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By Rudeboy


Chapter 7

August 21st - 12:40 AM

Maggie threw her head back, sweat flinging from the tips of her hair as she did. Her whole body was slick with it, glistening. She couldn't be bothered to care, there was no stopping now. She hadn't felt this sort of freedom in ages, possibly since all those years ago in ballet class with Frankie.

This is where she belonged, in the here and now, on this spot, dancing to this song. Being free and young, not caring about the craziness of the past few years… or even the craziness of the 'now' for that matter.

It was funny to her that dancing was what was making her feel better, when it was her endless dance with Bianca that was what driving her mad. She was tired, worn down. They had to move on soon, this endless back-and-forth of romance-love-sex was tiring and infuriating, but she knew it had to be worth it. It had taken them years to get here, could a little while longer really kill her?

Yes… it possibly could. She was ready to tell Bianca she loved her, but it had to be the right moment. And everything after that… all of that had to be right also. She was in this for the long haul as far as she was concerned, and it was time to act that way. No rushing things, everything had to have its time and its place.

A beat she knew came on, one of the few so far, it was the Benassi Bros. song "Make Me Feel". It was fairly new, but she had already listened to it many times. It was sexy, slow, sultry… everything she was feeling right now. Her moves were serpentine in nature; starting at her feet she slithered to the tip of her head, forming "S" shapes, and back down again, her hands resting on her stomach, her leg muscles rippling.

You're gonna be my man
You know it baby
You're gonna be my friend
Oh baby

Maggie chuckled to herself. "Well… maybe not a 'man', but… yeah…"

So darling take my hand
Don't leave me waiting
Don't wanna lose my friend
No no no no baby

"How true," she thought, "I don't want to lose my friend, but I think the road was chosen as soon as we declared ourselves 'girlfriends'… now let's just wrap it up!"

Why don't you understand
And you say maybe?
My heart is in your hand
Oh baby

Her moves became more violent and intense, the beat traveling through her head-to-toe, and specifically through her heart.

Don't make me wait too long
Don't make me crazy!
Don't wanna be alone
No no no no make me feel

"God Bianca… I don't wanna be alone anymore… and you do make me crazy, I…" she opened her eyes, and what was before her was like a scene from a dream.

Bianca was approaching, but she almost appeared to be in slow motion, the strobe lights giving her an animated appearance. The sea of dancers parted as if they knew the significance of this moment. The energy connection between them was almost visible.

She stood before Maggie now, her stare intense, purposeful. Maggie lessened her movements, barely shuffling from side-to-side.

Make me feel, baby
Make me feel

Bianca struck with lightning speed, her hands grasping either side of Maggie's face, pulling her closer; their eyes boring holes into one another. Bianca mouthed the words, "I love you."

Maggie moved her hands to rest on the top of Bianca's shoulders and replied with, "And I love you."

Make me feel
Make me feel

They finished their connection. Their bodies pressed hard into each other, their lips locking in a fiery, intense, kiss.

This love's a funny game
It's so amazing
I'll never be the same
Oh baby

They broke their bond, their foreheads pressed together, their bodies moving to one rhythm. Their eyes were open and locked onto each other, they moved to their own separate dance. Bianca's right hand was now resting on the back of Maggie's exposed neck, her left hand resting on the shorter girl's right shoulder, moving across her upper chest, down the length of her arm and, finally, back to the shoulder again. Her right leg splitting Maggie's legs at the knees, they moved as one, back and forth to the beat. Maggie rested her hands on either side of Bianca's hips.

You really turn me on
You know I'm ready
You make me lose control
No no no no baby

Their breathing was becoming labored, but not from the dancing, from their increased heart rates as they knew the moment they both had waited for was finally here.

Now won't you let me stay
And be your lady
'Cause you can light my way
Oh baby

Maggie's head moved down, nuzzling in the crook of Bianca's neck.

You really make me strong
My fear is fading
I know it can't be wrong
No no no no make me feel

"Oh god, Bianca… finally… finally."

