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Friends with Benefits
By AngP


Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres pulled irritably at the collar of her dress uniform as she waited in the transporter room for the other members of the away team to arrive. This meet and greet stuff really wasn't her thing and worse, this was a formal dinner, meaning she'd had to wear the dreaded dress uniform which always felt too hot and constricting. Despite all her best efforts to avoid the situation the Captain had made it clear that short of a red alert she was going, and she damn well better behave. She would be the one working with the Xenari for the next few days, after all, so she might as well get familiar with them and make a good impression. That was an order. The only bit of light relief she could take from the situation was that Seven had been ordered to attend too, prompting the closest thing to a Borg pout B'Elanna had ever seen.

The Xenari were a technologically advanced humanoid race, living on a planet of similar size and atmosphere to earth. They were short of stature, stocky and for some reason, the males developed large, flat, purple noses, the bigger the better apparently, to attract a mate. Voyager had been orbiting their planet for a week or so now, whilst contact was made and negotiations took place to see if trade was possible. The Xenari had so far proved themselves to be cultured and gracious, it was quickly established that in exchange for dilithium, the Voyager crew would provide some engineering expertise, or more precisely, B'Elanna and Seven would. Tonight's dinner marked the end of negotiations and a chance for everyone to relax and get to know each other. B'Elanna wasn't sure how much she was going to be able to relax in her hot, constrictive uniform, but she was under orders to try.

The doors swished open and the Captain stepped through, accompanied by Tuvok, both similarly outfitted in dress uniform, both appearing more comfortable than B'Elanna felt.

"Stop fiddling with your collar Lieutenant, it's meant to feel that tight." The Captain said, pulling the front of her own uniform straight.

Before B'Elanna could reply Neelix and Harry entered, the former in his normal loud apparel, the later looking almost as uncomfortable as B'Elanna.

"You scrub up quite well for a grease monkey, Marqui." Harry was tugging on the collar of his own uniform, B'Elanna smiled sympathetically

"You should be on the cover of the Starfleet recruitment brochure, Harry, the epitome of a Starfleet officer in full regalia. So, we're only waiting for...."

The doors opened at that, to reveal Seven of Nine, and B'Elanna let out a low whistle of appreciation.

Blonde hair down for once and waving around her shoulders, dressed in a midnight blue dress that looked like it was made from satin and shimmered as she moved, clinging in all the right places, her visible implants looking like silver adornments, flat blue matching sandals on her feet. She looked simply stunning. B'Elanna thought if the look in her eyes was anything to go by, however, she was feeling shy and insecure.

B'Elanna was the first to recover her wits out of their little group and stepped forward smiling broadly, holding out a hand for Seven's.

"Why Seven, your beauty and elegance have lit up this room like a star going supernova." B'Elanna had captured her enhanced hand now and winked as she brought it to her lips for a brief kiss. "May I have the honour of escorting you to dinner?"

"You may Lieutenant. You are looking very smart in your dress uniform tonight." This was said in her usual Borg monotone, with an air of indifference, but up close B'Elanna could see the anxiety in her eyes.

B'Elanna chuckled, tucking Seven's hand in the crook of her arm as she led her towards the transporter, the Captain, Harry and Neelix finally finding their voices to stammer compliments to Seven on her appearance. B'Elanna chuckled again when she caught a look as close to an eye roll as Seven would get on her face, then nearly choked at the look of naked envy she was receiving from Harry. She shrugged and stuck her tongue out at him.

She was very glad at this moment that she and Seven had managed to sort out their differences and had become, well, friends. It was all still a little new and fragile, and they took pains to be careful with each other, not to let their still frequent disagreements become volatile and personal, but B'Elanna was coming to cherish the time she spent with this woman. Her generosity of spirit, her massive intellect and her dry sense of humour were all very apparent in the hours they spent talking, B'Elanna feeling she had finally found someone who understood her ideas and theories, even if she challenged them. B'Elanna could almost feel Seven's anxiety at the thought of the social interaction that would be expected of her shortly, an area she still lacked confidence in, and vowed she would do all she could to help.

B'Elanna settled Seven on the transporter pad, squeezed her hand then whispered in her ear,

"You really do look great Seven." Receiving a small smile in return as she took her own place.

They materialised outside the Xenari banqueting hall and were met by Gradebi, the minister for Foreign Affairs, and his assistant Arga, a younger female with short dark hair. After much bowing and introductions they were led inside, Seven took her arm again.

Following further introductions to various dignitaries and a tour around the great hall, Janeway decided it was time to break up and mingle. B'Elanna turned to Seven and kissed her hand again.

"Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow." Seven arched her ocular implant.

"I shall see you later B'Elanna. Try not to get into too much trouble."

B'Elanna laughed and turned away, collecting a glass of something pale and fizzy, she took a tentative sip and joined a group directly in front of her.

An hour or so later B'Elanna was congratulating herself on how well she was doing. She found herself in a group of Xenari scientists, happily exchanging ideas and generally having a good time. She found the Xenari polite and interesting, easy to talk to and intelligent. She'd kept half an eye on Seven as the night wore on and thought she looked like she was doing ok.

At present she was talking to a small group next to B'Elanna, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Grabedi, gazing in rapt fascination as she talked. As Seven excused herself from the group the Minister followed her and B'Elanna caught a snippet of their conversation as they passed, Seven telling the Minister something "would not be appropriate." Oh huh. As B'Elanna watched, the Minsters hand settled on Seven's backside and gave a squeeze. B'Elanna saw Seven turning with her hand raised and was across there a in a split second, stepping between the two, jostling the Minister slightly and capturing Seven's hand in her own.

"Seven, my love, I've barely seen you all evening! If you'll excuse us Minister, my girlfriend loves this song."

With that she began dragging Seven off towards the dance floor, hearing the Minister spluttering behind them. She pulled Seven into a loose embrace and began moving to the music, noting Seven's narrowed eyes still focused on Grabedi.

"Are you alright, Seven?"

With a sigh Seven pulled her gaze away from the horrible little man and focused on B'Elanna.

"I am, thank you B'Elanna, though the Minister would not have been if you had not intervened."

B'Elanna laughed at that.

"Yes, I sort of had that impression, though I'd have been quite happy if you'd slugged the little pervert, I doubt the Captain would feel the same way though." B'Elanna sniggered, "And you told me not to get into too much trouble!"

"Indeed. Perhaps I should have worn my biosuit instead of this dress." Her head had dropped as she looked down at the dress and B'Elanna could see that now the anger had passed her insecurities were back in full force.

"Hey," B'Elanna waited until her head lifted and she was looking in her eyes. "The dress is beautiful, as are you, and if you think about it, that dress shows off less of your, er, curves than your biosuit does. He's just someone who thinks his position allows him to take what he wants. Don't let him spoil the night for you."

B'Elanna felt her relax a bit as they moved slowly around the dance floor, that was until Seven remembered something.

"You told him I was your girlfriend."

B'Elanna laughed.

"I did, thought it might be better if he thinks you're already taken, so to speak. Though I'm not sure what the Xenari think of same sex relationships, perhaps we should ask his assistant, Arga was it? Bet she's had some practice at getting him out of embarrassing situations. We should probably tell the Captain and Tuvok, just incase theres any fallout."

"I suppose it is necessary."

"It is, come on then, lets get it over with."

B'Elanna spotted Janeway and took Seven's hand as she started leading her towards the Captain. As they neared her, Janeway turned towards them and B'Elanna noted her displeasure as she saw their joined hands. B'Elanna smothered a grin, she'd always liked to live dangerously and wondered if holding hands with the Captains girlfriend fell into that category. Janeway excused herself from the group she was with and stepped towards them.

"B'Elanna, Seven, whats going on?"

B'Elanna found she couldn't help herself.

"Seven nearly punched Minister 'Grabihands' on his big purple nose when he got a bit too touchy feely and now she's my girlfriend."

Janeway turned an interesting shade of purple herself.


Seven sighed and gave B'Elanna a dirty look.

"Minster Grabedi fondled my posterior after propositioning me several times, I was about to slap him when the Lieutenant intervened and informed him I was her girlfriend. I do not believe he was very happy about the situation."

"I was just trying to stop the situation from escalating, honest, think he'd have been less happy if Seven had hit him."

B'Elanna pointed out. Janeway had begun rubbing her temples and muttering. Tuvok and Neelix came over and were informed about what had gone on. Neelix then went off to locate Arga for a diplomatic chat about protocol and groping of Voyager crew members.

Neelix returned a short time later with the embarrassed looking assistant.

"Captain, I must apologise for Minister Grabedi, he can be a little......over enthusiastic at times. I trust no serious harm has been done?."

"So long as he can keep his hands off my girlfriend in future, I think we can probably be persuaded to let this go." B'Elanna had put her arm around Seven's waist and pulled her close, frowning darkly at the small assistant.

"Thats very big of you." Seven muttered.

"We were unaware you are bond mates, as a sign of our sincere apologies, I will have you're things moved to one of our luxury VIP suites, if that is acceptable?"

The plan had been for B'Elanna and Seven, to remain on the planet while offering assistance with engineering problems across the different continents. A little luxury accommodation certainly wouldn't go amiss.

