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The First Lady Is One Hot Lady
By Victoria Anne


Part 1

When CJ arrived at her office this morning there was a red rose and a bag of gold fish on her desk. Mrs. Bartlet's way of saying good morning CJ suspects. CJ hopes she likes the gift she sent her, a red rose and a rainbow greeting card that says 'Yes! Tonight is the first night of the rest of our lives together.'

CJ has a press release to get out. And her assistant has a meeting with her soon. CJ is looking forward to a great day at work.

Shopping for a girlfriend can be complicated. As a woman, CJ knows how a woman may think. However when you date a woman, you need insight into how she views what you mean by what you say and do.

Mrs. Bartlet is a medical doctor. She knows anatomy very well. Should CJ ask her out to something academic? Or should CJ ask her out to something different than her profession? And how would she react to whatever CJ chooses?

CJ telephones Mrs. Bartlet's office. She gets Mrs. Bartlet's secretary and says, "Hello, I would like to make reservations for dinner and a play for Mrs. Bartlet when her schedule permits. Yes, she can reach me in my office. Thank you."

CJ's phone rang. She answered and said, "Hello, CJ Creeg. Oh, hello Abbey."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "How about French food and Les Mis, CJ?"

CJ replied, "That sounds wonderful. I will see what I can do about reservations and tickets. I hope that you have a good day at work."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "Thank you. I hope you have a good day as well."

Okay that is not medical. CJ hopes that Abbey gets to know her anatomy very well tonight. CJ can not get the thought of a breast examination out of my mind.

Mrs. Bartlet is an attractive woman. She is well educated. She is very accomplished in her profession. That is so much for CJ to learn about her and appreciate. The thought of romancing her is exciting CJ more each minute of today.

CJ called an upscale restaurant and made dinner reservations for two. Then she called for two tickets for Les Mis. Dinner, theater and a quiet evening at home sounds like a nice start to a romanic evening.

Then CJ's thoughts went to what to wear for a date with a hot First Lady.

To Be Continued

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