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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Lesson Six

Bunnies are for Easter, Damnit, This is New Year's

"I guess that means you're staying here tonight."

As Bianca barked instructions at her, Lena lost herself in strategy, trying to figure out how she would get the younger woman to listen to her, to believe her; and more than anything, give her another chance. Her eyes drifted over her ex-lover- the term was like a knife to the heart- as she spoke, committing every inch to memory in case she never had the chance again. As her gaze settled on the younger woman's cold expression, her eyes welled up with tears. She tried to fight them, but one escaped, sliding down a soft cheek. Lena quickly wiped it away, but Bianca had noticed, her expression softening the tiniest bit.

"Look, Lena, I know this isn't what either of us wants-" She started, but Lena swiftly cut her off.

"No, Bianca, I want this- I need this chance. If you would only listen-" Bianca reclaimed control of the conversation at this point, the older woman's impassioned voice and open, pleading expression affecting her more than she'd care to admit.

"Lena, I've listened to enough of your lies." She said, her harsh tone screaming of overcompensation for the ache in her heart. "I don't trust anything you tell me, so you're better off just keeping quiet." She emphasized the next words. "This isn't a chance. This is me not trusting you to stay in town while we press charges against Michael."

While the unintentional implication that Bianca wouldn't be pressing charges against Lena herself should have comforted the older woman, her expression was still akin to that of a kicked puppy, and physically she felt as though she had been kicked. The tears were coming in earnest now, despite her valiant attempts to hold them back.

"Bianca-" She choked out, a last ditch effort, her arms instinctively moving to touch the younger woman. Bianca jumped back, knowing that Lena's touch would seriously compromise her resolve.

"Don't." She said harshly, her tone belying her inner anguish. "Don't touch me." Her eyes made contact with Lena's, making the message crystal clear- Back Off. She moved to the dresser, pulling out some pajamas for Lena, shoving them in the taller woman's arms.

"It's the best I can do." She said as Lena examined the grey yoga pants and white men's tank top. She turned back to the dresser to find herself some appropriate clothes, turning back to find Lena just standing there looking awkward. Fighting to stay nonchalant, Bianca added, "You can go ahead and change. It's not like we haven't seen each other naked."

Bianca turned around to change, cursing herself for the memories her words immediately conjured. She focused on the task of finding pajamas instead, trying to distract herself from the very attractive woman undressing behind her. Lena would have protested, but she wasn't emotionally prepared to argue with Bianca anymore than was necessary, so she turned her back and began to undress.

The tension was palpable as the room grew silent, the only sounds being the rustling of clothing against flesh. Out of habit, Lena neatly folded her clothes and placed them on the divan, still facing away from Bianca. The other woman, unbeknownst to Lena, had been frozen in place, clothes in hand as she tried desperately to rid her mind of her memories of Lena's body. When Lena turned around, thinking she would be finished, she was met with the starkly sensual image of the younger woman's naked back, the curves of her breasts barely visibly as Bianca finally removed her shirt. Cursing her bad timing, she turned back quickly, but not quickly enough. Each muscle, each curve had burned itself once more into her memory.

"You can turn around now." Bianca said when she finally finished, immediately regretting opening her mouth as Lena complied. This was such a bad idea, she thought as she took in Lena's appearance, using every ounce of her willpower to keep her jaw from dropping.

Because of the significant height difference, Lena wore the pants low on her hips, and the cotton material hugged the curves of her thighs deliciously. Bianca gulped as memories of those thighs raced through her mind, the feeling of them quivering under her mouth, the twitch of the sensitive nerves as her fingers delicately stroked the tender flesh.

The tank top clung to Lena's torso, the black outline of her bra visible through the thin cotton. Bianca's eyes instinctively traced the outline, remembrance flooding her senses. Closing her eyes, Bianca braced herself for the rush of memories. Try as she might, she couldn't forget how the older woman's skin had tasted, felt under her tongue, how each muscle had flexed under her careful attention.

Her eyes being closed, she didn't catch Lena's shocked gaze at first. When the older woman turned, she was struck with the question of just how much torture Bianca intended to inflict on her tonight. The younger woman had donned cotton shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top- she'd cursed herself for having spent so much time with Lena in lieu of doing laundry- leaving a broad expanse of porcelain skin on display.

