilst Helen was getting her stuff sorted out.

"Yep, we're going over there when we're ready to pick them up." Helen tossed her makeup bag on the bed and made to go back into the bathroom.

"You mean Nikki's coming?" he felt the hatred rise up in his throat again; he had no desire to be anywhere near her and hated it when Helen was. His pulse quickened and he shook with anger as images of them together filled his mind.

"Aye, why wouldn't she be?" Helen looked at him; she was puzzled as to his sudden change in behaviour.

"You changed your tune quickly enough, you couldn't wait to get rid of her a few weeks back," he snarled.

"What the hell's eating you?" Helen snapped back, "I never know where I am with you these days, you're so bloody moody."

"Seeing as how I'm so bloody moody then as you put it, I'll stay at home."

Helen bit down on her tongue, she didn't want an argument now, "don't be like that Sean, come with us, it will be fun," she went to touch him but he moved away.

"Fuck off. I'm not interested, I don't want to be anywhere near you," he shot back.

Helen glared at him and got dressed again, "I'm going back to my mother's to get ready and you can go to hell."

Nikki was surprised when she answered the front door and Helen stood there on the step with her arms full of clothes and makeup. She raised her eyebrow questioningly and Helen filled her in on what had happened. Nikki noticed that Helen didn't seem too upset as she greeted her mother with a kiss on the cheek and followed her into the kitchen for a glass of wine to get the night started.

Nikki joined them for a bit and then claimed the bathroom first so she could have a soak in the bath before getting ready. She lay back and let the hot water ease the aching feeling from her muscles as she daydreamed. She hadn't been in there long when there was a knock at the door.

"Are you going to be much longer?" Helen shouted through the door.


"I'm desperate for a pee."

"Tie a knot in it." Nikki giggled but wasn't laughing for long. Helen had somehow unlocked the door and she burst in.


"What?" she said as she sat down on the loo.

"I'm trying to have a bath here."

"I was desperate. Neither of us has anything we haven't seen before." Helen didn't look the least bit bothered.

"Nothing embarrasses you does it?" Nikki said shaking her head and smiling.

"Peeing is a perfectly natural thing; we all need to do it. I wouldn't normally do it with an audience but it's only you," she said as she washed her hands.

"What time is it?" Nikki didn't have her watch with her.

"Five past seven." Helen said as she dried her hands.

"Shit!" Nikki shot up out of the bath, thinking she was really late; they were due to leave at twenty past and nobody else had had their shower.

"Looking good girl." Helen couldn't help saying as she eyed Nikki up and down, who stood there covered in only a thin smattering of bubbles.

"What time is it really?" Nikki had caught the wicked look on Helen's face.

"Ten past six." Helen twirled Nikki's towel in her hands as she tried to suppress her laughter.

"You did that on purpose, just you wait!" Helen ran off and Nikki sank back into the bath with a grin on her face.


Chapter 13

They arrived at the pub just on 7:45 and discovered that Bill's new friend hadn't turned up yet. So they got a round of drinks in, and selected a table close to the bar. Nikki lit up a cigarette as was her usual habit, Bill gave her his puppy dog look so she handed one over to him as she gave him a stern look and then they got chatting.

"What's up with your face?" Stella asked when she noticed Nikki looking miserable.

"I've got a bitch for a sister, how much more explanation do you need?" Nikki kept a straight face.

"Oh shut your moaning woman." Helen said with an equally straight face.

Bill and Stella looked worried; they had been getting on so well and they wondered what was wrong.

"Don't tell me you two have fallen out?" Bill looked concerned.

"I haven't, Nikki here is an entirely different matter." Helen took a sip of her drink, keeping up the pretence.

"I've every right to be angry with you, you bloody perv."

"What did she do?" Stella looked over at Nikki.

"First of all she bursts in on me while I'm in the bathroom to have a pee, and then she tells me it's late so she could get a good glimpse of me in my birthday suit as I jumped out of the bath." Nikki started laughing.