"I think we can manage to draw a line under it for the sake of diplomatic relations." And possibly a comfortable bed, a jacuzzi bath, good food....B'elanna was beginning to really look forward to this away mission.

"Thank you, if you will excuse me while I go and make the arrangements?" Arga bowed and hurried off.

B'Elanna was grinning like the Cheshire cat

"Well, that didn't turn out too bad." As Janeway looked like she might explode any second, B'Elanna decided a strategic retreat was in order, "Come on Seven, lets go and have a look at the buffet, I'll even be your personal food taster." She started towing Seven towards the food laden tables before Janeway could say a word.

"Your self sacrifice on my behalf is quite overwhelming, but can I suggest that you get molested by the small, purple nosed dignitary next time to secure a nice room?" B'Elanna hadn't realised Seven could do sarcasm so well.

"Deal, although I have to point out, I think you got away lightly, his eyes were exactly at the level of your chest, I think it was only the fact that your lovely ass was easier to reach that saved you from further molestation."

"Then I am indeed fortunate, as you say. I just hope our luxury room meets with your expectations."

The rest of the evening thankfully past off without incident or further sitings of the groping Minister. B'Elanna introduced Seven to her geeky new Scientist friends and they had a pleasant evening swapping ideas and sampling rather good food. By the time the festivities were drawing to a close B'Elanna felt happy and replete.

When they said goodbye to their colleagues at the transporter site, B'Elanna had the distinct impression Captain Janeway was dying to give her a lecture on something, and probably something to do with Seven, but the presence of Arga thankfully prevented more than a directive to behave like a Starfleet officer and a force ten glare.

B'Elanna was in an awfully good mood as Arga transported them to their accommodation and on being shown to their suite, she wasn't disappointed. Opulent and luxurious, with a massive bed, exquisite furniture, a bath she could swim in and floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular views of the city they were staying in.

B'Elanna managed not to act like a peasant whilst Arga gave them the tour and explained some details about what was planned for the following day, but as soon as she'd bid them goodnight and left, B'Elanna stripped off her uniform jacket and bounced on the bed.

"This is the life Seven, come and try the bed and don't tell me luxury is irrelevant or I'll toss you out that window!"

Seven sat cautiously on the end of the bed and bounced a little.

"It does appear to be comfortable B'Elanna, do I take it you are pleased with the room then, even if we do have to share?"

"Well obviously I'd have preferred it if you didn't have to suffer that nasty little man's hand on you, but it is quite good restitution. Do you want to try the bath? I can't even remember the last time I had a bath."

"I have no memories of ever having a bath. It looks very deep."

B'Elanna had already started to fill it and was sniffing the various bath salts, adding one she liked and watching foam and bubbles start to form.

"Come on, I know you don't suffer with false modesty and I promise not to let you drown."

B'Elanna was already stripping off the rest of her uniform, hanging in one of the wardrobes. She found two fluffy robes and handed one to Seven as she too started to undress.

"As you wish, B'Elanna. "

B'Elanna donned one of the robes and went to check on water temperature and arrange towels to her satisfaction. When she was happy with her arrangements she shucked her robe and stepped down into the sunken bath, she turned and held out a hand to Seven to help her down, forcing her eyes to remain on Seven's and not wander south, she'd had enough liberties taken with her body tonight without adding B'Elanna's curious gaze.

When Seven was sat leaning back against one side of the enormous bath B'Elanna settled herself opposite to her and let herself relax back in the warm water with a heartfelt sigh. This was pure bliss. She closed her eyes and just let her mind wander for a while. She opened them a short times later to see a very bored looking Seven of Nine.

"This not your sortof thing then?"

"I am unsure of its purpose, other than to clean ones body, for which it would seem most inefficient."

"Mmm, maybe, but I'd say a baths main purpose was relaxation, pleasure. Here, let me show you." B'Elanna moved one of the towels behind Seven's head. "Rest your head back, close your eyes." Seven complied, her hair was up now to keep it dry, exposing the long line of her neck. "Give me your foot." B'Elanna started a gentle massage of the offered foot, finding a small, starburst implant on her ankle. "Didn't know you had an implant there, cute."

B'Elanna frowned at herself, since when were implants cute? Oh well. She continued for a while, not letting her hands go any further than the ankle. "Other foot, please."

At least Seven was looking more relaxed now

"You are very good at that."

"Glad to be of service, Ma'am."

Seven splashed her half heartedly and B'Elanna retreated to her own side of the bath. They stayed there a while longer, enjoying the quiet, until B'Elanna found herself beginning to nod off.

"Mmm, I think I could sleep now." B'Elanna climbed out of the bath and put her robe on, then helped Seven's out and into hers. Back in the bedroom she found her bag, which the Xenari had delivered here, got out her tank and boxers, dried off and changed into them. A quick use of the facilities, teeth brushed and she was ready for bed.

She found Seven hovering by the side of the bed, dressed in a long t-shirt

"Get in Seven, this beds big enough for the whole Senior staff to sleep in, and I promise not to act like a purple nosed pervert and will keep my hands to myself, ok?"

B'Elanna was already climbing in one side of the bed and getting herself comfortable.

"I am unsure if I will be able to sleep B'Elanna, I have previously been unsuccessful and do not wish to disturb you."

"Get in, if you disturb me I'll kick you out, ok?" Reluctantly it seemed, Seven climbed in and lay down on her back.

Was this weird, being in bed with her former nemesis, who may or may not be the Captains girl? B'Elanna decided she didn't much care, she was warm and comfy, surrounded by silk sheets and quiet. She could feel herself drifting off. She reached for and found Seven's hand.

"Just relax and enjoy the peace. 'Night Seven."

"Good night, B'Elanna."

If Seven fidgeted B'Elanna didn't notice, she was asleep within minutes.

B'elanna wasn't sure what had woken her and for a few seconds she was completely disorientated, in the centre of a big, comfortable bed, dim light just peaking through the window, a warm weight down her left side. Blonde hair was tickling her chin. Before panic could take hold of her she remembered the events of the previous night. It would seem that during the course of the night she and Seven had moved towards each other and met in the middle of the big bed. Seven's head was now tucked under B'Elanna's chin, an arm thrown across her waist and a leg draped over her thighs and resting between her own. B'Elanna's arm was around Seven's back holding her close.

After the initial surprise, B'Elanna decided it was quite nice, she wasn't really a cuddler, had never experienced alot of physical contact, people just didn't expect a half Klingon to want a hug and she had never felt it was something she could ask for. Contact during sex, of course, but afterwards, not so much. She was under no illusion though, when Seven awoke this was likely to be embarrassing. B'Elanna decided to enjoy it while she could, tracing gentle patterns on Seven's back as her mind wandered.

She wondered idolly what Janeway would make of this development, for all its innocence. She had no clue as to the true nature of Seven's relationship with the Captain, had not felt it necessary to question it during their fledgling friendship. She had speculated, probably along with most of the rest of the crew, that they were more than just friends, but lovers? She wouldn't like to bet one way or the other. They spent time together, evenings in the Captains quarters. Did it matter to her if they were lovers? She had to really think about that. Probably did if she were brutally honest with herself, there was certainly a bit of jealousy there. Regardless, she was determined it would not get in the way of this precious friendship they were building.

Her musings were interrupted as Seven began to stir, little movements to begin with, then a sigh, a squeeze round her waist. B'Elanna remained still and relaxed, determined to make light of this if Seven found it awkward. She knew precisely the second Seven became aware of the situation by the way she tensed and stopped breathing.

"Hey, its ok, relax, we both moved into this position, just searching for a bit of warmth I would think, no big deal, its quite natural." B'Elanna kept her voice light, feeling Seven relax slightly against her. "I kept my hands off your ass, so there's no need to slap me."

There was a pause as Seven took a deep breath and tried to relax completely

"As I was asleep I will have to take your word that you are not a pervert, unlike a certain purple nosed Xenari Minister."

B'Elanna was beginning to think they might get out of this with minimal embarrassment, it was looking promising, until Seven's next move.

Seven stretched. She stretched that luscious body all along the length of B'Elanna's. Not being able to help it, B'Elanna let out a low groan, causing Seven to still and move away slightly so she could see her face. B'Elanna closed her eyes and sighed, dammit, so close.

"You are sexually aroused." it was a flat statement.

No point denying it.

"I am now, yes."


Seriously? B'Elanna looked at her quizzically

"Because, when you stretched, all the interesting parts of you pressed into some of the interesting parts of me and, frankly, thats all it took."

Seven was looking at her speculatively

"Do you wish to copulate with me?"

Oh Kahless, how do I get myself into these situations!

B'Elanna ran both hands roughly over her face, then turned on her side so she was facing Seven, she was determined this situation was not going to go to hell, this friendship was too important to her

"Is that a leading question or an offer? Because thats a fairly complex question. Do you have any idea how gorgeous and sexy you are? Probably not. Or that as a product of my Klingon genes I'm vaguely horny most of the time? So that when you rub your gorgeous, sexy body along mine I most definitely get aroused and want to copul.... have sex with you. But do you know what I want even more than that? I want your friendship, its become very precious to me and I wouldn't want to do anything that might jeopardise it."

