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First Kiss

By Ann


I looked around the room at the other detectives, chatting with colleagues as they sipped their coffee and munched on beignets. Spotting two empty chairs in the back row, I headed over to stake a claim. The meeting would be starting soon. Where the hell was she?

As Dan moved to the podium, I glanced to the doorway, only to be disappointed once again. It looked like Nora wasn't going to show. I knew I should've followed her when she ran from the nightclub, but I thought she needed time to process what had happened. Now, it appeared that I'd made a tactical error. I should've known that Nora would need reassurance that she'd done nothing wrong. Hell, I'd have thought sticking my tongue down her throat would've been all the evidence she'd need to let her know that I wasn't one bit upset with her decision to kiss me.

Oh, crap. What if it wasn't a conscious decision on her part? What if it was just a purely reflexive action? The situation couldn't have been more perfect for her to have gotten lost in the moment; the thrill of a successful sting operation, the relaxing atmosphere the nightclub had provided, the sultry beat of the music, the way our bodies had moved together in perfect sync. It was only natural that the sensual experience end in a kiss.

Dan's voice droned on and on, and I tried to focus on his words instead of the empty chair beside me, but I just couldn't seem to concentrate on the new departmental policies. My thoughts kept going back to the wonderful sensation of Nora's sweet lips on mine. For months, I'd held out hope that my constant flirting would break down her barriers.

I'd known she was attracted to me the third week we'd worked together. Nora's eyes were the windows to her soul, and it hadn't taken me long to get a glimpse through the glass she'd tried so desperately to keep hidden behind dark blinds. I'd patiently waited for her to make the first move; I just never figured she'd turn and run when she did.

Movement in the doorway caught my attention, and I looked over to see Nora's eyes fastened on me. I smiled reassuringly, and she nodded and slowly made her way over. The fact that she was practically shuffling her feet wasn't lost on me. I'd have to tread very carefully in how I handled the next few minutes.

"Hey." Nora slid into the chair and looked up at the podium. If she leaned any further in the other direction, she'd fall on the floor.

"Hey, car trouble?" I kept my voice light and easy, trying to put her at ease.

"No, I, um, . . . couldn't find my shield."

I couldn't help but chuckle. What a horrible excuse, but knowing Nora, it was probably the truth. She studied me for a moment, and then smiled brightly, relaxing completely.

Her dark blinds had disappeared.

The End

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