"You two are like an old married couple, remind me again why you aren't together." Bill said laughing at their antics; he just hoped Helen wouldn't mind his joke.

"Simple, superperv here is straight." Nikki took a sip of her pint and smiled.

Helen was a bit embarrassed, but she saw everyone else laughing so decided they must think it was a joke, "I keep telling you not to use that word Nikki." Helen playfully told her off.

"What, perv?"

"No straight."

"Oh yeah sorry I forgot. We all know you fancy me rotten." Nikki struck a pose, hoping Helen wouldn't take it the wrong way.

"That's absolutely right." Helen finished her drink, she didn't mind the banter, nobody besides herself and Nikki would know it was true, she finished her drink and stood up, "come on then Romeo, you can help me get the drinks in"

"My pleasure sweetheart." Nikki stood up and followed Helen to the bar.

Bill and Stella sat smiling at each other, they knew there were messing about but they also knew something was there. It was obvious that they were attracted to each other. Bill had had an idea about Helen's inclinations for years, and so had Stella but it was only in the past few weeks that she'd begun to wish that something would happen between them.

"I wish those two would hurry up and get together," she said straight off.

Bill was surprised, "You mean you know about Helen?"

"I've known for years. It was something that grew over time, they detested each other at first, but Helen's feelings quickly grew into love. Nikki was different, she never seemed interested, but I don't think that's the case now."

Bill nodded his agreement, "I think they'd be good for each other, I'm sure they'd make each other happy. But things aren't quite so simple."

"You never know, things have a funny way of turning out." Stella believed it to be true.

She knew if Nikki really did love Helen then she'd do everything within her power to be with her. Not that she'd have to try very hard because Helen was obviously in love with her. But then she was married to Sean, and he wasn't going to let her go, he'd fight to the bitter end. And nor could she really blame him for it if he did.

Stella stopped thinking about it as she saw Nikki and Helen returning from the bar. You couldn't interfere in your children's lives; they had to figure it out for themselves no matter how painful the journey might be.

Bill's new woman turned up just as they sat down, and after the introductions, Nikki slipped off to get her a drink. They then settled down to find out more about each other. Betty was several years younger than Bill, being seventy five. Her husband had died six years before and she had only just started going out socially again. She had two grown up children who had left home many years before but they came to visit as often as they could with the grandchildren. She was lonely; she needed a close companion and had been thrilled to meet Bill, whom she thought was very charming indeed.

"Does this mean I've got to buy a hat then?" Nikki grimaced playfully.

"Steady on love." Betty giggled, "I've haven't seen how he performs in the bedroom yet."

Helen choked on her drink, as they all giggled, "What's the chance of that?" she said as she regained her breath, "two pervs at the same dance," she winked at Betty to let her know she was only kidding.

"Oh I dunno about that, if you think Bill is bad, you'll find out I'm worse. Did you not see me on the telly last month? I got into the Guinness book of records for being the oldest Scottish nymphomaniac on record."

There was several seconds of silence and then they all burst out laughing. They had taken to Betty immediately and were happy for Bill. They'd only just met but it was obvious they would be good friends and it was about time, he'd been on his own for far too long.

Bill eventually decided it was time for a change of venue and they hit as many pubs as they could find. Helen had loosened up and had forgotten all about Sean as they staggered from one bar to the next. This was the first time she'd ever been on a night out with Nikki and she was enjoying it immensely. She was funny and charming and she had lots of great stories to tell. Helen found herself falling even more deeply in love with her.

It all came screeching to a halt though when Nikki nudged her and pointed to the door of the pub. Sean had just come in and was scanning the crowd, obviously looking for her. Helen took a big gulp of her drink and sighed.

"You ok?" Nikki was concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine; I could have done without him turning up though. When he's in this mood he'll get pissed and start looking for an argument."

"Well he's not going to get one, because you're going to let him waffle on and you're going to bite your tongue." Nikki said quietly as he spotted them and sauntered across, "besides if he starts, I'll fill his gob full of peanuts."