Seven was watching her intently, weighing her words. It was some time before she spoke.

"You do not think we can have sex without ruining our friendship?"

B'Elanna wasn't sure this was a conversation they should be having whilst scantily dressed in bed together.

"Sex is easy Seven, its the need to satify a basic urge, the complications come after if your not careful with each others feelings."

"It is not possible for two friends to be honest about their physical need and help each other to satify it without pretending to be in love?"

"I think that is possible, yes, so long as they are both clear from the start thats all it is."

Seven's blue eyes darkened at those words and focused on B'Elanna's lips.

"I want you to satisfy my physical needs, B'Elanna."

B'Elanna groaned again, fighting her own urge to take what was being offered.

"Ok wait, I'm far from opposed to this, but this has come about awfully quickly. I want you to be sure, Seven, no regrets afterwards. Think about it today, then we'll discuss it again tonight, when we're not half naked in bed together. "

"If that is what you wish to do, but I will not change my mind, I want to have sex with you B'Elanna. "

"Oh Kahless, don't! I'm getting up now and having a cold shower and you're going to stay here, ok?"

At Seven's nod of agreement B'Elanna fled to the bathroom.

Safely in the bathroom after a cold shower, B'Elanna was feeling more in control of her libido, if a little confused as to how to proceed. Did she want to have sex with Seven? Stupid question, anyone with a pulse would want to have sex with Seven. Could she be sure Seven was clear in her mind about what she wanted? That was more difficult to answer. For all her vast knowledge, in many ways she still appeared so innocent. Hence the cooling off period. B'Elanna had many questions she wanted to ask too, such as whether Seven had any previous experience. The thought of being the first was both thrilling and off-putting in equal measure. She also felt she needed clarity on Seven's relationship with Janeway, those were definitely toes she didn't want to be treading on.

It would make for an interesting conversation tonight, she just hoped they could be honest and open with each other, without being embarrassed, or the whole thing would be doomed to failure and she feared for their friendship. As exciting a prospect as sex with Seven was, there was a part of her that wished the morning had gone differently and this whole situation avoided.

Pulling her robe around her she exited the bathroom to find Seven still in bed and obviously deep in thought.

"You ok ? If you've changed your mind its ok, you know."

"I have not nor shall I, but I was wondering if you would think of reasons not to do this whilst you were in there."

B'Elanna laughed.

"And miss the opportunity to fondle your sexy ass without getting slapped? Never. As I said, I'm definitely not opposed to this, but I want us to go into it fully aware of the consequences and come out with our friendship intact. Besides, we're due to meet Arga soon for breakfast and while I'm all for a quickie in the right circumstances, I definitely want to take my time with you the first time. So get a wriggle on, blondie."

Seven was smiling slightly. She glanced back as she entered the bathroom.

"I would never have slapped you for fondling my ass."

Dammit, wish I'd known that sooner.

B'Elanna dried off and dressed in her normal uniform. She was gazing out over the city when Seven emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She crossed to the wardrobe and took out one of her biosuits, plum coloured today. She dropped the towel to the floor, her back to B'Elanna, then bent over and started to pull the biosuit on. B'Elanna turned to give the display her full attention, as she was sure she was meant to.

When Seven had the suit up to her hips, B'Elanna strolled over to her. She was just pulling on the sleeves when B'Elanna reached her and slowly began to raise the zipper, allowing her knuckles to graze along her implants and the skin on her back, hearing her breath hitch at the contact. Seven's hair was loose and still wet from the shower, B'Elanna swept it aside as she raised the zipper, then reached up and brushed her lips across the nape of Seven's neck, feeling her shiver. When she spoke her breath tickled Seven's skin.

"I knew you didn't wear any underwear under this thing." She let her hands drift down Seven's back, maintaining contact with her fingers tips then grasped her hips and pulled her back against her own body, whispering in Seven's ear. " Was your little show meant to drive me to distraction, so all I'd be able to think about all day was your gorgeous body? Well it worked, but I think I should give you something to think about, too."

She turned Seven around and pushed her back against the door of the wardrobe, noting how dilated her pupils had become. Grasping the back of her neck, she let her thumb brush against the starburst implant near her ear, as she pulled Seven's head down and made firm contact with her lips. B'Elanna's tongue swept across Seven's lips and was immediately granted access into her mouth. There followed a short, passionate kiss as their tongues battled for dominance, before B'Elanna pulled back slightly.

"I think thats probably enough to keep us both distracted. " They were both breathing heavily

"I wish to continue this activity."

"I'd like to continue too, but we're due to meet Arga in a few minutes and you're not even fully dressed yet." B'Elanna grinned and leant in for another quick kiss. "I know how much you value punctuality, so come on."

With Seven's hair in its normal neat arrangement and her boots on they set off to meet Arga. The day was set for fact finding and familiarising them with the systems the Xenari required assistance with. B'Elanna did her best to appear interested and pay attention, but had to admit her mind wandered occasionally to what might happen this evening. Each time it happened she slapped herself mentally and forced her brain back to the present and away from thoughts of long blonde hair and soft, pale skin.

By the time they broke for lunch B'Elanna thought she'd pretty much got herself under control, until she felt Seven's hand on her knee under the table, tracing patterns with her fingers as they meandered up towards her thigh. B'Elanna stopped the wandering digits and brought Seven's hand out from under the table. She was contemplating methods of revenge when she realised any form of contact would only serve to arouse herself as well and add to her distraction. Deciding on a different tactic, she squeezed Seven's hand then leant over to whisper in her ear.

"You have such elegant hands and nice, long fingers. I keep wondering what they are going to feel like on me, and in me." Seven made a sound very like a squeak. "Thats an interesting noise, but tonight I'm hoping for more of a scream, hope the sound proofings pretty good in our room, or our neighbours are going to be in for a sleepless night." She was grinning as she sat back in her chair, noting the flush on Seven's cheek.

The afternoon seemed to drag on forever as they were provided with more information about the Xenari systems they would be helping with. B'Elanna admitted wryly to herself that normally she would have found this fascinating, and she was interested, but it definitely wasn't holding her full attention. She was amused to note the sometimes vacant look on Seven's face, too, she'd also caught her staring a few times. She was getting a handle on their systems though and had some ideas for the brainstorming and simulations that would take place tomorrow. She had every faith Seven would have come up with ideas too, distracted or not.

The meeting finally drew to a close and Agra escorted them back to their accommodation.

"I hope today has been informative Lieutenant Torres, Seven. If you have no plans for this evening it would be my pleasure to give you a tour of our capital city and take you both to dinner."

Tempting perhaps another time but definitely not tonight

"That's very generous of you Arga, but I think Seven and I need to get out heads together and review what we've learnt today. Perhaps another time?"

"Of course Lieutenant, have a pleasant evening, I will meet with you again in the morning, until then." At that Arga bowed politely and withdrew.

Once back in their room B'Elanna pulled Seven in for a quick kiss.

"Right, I'm going to start filling that tub while you contact Voyager and let them know we've managed to stay out of trouble, then we'll rendezvous in the bath for our little chat."

"I thought we were going to review the Xenari systems first? "

B'Elanna sighed, this woman truly had no idea about little white lies.

"Do you have some ideas on improvements?" Seven nodded. "Me too, and we are going to get our heads together and hopefully other body parts, just not in the way Arga thinks. Ok?"


B'Elanna had been soaking in the bath for some time before Seven joined her, took off her robe and stepped down into the tub. B'Elanna let her eyes wander down her gorgeous body this time before it was hidden by bubbles as Seven sat opposite her.

"Janeway give you a hard time?"

"The Captain was interested in the Xenari systems and how we had been treated after last nights incident. "

"Hmm." B'Elanna was thinking how to ask for the information she wanted and realising tact really wasn't her forte decided to forge ahead. "If we became lovers, would Janeway be a problem?"

"I am unsure how to answer your question." B'Elanna was watching her closely, Seven may not have the most expressive of faces, but there were clues at to how she was feeling if you were observant.

"Are you lovers?"


"Have you ever been lovers?"


B'Elanna sighed in frustration as Seven's single word answers.

"Would you be interested in that type of relationship with her?"


"Would she want that type of relationship with you?"

"I cannot answer for Captain Janeway. I am unclear why you would need to ask such questions." The only thing B'Elanna was picking up was a bit of irritation.

"Because she's quite possessive of you and before we get into this I'd prefer to know if she has cause to be, if she has any claim on you. When she saw us holding hands last night I would swear she looked jealous."

"I have never given Captain Janeway reason to think I would be interested in a romantic relationship with her, she is my mentor and friend. Her personal interest in my development may have caused her to be over protective of me, especially in situations where she believes my feelings may be hurt."

"She thinks I want to hurt you?"

"She is aware of our previous volatile relationship and I have also informed her of how important your friendship has become to me. I believe she is concerned that any regression would cause me emotional distress."

B'Elanna moved across the bath to kneel in front of Seven and took her hands.

"Hey, our friendship means the world to me too, otherwise we wouldn't be having this sensitive chat, I wouldn't ever want to hurt you again, ok?"

