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By ralst


I cannot understand humans. They say one thing, mean another and then blame you for not knowing how they feel. A stupid species, I wonder why the collective ever bothered with them. Although, in defence of my former peers, they weren't married to one and until you've been tied to a human's aprons strings, you don't really know how stupid a race they are.

I think I could forgive the stupidity, if it weren't accompanied by such an arrogant assumption of superiority. I know, who am I to talk about the arrogantly superior? But these humans, they aren't upfront about their condescension, they hide it behind sweet smiles and promises to teach you about your humanity. As if humanity is something special and I have to be taught, like a child, to understand the complexity of their world. I don't see them trying to understand my world. Oh no, a borg's life is wrong and they are right.

Arrogant, sanctimonious bunch of liars.

I can forgive some of them, those who didn't know what they were doing or tried to accept me for who I am, rather than trying to turn me into their puppet. But I'll never forgive Janeway and I'll never forgive him.

Chakotay, my husband and the man I'd most like to see choke on his own vomit. I should never have married him. It's my own fault, I knew what he was but still I allowed myself to be indoctrinated by their ways. I am such a fool.

He got a trophy wife, someone good to look at, who would hang on his every word and crumb of human advice. It worked too, for a while. A very short while. As I walked down that aisle I thought I was finally embracing my humanity, joining the system and showing everybody I was just as good as the next person. What a joke. When they looked at me they still saw a borg, a creature to be either pitied or feared, but they also had the added bonus of a husband to be admired, for taking in the outcast.

What a fool.

I cannot even say I was oblivious to what was going to happen, she made sure I was warned, told the truth about those self-sacrificing humans who married the unwanted and almost made them one of the group. I listened to her and heard the anger and bitterness, but stupidly thought they were directed at me. If only I'd known then, what I do now. I wish I'd heeded her words.

Fortunately it is not too late, for either of us. We will have to take drastic measures, but they will be worth it, no matter how far we have to run. The solution is so simple, I don't know why we never thought of it before. Although, I must give B'Elanna praise for coming up with the idea of changing victims - it will gain us invaluable time, as the security detail search for the killers.

A knife to the heart is easy, especially if you've a borg enhanced arm or Klingon genes - poor Tom, he was so surprised.

I think I'm going to enjoy being on the run with B'Elanna, she is such a fascinating woman, so full of non-human anger and passion. She has always intrigued me, but now, free from our human captors, we finally get to show each other just who we are. I'm not sure either of us will survive the exposure but it will certainly be interesting.

Suddenly, I don't feel foolish anymore.

The End

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