Helen chuckled and took hold of her hand, which didn't go unnoticed by Sean, "thanks; I can always count on you."

"I've looked everywhere for you," he said sulkily, "I must have been in every pub in town."

"Well you found us now." Helen said politely, "I'll get you a drink," she dragged Nikki to the bar with her much to Sean's disgust.

He was introduced to Betty and sat chatting with them trying to look interested but his eyes kept straying to the bar where Nikki and Helen stood very closely together laughing about something. Jealousy burned deep within him, things made sense now more than ever. He knew now he'd never really had Helen, there'd always been a brick wall between them, but it was only recently that he'd even realised after finding out about her feelings for Nikki.

It wasn't fair, Helen was his, and he didn't want her anywhere near Nikki. He couldn't think of a way to keep them apart, no matter how much he tried. But he realised that being moody with Helen was going to push her towards Nikki, so he'd have to be on his best behaviour. He'd be as nice as pie until he was certain he could keep his grip on Helen, and maybe then things would return to normal once she'd forgotten all about her.

As the night progressed, Nikki could see Helen was getting more and more annoyed with Sean. He wouldn't leave her alone and continually held onto her in some way, even when Helen made it obvious she didn't want him to touch her. He followed her wherever she went, even going so far as waiting outside the ladies loo's for her, and he kept trying to distract her from talking to anyone else, especially Nikki.

She could see Helen was close to blowing her top and dragged her outside before Sean could say anything. Helen was grateful for being rescued and pinched one of Nikki's cigarettes as she lit up.

"I swear to god if he doesn't let up I'm going to scream." Helen blew smoke out and leaned up against the wall unsteadily.

"What's up with him?" Nikki didn't know him very well and couldn't guess what his problem was.

"God only knows." Helen couldn't understand it herself, she'd admit he could be moody but this was so unlike him, "but I hope he knocks it off, cos it's getting on my nerves."

"You can tell me to mind my own business if you like but are you and he you know…." Nikki was slightly awkward, she wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer in any case.

"No." Helen shook her head; "Sean and I haven't slept together in a while. And right now, I can't ever see that changing."

"Is it because of me?"

"Yes and no." Helen stepped on her cigarette and ground it into the floor, "You showing up again has made me realise a few things…." Helen broke off.

"I don't want to be responsible for breaking your marriage up Helen. I know how you feel about me, but I can't return those feelings." Nikki knew it was a lie as she said the words, "I just don't want to see you two forced apart because of it."

"It's not just you Nikki, there's many different reasons. I have been attracted to other women in the past, but I've never wanted to do anything about it because they weren't you." Helen's voice trailed off into a whisper and she hung her head.

"So you'd say you're gay then?" she had assumed it was just a one off that Helen was attracted to her, she hadn't realised it was more than that.

"Don't ask me that question Nikki, I can't answer it." Helen knew she was, but she didn't want it putting into words just now.

"I'm only trying to help." Nikki took hold of her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I know that." Helen smiled up at her, "ignore me, I've had a drink and I'm having a moan."

Nikki decided to leave the subject alone for now, "Anyway, how about…," she was cut off when Sean came out of the pub.

"Ah Helen, there you are. Why don't you come back inside? It's cold out here." He noticed that they had an arm around each other and he was insanely jealous.

"I'm getting some fresh air; I'm fine where I am for now thanks." Helen tried not to show how irritated by him she was.

"You can go back in Nikki, I'll look after Helen." He just wouldn't take the hint.

"For god sake Sean, can I not just have five minutes on my own with my sister?" Helen snapped at him.

He went to say something but thought better of it and stomped off back into the pub. Helen grabbed Nikki's cigarettes again and decided to stay out there for a bit longer, not caring what Sean thought.

The atmosphere grew frostier as they changed pubs and it got to the point where everyone could see there was tension between Sean and Helen. Helen tried her best to carry on as normal since it was the first time they'd met Betty but Sean was making it hard by continually moaning about things. Helen was tempted to give him a bollocking but she didn't want him to kick off.