B'Elanna knew from previous discussions that during some of their earlier arguments she had caused Seven pain with cruel words. She was still amazed at Seven's ability to forgive and move on.

"I believe you have no intention to cause me harm. Can we proceed now?"

B'Elanna grinned at Seven's look of impatience.

"One more thing." B'Elanna pondered the awkward question, but deciding it had a huge bearing on how things went from here, ploughed on. "Have you done this before Seven? Had sex with someone, I mean?"

B'Elanna was unclear in her own mind what she wanted the answer to be.

"Technically, due to certain Borg reproductive procedures and my own experimentation, I am not a virgin, however I have not engaged in sexual activity with another individual. Is this a problem?"

B'Elanna was amazed at the swell of emotions Seven's words caused, desire and excitement shot through her at the thought of being Seven's first lover, she could feel her own heart start to pound in her chest at the thought of it. She took a deep breath to try to steady herself.

"Seven, I would be ecstatic to be your first, but, well, don't you want to wait until you fall in love? Your first time should be pretty special, you know." B'Elanna couldn't believe the words tripping out of her mouth, was she seriously trying to talk her out of it?

"If you are not capable of making this special, then perhaps I should reconsider." Seven teased.

"Now hang on a minute, l think I should at least get the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities before you change your mind." B'Elanna was grinning as she pulled Seven towards her, until they knelt facing each other in the middle of the tub.

Seven feigned a look of indifference as she allowed herself to be moved.

"Very well, you may kiss me."

"Yes, Ma'am."

B'Elanna moved forward the short distance needed to capture Seven's lips and bring their bodies into contact from knees to chest, wrapping her arms around Seven's back to keep her close. She instantly felt like she'd been shot through with electricity, her desire ramping up at the feel of Seven's body against hers. Seven had immediately opened her mouth and B'Elanna's tongue had taken full advantage, engaging in a sensuous dance with Seven's, teasing and tasting as Seven's hands worked into B'Elanna's hair. B'Elanna's hands started to drift up and down Seven's back in a lazy caress until they settled on her shapely backside, then started to massage the firm cheeks rhythmically. She shifted on her knees a bit, managing to nudge Seven's knees apart and slid one of hers between them, pulling Seven's mound onto her thigh, using her hands on Seven's ass to grind against her.

B'Elanna dragged her mouth from Seven's for some much needed air, trailing kisses across her cheek until she came to the starburst implant near her ear, her tongue came out for an experimental swipe and she was delighted by Seven's sudden moan and shudder. Immediately her lips surrounded it, using her tongue to map its outline, enjoying Seven's strong response as she began to move against her and use her hands in B'Elanna's hair to keep her in place. B'Elanna spent some time lavishing attention on the implant before moving on to Seven's elegant neck, her hair was still pinned up giving her unhindered access. Her tongue found the pulse point, feeling it jump at her touch, she couldn't stop herself from fastening her lips around it and sucking fiercely, marking the flawless skin. Seven moaned in response, tightening her hands in B'Elanna's hair almost painfully, triggering a constant growl to erupt from B'Elanna's chest.

B'Elanna could feel herself getting caught up in their passion and as much as she was enjoying their position in the bath, she wanted Seven on a bed, where she'd have more access to that beautiful body. Reluctantly, she pulled back to speak.

"Seven, we need to move....oh Kahless!" Seven's mouth had found her ear, sucking the lobe. "Seven please, I need to see you and taste you, stuff we can't do in the water, we need to get out of the bath."

Reluctantly, she moved back, they were both breathing hard, Seven's pupils dilated, the blue of her eyes darker than B'Elanna had ever seen. B'Elanna grasped her hand and led her up the steps from the bath. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself, then turned to Seven with another.

"Let me dry you, please?"

At Seven's nod B'Elanna stepped behind her, she started at her shoulders, moving the towel lightly, more of a caress than to dry her skin. As the towel in her hands moved lower, B'Elanna lips whispered across the nape of Seven's neck, causing her to shiver, she followed a straight line down the curve of her spine, lightly kissing and licking her skin as she moved lower. Seven's skin was pale and flawless, incredibly soft to the touch. As she moved lower she encountered further implants, warm, malleable silver, curving round her ribs and joining at the base of her spine. B'Elanna was delighted to find that running her tongue over these had a similar effect to the one on her cheek, Seven moaned and squirmed a little. B'Elanna grasped her hips through the towel while she tormented her a little longer with her tongue. Finally moving the towel down both incredibly long legs, she couldn't resist a bite to one firm butt cheek, hearing Seven hiss in response.

Dropping the towel and standing infront of Seven, B'Elanna pushed her fingers into her hair, removing the pins and watching it fall around her shoulders. She sighed and shook her head in wonder, looking Seven in the eye.

"You are so incredibly beautiful Seven, you take my breath away."

"My implants, they do not...disturb you?"

"They are as much a part of you as, say, your eye colour and I love how sensitive they are. Now, are you doing ok?"

"I am. You have so far proven yourself most capable."

"Why thank. Lets finish getting you dried off."

B'Elanna removed the towel from her own body and leant in for a slow kiss as she used it dry Seven's chest and abdomen. It was fairly cursory and random as she feared she would get carried away with Seven's curves and they'd end up making love on the hard bathroom floor, which really wasn't appropriate for a first time.

She dropped the towel and stepped back, took Seven's hand and led her into the bedroom and over to the bed. B'Elanna had some ideas on how she wanted this to go, but didn't truthfully know if she had the control or patience to see it through. She piled some pillows against the head of the bed and then sat back against them, she pulled Seven down so she was straddling her lap. She settled her hands at Seven's waist, letting her thumbs lazily caress the fusion of skin and metal she found there.

"Ok, Seven?" And at her nod, she tried to smile reassuringly. "I'm going to do my level best to make this good for you, but if any time you need to stop, you just have to say so, ok? "

"I will not want to stop, but thank you B'Elanna."

"Ok, give us a kiss then, sexy."

Seven's hands settled on her shoulders as they started a kiss that quickly became passionate and demanding. B'Elanna decided it was time to let her hands stray to the areas she'd been avoiding for fear of loosing control. She let her fingertips trail up Seven's ribs until they came to the underside of her breasts, she took them in her hands and tested their weight, then squeezed gently, feeling Seven gasp into the kiss. She slowly let her hands trace random patterns until they finally came to her nipples, brushing across them lightly, Seven broke the kiss to moan and B'Elanna took the opportunity to start trailing kisses down her neck.

"Do you like that?" B'Elanna was rolling Seven's nipples between her index finger and thumb, then pinched them gently, earning her another moan. "Guess you do."

Seven was gripping B'Elanna's shoulders fiercely now and when she started to kiss down Seven's chest and then closed her warm mouth around a nipple, her fingers dug in convulsively as she threw her head back. B'Elanna was sucking gently and stroking her tongue across one nipple, while her fingers rhythmically squeezed the other. She switched breasts and used her teeth to hold the nipple with gentle pressure while she flicked her tongue across the tip., then took as much of Seven's breast in her mouth as she could and sucked fiercely, growling deep in her chest.

Seven was squirming in her lap now, rubbing her mound against B'Elanna's abdomen, her arousal obvious by the wet trail left behind and although B'Elanna was sure she could have spent an age loving Seven's breasts, she decided to give Seven some relief. One hand teased down towards Seven's need, finally brushing through the short blonde hair and into the wet heat of her sex. One finger slid lightly across her clit and Seven hips thrust forward involuntary.

"Ooh B'Elanna!" Seven's voice was low and throaty, one hand tangled in B'Elanna's hair now to hold her mouth in place against her breast. B'Elanna kept a light pressure on Seven's clit wanting the intensity to build. Eventually, she eased her head back so she could see Seven's face as she moved her fingers to circle her entrance, then eased the tips of two of them inside. Seven had her eyes closed, teeth biting her lower lip as she moved her hips down and impaled herself further onto B'Elanna's fingers, gasping and moaning as she was slowly filled, B'Elanna kept her hand still and let Seven set the pace. When B'Elanna's fingers could go no further she let her thumb slide across Seven's clit, her fingers drenched with a new wave of moisture as Seven began to move, riding B'Elanna's fingers.

"You are so beautiful, Seven, you take my brearh way, I want you to come for me." Seven's pace picked up at that and B'Elanna could feel slight tremors around her fingers, she leant forward and her lips captured her breast again, fastening on the nipple, biting and sucking harder now, thumb increasing the pressure on Seven's clit as she started to thrust her fingers into her.

The combination of sensations was enough and Seven came, internal muscles squeezing B'Elanna's fingers as she screamed her name. B'Elanna's free hand reached up and pulled Seven head down for a kiss, eventually resting her forehead against Seven's as the pulsations around her fingers slowed and stopped, both of them trying to catch their breath. B'Elanna could feel tremors running through Seven's body. Reluctantly, she withdrew her fingers and manoeuvred them both so they were lying on the bed, with Seven on her back and B'Elanna hovering over her.

