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A Fine Fluff(y) Turbolift Tale: (The Great Lint Challenge!)
By twk4258



B'Elanna stepped into the turbolift to find one very upset former Borg picking and brushing at her biosuit.

"Lieutenant. I was just about to call you," Seven stated in her usual cool unemotional demeanor while twisting and turning as if she was trying to see every aspect of her body, unaware of what she was doing to the chief engineers state of mind.

"What are you doing, Seven?" B'Elanna asked while trying not to stare too obviously at the incredibly sensual gyrations that the blond beauty was going through.

"I believe that the replicators in Sickbay are malfunctioning."

"Oh yea," the lovely Klingon replied as she tried, without much success, to bring her gaze up to focus in the general vicinity of Seven's eyes, "What brought you to that conclusion?"

"This," Seven replied sharply, ceasing in her self examination while thrusting her hand at B'Elanna's face as if she was holding something between her thumb and forefinger.

"Uh, what am I looking at Seven," the engineer asked as she squinted slightly trying to see anything at all, while wresting with the desire to gently take the hand and plant kisses all over it.

"It is a small group of very fine fibers, lightly twisted together, with what appears to be a few microscopic particles of dust suspended from .."

"Lint?" B'Ellana asked incredulously.

There was a brief moment while the tall blond seemed to be thinking before she replied, "I believe that term adequately describes the material that I have found on this biosuit I have 'just' replicated."

"And you think the replicator produced the lint," the chief asked while suppressing a grin that was trying to break into a full blown smile.

"It is the only logical explanation," Seven stated defensively while favoring the part Klingon with a haughty look.

"Well, in that case I'll make an effort to drop into sickbay sometime during my shift tomorrow and check it out," B'Elanna replied obviously humoring the beautiful former Borg.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Seven replied a little too sharply as she went back to trying to examine every part of her biosuit.

B'Elanna, still marveling at the way the blond could move and twist, was about to tell the computer her destination when she spotted a piece of lint that Seven would never see without a mirror.

"Uh .. you missed a piece," the chief engineer quietly mentioned.

Seven stopped abruptly to look questioningly at the engineer. B'Elanna favored the tall blond with a mildly apologetic smile while gesturing awkwardly in the general direction of Seven's left breast. There was a few more uncomfortable moments while the two locked gazes, during which the half Klingon was convinced the temperature in the turbolift had gone up by more than just a few degrees. Finally Seven looked down for a few moments to try and locate the offending piece of fluff. When she couldn't see anything she raised her eyes to look inquiringly at the engineer. B'Elanna, hesitantly found herself taking a couple of steps toward the blond beauty to point out the offending material with her hand seemingly magnetically attracted to the lint. Just a few inches short of the bountiful breast B'Elanna suddenly realized what she was about to do and abruptly stopped short. Quickly taking a half step back, the engineer thought for a moment before raising her hand to her own chest to try and indicate the general area under the left tit.

Seven finding B'Elanna's hesitant behavior a trifle odd, quickly reviewed all the information her Borg enhanced senses had recorded in the last few minutes of her interaction with the half Klingon engineer. She noted the sudden jump in heart and breathing rates that had occurred as the engineer had stepped into the turbolift. Then there were steady increases of both while B'Elanna had watched as she had searched her biosuit for more lint. Now as she gazed into the disturbingly deep bewitching brown eyes of her oft times antagonist, she noted that the engineer's pupil dilation was far greater than what would be consistent with the current lighting conditions. All signs that pointed to .. arousal? Almost as soon as the word entered her consciousness, she noted with some slight irritation that her own pulse and breathing rates jumped. A strange warmth seemed to be spreading through out parts of her body she generally tried to ignore, leaving her with an overwhelming need to .. conduct some more research.

Carefully watching the Lieutenant's reactions Seven deliberately reached up in what she hoped was her usual unselfconscious way and gently lifted her left breast while watching the lieutenant's response. She was rewarded with a small gasp from B'Elanna while also noticing further increases in the chief's heart rate and an increasingly ragged breathing pattern. The engineer also seemed fixated on the hand lightly supporting her mammary and hadn't noticed that Seven hadn't even bothered to look for the offending bit of lint. The former Borg was surprised, pleasantly so, that there seemed to be some sort of feedback loop happening as well as her own heart began hammering in her own chest. Her Borg enhancements were also trying to tell her that no real temperature changes had occurred, but in every other sense of the word she felt like things were getting much warmer.

"I do not see anything," Seven started causing B'Elanna's gaze to snap up to immediately be captured by the two beautiful blue eyes. "Perhaps you would like to do me ..." the tall blond continued slowly, triggering a low growl from the part Klingon, "the pleasure of removing ...", and then found herself gently but firmly pushed up against the wall of the turbolift by one very aroused chief engineer.

'Interesting,' the tall curvaceous blond thought as she looked down into the face of B'Elanna Torres transformed by a look of pure sensual desire. Seven decided right there and then she would do everything in her power to see that look, again and again. That was the last conscious analytical thought she had as her own arms went around the beautiful Klingon hybrid, pulling her in to create as much physical contact as she could.

To Be Continued

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