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By Rudeboy


Chapter 10

Nearly three weeks had passed since that first night of heated passion that Bianca and Maggie had shared after years of waiting. They were trying their best to be home each night for each other, but some were easier than others. In the long run, it was Maggie who was suffering the most.

While Bianca had a problem wrestling her way out of meetings, it was nothing for Maggie to skip a class… a lab… an appointment at the library, to be home and waiting for Bianca. She was starting to feel the pinch of it in a couple of her classes. Her grades were reflecting her new found addiction; it was as bad as the hardest narcotic in its own way.

Love could be a cruel, all encompassing mistress.


September 11th – 6:30 PM

"Maggie, come on, I know you have to go to the library tonight!"

Maggie pressed her body tighter against Bianca's as they stood at the sink in the kitchen. Bianca was washing off plates as Maggie hugged her from behind, slowly swaying their hips from left-to-right and back again. "I know, I know… doesn't mean I WANT to go though."

"No one ever wants to, but sometimes you just have to."

"Why, Ms. Montgomery, if I didn't know better, I would say you're trying to get rid of me."

"Not at all, I would love for you to be here all the time, but if you don't get down to that library soon, you're going to flunk out of med school."

"Fine, fine," Maggie said reluctantly as she stepped away from Bianca. She turned to the stool at the butcher block, picking up her messenger bag in one fluid, twirling motion. "What are you and Miranda going to do tonight?"

"Well, Mom's show starts airing this week, and I want to send her a poem I've been working on, and I thought Miranda could do her a finger painting."

"Could we just send the great and all-powerful Erica Kane the painting from the den instead? It looks like it was done by a toddler!" she said her voice and expression, hopeful.

Bianca rolled her eyes. "Leave Portia alone. She's not going anywhere, no matter how hard you try."

"Can't blame a girl for dreaming!" Maggie slung the bag over her head, checked her pockets for keys, making sure she had everything. "Okay, I'm going to head out; I shouldn't be more than two or three hours."

"Take your time, we're not going anywhere."

"Yeah, yeah. Can I get a kiss before I go?"

Bianca smiled and glowed all at once. It still made her a bit giddy inside when Maggie asked for displays of affection. "Of course," Bianca said as she shut off the water, and turned to face her girlfriend.

Maggie smiled broadly and walked over to Bianca. She took the taller girl's hands into her own, interlaced their fingers, and leaned upwards, planting a loving kiss on her lips. As she settled back to her normal height, her eyes were closed, her smile warm. "That just never is going to get old, is it?"

"I certainly hope not!"

A small chuckle escaped Maggie's lips. "Yeah, me too. Okay, I have to get going, see you in a few!"

"Later, honey."

Maggie waved over her shoulder as she walked through the dining room, heading for the entrance hall. She could feel Bianca's eyes on her as she walked, so she made sure to add a bit more hip action than was necessary to each step until she was out of sight.

Bianca let out a little whistle. "And that, my friends, is also never going to get old," she said to no one in particular.


September 11th - 8:30 PM

"The Biiliac Width of the average adult female is… Bianca has the perfect Biiliac Width I think… GAH! STOP THAT, STONE! STOP THAT!"

Maggie was finding concentrating to be the hardest part of her paper. No matter what she tried, she ended up relating everything to Bianca in some way. Several times tonight she had deleted "…such as in my girlfriend" or "…just like Bianca's". It was getting infuriating it was happening so much.

She tried concentrating again, but to no avail. "Damn it… how did I get this smitten with her? I've got it so bad, and it's time I own up to it."

Sighing, she closed her book and shoved it back in her bag. She looked around the library at all the people working diligently on their papers and almost wished she was them for a moment. It only lasted for a moment though, as none of them had a Bianca Montgomery waiting for them at home.

She flashed a smile at that thought, but it quickly vanished as she finished packing up her belongings. "This is useless… I can't even concentrate anymore… course, if I don't figure out how to concentrate soon, it's not going to matter as I'll get my tiny little American ass busted out of here." Sighing, yet again, she pushed away from the table she had been working at, stood up, and slung the bag over her head.

Stepping out of the library, she assessed that the night was cool, but not so much to be uncomfortable. "You know what… I think I'm going to walk home… I need some time to think," she thought to herself. She zipped up her hoodie, shoved her hands deep in her jean pockets, and started towards home, her messenger bag bouncing against her right hip.

