DISCLAIMER: Yes, Paramount owns it all - I am just having some fun with their characters.

By Rebelgirl

B'Elanna Torres looked up from her data padd when she heard the door chime to her quarters sound. "Come in," she called out, not bothering to find out who it was first.

The doors swished open elegantly to reveal Seven of Nine, standing upright in her usual formal manner. "Good evening, Lieutenant," she greeted.

B'Elanna frowned. Seven had never visited her quarters before. And the Klingon had hardly put up an invitation for her. "Seven, what can I do for you?" she forced herself to act politely.

"I have come here for breakfast," Seven replied confidently.

B'Elanna frowned, not sure as to what obscure reference Seven was hinting at. "Excuse me?" she prompted, hoping for another clue.

"I have come for breakfast," Seven repeated firmly.

The brunette got off of the couch and approached the ex- drone. "Seven, it's 1930 hours. Unless you're on the night shift, it's the wrong time to be having breakfast. And I sure as hell don't remember inviting you over."

"I overheard your conversation in the Mess hall with Mr Paris," Seven told her, as if the statement would make everything appear crystal clear.

Tiny alarm bells were going off in B'Elanna's head, but they weren't triggering the right memories. She had no idea which conversation Seven was alluding to. But she was not sure she wanted to find out. "Are you telling me that I invited you to breakfast?" she asked, wanting clarification.

"Not in those exact terms," Seven replied, maddeningly brief.

"Then how did you come to the conclusion that I had? What the hell was I talking about?" Even B'Elanna was intrigued now.

"You were discussing `freebies' with Lieutenant Paris," the tall blonde revealed. Her mouth twitched into the briefest of smiles as she watched the engineer's face flush.

"You heard that?" B'Elanna asked, her voice a strangled squeak.

"Yes. I heard the entire conversation. You listed 10 people that, if they knocked on your door, you would not turn away, and who would not count as `cheating' on Mr Paris. I had no idea that you knew Jadzia Dax from Deep Space Nine, and was surprised that you mentioned the female Q, but as I was the only one on the list that is currently on board Voyager, I concluded that I should at least allow you one of your `top 10'," Seven continued, her grin widening slightly.

"I...er...I," B'Elanna stuttered incomprehensibly.

"As you stated quite clearly that I was one girl you wouldn't mind making breakfast, and I have not yet had the opportunity to sample breakfast, I decided that I should take you up on the offer."

"Er, Seven...er, well..." B'Elanna stammered again, mortified as her face flushed a deeper red.

"Do we copulate before or after eating?" Seven asked innocently.

When Tom found her lying on the couch some time later holding her head in her hands, he asked what was wrong. The half-Klingon couldn't bring herself to lie. "I missed out on my freebie," she groaned.


"Don't ask."

The penny dropped for Tom. "Wait a minute. Seven came here? And you missed out? What happened?"

"I fainted."

The End

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