He kept gulping his drinks down and in a very short space of time; he was well on his way to being drunk. Helen was disgusted with him, he was rude to Betty on more than one occasion and she could see Bill was getting ready to say something to him.

"Why don't I get you a taxi Sean? You look like you've had enough." Helen leaned over and spoke quietly to him.

"I haven't had nearly enough," he blinked his eyes as he tried to focus on her face, "I'll go home when I'm ready."

"Fine, suit your self." Helen shrugged and left him to it but it was his final warning, she wouldn't tolerate any more from him.

An hour later Betty declared she was tired and should be getting home. She promised to call Bill the following day as they made sure she got into a taxi safely. Helen felt it was time they all went home but Bill wanted to carry on, he was enjoying watching Sean making a prat of himself. He knew it would mean trouble for Helen but he wanted to see him fall flat on his face.

Helen knew Bill didn't get out often and she didn't want the rest of the night to be ruined so she stopped worrying about what Sean was up to and threw caution to the wind. By the time 2am came, she was well on her way to being drunk and carried on as if Sean wasn't even there.

Sean had stopped drinking and gone on to soft drinks in an attempt to sober himself up. Somewhere in his alcohol fuddled brain, he knew that if he was too drunk, he wouldn't be able to see what Helen was up to.

"Perhaps it's time we went home now." He'd had enough, things hadn't worked out as they planned and he was eager to get Helen home so they were on their own.

"You can go if you like, I'm staying here." Helen turned back to her family and ignored him.

"Helen, you're pissed and we should go home," his anger was getting the better of him again.

"I'm not going home, I'm going back to my mum's." Helen glared at him, "but feel free to leave any time you like."

They had one last drink, Sean sat and glowered the whole time but for the most part nobody took any notice. They left the pub in search of a taxi but were having no luck, town seemed to be pretty busy and there were non available.

Helen was singing as she walked along the pavement holding Nikki's hand. This didn't please Sean at all; she should have been holding his hand, not Nikki's. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and balled them up into fists.

"Mum." Helen turned round.

"Yes darling?" Stella smiled at her; she loved her every inch as much as Nikki.

"I'm hungry." Helen said and Nikki burst out laughing, she sounded like a kid, not a grown woman.

"Want a wee bag of chips hen?" Bill grinned as he put on a Scottish accent.

"Oo yeah, Nikki can we have chips?"

"Course we can, Jesus this is the last time I take you out drinking."

"Shut up and feed me." Helen let go of Nikki's hand and jumped on her back, "take me to the chippy and don't spare the horses," she giggled.

Nikki staggered drunkenly up the street as Helen draped herself across her shoulders, a few passersby giggled at their antics. Nikki went in to the nearest chip shop and Sean hung about outside, he was furious, Helen was making a total idiot of herself. Not to mention the fact she was draped all over Nikki, it made his blood boil. He couldn't take anymore and marched off without a word. Bill and Stella watched him go, and neither of them could say they were sorry about it.

They finally managed to get a taxi and Helen fell asleep against Nikki on the way home. When they arrived she handed the food to Stella and dragged Helen out of the taxi and into the house. As soon as they'd eaten they were ready for bed, Helen had already fallen asleep again and Nikki left her there while she helped Stella take Bill upstairs.

When she got back downstairs, she tried to gently lift Helen from the couch but she was a tangle of arms and legs and it wasn't easy. She finally hoisted her up and carried her upstairs before gently laying her on the bed.

She debated whether to undress Helen or not, and decided against it. She wouldn't really feel comfortable doing that. She went to leave but couldn't do that either. She wanted to stay and look after her, just as Helen had done for her all those years ago. She rearranged the duvet, making sure Helen was snug before climbing into bed beside her. She felt Helen shuffle towards her, as her arms wrapped around her.

"I had a great time tonight." Helen whispered in the dark.

"So did I, I thought you were asleep?" Nikki pulled her closer.

"Nah, I got a free lift to bed out of it though." Helen chuckled quietly in to Nikki's shoulder.