And though there was no way for Bianca to have heard those words, she replied with, "Yes… finally."

Make me feel, baby
Make me feel, baby
Make me feel, baby
Make me feel


August 21st – 1:45 AM

Bianca and Maggie rode in the back of the limo, Maggie sitting on Bianca's left. The taller girl's left arm wrapped around the shorter one's shoulders, their heads turned so they could look at one another. They said nothing; they just stared into each other's eyes. It seemed they had finally run out of a need for words.

Patrick glanced in the rear view mirror periodically. He hit the button for the privacy window; the women in the back didn't even seem to notice it rising. Patrick fished out his mobile phone from his inside coat pocket and dialed Guilia's number. "Darling," he said in French, "is Miranda in bed? Good… get your bag and be waiting at their front door, we'll be there in about five minutes. No, nothing's wrong, just trust me… you're not going to want to hang around."

He closed the phone, slid it in his coat pocket again, smiling contently as he drove on through the Paris night.


August 21st - 2:12 AM

They rode up in the elevator, their foreheads pressed together again; their hands locked and grasping each other, down by their sides. The elevator dinged, the doors slid open, and Guilia immediately raced across the hall, babbling something in French about, "Good night… need to go… food in fridge," and she was gone.

Bianca and Maggie stared at the elevator door for a moment, bewildered by the scene.

"Patrick?" asked Bianca.

"Patrick," confirmed Maggie.

They turned and walked into their apartment, bemused smiles lighting their faces.

Bianca set her keys in the tray and dropped her handbag haphazardly on the hallway table. She walked up next to Maggie and they stood motionless for a moment. Maybe it was a mixture of finally having a moment to stand still, not having the never-ceasing "thumpa-thumpa" of the club in their heads anymore, but the apartment was deafening in its silence.

The two women stood in the entrance hallway shoulder-to-shoulder, staring straight ahead. Their faces showed a mixture of fatigue and confusion from what had happened at the club. As if in unison, they turned their heads to look at each other, no words being spoken, broad grins creeping across their faces…

Bianca turned her body to face Maggie, then used her hands to turn the shorter girl towards her. They stared at each other for a moment and then, suddenly, Bianca shoved her against the wall next to the entrance hall table. Her kisses were ravenous, hungry, starved for the shorter girl's lips. She didn't stop there though, the kisses traveled along her jaw line, down on to her neck, and eventually her shoulders.

Maggie's eyes closed, relishing the attention from Bianca, drinking it in and never wanting it to stop. It was everything she had hoped for and more. They were finally a couple, they had finally declared their love for each other… then why was she hearing herself say, "Stop"?

Bianca was kissing Maggie's left shoulder, having just pushed the exposed hot pink bra strap to the side, to increase the amount of bare flesh available to kiss, when she heard it. Her eyes went wide, she stopped immediately, but she left her lips where they were. "Did you just say 'stop'?" Bianca said into the shorter girl's shoulder.

There was a pause. "I… I think I did."

The taller girl's eyes shut tightly in frustration and she lifted her head. "What… NOW? What is it this time? What possible roadblock could there be to stop us yet again?"

Maggie blushed and her voice was no more than a whisper. "I want it to be right?"

Bianca's expression quickly softened. "This isn't right? It sure feels like right!"

"I know, lame of me, and believe me, I want you too… god do I want you too," she said as she put her hands on Bianca's arms and ran them up and down, "but… we've been drinking… we're on an adrenaline high from the club… we're excited from saying we love each other… maybe it's just better we wait?"

Bianca bowed her head and sighed but said nothing.

"Bianca… please? I promise this isn't another stall, I'm not scared, I…"

"No, that's not it, I get it, and damn it, I agree with you, but it doesn't make this any less frustrating."

"Well… I'm sure this won't help matters any, but… I also think we should sleep in separate rooms tonight…"

"You're right… you're right," she said as she finally looked back up at her friend. "I… I just… you know that I'm ready right?"

