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Forget Me Not
By Sparx

Part 7

With a tug, Seven brought B'Elanna around until they were face to face. Instinctively, B'Elanna fought against the authority of the taller woman. For the second time that day she found herself held in the restraining embrace of Borg enhanced arms. This time the struggle was short. With wrists once again crossed and held by a meshed hand at the small of her back, she relaxed into the strong body as her anger began to drain away.

Janeway stood back a pace to let Seven calm the feral woman down. She still had no real idea how her interaction with B'Elanna had gone so wrong so fast.

With B'Elanna calm once again Neelix moved over to the trio. "B'Elanna you should show more respect for Captain Janeway." he chided gently.

"Captain means leader, right?" B'Elanna asked while tilting her head to get a better look at the furry man. The fact that she was still being held in place by Seven didn't seem to phase her as she talked to Neelix. She knew Seven would let her go sooner or later. Since she enjoyed the feel of the strong arms around her, she was on no hurry.

"Yes." Neelix answered. "Captain Janeway is the leader of this crew."

Looking at Seven she said through a shark like grin, "You are stronger. Why aren't you Captain?"

"That isn't how it's done." Neelix answered before Seven could respond. Neelix, Seven and Janeway shared a look at that statement.

"Why not?" B'Elanna questioned. "Is there someone stronger than Seven?"

After a quick glance between Seven and Kathryn, Neelix again answered. "No there isn't." At the calculating look she turned on Kathryn, he hastened to add. "Captain Janeway is our captain for a reason. She's not the strongest person on the ship but she is the best person to lead us."

"I don't trust her." B'Elanna grated as she glared again at the Captain. She instinctively tried to take a step towards the woman but Seven's arms kept her still.

"You used to." Seven stated calmly.

B'Elanna craned her neck back to look up at the taller woman. "Do you trust her?" she challenged.

"Yes." Seven replied. "Do you trust me?" Seven challenged quietly in return.

B'Elanna dropped her eyes to the ground. After a long moment she finally ground out, "Yes, I trust you." She didn't trust any of these strangers, yet for some reason she trusted this woman.

Seven released her hold on the smaller woman and stepping back, ran her hands up B'Elanna's arms and across her shoulders. Cupping B'Elanna's face with both hands, she tilted the dark head back until she could look steadily into dark eyes. "Then trust me. Captain Janeway means you no harm. She is trying to help you." she stated clearly.

B'Elanna stood stock still as she was again assaulted by the beginnings of arousal. Blue eyes bored into hers and she felt the growl trying to form at the back of her throat. Balling her fists at her sides she fought her reactions to this tall strong woman. She could see the slight anger in the blond but this time she held the look. She already knew she would end up deferring to the stronger woman, until then she wanted to drown herself in that electric gaze.

Seven found herself enjoying the feel of B'Elanna's soft skin under her finger tips. B'Elanna had abruptly stopped all movement as their eyes dueled. When eyes locked she realized that this was the most intimate contact she had ever shared with the now feral hybrid. When she felt the vibration of a suppressed growl against her fingertips she knew this was more than just a battle of wills. She had acknowledged a long time ago that being near B'Elanna always affected her. She had also known that B'Elanna frequently experienced signs of arousal in her presence. Now she knew, even without her memories B'Elanna was still attracted. With an inward sigh she conceded Tom had been right all along. Seven had no idea how she was going to handle this development. She quickly decided to deal with one thing at a time.

Stepping back, she let her hands drop. "You will make no attempts to harm the captain." Seven ordered.

Before B'Elanna could reply, Janeway stepped forward and put her hand on the Klingons arm as she had seen Neelix do just minutes before. "Please, B'Elanna we're only trying to help you."

Janeway's feet left the ground as she was shoved away with Klingon strength. As the older woman landed, B'Elanna turned and looked Seven in the eye. "If she touches me again, I'll kill her." she said with perfect calm. Seeming to totally ignore the activity just a few feet away, she made no effort to move as Neelix helped Kathryn to her feet.

"You will not harm the captain." Seven repeated with more force. Seven could see that B'Elanna would not simply obey. Kathryns overconfidence had pushed the hybrid too far.

B'Elanna didn't try to hold Sevens angry stare. She knew that Seven would protect the older woman. Instead she folded her arms over her chest and looked at the surrounding forest.

"Captain, I believe that I will be more successful in resolving this matter if you return to the other end of this clearing." she stated with quiet authority. She has seen Janeway about to move back over to their position. Seven had no trouble imagining what the 'take charge' captain would try to do next. She really didn't want to spend the next minutes or possibly hours restraining the wild hybrid.

Janeway was not stupid. Though she had no idea what had caused B'Elanna's sudden and intense anger, she knew the threat was serious. If B'Elanna were to attack, the fight would be to the death.

She made no protest as Neelix led her away to get her bruises looked at.

Part 8

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