"Yeah and I slipped a disc in the process," she playfully dug a finger in Helen's ribs.

"Thanks for coming back to look after me." Helen was drunk so she felt brave enough to say what she said next, "I love you Nik."

"I love you too sweetheart, sweet dreams." Nikki smiled in the dark as she relished the feeling of having Helen snuggled so closely to her.

She ignored all the warning signs in her head, tomorrow was another day and she should enjoy things for what they were.


Chapter 14

Sean sat nursing a sore head and a bad temper. He'd broken three cups already that morning and felt like breaking the whole set. Temper had gotten the better of him and he'd crushed them in his hand not caring about the cuts to his fingers. He'd imagined the cup was Nikki, crushing her out of all existence, breaking the ties binding her to Helen.

How dare she steal his wife away from him, she had no right, no right whatsoever. Helen belonged to him, she was his life and always would be and he was damned if he'd let her dyke of a sister steal her away. He could remember the surprise in Nikki's voice when Helen told her she was in love with her. He'd bet she was surprised alright, Helen had practically thrown herself at her in his eyes. She was probably surprised at the ease with which her next conquest had fallen into her lap as far as he was concerned.

He should have stuck around to hear the rest of the conversation, but there would have been no point. He could see which direction that particular conversation had taken. They were always touching in some way or holding hands, it wasn't normal. He could still see them larking about in the street when they were drunk. It made his head hurt with the sheer anger building up again inside him. He wanted to confront Nikki, wanted to hurt her as much as he was hurting. He knew he couldn't though, Helen would never allow that and it would make things worse. He just didn't know what to do.

A knock on the front door made him curse at whoever was there. He had no hopes of it being Helen, because she'd have used her key. He opened the front door intending to shout at whoever was there only to find a familiar face staring back at him.

"Hello son."

"Campbell, what are you doing here?" Sean was astonished; he thought he'd gone for good.

"I needed to have a talk with you."

"Of course, come in." Sean and his father in law had always gotten on well, and if he was honest, he was glad to see him.

Campbell sat down while Sean made some coffee, he knew Helen wasn't there, he knew exactly where she was. With that degenerate of a step sister and his weak minded wife, not to mention that doddering old bastard she called a grandfather. Campbell hated each and every one of them, including Helen. She was far too much like her mother had been, all smiles and sweetness and light, it turned his stomach.

What was worse is that she'd turned out to be a filthy pervert too. He hated her most for that, had done ever since he'd found out what she was. Unbeknown to everyone, Helen included, he'd been reading her diary for years. She'd stupidly wrote about her disgusting unnatural attractions to Nikki and had sealed both their fates because he had been determined to put an end to it.

He was happy to let Nikki think Helen had grassed on her, and being as stupid as she was, she had believed him. Helen didn't have the guts to open her mouth and had never contradicted him, which pleased him greatly because it driven a wedge between them and that's how he liked it.

"Here's your coffee." Sean sat down, "so how have you been?"

"I'm doing ok; I have a little place just a few miles from here. Nice and quiet like." He took a sip of his coffee and instantly wished for something stronger.

"I didn't think we'd see you again." Sean knew the circumstances of his departure and while he didn't condone hitting a woman, he knew Campbell had had his reasons. Sean blamed it on Nikki, everything was her fault.

"Oh aye son, you were always going to see me again," he had a smile on his face that would have caused most people to flinch, but not Sean, he returned it.

"Are you going to talk things over with Stella?"

"No, things aren't going to work out there. I should never have married her in the first place, she's never been any kind of wife to me." Campbell lied through his teeth.

"I know the feeling." Sean replied angrily.

"What's that?" Campbell sat up straighter, he'd come to cause trouble but it looked as if he wouldn't need to try so hard.

"Nothing, I don't want to cause trouble." Sean fully intended to cause trouble; he just didn't want to be so obvious about it.

"It's no trouble to me son, spit it out." Campbell could hardly contain his excitement.

"It's Helen," he faltered for a second, was he really right to be doing this?

"Go on."

