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A Favour
By Ohyjo

Despite the thick gloves B'Elanna wore her hands were ice cold. In fact she was freezing all over.

She still did not understand how she ended up on this away mission but here she was, and hating every minute of it. Thank god, none of the snowstorms they had observed from Voyager had struck up.

Walking behind her team-mate she still had no idea were she was going or what she was doing on this frozen mud ball. She simply had no idea what Seven had in mind that required her assistance.

B'Elanna's mood was deteriorating by the minute. Where the hell was Seven taking her and why the hell hadn't they just transported directly to their destination?

Seven absolutely refused to tell her why they were here, simply replying that she would find out when they got there; she would know. And all of this simply because she owed the Borg a favour.

"Do not worry, B'Elanna Torres, we have nearly reached our destination," said Seven as she looked at the half Klingon.

"Seven why the hell did we not beam there directly?" B'Elanna did her best not to let her temper get the better of her. Lately she and the Borg had started to get along better and she knew Seven would not walk around in all this snow without a good reason. That would be inefficient. But it was difficult to keep herself in check, and it was getting more difficult as she was getting colder.

"There are natural phenomena in this planet's atmosphere that make transportation hazardous." Replied Voyager's astrometrics officer.

"Seven, I can see miles away in just about every direction. What the hell are we doing here?" B'Elanna tried again.

"We are already here, it is more a matter of timing. It will only be a few moments now." Seven tried to placate her half Klingon companion without giving away her surprise. She had to trick the Klingon in coming here with her but she was certain that when the woman saw what was here she would appreciate it very much. At least that was what she hoped. With the chief Engineer you never knew, but then that was one of the things she liked about her.

When Seven had scanned this planet from Astrometric's she had come across a very exiting natural phenomena. She had been eager to study it in person, preferably alone so she could enjoy it's perfection uninterrupted. However Captain Janeway refused to give Seven permission to go unless someone went with her. But there was only one person with whom Seven wanted to share this unique phenomena. And It had been nearly impossible to come up with an idea to persuade the Klingon to join her on this outing without giving anything away. But she had gotten lucky.

In order to speed up repairs from an unfortunate encounter with an asteroid field, Seven had volunteered to help out the overworked Engineering staff. There she had been so efficient that when she finished the Chief Engineer, in an unusually good mood, had thanked Seven for her help. She had also said that she owed her one.

Unclear about what that meant she had requested B'Elanna explain to her what she owed her. Chuckling B'Elanna had said that it meant she owed Seven a favour.

That had put a smile on Seven's face as her problem was solved. "I do indeed need a favour from you."

Curiously B'Elanna had asked what it was. Assuming Seven would probably want more power diverted to Astrometrics or something like that. Actually planning to help the former Drone as well as she could this time.

When she heard what Seven wanted her to do her good mood melted like snow in the sun. But being an honourable Klingon she did not try to get out of it. She had said she owed Seven a favour so she had to pay up.

And so now the engineer was walking with Seven in this dessert of snow and her mood was dropping by the minute.

Suddenly the former Drone stopped and said: "It is beginning."

And all around them the light changed, beautiful colours were streaming through the sky, slowly changing the white horizon in a gentle flow of colours. It was breathtaking.

B'Elanna forgot all about the cold and her temper. She simply drank in the amazing sight.

They did not know how long they stood there watching but a while later the scenery slowly turned back to the previous white landscape.

Still in awe of what they had just witnessed they stood still for a few more minutes, not willing or at that point able, to break the spell they were under.

It was obvious to Seven that her surprise had been well received. This pleased her even more than the incredible phenomena she had just observed. Still she asked. "Did you enjoy the vision, B'Elanna Torres?"

After what she had just experienced all B'Elanna could do was nod.

And then to her own surprise she grasped Seven's hand, only intending to touch it briefly, to thank her, since for the first time in a very long time she lacked words to express herself. But when she tried to pull back Seven refused to let go.

For some reason this did not make her angry. She just looked expectedly at Seven. The former drone started talking softly.

"This occurrence was impressive, with you beside me it became perfection. I am glad we could witness this event together."

B'Elanna could not believe what she was hearing and her jaw dropped half open. Giving her head a good shake, she wondered if she had heard what Seven had said correctly.

One look in the blonde's blue eyes told her she had not misheard the words. The feelings displayed there left no room for doubt and B'Elanna felt all-warm inside.

A huge smile appeared on her face as she grasped Seven's hand tighter in response. No words were needed.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and o... so much more.

***** Author's note. When I tried to write the phenomena witnessed by Seven and B'Elanna I wanted it to be a bit like the Aurora Borealis but since I don't know what that is like and some of you might I created something specific for the planet S&T were on;) *****

The End

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