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Five Things...
Helen and Nikki did when they got home from Nikki’s “Welcome
Home” party at her club

By Cabenson


5. They laughed

Helen shook her head in disbelief as she struggled with the key. In a fit of resignation, she leaned back into the tall brunette shrouding her body and sighed, "I finally get ya to my place, legally this time, and I can't get the bloody door open."

Nikki chuckled, smothering her laughter in Helen's hair before she gracefully placed her hand over Helen's and turned the key in the direction opposite that which Helen had tried. "Lived here long, have you?"

4.They ate

She slowly raised her head up and grimaced at the slightly green image staring back at her in the mirror. She moistened a towel with cool water and gently cleansed the corners of her mouth, pausing only to rest her warm forehead rest against the cool glass.

"Nikki, are ya alright in there?" Helen asked as she entered the bathroom.

"Yeah, babes, I'm fine. Just not ready to experience cooking on such a…um… gourmet level as yours after so many years of Larkhall grub. That was a wonderful meal, darling."

"Gourmet, huh? Really? Well then, Miss Wade, just wait till you see what I can do with canned hash," Helen said as she pulled her lover up and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

A small burp escaped Nikki's lips as she followed Helen out of the bathroom. While Winston Churchill never experienced indigestion from eating his words, Nikki Wade knew she was doomed to.

3. They bathed

Nikki had never dared to take a bath while she was in Larkhall. Not only was she concerned about getting shanked in the tub, she was also frightened of what types of disease those grimy vessels held. But now, as she lay in a steaming bath peppered with rose petals, washing the back of the woman who had once jailed her, Nikki couldn't imagine a place she would rather be.

2. They fucked

Helen tried to count the stars she saw through the window above the bed in an effort to distract herself from the feel of her lover's lips as they swept for what must be the hundredth time against her inner thigh. "Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine…all right Wade," she growled as she sat up on her elbows and glared at the smiling face between her legs. "I think we both know that I- I mean we, we have waited long enough to be together again for you to be dallying around. So, unless ya want me to chuck that fine arse of yours out in the street and find someone willing to complete the task, ya might wanna consider-

"I might want to consider what, Helen?" Nikki said as she slowly pulled herself up to reach Helen's mouth, shutting the feisty Scot up with feathery kisses. "No answer, huh. Should I consider this, then?" Nikki murmured, plunging two fingers deep into her lover as she began nibbling on Helen's ear.

"Uh, never mind. Carry on," Helen sighed contentedly as she quietly began counting stars again.

1. They slept

She hadn't slept through the night in over five years and tonight, while for much better reasons, was no exception. Nikki lifted her head from the down-filled pillow and stared at the beautiful woman sleeping in her arms. She had to keep from pinching herself, or Helen, for that matter, in an effort to prove that although she was free, she was captured. A loud snore from Helen brought a tear to Nikki's eye as she placed a small kiss on her lover's head. "Sleep well darling," she whispered drowsily as she lowered her head back to the pillow.

She barely heard the sleep-filled 'You too, Nikki," as she drifted off to sleep.

The End

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