"Yes," Maggie said as she used her right hand to cup Bianca's left cheek, "and so am I… just not tonight… it's too confusing."

Bianca lifted her left hand and placed it on top of Maggie's, smiling. "Okay, but… there better be a time soon!"

Maggie laughed. "There will be, I promise."

"Okay then… can I at least have a good night kiss?"

"Of course!" Maggie moved closer to Bianca and gave her a deep kiss… and another… and another… and another…

"Whoa, Nelly!" Bianca said as she pushed her away. "Either we stop right now, or there won't be any more waiting!"

"Me and my stupid ideas…"

They laughed, gave each other one last peck on the lips, and headed towards their original respective bedrooms… alone.


August 21st – 3:00 AM

Maggie's shower felt good. Her head was upturned, letting the streams of water hit her squarely in the face. It wasn't so much about getting clean as it was about keeping her from screaming in sexual frustration.

She wasn't going to lie to herself, or to Bianca, she was ready to finally make love to her. All the pieces were in place, but she wanted there to be no question the next day of what the motivations were. There had to be no alcohol, no adrenaline high, it just had to be the two of them entering into it fully in control of their senses.

Reluctantly she turned off the shower head and stepped out, wrapping a towel around herself quickly as the cold air of her bathroom hit her skin. She ran a hand over the foggy mirror and stared at herself as she picked up another towel and began drying her hair. Visions of how Bianca must have seen her on the dance floor popped into her head and she gave her reflection a satisfied smile. "My work here is done," she mumbled "I finally got her to admit she is IN love with me, just as I am with her. All-in-all, I would say this ranks as a pretty good night!"


August 21st – 3:00 AM

Bianca's shower was colder than usual. She also didn't usually mutter to herself as she bathed, but for now, she was. If anyone was to hear her, they would just hear what sounded like grunts, punctuated with the occasional, "Maggie."

Her washing was violent and angry, turning her skin a bright pink wherever she ran the washcloth over, scrubbing far harder than anyone would ever recommend. She hit the faucets with a determined grunt like it took some great effort to leave the inner sanctuary of her shower.

Stepping out, she wrapped a towel around herself and walked over to the sink to brush her teeth. After applying the toothpaste, she stood there going back-and-forth, up-and-down, just as her dentist had always told her, when her mind began to wander. She closed her eyes and she could see Maggie again out on that dance floor; the strobe lights bouncing off her sweat streaked skin, the music pulsating in her ears.

When she finally snapped back to reality, she found she was moving her toothbrush to the rhythm only she could hear. She blushed and finished rinsing before putting on a nightgown and heading to her bed.

She chuckled to herself as she crossed the bedroom. "Man, did she ever do a job on me tonight."


August 21st – 3:30 AM

Maggie laid in bed, staring at the ceiling in the darkness of her room. She was too wired to sleep, but too sleepy to do anything else, so she laid there, pondering her evening.

"Man, did I do a number on myself tonight," she mumbled. "I mean, sure, it started off innocently enough," she continued in her head, "but when I saw her watching me… I couldn't help myself. I had to dance for her. And obviously it worked, it got her to finally get to that 'I love you' place in her head, but now…"

Placing her left hand out to the side, she picked up the pillow Bianca usually slept with, placed it on her face, and screamed into it with all her might. After the screaming was done, she just left the pillow there, breathing in the scent of the woman she loved.


August 21st – 3:30 AM

Bianca laid in bed, staring at the ceiling in the darkness of her room. She was too wired to sleep, but too sleepy to do anything else, so she laid there, pondering her evening.

"I think I could have watched her all night… actually, I know I could have. I don't think I've ever seen her be quite that overtly sexual… was it for me? Was she trying to woo me? Does it even matter? It obviously worked!"

Placing her right hand out to the side, she picked up the pillow Maggie usually slept with, placed it on her face, and screamed into it with all her might. After the screaming was done, she just left the pillow there, breathing in the scent of the woman she loved.

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