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Found and Lost
By Geekgrrllurking


"So this is it then?" Nikki Beaumont looked at her partner sitting calmly across from her. Inside she was breaking into a million tiny shards, each one tearing into what was left of her heart.

Nora Delaney simply nodded and closed her eyes, not wanting to see the pain in the other woman's face. It couldn't work anyway, who were they kidding. Nora had thought that she could overcome her insecurities, that her feelings for Nikki would be strong enough, but she was totally out of her depth. Fortunately they hadn't crossed over her line in the sand too far yet, having just been on a handful of dates and only tasting Nikki's lips for a few kisses.

Amazingly hot kisses that scared her to death. Nora tried not to dwell on that memory or how her heart was screaming bloody murder at her right now.

Besides, what would her family think? How could she hide her life from them all? And then there was the added pressure of working with your girlfriend on the force, fearing for her safety at every move. It was why she had the no dating your partner rule in the first place. It was all too much for Nora to deal with. Better to salvage their friendship and working relationship now before it was too late. As it was this was incredibly hard.

Nikki shook her head sadly. She had thought everything was moving along fantastically. Nora was funny, charming, romantic, smart, everything Nikki was looking for and more. Apparently you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. And Nora was a damn stubborn horse. Nikki couldn't take the overwhelming wave of hurt that suddenly crashed through her. She had to get away from Nora for a while, lick her wounds in private.

"Listen, I uh, gotta take these evidence bags back downstairs." Nikki stood and gathered the items turning to leave, before Nora could see the moisture starting to collect in her eyes.

Nora watched the brunette stride out of the squad room, clearly upset. Georgia noticed and sent a confused glare her way, obviously thinking it was Nora's fault somehow. If Georgia only knew how bad Nora felt too. A piece of her was dying inside, but it was the smart thing to do. Wasn't it?

Dan walked out of his office, sliding his jacket on over his well toned body. He walked over to Nora's desk, sensing the dark mood she was in as he approached.

"Hey beautiful. Shift's over, go home already." His flashed his patented charming smile and watched as she smiled back. It didn't reach her eyes though and he knew then for sure that something wasn't right.

"Yeah, I was just shutting down my computer." Her hand hit the monitor button as Nora spoke. Maybe she could escape before Nikki got back. She was sure they just needed some time to readjust; she knew she definitely felt off balance.

"Listen, I was going to grab a bite. Want to join me?" Dan straightened the collar of his suit jacket and waited for the usual shoot down. Friday night and all, he figured she'd have plans anyway, Nikki usually dragging his old partner out to the dance bars lately.

"Um, sure. I think I'd like that." Nora snorted as Dan's head snapped up and he looked at her slightly stunned. "Don't look so shocked. And you're buying…" Pulling on her short leather jacket they headed out of the squad room, nodding to Georgia as they passed her desk. Her little scowl didn't make Nora feel any better.

"You're on Delaney. " Dan chuckled and happily agreed to her terms. He wasn't an idiot and he sensed that something was up with the blonde, but he could easily distract and entertain her tonight. It had been a long time since they had hung out together, and it was familiar and comfortable. He opened the door for Nora and they stepped out into the cool evening air.

Nikki stood at the squad windows clutching a file folder to her chest and simply watched as Nora walked away down the street laughing and joking with their captain. Nora had invoked the no dating your partner rule with him a long time ago too. Apparently it didn't apply if they're your superior officer. Nikki sighed and let the acid burn of jealousy churn away in her stomach.

Nikki wiped at a lone tear tracking down her flushed cheek. Somehow she didn't think it would be the last one she would shed for Nora Delaney tonight.

The End

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