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Favorite TV Shows
By Ann


Sabrina jogged up the stairs to her lover's apartment with pizza in one hand and beer in the other. An especially difficult case had finally ended with the arrest of the same three security guards the agency had been working with to solve the case. Sabrina had grown suspicious when every one of their leads had suddenly reached a dead end and, when she realized that each of the three men had been personally responsible for squashing their headway in the case, she set up some false information to trap them. Her plan had worked perfectly.

With both hands full, she kicked the base of the door with her foot. "Kelly! It's me. Open up." She didn't have long to wait as the door swung open, revealing a t-shirt, blue jean clad Kelly.

"Hey, c'mon in. We just have enough time to eat before my favorite show comes on." Kelly quickly grabbed the pizza and rushed back inside, not hearing her lover's grumbled words.

"Oh, hey Sweetie. So glad we get to spend the weekend together. Come sit down and let's plan what we're going to do." Still mumbling, she stepped into the apartment.

By the time Sabrina had reached the kitchen, Kelly already had the pizza on the table and their plates set out. She swept the beer from her lover's hand and put it on the shelf in the fridge, and that's when Sabrina noticed the coke cans sitting beside each plate.

"Hey. What did you do that for? I wanted beer with my pizza."

"You can have beer later; after my show." Kelly sat down and opened the lid to the pizza box, reaching inside for a slice.

Sabrina sighed and took a seat. She didn't want her beer later; she wanted it now and, judging from the way Kelly had been describing her show, week after week after week, she was going to need it, too. Grabbing a couple of slices, she placed them on her plate and popped the tab on her coke. A quick look at her watch showed a few minutes before seven. Maybe she could distract her lover long enough that she wouldn't have to watch Kelly's stupid show.

"I'm certainly glad we finished the case before the weekend. Now, we can relax and enjoy ourselves for three whole days, especially since Charlie gave us Monday off."

Taking a sip of her coke, Kelly glanced at the clock on the wall. "Yeah, now I won't miss my show. Speaking of which, it's starting in a few minutes. Let's get the TV trays and take our pizza to the couch."

Sabrina watched her lover scoop up a couple of pizza slices and grab a tray from the corner. "C'mon, Bree. It's high time you watched my favorite show with me."

The slender, brunette Angel reluctantly stood and filled her plate with pizza. If she had to sit through Kelly's favorite show, she was going to find someway to enjoy herself. So, if she couldn't have her beer, then she was going to stuff herself with pizza instead.

The pair finally settled down in front of the television, and Kelly reached for the remote, turning on the TV just as the show began. Sabrina stretched back against the couch and reached for her coke. She could think of better things she'd rather be doing in the next hour than watch some stupid TV show. Sighing, she spied a dark haired woman enter through a side door.

"You think that mousy looking woman is a sex goddess?" Sabrina couldn't believe the woman on the screen was the same woman her lover had been mooning over for the past year. She'd managed to miss the show every time Kelly had watched it by either working late or making an excuse to come over later in the evening after the show was over. She'd had no intention of ever watching this particular show.

"Just wait, Bree. You'll see."

Sabrina shook her head, doubtful that she'd change her mind anytime soon. Moving the empty TV tray to the side, she slumped down on the couch and groaned. She'd definitely eaten too much pizza.

At the next commercial, Sabrina excused herself to take the empty dishes to the kitchen. She quickly rinsed them off in the sink and looked over her shoulder, slowly reaching for the refrigerator door just as Kelly's words made their way into the room.

"Sabrina Duncan! You keep you hands off that beer. You'll be sick as a dog if you add beer to what you've already eaten."

The chastised Angel dropped her hand and turned to shuffle back into the den, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she focused on the screen.

"Wow! Now, that's more like it." Walking to the sofa, she sat next to her lover, never taking her eyes off the television. "I don't know about that other woman, but this woman is definitely a goddess."

Kelly smiled and leaned against her lover as she watched the dark haired superhero. The knee-high red boots complimented the skimpy outfit which was topped with a gold tiara-like headpiece. The best part was the sleeveless, off the shoulder garment which fit the voluptuous woman snugly, but the gold metal plates which tightly covered the well-endowed breasts were pretty damned nice to look at too. Not to mention the gold belt fitted around the slim waist, accentuating the blue starred, short briefs.

"Hey, Kelly? What's that gold rope attached to her belt?"

"That's the Lasso of Truth. Whenever she places it around someone, they can't lie. They have to tell the truth."

"I certainly wouldn't mind having one of those. It sure would've made our last job a lot easier. I could've just put it around those security guards and asked if they were behind the heists instead of setting up that elaborate trap."

Kelly took her lover's hand. "I don't think I told you what a great plan that was. If you hadn't made them think that some secret shipment was coming in, we'd have never caught them."

"Nah, it wasn't that big of a deal." Sabrina's focus shifted back to the screen when one of the villains began to shoot at the woman. Not a single bullet hit its mark. "Hey, is she bulletproof?" Just as the words left Sabrina's mouth, the dark haired woman deflected the bullets with her wrist bands.

"Oh, c'mon. How did she do that?"

"She has special powers. She's actually an Amazon princess."

"Kelly, this show is kind of cheesy."

"I know, but it's a nice break from reality, don't you think?"

"I guess. At least the actress is nice to look at."

"Yeah, she most certainly is." Kelly smiled dreamily at the image onscreen.

"You know. A person could get jealous watching their girlfriend make goo-goo eyes at someone else, even if it is some Amazon wonder woman."

As the show's ending credits began to roll, Kelly reached for the remote, turning off the television. Shifting on the couch, she cupped her lover's face.

"There's no reason to be jealous of her, Bree. You're my Wonder Woman."

Sabrina smiled and lightly kissed her lover's lips. Pulling away, she whispered, "You're not just saying that to make me happy, are you?"

"Well, you could always use your Lasso of Truth to see if I was lying." Kelly teased her lover with a sexy smile.

"You know, I think maybe I should. In fact, I believe I left it in your bedroom the last time I was here. Why don't we go see if we can find it?"

Kelly rose and turned towards the other room, and Sabrina quickly stood to follow, her thoughts turning to her own favorite show. Perhaps next week, she'd introduce Kelly to 'The Bionic Woman.'

The End

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