He made the decision in a split second; it was his only hope, "She's got some stupid notion in her head that she's in love with Nikki, it's preposterous."

Campbell tried to look suitably shocked, "Oh god, are you sure?" he asked as Sean nodded his head.

"Yes, your daughter thinks she's a lesbian. And she's having feelings for her sister of all people."

"That bloody Nicola Wade has been trouble since the day I met her," he took another sip of his coffee, "you could have knocked me over with a feather though, that doesn't sound like my little girl. I didn't think she'd be taken in by that dyke."

"I'm telling you the truth. I heard her tell Nikki one night not long after she came here." Sean was feeling relieved, it was good to talk to someone who disliked Nikki as much as he did.

"And what did Nikki say?" he probed further.

"She sounded surprised. Other than that she really didn't say anything. But I know they're having a sordid little affair, I caught them kissing, but they didn't see me." Sean didn't care, if he had to tell lies to get what he wanted then he would.

"Right." Campbell put down his cup, "we'll get this sorted out. Helen will come back home to you where she belongs, we'll make sure she forgets this filthy little episode ever happened. You take care of Helen and I'll take care of Nikki."

"What if she won't come home?" Sean looked worried; Helen could be unpredictable at times.

"She will. And if she doesn't, there will be consequences." Campbell smiled again, there would be consequences alright, of that he was certain.

Helen stretched and yawned and collapsed back onto the sofa. She was feeling the aftereffects of the previous night now. She'd woken up feeling a bit rough but had quickly gotten over it with some painkillers and plenty of water. But tiredness was starting to creep up on her.

She idly flipped through the TV channels and as usual there was nothing on worth watching. The house was nice and quiet, Stella had gone shopping and Bill had gone off to Betty's in a taxi with a big grin on his face

Her thoughts drifted back to Nikki. She felt like something had changed, she couldn't quite put her finger on it but something had shifted the balance. It wasn't in a bad way either, in fact, it felt fantastic to Helen. There was a kind of closeness between them that hadn't been there the previous day and she was sure it wasn't just because she'd spent the night with her in the same bed. No, something had definitely changed and Helen was eager to find out what it was.

With a wicked grin on her face and her tiredness suddenly forgotten, she skipped upstairs and hesitated at the bathroom door. Water cascaded loudly from inside, good; Nikki was still in the shower. Helen tried the door, it wasn't locked, and her heart began to flutter wildly. She opened the door slowly and quietly and then crept in.

She could see Nikki's shadow behind the shower curtain and felt a rush of desire. She knew she shouldn't be there, shouldn't do what she was about to. She reached around the shower curtain and ran her hand up Nikki's thigh as she jumped with fright.

"Bloody hell Helen!" Nikki leaned against the wall waiting for the heart attack.

"What?" Helen's face was the picture of innocence.

"You know very well what." Nikki held her arm out to Helen, "do me a favour, give me a hand out, my legs have gone to jelly."

Helen did as she was asked without thinking and suddenly found herself being pulled into the shower and drenched with water.

"Nikki! You sod." Helen coughed and spluttered as she pushed her wet hair from her eyes.

"So Ms. Stewart, what's your evil plan now?" Nikki grinned at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You came up here to seduce me did you not?"

"No not at all…." Helen's eyes darted all over the place, just like they always did when she told a lie.

"Pull the other one Helen, its got bells on." Nikki giggled at the look on her face.

Helen's mouth opened and closed, she didn't know what to say, she hadn't thought that far ahead.

"I know I'm right, so go ahead, I'm waiting for you." Nikki stood a little closer to Helen.

She was playing a dangerous game, she knew that but she couldn't quite make herself stop. She was seeing Helen as she'd never seen her before. She wanted her in a way she'd never wanted anyone else. All the other relationships she'd ever had seemed to pale into insignificance. It was scary but at the same time it felt right.

"I'm not playing Nikki." Helen didn't want to be toyed with.

"Nor am I, I'm deadly serious." Nikki couldn't help the words coming out of her mouth, she knew she should have run a mile, she shouldn't be doing this, but something was keeping her there.