"So…" she thought as she bounced down the stairs, turning to the right, using the Eiffel Tower as her landmark, "how am I going to break myself of this… addiction? Is that the right word even? Am I 'addicted' to her? Who cares… the bigger question is do I even want to? There are times where I think we're moving too fast, then I remember we really had years of build up!"

She did a bounce/skipping motion down the steps to the banks of the Seine River. Not everyone would call it a smart, or safe, choice walking this path at night, but it was better then getting lost in the warrens of Paris' million side streets. "I know I'm getting sucked up in this, and if I don't watch myself, I'm going to get sucked down so far, I'll never get to finish my dream of being a doctor, but damn it, she's like a drug I just can't get enough of!"

Walking seemed difficult for her as she meandered and swayed. She swerved from one side of the bricked walkway to the other, seeming to lack any real sense of direction or urgency. For the most part, she kept her head down, studying the lines between the stones as she went. Her mind was clearly elsewhere to anyone that would happen to pass by, but luckily for her, that night it was all quiet along the river front.

"So… where does this leave me? Am I still all in this? Can I even be in a full time relationship AND be in med school at the same time? Others do it, hell, some others even get married, but, then again, I'm not others… and they aren't all just discovering they may have been lying to themselves about their sexuality their entire life, either. Face it… I'm screwed. Either I find a way to balance this, or… I don't want to consider the 'or', there can't be an 'or'!"

She passed under the bridge at Pont de Invalides, meaning the next one would be Pont de L'alma, where she would leave the river bank to ascend back to street level. She stopped for a moment and turned to watch a passing barge that had caught her eye. The sight of it took her back to a night mere months ago, at this same spot… dancing to Eric Clapton with Bianca… the night of their first date.

She smiled her lopsided smile. "There is no 'or'… there is both, or nothing. Being a doctor was the first thing I had ever felt a burning desire to be… and Bianca is the first person I have probably ever truly loved, and not just played at it with. How can I give up either? I can't. So, the solution is simple, I strike a balance. There is always room in life for the people and things you love, it's just up to me to make that time… so, really, it IS simple; I strike that balance, or I die trying."

Her giddiness verged on nauseating as she did a little hop in the air to turn herself back towards the stairs and ran at them full speed. "Tomorrow… the balance starts tomorrow, but tonight… tonight is all her."


September 11th - 9:00 PM

"Come on, honey, more paint on the paper, less on you," Bianca said with a laugh as she helped guide Miranda's handprints on to the paper.

The elevator dinged out in the hallway, which made Bianca smile as it meant Maggie was home. This was followed by the familiar sound of keys jiggling in the lock as the door opened, a messenger bag dropped unceremoniously to the floor, and a familiar head, sporting a ponytail, came around the corner into the dining room.

"Hey you two…" Maggie quickly surveyed the table, "I see we're having an arts and crafts night."

"You could say that," Bianca responded. "Your cheeks are flushed, are you okay?"

"Yeah… decided to walk home, it was a nice night."

Bianca eyed her for a moment. She knew Maggie never exerted more energy than necessary on something such as walking, but she decided to let it be. Miranda was beginning to yawn, and the little girl's paint covered hands fell to her side, drawing Bianca's attention back to her little girl. "Okay, Munchie, I think we're done. Grandma will love this!"

Maggie snickered. She couldn't help doing it every time Erica Kane was referred to as 'grandma'.

Bianca shot her a 'oh hush!' look, as she lifted Miranda out of the chair. "I'm going to take her upstairs and get her ready for bed. Are you going to be around when I'm done?"

Maggie quickly leaned over, placed a small kiss on Bianca's lips, and smiled as she pulled back.

"I'll take that as a yes… I'll be back in a bit." Bianca smiled once more and carried the ever more tired Miranda out of the room.

Maggie sat down and looked at Miranda's tiny, multi-colored handprints all over the paper in front of her. She smiled warmly and put her right hand over one of Miranda's prints, comparing the size. "So tiny," she thought, "and with so much ahead of her."