"Are you ok, Seven?" And at her nod, a gentle kiss. "You are incredible, sexy, gorgeous, and I loved doing that with you." B'Elanna's was almost painfully aroused and impatient for Seven's hands on her, but there was something she wanted even more. "Look, l know that was intense and you probably feel like you need to rest a little, but Seven, I need to taste you, just relax, and let me taste you."

B'Elanna wasn't sure if Seven understood, she still appeared a little dazed, but B'Elanna had already started to kiss randomly down her body, between her breasts and down across her stomach, over the fusion of metal and skin. She slipped off the side of the bed and settled on her knees, wrapping her arms round the back of Seven's thighs she pulled her forwards, positioning Seven's long legs over her shoulders. B'Elanna inhaled the intoxicating scent of Seven's arousal, using one hand to part the glistening folds in front of her, the other rested on Seven's abdomen, caressing gently.

Seven had raised herself up on an elbow to watch, but at the first sweep of B'Elanna's tongue she collapsed back onto the bed, moaning loudly. B'Elanna hummed ecstatically as her tongue parted the warm, wet folds, gathering the essence of Seven's arousal, loving her unique taste. She thrust her tongue inside, hearing Seven's continuous moans, a hand in B'Elanna's hair as she began grinding her centre against B'Elanna's mouth.

B'Elanna was struggling to keep her place as Seven's excitement built. She swept her tongue repeatedly across Seven's clit with a firm pressure, her hips wild now, heals digging into B'Elanna's back as she tried to get closer. B'Elanna began to suck her engorged clit, flicking the tip of her tongue across it as Seven came again, arching her back off the bed, hand painfully tight in B'Elanna's hair as she screamed her name again.

B'Elanna used her tongue to gently clean Seven's sex as she felt her thighs relax, she wiped the moisture from her own face with her hand, then began to move back up Seven's body, manoeuvring them both into the centre of the bed. B'Elanna placed light kisses on Seven's forehead and her ocular implant as she waited for her breathing to slow and her eyes to open

Finally, blue eyes opened, looking a little dazed, but warm and happy. B'Elanna leant down for a gentle kiss, doing her best to keep her own painful need under control while Seven recovered.

"That was....I am unable to describe how you made me......you are indeed quite capable at this activity, B'Elanna."

B'Elanna couldn't help but chuckle at her words

"Why thank you, I will take that as a compliment. Was it, well....what you expected?"

"You proved superior to my expectations. My research and self-exploration did not adequately prepare me for engaging in this activity with another."

B'Elanna didn't dare dwell on thoughts of Seven masturbating, she already felt ready to explode.

"There are just some things you can't replicate on your own."

Though B'Elanna was starting to give 'self-exploration' serious thought if Seven showed no sign of returning the favour.

"Indeed. I will need to do further analysis when we return to Voyager."

B'Elanna sighed and nodded, though had to smile.

"Of course you will, perhaps a comparative study." B'Elanna's hope dipped a little further as Seven's eyes unfocused as she appeared to give the matter some serious thought. "Though I think personally you're going to need a lot more hands on experience, starting about now."

B'Elanna took Seven's hand and placed it on her own breast

"This would be a good place to start." She leant down to kiss Seven, then rolled over onto her back, pulling Seven with her, the blonde's full weight landing exquisitely on top of her. "Do you have any idea how much making love to you turned me on? I think all you need to do is blow on my clit and I'll come. Please Seven, touch me."

"I am unsure what to do, I do not wish to disappoint you."

"Do you want to be with me?" Seven nodded. "Just do what feels right, this isn't about perfection, its about pleasure, for both of us. Kiss me."

Seven complied, tongues duelling in B'Elanna's mouth until they ran out of breath and Seven's lips moved down to her neck, nipping at the skin with B'Elanna's encouragement. Seven's fully human hand was at her breast, the thumb teasing across the nipple and B'Elanna told her how good it all felt.

"I need your mouth there now Seven, too, bite me, gently and then suck....oh Kahless, thats it, keep doing that, it feels so good, you're gonna make me come now, please, I need you inside ......oooh yes, I knew you'd feel good."

Forming words became an issue for B'Elanna after that, as two long finger pumped inside her and Seven's mouth alternated between her breasts, using just the right amount of pressure with her teeth. B'Elanna was almost there, just one more thing would do it. She used her hand in Seven's hair to pull her head up for a sloppy kiss.

"Your thumb Seven, can you.....yes thats it, right there, Seven!" Then she was coming hard around Seven's fingers, trying to keep her eyes open and focused on the look of awe on the blonde's face. It was one of the most intimate moments of her life and brought tears to her eyes.

B'Elanna collapsed back on the bed in a boneless heap. Seven kissed her gently as she withdrew her fingers, making B'Elanna growl at the loss and then laugh at herself.

"Wow, Seven, that was just, well...wow."

"I had no idea it would feel so....intense, emotional.....to be the one giving pleasure."

The awe and confusion was quite visible on her face. B'Elanna hugged her fiercely as she went to move away, settling Seven's head on her chest.

" Can you stay there, just for a little while, I love your weight on me?"

Seven was happy to oblige, listening to B'Elanna's hearts slowing to a normal rhythm, pressing soft kisses to B'Elanna's chest. This had been a wonderful experience and she unashamedly hoped there would be many more like it, she was beginning to realise why humans were so obsessed with sex.

B'Elanna was lazily running her hands along Seven's back, enjoying the feeling of having someone close, her whole body relaxing in a way she couldn't remember happening in the longest time. She was pleased at the way things had worked out between them and proud of the pleasure she had given, her inner Klingon strutting around happily. She let out a contented sigh just as her empty stomach decided to make its presence felt, startling Seven. B'Elanna was laughing as she spoke.

" Oh Kahless, Seven I'm really sorry! No prizes for guessing that sex makes me hungry."

" Indeed, we better feed the beast then, you will need your stamina again later." Seven rolled onto her side to gaze at B'Elanna's.

" Well thats good to know, though I think a shower might be in order first, I seem to be sticky in several places." B'Elanna leant forward for a brief kiss. " Come on then."

She took Seven's hand and hauled her up, leading her back into the bathroom and turning on the shower.

" Normally, I would offer to scrub your back at this point, but I doubt my hands can be trusted not to wander and I am suddenly ravenously hungry, so I'll have to give you a rain check for later."

" Disappointing, but acceptable. "

B'Elanna did her level best to behave while they showered, but feeling Seven's eyes on her like a caress didn't help and they ended up wrapped around each other in a heated kiss until B'Elanna's stomach close to interrupt again. They gave in and exited the shower, dried off and donned bathrobes. B'Elanna then set about the task of replicating something for them to eat, she was quite keen on the Xenari food and had liked all the dishes she had tried so far, but was looking for something a little plainer for Seven. Finding a dish that sounded alot like seafood pasta, she replicated two portions and a couple of soft drinks. Seven helped to bring everything over to the low table in front of the huge comfy sofa and they settled down to eat, B'Elanna digging in with enthusiasm, Seven less so.

"I do not feel very hungry, B'Elanna, though the taste is acceptable."

"Just eat what you can, the Doc said eating and sleeping could work just as well as regenerating for long periods if you stick with it, and think of the benfits." Seven arched ocular implant encouraged her to continue. "Well which would you prefer, standing for long hours to regenerate or being in a big, soft bed with me, engaged in mutually satisfying sexual adventures?"

"You make a valid point, although it would be possible to have sexual adventures and then regenerate." Seven was eating small amounts as they talked.

"Ah, but then you'd miss some of my favourite things, the spontaneous middle of the night sex, when I wake up and realise I can't keep my hands off you, the morning sex that will put a smile on my face for the whole day, and, well, I really like to cuddle up afterwards, but thats not to everyone's taste." B'Elanna could feel her face colour at the last admission and dropped her head to focus on her plate.

"I see, I would indeed be missing some valuable experiences. I will endeavour to improve my ability to consume nutrition and to sleep in order to prolong our opportunities for engaging in these activities. I have found that I have so far enjoyed our close post coital proximity, B'Elanna."

B'Elanna was now grinning happily, watching as Seven ate a little more food.

"We need to expand your experiences with food, find things you actually enjoy eating, plus, you know there are some. ....er....interesting games we could play with food." B'Elanna's mind had already started to picture Seven adorned with melted chocolate.

"Games? Likes the games I play with Naomi Wildman?" Seven was clearly puzzled.

"No, definitely not. Sexy games, although they can get quite messy, but certainly worth a try at some point." B'Elanna brain was beginning to come up with all sorts of things they could try together, if Seven was willing. "You know, there are lots of different ways to experiment with sex, find out what you like and don't like, if you want to."

"I came to understand that from my research, though the one thing I did not find stimulating was inflicting or receiving pain. I do not want to try that B'Elanna."

That still left an wonderful amount of options.

"Thats not really my idea of fun either, though it certainly seems to be what lots of people expect a Klingon to want."

"Your previous lovers expected you to want to hurt them?"

"Some did, some were disappointed it wasn't my thing, sometimes it never progressed to the bedroom when it became clear it wasn't what I was into. There are lots of stereotypes around what Klingons want during sex, most of which are about being rough or hurting their partner. Maybe its because I'm only half Klingon, but I've never found it a turn on."

