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Forget Me Not
By Sparx

Part 9

The fire was lit and it was full dark.

The afternoon had gone quietly enough. Seven and Janeway had spent the afternoon examining the strange object while the rest of the team had cleaned up the camp and generally relaxed. Now that there was no longer enough light to see, Janeway had moved over with the others.

Seven could hear B'Elanna circling the camp. She had returned earlier as promised but had not yet entered the clearing. Seven glanced at Janeway. In a few minutes the captain would have to live up to her promise. But could she do it? Could she keep her distance and let others deal with the volatile hybrid? By the glances the crew kept casting at Janeway, Seven doubted she would be able to do it for long. Assured that Kathryn would keep her resolve, for now at least, Seven filed the problem away as a something for later and turned to the matter at hand.

"Are you hungry?" she asked politely. Linking her hands behind her back she looked at the area where she knew B'Elanna was and simply waited.

Stepping around a tree trunk, B'Elanna gave Seven an appraising look, "I already ate, it was delicious." she replied with a shark like grin. After a moment she walked over and stood smiling evilly in front of the taller woman.

"You wish me to believe you have ingested the raw remains of a creature you killed. Why?" Seven asked bluntly.

B'Elanna folded her arms across her chest and frowned. "You calling me a liar?" she challenged.

"I am. Your hands are stained with berry juices, not blood, as is the corner or your mouth. Your clothing is also stained with dirt and other materials, not the blood and animal hairs one would expect if you had been actively hunting game during your stay here." Seven observed calmly. "Why would you wish me to believe otherwise? Were you attempting to intimidate me?" Seven asked as she drew herself up a little taller.

"I was just joking." B'Elanna defended sullenly.

At the lift of an implanted brow she added. "And trying to intimidate you, but only a little."

Arms still crossed she dropped her eyes to the ground and scuffed the dirt with her toe as she waited for Seven's reaction.

"Even without physical evidence I would not have believed you B'Elanna. Aboard Voyager, you once explained that you have a strong aversion to raw meats." At B'Elanna's sharp look she considered. Seven felt strange to be telling B'Elanna such basic things about herself but she took it in stride as she began. "You are half Klingon and half Human. Klingons enjoy many dishes that are served either raw or live. Because you are Klingon you are capable of easily digesting such foods. Because you are Human you find those foods highly distasteful."

"That's it? That's all you're going to tell me?" B'Elanna asked wide eyed.

"What other information do you require?" Seven asked calmly.

"I want to know.. everything." B'Elanna blurted. "You know who I am. Until today, I didn't even know my own name. So tell me, who am I?"

To Be Continued

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