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By Merfilly


Barbara watched through the oppressive rain as Black Canary kissed Green Arrow, a sad kiss of friends that had been more, before the blonde crossed the tarmac to the Aerie One. She made sure to clear that screen, even though she knew Dinah would suspect that she had been watched. Landing here in Star City to help the man had not been high on Oracle's priorities, but she had been unable to ignore Dinah's wishes, or let her go alone. Huntress, Gypsy, and Zinda had returned almost an hour before, so Barbara had gotten antsy and tried to listen in.

Only to find that her number one operative and lover had switched the communication gear off.

Dinah also had an annoying tendency to make Barbara wait, while she checked on Sin, even though the girl was safely at Roy Harper's home, having a sleep over with Lian. It was obvious as Dinah walked past the monitor station where Oracle was keeping an ear on a hostage situation for the JSA that it would be a long time before Dinah was hers again. The blonde was so lost in her talking to Harper that she did not even look in; apparently Oliver Queen had successfully distracted the woman again.

Barbara tried hard not to think on that, tried very earnestly to not remind herself that Dinah and Ollie had been considered an almost mythical pair of lovers during their rather long affair. She remembered people talking about Robin and Batgirl, but nothing with the reverence attached to the Green Arrow and his Pretty Bird.

The redhead fought every instinct to listen in as the plane began to taxi for a rainy take off. She could no longer hear the rain hitting the plane, but almost wished she could, as her hand hovered over the switches that would let her know what Dinah and Roy were talking about. She thought it would be so much better to know, to just get it over with that the blonde was going to leave her, leave the business to go back to the philandering archer.

She pushed the switch, opening the hidden receivers in Dinah's room, unable to bear the tension of not knowing exactly how Dinah would break up with her.

"…told him about her too, Roy. He seemed happy for me, but I just want you to check up on him." A long pause. "Yes, I know it's a weird situation, and yes...I did talk to Dick. I asked him to give me space with her."

Barbara felt tears well up as relief replaced the fear of losing her lover, mingled with sheer astonishment to find out Dinah had stood up to Dick for her. She hastily turned off the receivers, ashamed that she had ever doubted the blonde who had promised her forever. Now, as Zinda flew them toward Metropolis, she could see the rain as washing away the old, and bringing them a clean start.

The End

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