"You have had lots of lovers? Both male and female?"

This was getting a little embarrassing now, but they had promised to be honest with each other.

"Not sure about lots, but I guess I've had my share. During my time with the Marqui, they were often fleeting encounters, we never stayed in one place for very long. I guess I've always just slept with the people I've found attractive and not worried too much about gender, can't say I really have a preference, though Paris was almost enough to put me off men for life." B'Elanna realised this was something they should have talked about before getting naked. "I've never been unfaithful, its dishonourable and pointless. I'm not expecting a lifetime commitment from you Seven, but when you want this to end or you find yourself attracted to someone else, just tell me, no harm done, and we can go back to being friends." B'Elanna had an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach at the thought of Seven with anyone else and desperately hoped the physical part of their relationship would last for some time.

"I would not dishonour you like that, I understand infidelity to be something you would not forgive and that there is no reason for it in our relationship."

" Good, if we're honest with each other about how we're feeling, then the friends with benefits thing should work out well for both of us."

"Friends with benefits? It is an apt description."

" Its an old saying, I think." They had both finished eating while they talked. B'Elanna took Seven's plate and put it on the table with her own, then knelt on the floor between her knees. "You know, that was quite a nice meal, yet strangely I find I'm not....satisfied." B'Elanna's fingertips traced patterns on Seven's ankles, around the cute starburst implants she found there and then started to move up, along the outside of her legs towards her knees, pushing the robe she was wearing to the side.

"That is not acceptable, I very much want you to be satisfied, B'Elanna." Seven's voice was breathless, as she struggled to keep her eyes open..

"Oh I'm fairly sure I'm gonna find something soon that will fix the problem quite nicely."

B'Elanna's hands were moving up the outside of Seven's thighs now, in the process pushing back her robe until it was fully open, her eyes feasting on the glorious body now on display. Her hands slipped under Seven's bottom, grasped firmly and then pulled Seven forward, she paused to shuck her own robe, Seven's legs parted and wrapped around her hips, their mounds coming into close contact and they both groaned.

Seven tangled her fingers in B'Elanna's hair and pulled herself forwards after shrugging off her robe, their mouths meeting in a scorching kiss, tongues battling for dominance. B'Elanna's hands were back on Seven's backside, kneading and squeezing the firm buttocks as she held her in place, grinding their wet centres together. Lack of air forced their mouths apart and B'Elanna immediately fastened her mouth on Seven's neck, marking the skin, no gentleness in her attack, part of her amazed at how aroused she'd become so quickly. She could hear Seven moaning and gasping, hands in her hair holding her in position, spurring her on.

B'Elanna licked a path down Seven's chest her mouth finding a nipple and biting, not breaking the skin, then sucking intensely. Seven was writhing against her now, using her legs around B'Elanna's hips to squeeze them together as B'Elanna moved one hand to pull and twist Seven's neglected nipple.

B'Elanna couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so close to loosing control, like she couldn't get close enough to Seven, that she needed to be a part of her. She forced her hand down between them and into their heat, amazed at how wet they both were, and entered Seven with two fingers without preamble, her own clit pushed against her knuckles as she thrust powerfully.

Seven's head was thrown back now as he gasped B'Elanna's name, pushing back against B'Elanna with every thrust, hands on her shoulders squeezing rhythmically. B'Elanna wanted to watch her as she came but needed her mouth on Seven's skin like her life depended on it, sucking the juncture of her neck and shoulder, she knew they were both close. Finally, she felt Seven's slick walls begin to flutter around her fingers and used the power of her body behind her hand for one last, deep thrust, the pad of her thumb pressing hard against Seven's clit, she came, squeezing B'Elanna's fingers, back arched, mouth open in a silent scream. It was enough to send B'Elanna over the edge with her, biting Seven's neck unintentionally.

When B'Elanna next became aware of her surrounding, she realised Seven was slumped against her. She pulled back slightly and called her name, concerned, it dawned on her that Seven had passed out. B'Elanna used what little strength she had to lay Seven down on the sofa, cushion under her head, then stretched out next to her on her side, watching the strong pulse in her neck and the rise and fall of her chest, reassuring signs that it was just a faint.

Wow, B'Elanna didn't think she'd ever made anyone faint before. She was amazed at how responsive Seven was to her touch, how quickly they both became aroused. She could feel it again now, the need to touch and taste, the word 'ravish' sprang to mind. It was intriguing, really, though looking back their interactions had always been passionate, it just used to be expressed in a different way. 'Its just chemistry', she told herself, 'and its been forever since I've slept with anyone' and 'its meant to be like this with someone new, wanting your hands all over them all of the time'. She gently brushed the hair back from Seven's face, dropping light kisses on her forehead. 'She looks like a goddess, no wonder I can't stop touching her'.

B'Elanna watched as Seven sighed and her licked her lips, unconsciously copying her, cupping her hand to the side of the blonde's face as she became aware of her surroundings.

"Hey, there. Glad to have you back."

"What happened to me?" Seven was looking a little disorientated still.

" You just passed out for a few seconds, no big deal."

"Borg do not 'just pass out', and why do my actions cause you to have an enormous grin on your face?"

B'Elanna had to laugh at the disgruntled look on Seven's face.

" Well, it is sort of a compliment, you know, I'm just pleased you enjoyed yourself so much."

" And your ego is, no doubt, totally unaffected."

" Ok, I might be feeling a little pleased with myself." And at the raised ocular implant. "Ok, very pleased with myself, but I'm even more pleased with how good we are together."

" I have no comparison to make, i can only say that i have found everything we have done together to be far superior to anything I had expected. It is unusual, then, for it to be so....good?"

" I would have to say on the whole, yes. Often when two people get together it can be a little awkward, or it can take a while to understand what your partner wants or likes. With you, well, just the sight of you gets me so hot I struggle to keep my hands off of you, but then you are incredibly beautiful."

" Thank you, B'Elanna. " There was a definate flush to Seven's face. " But I do not want you to struggle, there is no need to keep your hands off me, it is were I want them to be."

" Thats a relief, cos they seem to have a mind of their own." B'Elanna's fingertips were gently tracing the blonde's ocular implant, causing Seven's eyes to close. " Come on, I need you back on that bed, I've got plans for you that don't include sleep any time soon."

" Promises, promises. I have every intention of pleasuring you to the point of exhaustion, B'Elanna Torres."

A long time later, B'Elanna had to concede they'd both been as good as their word, though Seven was now asleep. B'Elanna hoped her nanoprobes would take care of any soreness the blonde might be experiencing by morning, as well as the numerous hickeys she'd left on her skin. B'Elanna stopped on her way back from the bathroom to quickly tidy their crockery from earlier and hang their robes up, musing on the happy fact that Seven was a quick study and proved willing and eager to please with her hands and mouth. B'Elanna pushed away recent memories of that beautiful, blonde head between her thighs as she felt herself getting hot again. They really did need to get some sleep.

She settled in the bed next to Seven, cuddling up to her back, arm around her waist, burying her nose in silky hair, she was asleep in minutes.

Their days took on a pattern from there on. If they woke in time for some early morning loving, that was great, otherwise, there was always the shower for a 'quickie', as B'Elanna put it. Having sex in the shower had its disadvantages, as far as B'Elanna was concerned, it washed away what she wanted to taste and left her vaguely dissatisfied all day and therefore less focused on their task. On the whole, their work was coming along nicely, their suggested improvements were in the simulation stage and were so far looking to be successful. Their work with the Xenari had proved intellectually stimulating for both of them, as well as sharing their own knowledge they had learnt a great deal in return, the Xenari proving themselves to be generous and intelligent hosts. B'Elanna became adept at finding time to stimulate other important body parts during the day, be it a stolen kiss behind a bank of computers or a wandering hand under the table at lunchtime. The most daring of these had been during an extended break whilst their colleagues collated some data, and involved an empty conference room, a table and the near destruction of Seven's biosuit, which B'Elanna was beginning to detest due to its lack of access to Seven's skin. Seven had been the one struggling to concentrate after that encounter, much to B'Elanna's benefit when they were back in their hotel room later.

Their evenings were spent exploring each other to the point of exhaustion. B'Elanna was truly amazed and eternally grateful for Seven's response to her, she had proven herself to be demanding and vocal, passionate and surprisingly inventive, open to experimenting and capable of incredible focus when providing pleasure. B'Elanna could ask for no more from her lover, and was almost equally surprised at her own reaction to Seven, still feeling the need to touch and taste at every given opportunity, her passion as strong as when they'd first got together almost a week ago, an added bonus being Seven's participation in simple acts of affection, cuddling, holding hands, chaste kisses just for the sake of kissing.

Their closeness physically had inadvertently led to a deepening of thier friendship, discussion of many topics taking place between making love, often light and funny, but sometimes painful, private conversations they'd never had with anyone else, leading B'Elanna to believe she now knew Seven better than anyone, even the Captain. She found herself feeling fiercely protective of the younger woman and increasingly unsure of the true depth of her own feelings, but unwillingly to examine them too closely at this stage, admitting to herself only that she needed this to continue, that their relationship was important to her wellbeing. Closer inspection could come later, back on Voyager.