"There'd be no going back you know. Once we take that step, it's final, we could never change the fact." Helen was waiting for her to back out any second.

"Shut up and kiss me."

Helen did as she was told.

Sean had finally made up his mind about what to do. He stood by his car and took a deep breath, he was about to go down on his knees and beg Helen to come home with him. He had to show he was sorry, had to make her understand that he loved her and couldn't live without her. He'd thought of many other different ways to go about it but Helen wouldn't be bullied into it. This was the only way.

He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. He knocked twice more and there was still no answer. His brow furrowed, Helen's car was in the drive, as was Nikki's. He gripped the handle on the front door and it swung open.


Chapter 15

Helen shivered with anticipation; she'd been waiting for this moment forever. Finally having Nikki so close felt like a dream come true. But it wasn't as perfect as she'd have liked. Nikki wasn't in love with her for a start, and Helen definitely wasn't one for casual sex. She didn't want to think too much about it, just being there with her was far more than she'd ever dared hope for.

Nikki could see several different emotions flicker across Helen's face. She could almost feel the vibrations of Helen's mind as it ticked over and she was pretty sure why. She knew she should say something, but wasn't sure if she was ready to.

Helen watched as Nikki inched closer ever so slowly. Her body was on fire and a constant throb from between her legs was reminding her she needed Nikki desperately. She leaned back against the cool tiles and gave Nikki a sexy grin, as she took one leg and placed it up on the side of the bath.

Nikki hesitated; she couldn't do this, she had to say something after all, "Helen?"

"What?" Helen's heart lurched.

"There's something I have to say," her own heart was thudding loudly.

"I did say if you don't want to do this then just tell me, stop before it goes too far," she said quietly and looked away so Nikki wouldn't see the hurt expression in her eyes.

"Don't be daft," she said softly as she turned Helen's head towards her and stroked her face, "I want to, but I need to say this first. I've always felt something for you and…."

"And what Nikki?" Helen placed her hand on the back of Nikki's neck and smiled reassuringly at her.

"Fuck it, the way I'm rambling on we'll be here all day," she took a deep breath, "What I'm trying to say is, I'm in love with you too Helen."

Helen let out the breath she'd been holding and relaxed, Nikki really did seem to love her back. She'd been waiting to hear those words for what seemed like her entire life and even now she'd heard them, she still couldn't quite believe it was true.

"Since when?"

"Since I realised that I was always in love with you. I mean it Helen, I would never lie to you." Nikki's expression of arousal told Helen this wasn't the time for in-depth discussions.

Helen decided to leave it be, there would be plenty of time in the future for them to talk; right now they needed each other with an intensity that secretly scared them both. Nikki began to gently explore with her fingers, but resisted lingering in the one place. She was teasing her and Helen knew it.

"Nikki." Helen gasped as much through arousal as frustration.

"Tell me what you want Helen." Nikki's hand ran down Helen's side, caressing her with her fingertips as she did so.

"I want you to…." Helen couldn't say it, she blushed bright red.

"Want me to what?" Nikki whispered into Helen's ear before running the tip of her tongue around it.

"I want you Nikki, I need you inside me." Helen murmured huskily.

Nikki didn't answer; she smiled and moved a bit closer. She took her hands and placed them on the wall behind Helen, leaning forward so that they were just millimetres apart. Helen glanced down and gasped when Nikki's taut nipples grazed across her own.

"Patience sweetheart, just relax and trust me." Nikki said before leaning in and pressing the full length of her body against her.

Helen reacted instinctively and thrust her hips forward, and began to rub against her. Nikki moved her hands down and took hold of Helen's hips to still them. She liked to make love slowly to begin with and at the rate Helen was going, it would be over too soon. She moved her head towards Helen and felt her breath caressing her cheek, a wave of desire washed over her, she wanted her more than she'd ever wanted anyone.

