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Final Countdown
By Geekgrrl


Jaime Sommers looked stunning in her evening gown. The ambassador she was protecting was throwing New York's premiere New Year's ball. Her Berkut team was on high alert ready for anything to happen. Jaime sighed.

Here with all the pretty people, amongst the fine food and swirling music, she stood alone, working on New Year's Eve. Jaime took a drink of her sparkling water and tried not to sink into a funk.

She thought about last year, her quiet dinner with Will, followed by slow dancing in front of the fireplace. Midnight striking, the ball dropping on TV, and an oh so gentle kiss. It was a hopeful kiss, a kiss for the future. Some future that turned into. A year later and she was a freak show and Will was dead. Well, so much for not sinking into a funk.

Jaime put her empty glass down on a passing server's tray and turned as something, someone, caught her eye. It was a dark shape just outside the room, on the balcony. Making sure some of Jonas's men were covering the ambassador, she headed out the nearest French doors to the balcony.

It was a breathtaking view of the city. Jaime could just make out the ball in Times Square, if she leaned a bit to the left. Movement once again caught her attention. There were a few couples milling on the wrap around balcony, but the chill in the air made it a bit bracing for most at the party.

Something wasn't right. Jaime knew it. She reached a darker spot on the balcony and saw a figure standing there, leaning on the rail. Suddenly she could feel a connection, like a gate slowly opening. It was her.


"Observant as always Sommers." Sarah Corvus turned into the light and smiled. She took a sip of her champagne and leaned back against the rail, staring at the city before her.

Jaime paused, unsure. Concentrating, she severed her link to the team and moved to join Sarah at the rail. "Nice isn't it? If you lean a bit you can see—"

"The ball in Times Square. Yeah, I know." Sarah turned to stare at the younger woman as she approached. "I was invited by the way, so you can have the hell hounds stand down. The ambassador has many 'friends' at his disposal this evening." Looking the blonde woman up and down, Jaime noticed that Sarah had quite a daring dress on. That's when she noticed the large man in black lying behind a planter near Sarah.

"Oh, yeah. He looked like he was going to be a problem, so you know, I just took care of it." Sarah sipped from her glass, looking over the edge at Jaime.

"I thought I saw someone lurking by the window." Jaime smiled. "Thanks."

"See I can be nice." Sarah smiled back. I'll Be Home for Christmas started playing from the musicians inside. The smile faded a bit, the light bleeding away from her eyes. She handed her glass to Jaime. "Time for me to go anyway." She walked past on her way to the French doors inside. Jaime caught her arm. It would appear she wasn't the only one feeling lost tonight.

"Sarah, wait…" Jaime murmured. Sarah tensed but stopped, Jaime's hand warm against her cool skin. Their eyes locked and Jaime dropped her hand. She took a sip of Sarah's champagne and stepped back towards the rail, the city flickering behind her. Sarah's breath caught.

Auld Lang Syne started to play from inside, with voices singing along. Sarah stepped closer to Jaime, able to detect her heart beating faster. Somewhere below them a church bell started to ring in the New Year. Jaime stared at Sarah's mouth, watching her tongue moisten her upper lip.

The countdown chant inside began.


Sarah moved closer to the shivering brunette before her.


Jaime felt a warm hand slide along her bare arm and she locked eyes, waiting.


A quiet rustling of fabric, and a tink from the champagne flute hitting the handrail.


A soft flutter of lashes, warm breath against her cheek, moving ever closer.


An angry hulking man in black looming beside them. Biting back a groan, both sets of eyes turned glittering with lingering lust, disappointment and anger. He was so going to pay for this...

Horns and whistles tooted inside. The church below was ringing away. And if you leaned to the left you could just make out the ball dropping in Times Square. No one inside noticed the large man flying across the balcony, sliding along the tiled floor and crashing into the large potted tree with white twinkle lights on it.

"Happy New Year, Sarah."

"Happy New Year, Jaime."

The End

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