Bianca opened her eyes just as Lena's glazed over, the older woman's gaze turning unconsciously lustful as she was inundated with not-so-distant memories of said skin. The combination of brazenness of Lena's stare and her own body's deeply visceral response to it seriously compromised Bianca's resolve. When she was able to function again, Bianca turned to grab a blanket from the closet and a spare pillow from the bed, trying not to tremble as she handed them to Lena.

"We might as well sleep. Uncle Jack said it could take hours; he may not get back to me before morning." Her voice was surprisingly even, considering the fire that raced under her skin. Bianca wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out. For that matter, neither was Lena.

The older woman nodded, rendered speechless by the conflicting emotions raging inside of her. She fought back tears as she laid out her makeshift bed on the floor, forcing herself not to look at Bianca. Lying down with her back turned to the younger woman, Lena listened silently to the sounds of Bianca getting ready for bed.

When the light was clicked off, Lena let the tears come. Every inch of distance between them, every breath they breathed apart was another blow to her heart. They came slowly at first, sliding over sculpted cheekbones and sinking into the soft pillow, but as the minutes drifted by, they came faster and harder. She turned her head into the pillow to muffle the sound, but she only found herself encompassed by the smell that was purely Bianca. It was all she could do not to sob out loud.

Her tears were not, however, overlooked by the young brunette on the bed. Bianca heard the sniffling that Lena couldn't disguise, and every time she heard the sound it struck her deeper. As stubborn as Bianca was, she could only take so much- and the earlier events of the evening had taken their toll on her determination. Bianca was near her breaking point. She couldn't deny the connection she still felt to Lena, and the truth was, if Lena was hurting, Bianca was too.

It was that pain that prompted Bianca to slip out from between the sheets, and to creep over to the patch of floor where Lena softly cried. It was that pain that encouraged the younger woman to extend a tentative hand and place it on Lena's shoulder. And when Lena jumped nearly out of her skin and turned to face Bianca, her cheeks tearstained and her eyes red with despair, it was that pain that caused Bianca to draw her former lover into her arms.

Lena clung to the younger woman, wanting desperately to pretend the previous thirty-six hours were nothing more than a nightmare, a mere figment of her overactive, paranoid imagination. Wishing with every fiber of her being that things had been different, that she had met Bianca in some alternate universe where Michael didn't exist, and they could be together with no lies, no hidden agendas...only love.

As Lena cried on her bare shoulder, Bianca felt her own eyes begin to sting. Her resolve was swiftly fumbling, and she needed to regain it stat- it would do her heart no good if she let herself continue to be used. Sure, something inside of her knew there was no way Lena could be faking this, that Lena loved her beyond all meaning of the word...but it was that fear, that niggling sense of doubt that made Bianca panic. She fumbled to reclaim control, pulling away just enough to look Lena in the eyes.

"Just tonight. It doesn't change anything. Tomorrow will come and this won't change anything." She said, more for her own benefit than for Lena's, but the intimate embrace coupled with the desire coursing through the older woman's veins were enough to make her choice for her. Consequences be damned, Lena was being given one last night- and she'd be damned if she didn't take it.

When she registered Lena's nod, Bianca moved swiftly to capture the older woman's mouth with her own, allowing herself to indulge in the white-hot desire the contact invoked. Pulling away roughly, she grabbed Lena's hand, standing and pulling the older woman toward the bed. She reclaimed the older woman's lips, her intense arousal overshadowing any thought of foreplay. As her tongue explored Lena's mouth, her hands were busy clawing at the barriers between their naked bodies.

Forcing herself to forget about the pain, Lena concentrated on committing every touch to memory, her own hands exploring the expanse of Bianca's skin. Both women were overtaken by need, a desperation to reclaim what was theirs a mere two nights ago- the bond they had shared, the knowledge that there was no other person in the world who could make them feel just like this.

Bianca tore her lips away from Lena's for a brief second, all but tearing the tank top off of the woman's lithe torso. Her mouth immediately gravitated toward the older woman's neck, sucking roughly on the pulse point she had discovered so recently. Lena froze in her explorations, Bianca's actions sending a jolt of arousal through every part of her body. The younger woman's attention was soon divided as she fumbled with the impossible clasp of Lena's bra, giving the older woman the opportunity she needed to slip her hands under the thin cotton material of Bianca's tank top, sliding across sculpted abs to cup the young woman's ample breasts.