She brushed her lips across Helen's, gently flicking her tongue over them. She responded and opened her mouth inviting Nikki's tongue inside. Helen felt the flood between her legs as soon as Nikki sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and bit down on it gently. Her lips then trailed down Helen's neck, gently nipping at the skin and then running her tongue over it.

Helen wasn't used to this kind of intensity, she'd never been this turned on before. But then again she'd never had sex with anyone she loved this much before. Nerve endings jumped and her body screamed out to be touched. She wanted to be patient, but she needed Nikki's touch desperately and she tried to urge her on by moving her hands and placing them lower.

Nikki took the hint and she dragged her nails up Helen's thighs as her mouth moved closer to her breasts. She flicked the tip of her tongue over the nipple, and watched as the skin puckered and stiffened. She then placed her lips over the nipple and drew it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it as she sucked gently.

Helen moaned loudly and began bucking her hips against Nikki again. She could feel how wet Helen was and a stab of arousal shot through her. She sank to her knees and trailed her hands up and down Helen's thighs and stomach, watching as goose bumps sprang up on her skin.

She kissed and licked her way lower, as Helen urged her on with loud gasps. The minute her tongue parted Helen's lips, she almost lost her balance and Nikki pulled back to steady her.

"Wade." Helen growled at the loss of contact, "if you don't start giving me multiple orgasms right this bloody minute…" her voice trailed off leaving the threat hanging.

"You can abuse me later, but right now, let me touch you." Nikki murmured as she smiled at Helen's grumpiness.

Helen rested her head back against the wall and lifted her leg a little higher as Nikki's tongue found its way back to where Helen needed it most. A shiver went right through her as Nikki's tongue flicked over the sensitive tip of her clit. She almost climaxed there and then when she felt Nikki's teeth biting down on it gently.

"Oh god Nik, don't stop baby." Helen's breathing became far more rapid and her legs began to shake.

Nikki had no intention of stopping just yet and picked up the pace slightly. Helen gasped and clung on for dear life. She couldn't even begin to make sense of the feelings coursing through her. It wasn't something she could put into words even if she'd tried. Nikki was feeling much the same, and was cursing herself for wasting all those years.

Helen was very wet and more than ready for her, so she slipped two fingers inside and began to move within her slowly at first. She could tell it wasn't enough for Helen, so she curved her fingers and rubbed her g-spot gently.

"Harder baby, I need it harder." Helen had gotten over her embarrassment and now in-between gasps was pretty vocal.

Nikki did as she was told and began to thrust in and out faster as she flicked her tongue over Helen's clit in a circular motion. She knew Helen was close, she could feel her muscles tightening around her fingers. She began to slow the pace and knew Helen would be pissed off about it.

"Ohh Nikki don't stop." Helen complained breathlessly.

"I want us to come together." Nikki stood up and pressed herself against Helen.

Helen's eyes rolled back in her head when she felt Nikki's clit glide across her own. She threw her arms around her and wrapped one leg around her waist as Nikki began to move against her. It created a wonderful friction and it soon had them both moaning and gasping in unison.

"Oh baby, I'm coming." Helen groaned loudly, "I love you."

"I love you too Helen, always." Nikki said just before they both crashed over the edge.

Sean couldn't take anymore and he fled. He didn't even bother to close the front door as he jumped into his car and screeched off down the road. After a few minutes he pulled the car over and got out for some fresh air as his mind reeled. He could still see Helen, could still hear her. She'd never looked or sounded that way when they'd made love and he could feel an uncontrollable rage build up inside him.

"Bitch!" he screamed as he punched the car door, shattering the window.

He didn't care about the blood flowing from his split knuckles; all he cared about was getting revenge on Nikki and getting Helen away from her. He still couldn't quite believe what he'd seen.

He suddenly noticed the pain in his hands but could do nothing about it. He slumped down against his car and expected the tears to flow, but nothing happened. He felt nothing other than the cold, hard anger which rose in his chest like a shard of ice. What was he going to do? He didn't know, but he knew someone who would. He pulled his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed Campbell's number.

Chapter 16

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