As Maggie removed her hand, she got an idea. She looked around the table, trying to locate blank pieces of paper. Her grin got bigger and bigger as the idea took form in her head. "Oh, she is so going to love this!" she said out loud as she got the paints ready.


September 11th, 9:45 PM

"Maggie? Where are you? I'm sorry that took so long! Her hands were a mess, I had to end up giving her a quick bath, and…" Bianca turned in to the dining room, and stopped dead in her tracks. Maggie was grinning like the cat that ate the canary and both her hands were behind her back. "What did you do?"

Maggie made an attempt to look hurt. "Bianca Montgomery! What makes you think I might have done anything?"

"Because you have that giddy-slash-mischievous look on your face, that's why," she said as she tentatively walked towards the shorter member of the pair of women.

"Well, I am cut to the quick, but, yes, I did something… and now you are also going to do it."

Bianca arched an eyebrow. "Such as what?"

Maggie's grin returned as she produced two pieces of paper from behind her back; one had a right hand print on it, the other with a left hand print on it. "You're going to match these!"

"Excuse me?" she replied with a perplexed look.

Maggie set the papers down on the dining room table. "Just come here and give me your hands."

A grin started to cross Bianca's face as she was putting it together. "Oh… OH! These are your hands aren't they?"

"Uh-huh," Maggie replied as she turned and grabbed Bianca's hands. "And you're going to put your left hand with my right, and vice-versa. Then, you'll have one, and I'll have one."

Bianca's grin grew to out of control proportions. "When did you turn into such a helpless romantic?"

Maggie was leaning Bianca forward, holding onto both of her wrists, causing her to have to look back over her shoulder to make eye-contact with the taller woman. Her face was serious, sincere. "I think it was when I got together with someone that was worth being a hopeless romantic for."

She was speechless. It was true; a member of the Kane family had been struck speechless by a romantic gesture. Her eyes glistened with the tell-tale signs of tears welling up in them.

There was no resistance from her as Maggie placed her hands in the paint and then onto the sheets of paper. After making sure they had been planted firmly, Bianca carefully removed her hands, leaving two perfect impressions. Maggie found a pen, and wrote her name under each of her hands, Bianca followed suit with her own imprints.

"There… now we'll each have one!" Maggie said cheerfully.

"I have to send Miranda's painting out for a rush framing job tomorrow, I'll send these out with them."

"Oh! That sounds like a great idea! I think I'll hang mine in my room. Where are you going to put yours?"

"In my office."

Now it was Maggie's turn to feel the tears well up. "Are you sure? That's going to look kind of odd hanging up there with all those serious paintings and sales charts."

"So? This is worth more to me than any of those things."

"You know… we are way past the wooing stage. You can just say 'bedroom… NOW' and I'll go for it," Maggie said with a devilish grin.

"What, I can't be romantic also? That's just your department now? Not everything is about getting into bed, you know."

"I know, but I just thought I would throw it out there… see if it took."

"Oh, it took," Bianca said with a laugh. She turned Maggie towards her, threw her left arm around the shorter girl's waist, and pulled her closer.

"Hey! Your hands still have paint on them, watch it!"

"It washes out… it's meant for kids… hence why I'm not surprised it attracted your attention."

Maggie's lips went narrow and menacing. "You are so going to pay for that."

"What are you going to do, short stuff?"

Maggie's hands were up by her head, trying to keep from getting paint on anything. This quickly came to an end as her right hand reached out; bopped Bianca on the nose, leaving it covered in paint, and was accompanied by her making a "BOOP!" noise.

Bianca blinked. "I am apparently in love with a five year old."

"Hey, you're the one who called me child-like first, sweetie," which was accompanied by palm slaps on both cheeks, leaving more paint.

Bianca closed her eyes. "Is this REALLY where you want to go?"

"I don't know, you tell me," she said, as she drew lines on Bianca's forehead.

"Okay, that's it, it's go time!" Bianca pronounced as she started rubbing her hands all over Maggie's face and through her hair.

Both quickly found themselves running out of paint, luckily for them, unfortunate for their clothes and the room, there was much more 'ammunition' on the table. Paint started splattering, they moved down the table so as not to get any on their own hand prints or Miranda's, but the fight quickly resumed.

Hands ran through hair… cheeks, both the face and ass variety, were smacked… clothes covered from head- to-toe… it was as if two first graders had found this lavish dining room in the heart of Paris and decided to wreck it.