As Lena's thumbs came in contact with Bianca's already painfully hard nipples, her body arced sharply into the older woman's. Her hands fell away from the bra clasp, the job only half done, but allowing Lena the leverage she needed to strip the tank top from Bianca's chest. It was a split second, but it was enough; Bianca soon returned to her task as Lena's hands began to explore the lower regions of her supple body.

Finally getting the clasp free, Bianca yanked the bra from Lena's shoulders, feverishly kissing and sucking her way down to lavish attention on the older woman's rounded breasts. Meanwhile, emitting the frequent moan or groan of pleasure, Lena was intent on removing the last item of Bianca's pajamas. Slipping her hands down the back of the small shorts, she pulled Bianca's hips into hers, eliciting a sharp hiss from the younger woman. Sliding the scant material down, Lena used her weight to push Bianca backwards onto the bed, their bodies making delicious contact.

Having caught Bianca by surprise, Lena took this opportunity to take control of the situation, her hands and mouth setting to work lavishing every inch of the younger woman's skin, cataloguing every response, every weak spot, collecting information she could later use to torture herself as she wasted away- in a jail cell or faceless hotel room, it didn't matter which if Bianca wasn't with her.

As aroused as she was, as desperate for release as her body felt, Lena couldn't stop the tears from running anew. When Bianca felt their wetness on her skin, it was as though an arrow was shot right through her heart. Knowing she couldn't afford to make this emotional, knowing that it had to stay purely physical if she wanted to have any hope of surviving this failed relationship, Bianca swiftly turned the tables, flipping them over so she was on top.

Her mouth explored roughly, her tongue and teeth blazing a path down Lena's torso. The older woman's body arched instinctively whenever Bianca found a particularly sensitive location. Lena's hands clung to the sheets, her body tensed with pent-up arousal. Finally, Bianca's mouth reached its final destination, her tongue embedding itself in the warm wetness of her lover's center. Lena breathed in sharply as the young woman's mouth made contact, her hips unconsciously arcing toward Bianca. The younger woman's mouth worked quickly, sucking and licking in all the right places, and it wasn't long before Lena's body arced almost completely off of the bed as a violent orgasm slammed her body.

She couldn't keep the younger woman's name from escaping her lips as a labored gasp, her body trembling violently as her climax coursed through her body. After taking several moments to recover, Lena set about returning the favor, her desire refusing to be quenched until her lover (even if only for a little while more) was satisfied as well. Well, that and she wanted to prolong this experience for as long as she could, willing herself not to think of what the morning would bring.

Reversing their positions once more, Lena pushed all thoughts of tomorrow aside, focusing on the one activity she could never get enough of- pleasing the woman she loved. After lavishing every inch of skin with attention, she returned to capture Bianca's lips in a feverish kiss. Their tongues entwined as Lena's hands wandered, meandering their way to the place Bianca wanted- no, needed them. The younger woman's hips were thrusting upward with abandon, her body on fire from Lena's touch.

The older woman's skillful hands eventually acquiesced to Bianca's desires and found the woman's center, artfully manipulating the aroused flesh as her tongue continued to sweep her lover's mouth. She swallowed Bianca's moans and felt the younger woman's breath quicken as her climax approached. Suddenly, Bianca's body stiffened, every muscle in her body clenching as Lena's skilled fingers pushed her over the edge. She tore her mouth away from Lena's, gasping for breath as the intensity of the orgasm overtook her.

Unable to focus on anything but the waves of desire slowly subsiding, Bianca didn't completely register Lena's body curling around hers intimately until their bodies were already entwined. Tensing up, Bianca's mind raced to regain coherent thought.

"Lena," Bianca gasped, her heart aching to stay like this forever, but her mind telling her it was impossible.

"What is it, Bianca?" Lena asked, unable to hide the naked fear in her voice as she prepared to have her hopes dashed.

"Go sleep on the floor."

Unashamed now of her tears, Lena untangled herself from her ex-lover's body and returned to her bed on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably into the pillow that still held Bianca's scent. On the bed, Bianca pulled the blankets around her and sobbed quietly herself.

This time, no one bridged the gap.

To Be Continued

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