Tonight marked their last evening on the planet, and their Xenari colleagues had taken them out for a meal to thank them for their hard work. B'Elanna in particular was happy to take the opportunity to socialise with their hosts and honestly admitted she had thoroughly enjoyed her time on the planet, even if that had as much to do with certain extracurricular activities with a particular gorgeous blonde.

Now, they were back in their room, snuggled up after a deliciously intense make out session. B'Elanna's mind had already started to shift to what she needed to get done when they returned to Voyager, the following day.

"Much as I've enjoyed our luxurious accommodation, thanks to a certain purple nosed pervert and his wandering hands, I can't wait to see what Carey's been upto with my ship. Wonder if they finished that diagnostic on the port nacelle." B'Elanna was musing aloud as she traced patterns on Seven's naked back.

"B'Elanna, will our interaction change when we are back on Voyager?" B'Elanna thought there was a touch of tension in the blonde's voice and she sighed, knowing the reality of being back on board was bound to change things, she just wasn't sure how much.

"I guess its will, in some ways. I mean, just being back doing our normal jobs won't leave us as much time together as we've had here, plus theres other people that expect to spend time with us , too." There was no immediate reply from Seven, so B'Elanna shifted until they were lying facing each other and she could look into her eyes. "Are you worried about what happens when we go back?" Seven nodded, but still didn't speak and B'Elanna thought she appeared guarded. "Do you want us to continue seeing each other, like this I mean?" B'Elanna was holding her breath waiting for an answer, while Seven was frowning. She nodded again. B'Elanna could feel herself getting frustrated at the one sided conversation, but forced herself to at least appear calm. " Can you tell me what it is thats worrying you?"

" Will we tell people that our relationship has altered?" Seven appeared pensive and B'Elanna felt at a bit of a loss, this wasn't something she'd really thought about.

"Do you want to tell people?"

"I am unsure." B'Elanna sighed, sometimes getting information from Seven was an uphill task.

" Look, I'm not keen on everybody knowing my business, but I don't want to lie or sneak around either, so if someone asks I'd rather tell the truth, ok?" Seven nodded again but otherwise didn't respond. "Seven, I think people will notice that we're ....different with each other and they will ask. Are you worried what people will think, about us being involved?" Was Seven ashamed of their relationship for some reason, or embarrassed about people knowing? Worse, was she embarrassed or ashamed because of B'Elanna?

"I am concerned the crew will think badly of you, because you are in an intimate relationship with a Borg. I am not thought highly of amonst the crew and I would not want that to reflect on you." Seven was obviously distressed at the thought, she would not meet B'Elanna's eyes, her fully human hand curled into a fist between them.

B'Elanna was simply stunned and was unable to find words to express her own feelings for a few moments.

"Seven, look at me, please." Wary blue eyes eventually lifted to meet B'Elanna's. "You are the kindest, most generous person I have ever met, you are certainly a much nicer and forgiving person than I am. I'm sorry some of the crew don't see you the way I do, but then if they did I guess I'd be fighting would-be suitors off with a stick." Seven shook her head and blushed slightly at that. "I think you're wrong though, I think a lot of the crew realise how badly they've misjudged you now, just as I did, and how much you have done and are willing to continue to do to ensure Voyagers safety, regardless of the cost to youself." The blush was very much in evidence now. "Theres also the fact that you're gorgeous and sexy, and a lot of people are going to be as jealous as hell of me." B'Elanna was grinning widely now. "Well, too bad, they should have got their asses in gear." B'Elanna gently kissed the blushing blonde in front of her. "Look I don't know what the future holds for us, or how long we'll want to be together like this, but I do know this last week together has been fantastic, in and out of bed. Don't let other peoples ignorance and prejudice come between us, Seven, ok?"

" You are right, it is foolish to be concerned with other people's opinions about us. I will endeavour to ignore them."

B'Elanna thought enhanced Borg hearing was probably a curse at times.

"Or you can point them in the direction of me and my bat'leth."

" Are you going to defend my honour, B'Elanna?"

" Of course I am, I'm sure theres a Klingon law that demands the defence of honour when you've taken the virginity of young, blonde, sexy, former Borg." Seven tweaked B'Elanna's nipple in retaliation for her insolence. "Ouch! Seriously though, its not foolish to be upset by someone saying cruel stuff, I expect we've both experienced that a lot in the past, but if you start hearing people saying derogatory things about us, please tell me, we can tackle it together then, ok? We promised we'd be honest about whats going on between us and about how it makes us feel, remember? "

" I promise to let you know if I am concerned by another person's opinions about our relationship."

"Good. Now have we finished with the sensitive chat? I have other, urgent plans for my tongue and your pu..eh..mmm." Apparently, Seven had plans for her tongue, too.

The following morning found them saying their goodbyes to Arga at the transportation site and arriving back on Voyager to be greeted by a smiling Captain Janeway. B'Elanna found she had to stifle a rising jealousy as Janeway led Seven away with an arm around her shoulders. B'Elanna admonished herself, she knew after spending a week alone with the sexy blonde it would be odd to suddenly have other people around with their own interest in Seven, but there really was no need for jealousy at this stage.

They arrived in Sick bay for the customary post away mission check-up, the Doctor scanning Seven first, asking about her eating and sleeping habits as he worked.

"Seven did really well, Doc. We found some simple Xenari food that she actually liked, so she's been eating pretty well. She managed a good few hours sleep every night, too." Usually because she was exhausted from our bedroom activities.

"Well, I would have to concur with the Lieutenant, you are in very good shape Seven, something on the Xenari planet must have agreed with you." A faintly blushing Seven would not meet a widely grinning B'Elanna's eye. " Though I would recommend an eight hour regeneration cycle before you go back on duty. If you keep up the good work I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to go for longer periods without regeneration. Come along then Lieutenant, Sick bay has been quiet without you."

"Is that your way of saying you've missed me, Doc?" Janeway was shepherding Seven towards the door, chatting away. "Hey, Seven, I'll see you after you regenerate, ok?" Seven nodded and her lips twitched in a ghost of a smile.

" I thought you would have been looking forward to a break from our lovely Borg after a whole week alone with her."

The Doctor commented as he scanned B'Elanna.

" Nope, I've seen the light, we got on really well and had a lot of fun working together." There was no point in denying it as far as B'Elanna was concerned, especially if they intended to spend more time together now they were back on board.

"Well, that is good, though some people will be disappointed you two won't be providing entertainment anymore with your colourful arguments. " B'Elanna snorted.

" Oh, I'm sure we'll still manage the odd argument, we've just got better at resolving our issues." In fact we're pretty fantastic at it.

"Good for you. Well you're all clear, Lieutenant. Feel free to return to work as soon as you're ready, which I assume means right now. "

" You know me so well, Doc! Thanks, see you later."

After a quick stop in her quarters, B'Elanna was off to engineering in pursuit of Joe Carey and an update on her precious ships condition. In the turbolift, she asked the computer for Seven's location and was unsurprised to find she was in Cargo bay 2, regenerating. B'Elanna asked the computer to alert her when Seven's cycle was 20 minutes from completion, she had an overwhelming urge to be there when she 'woke up'.

After spending the intervening hours happily communing with her beloved engines, B'Elanna made her way to the Cargo bay at the alloted time and stood leaning against a work station, her gaze fixed on Seven as she waited for the cycle to complete. She thought again how beautiful the statuesque blonde was and how lucky she was to have access to that incredible body. She was lost in happy memories of erotic intervals when the computer announced the end of the cycle, making her start slightly and laugh at herself.

As Seven stepped away from the alcove her eyes tracked to B'Elanna, happily surprised to find her there.

"Hey there gorgeous, nice to see those baby-blues, come and give me a hug, I missed you today." B'Elanna wrapped her arms around Seven's back and buried her face in her neck, sighing in contentment as she was hugged back. "Carey's a nice guy but he doesn't get my ideas like you do and he sure doesn't match up in the looks department."

"I find Lieutenant Carey to be a pleasant individual, but I am not sorry you do not think him attractive." B'Elanna was nibbling down her neck now and her hands had settled on Seven's shapely rear, massaging firmly.

"Do you fancy joining me in the mess hall for dinner?"

"B'Elanna, I am sorry, I must check on Astrometrics, then the Captain invited me to have dinner in her quarters. Perhaps she would be happy for you to join us?" B'Elanna doubted that, and couldn't help feeling disappointed, but this was the reality of being back on Voyager.

"No, its fine Seven, I should try to catch up with Tom and Harry. Maybe we can do something tomorrow night? Or if you want to, you can always come and cuddle up with me later, the computer knows to admit you to my quarters, and you know you'd be very wecome."

"You have given me access to your quarters? " There was a definate look of suprise on the blonde's face.

" I have, I want you to feel at home there, to come and go when you please, to use it as a place to relax, whether I'm there or not."

"Thank you, B'Elanna, that is most generous of you, I do not know what to say."

" You don't have to say anything, its completely selfish of me, I want to see more of you!" They exchanged a gentle kiss. "Seriously though, you should maybe talk to the Captain about some private space of your own, its not exactly cosy here in the Cargo bay."