As with all play fights, it was inevitable someone would trip. Bianca caught her right foot on the leg of a chair and it sent her sprawling forward, knocking Maggie backwards in the process. Bianca landed on top of the shorter girl, both of them losing all the air in their lungs in a unified 'unf' sound.

Bianca scrambled to all fours, fearful of having hurt her lover. "Are you okay?" she asked, her face covered in concern.

"I think so…" Maggie said as she opened her eyes… and immediately started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Bianca demanded.

"YOU'RE BLUE!" Maggie yelled.

"Well, yeah… and you're yellow, what'd you expect? We're covered in finger paint for crying out loud!"

Maggie kept laughing for a moment as Bianca hovered over her. Finally regaining her breath from the fall and subsequent laughter, she opened her eyes to find Bianca staring down at her with a serious expression. "What? What is it?"

Bianca placed her left hand on Maggie's right cheek, her thumb rubbing over her cheek bone. "Just when I thought you couldn't be any more beautiful to me… something happens to up the ante just that much more."

Maggie blushed, but it was undetectable in all the yellow paint obscuring her features. "The same could be said of you."

The taller girl smiled and just stared for another moment. Finally, her wits coming about her, she looked for a clean spot on the long-sleeved shirt she was wearing. Spotting the backs of the arms were clean, she first wiped her lips clean, then Maggie's. Once satisfied their lips were paint-free, she lowered her head, kissing the shorter girl deeply.

Unlike their usual kisses outside of the bedroom, this one was not tentative or bashful, it was animalistic and passionate. Their hands quickly found each other's hair, their fingers running through their paint matted tresses.

Maggie's hands only stayed there momentarily as they quickly slid down Bianca's sides to the top of her jeans. Her fingers dug into the loose fabric of Bianca's shirt that was bunched there and she pulled upwards as quickly as she could, freeing it from the denim. She kept pulling until Bianca stretched out her arms to assist Maggie in removing it entirely. Bianca quickly followed suit, doing the same for Maggie.

They were desperate for each other, their passion unlimited. Shoes were quickly kicked off, jeans removed, as they continued to roll around on the floor, leaving paint hand prints everywhere.

As a cold handful of paint clapped onto Bianca's bare back, her senses finally kicked in. She broke the never ending lip lock to mutter a few words. "Whoa… we gotta stop… this paint is not going to be good if we go any further than this…"

Maggie's breath was labored, but she nodded agreement. "Gee… how could we ever get this paint off of us, but not stop having fun… hmmmm" she darted her eyes around as if searching for an idea.

Bianca's mouth opened a little, her eyes going wide. "You saucy little minx!"

"Yep! That's me… hope you like your showers hot!" Maggie scooted out from under Bianca and bolted for her bedroom door.

Bianca grinned, leaping to her feet, quickly chasing her; leaving clothes and a room covered in paint to be cleaned at another time.


September 12th – 8:25 AM

Patrick hated going up to the apartment, remembering the embarrassment of last time, but Bianca had a full day of meetings she had to get to. His buzzing the apartment had garnered no response. Deciding he had to risk it, he headed up to see what was keeping them.

He used his key to get in, since no one had responded to his knocking; now he was getting worried. He called out the girl's names, and he thought he heard something like an 'eep', but couldn't be sure.

He cautiously moved towards the doorway to the dining room, being as silent as possible. Once there, he carefully looked around the corner, and then stopped looking, his face turning pale white, his eyes filled with horror.

Maggie walked out in to the hall, arms folded, wearing only a silk robe and her hair pulled up hurriedly in to a banana clip. "You know, Frenchie… remember the rule about you not being allowed to call after a certain hour?"

He nodded an affirmative.

"We're going to extend that to not entering the apartment before a certain hour."

He nodded an affirmative.

"Now, while you never actually SEE anything, you keep seeing the aftermath of things…"

Patrick turned an even starker shade of white.

"You don't want to see that any more, do you?"

He shook his head in the negative.

"Good boy. Now, go wait in the car for Bianca."

He nodded in the affirmative.

After he had left, Bianca stepped out in the hall. "Was that Patrick?"


"Did he see the dining room?"


"Poor man."


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