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Feels Like Love
By Berg


Part 3

Cindy slowly opened her eyes. She felt herself coming out of the foggy haze.

Shot. He had shot her up with something.

Everything around her was a blur as she tried to shake her head, feeling it hammer in pain, as though someone was taking a sledge hammer to it.

Deciding for a moment, it wasn't worth the effort to open her eyes anymore, she closed them slowly, feeling herself drift into a state between awake and asleep.

"Cindy you're going to be okay," the soft voice whispered in her ear. "Can you hear me Cindy?"

"Lindsay?" Cindy smiled.

"Yes I'm here," Lindsay stroked the side of her face. "You're safe now Cindy. He can't hurt you anymore."

"Where are we?" Cindy asked now fully awake.

"Where do you want us to be?" Lindsay asked. Cindy could sense the worry in her voice. She was scared, yet strangely calm.

"The lake," Cindy smiled. "By the beach of the lake I used to go with my Dad to fish and swim."

"We're here," Lindsay pointed behind her. Cindy saw the familiar setting and smiled. "It's nice."

"It's more than nice," Cindy laughed standing and watching the setting sun. "Doesn't it just have the most breath taking sunsets?" Cindy smiled as she felt the arm of Lindsay wrap around her shoulder.

"I'm glad we're here," Lindsay looked down into her warm inviting eyes.

"Me too," Cindy nodded. "I'm especially glad it's you."

"You're totally in love with me," Lindsay laughed, playfully poking Cindy's chest.

"Guilty," Cindy nodded. "Took you long enough to figure it out."

"Well I hate to be the spoil sport but I was kind of carrying my own torch too."

"You were?"

"Am," Lindsay corrected her, tucking a part of stray red hair behind her ear. "Even for a dream you should know that is true."

"A dream?"

"You need to wake up now," Lindsay sighed softly. "I'm sorry. I wish we could stay longer."

"Longer," Cindy nodded. "We have to leave?"

"No," Lindsay corrected her. "You have to leave. It's time to wake up Cindy. Wake up Cindy…"

Slowly the voice transitioned to a rougher, tougher, deeper one. "…wake up Cindy. It's time to play some more…"

Lindsay watched as Jacobi gripped the side of the car as she took the sharp turn. "Sorry," she looked quickly to her right. Jacobi just nodded. He knew his partner was in a rush.

To Be Continued

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