" I will consider it, B'Elanna. I must get to Astrometrics now. I will join you later, if it is not too late."

" Don't worry about the time, it would be great just to wake up with you. Have a good evening. "

They parted at the turbolift after a quick kiss.

Life in the Delta quadrant was too unpredictable to allow them to settle into any sort of routine, but when they did have downtime, the majority of it was spent together, talking, laughing, playing together, sometimes with others but often alone. A few close friends knew of their relationship and at least on the surface accepted it without too much comment. Harry was a little envious, to put it mildly, as was the Doctor, Tom teased B'Elanna mercilessly until she threatened violence if he asked to 'watch' one more time. Chakotay was bemused, he was perhaps the only member of the Senior staff who still struggled to recognise Seven's humanity, though thankfully he pretty much kept his opinions to himself, saving B'Elanna from having to hurt him. The Captain said nothing to B'Elanna, though she caught some piercing looks occasionally and knew Seven probably discussed their relationship with her, she hoped desperately Seven had learnt some discretion by now and wasn't relaying detailed descriptions of their love making.

If the wider crew knew of their change in relationship, B'Elanna heard of no negative gossiping, so either no one noticed or no one cared. B'Elanna found both hard to believe, anyone paying the slightest attention to Seven would have noticed the changes in her, she was less intense, far more confident in social situations and she laughed more. B'Elanna had witnessed, on many occasions now, heads turning to gaze at Seven as she threw her head back and laughed out loud, watching crew members of both gender looking with suprise, awe, envy and desire. B'Elanna thought a blind man could see her new found confidence made her more attractive than ever.

B'Elanna thought she was the luckiest person on the ship, to have the privileged of this wonderful persons company, to listen to her talk, to see her relaxed and happy, apparently content in her presence and satisfied in her bed, their passion as strong and all consuming as when they first slept together. B'Elanna only had one niggle, she was aware that at some point in their time together, she had fallen hopelessly in love, a fact she was only just beginning to admit to herself. It scared her, for two reasons. Firstly, she had no indication that Seven's feelings towards her had changed or deepened, she was as affectionate and attentive as she'd always been, no more or lees so. Secondly, when they'd started out on this adventure, they'd promised to be honest about their feelings, to always keep in mind how important their friendship was and do all they could to preserve it. B'Elanna was at the point were honour demanded she tell Seven how she felt, if her feelings were not returned she was fairly sure she could preserve their friendships while she got her emotions back under control, it would hurt, but better to find out now than later.

So, B'Elanna had decided that tonight was the night. Seven had just moved into her own quarters and had invited her for dinner and B'Elanna had promised herself that by the end of the evening she would have declared her feelings. Now, sitting on the sofa after a great meal, sipping a good red wine, B'Elanna was trying to figure out how to start the conversation. She was so preoccupied with her own thoughts, she hadn't realised how quiet Seven had been.

" Ensign Demitri approached me earlier today." B'Elanna was startled from her thoughts as Seven spoke.

"Sol Demitri? From Security? " B'Elanna only knew him by sight, he was quite imposing, tall, muscular, late twenties maybe, handsome. "What did Ensign Demitri approach you about?" Though B'Elanna thought she knew.

"He asked if I would accompany him on a date to the holodeck." Thought so.

"Ahh." B'Elanna had to smile at the irony, it was that or cry really, here she sat trying to work out how to tell Seven she loved her, while Seven had been trying to tell her about her dating prospects. Life could be cruel sometimes. B'Elanna finished her wine and relaxed back on the sofa, somehow she had to get out of this without making a fool of herself. Tricky. "What do you want to do about that, Seven?"

" I am unsure." Thats a shame, I was quite hoping you thought he was a gorilla with the personality of a tree.

" Do you think he's attractive?"

" Objectively, I think his physique is appealing, however, I do not know him well enough to say whether we are compatible."

" Thats what dates are for, Seven, so you can work out whether theres something there worth pursuing." B'Elanna was torn between begging Seven to forget about Demitri or bolting back to her own quarters. She rested her head back against the settee in an effort to appear relaxed. At least Seven wasn't looking at her, finding the content of her glass fascinating, apparently.

" So you think I should go out with him? To see if a relationship with him is a possibility?" No, I think you should tell him to go to hell.

" I think thats your decision." Seven frowned and let out an uncharacteristic sigh. B'Elanna took some comfort in the fact that making the choice wasn't easy, but even considering a date with someone else ripped her to shreds. "If he had asked you before we became lovers, would you have said yes?" B'Elanna watched as Seven thought about it, she knew she could depend on the fact that Seven would always be honest.

"Yes, I would have agreed to a date then." B'Elanna nodded, she just needed this over with now. " If I go out with Ensign Demitri, we will have to terminate our sexual relationship."

"Yes, we will, but I'll always be your friend, Seven." B'Elanna grasped Seven's hand and squeezed. " I will always be honoured that I was your first lover, but its only natural to want to spread your wings a little, move on and see who else is out there. Its all part of growing up, I guess, finding out who you are and what you want."

B'Elanna was dismayed to see tears in Seven's eyes, she found a crooked smile from somewhere.

" Hey, come on now, I know no ones ever gonna live up to my studliness, but you have to give other people a chance. " Seven at least manged a ghost of a smile at that. " I'd love to be able to give you some good dating advice, but it never really was my forte, Sam Wildman's probably has some good tips." B'Elanna stood and stretched, pretending a nonchalance she really wasn't feeling, and aware her composure wouldn't last long. "We will be fine, Seven, but you might need to give me a few days, you know, to change my mind set and convince my hands they can't fondle your anatomy at will any more." Seven was still sat on the sofa, B'Elanna crouched down in front of her."Good night, Seven, thanks for the meal and I really hope you enjoy your new quarters, see you soon." She planted a soft kiss on Seven's cheek then hustled out of there, intent on finding some privacy so she could break down in peace.

If there was one saving grace of being a lone ship in the Delta quadrant, it was the fact that there was always maintenance required to keep the ship in good condition and to keep B'Elanna from going insane. She managed to keep her brain occupied for long periods, only stopping to eat and sleep, though sleep was often elusive and gave her brain time to think about Seven, about whether she'd gone on her date yet, whether she'd enjoyed it, whether the date had ended with a kiss or more. It was generally at this point that she gave up on sleep and went back to work.

Of the many down sides to being a lone ship in the Delta quadrant, B'Elanna thought the worst was that there was no escape from a former lover. So she saw Seven every day, at the Senior Staff meeting, in the mess hall, walking down Voyagers miles of corridors. B'Elanna was proud of the fact she'd manged to appear casual and friendly, falling to pieces was done in her own time, in private. Thankfully, they had only exchanged polite greetings and small talk before work or other people grabbed their attention. B'Elanna was eternally grateful that she hadn't actually seen Seven and Demitri together, being sure that would be the thing that tipped her over into insanity. She had to stop herself a hundred times a day from asking the computer for Seven's location, knowing that if the answer was 'Seven of Nine is in Ensign Demitri's quarters', she'd be devastated.

B'Elanna was very aware she could not go on like this. Her job was dangerous at times and required her full concentration, the whole crew depended on Engineering to keep them safe, so if their Chief was an exhausted, sleep deprived mess, it boded ill for all of them. No one appeared to have noticed as yet that their Chief was not her normal self and she needed to get herself together before they did. She needed to get out with her friends, she knew Harry would be sympathetic but tactful and she was just considering hailing him to make arrangements for a night out when disaster struck.

She was in the starboard nacelle with a small crew, trying to work out what was causing power fluctuations in the gel packs, when she detected a massive build up of energy in the coupling behind her. She started screaming at her crew to get out, fearing an explosion in the cramped space, knowing they were in a transporter black spot, shouting commands to the computer as she pushed her crew ahead of her towards the exit. They were almost out when Ensign Blair tripped over his own feet, struck his head on a conduit and knocked himself out. B'elanna pushed her crew through the exit, informing the computer to erect a forcefield on her mark, as she struggled to get Bliar's unconscious form across her shoulders in the confined space. Stumbling forward she threw him through the exit as the explosion started behind her, diving after him and getting the forcefield in place, but not before debris came shooting towards her, a sharp pain in her lower legs and the back of her skull brought welcome oblivion.

B'elanna opened her eyes to the familiar sight of Sick bay. She could hear the Doctor close by talking to someone else as she carried out an inventory of her body, pleased to discover that apart from a mild headache, she felt ok. Getting herself into a sitting position, she looked around, spotting the Doctor hovering over Blair a few biobeds over. Her movement caught his attention and he hurried over.

"Ah, so our hero's awake. How are you feeling, Lieutenant? "

"Hero? Hardly. Hows Blair?" Although she could see him, awake and talking to another crewman. "I feel ok, bit of a headache, did you already patch me up?"

"Ensign Blair suffered a mild concussion when he was knocked out, which is nothing compared to what his injuries would have been if you hadn't got him out of there and stopped the explosion. So, hero? Yes I think so. You also had a mild concussion and lacerations to you lower legs from flying debris, which I healed before waking you up. So nothing too serious, by your standards."

" Thanks Doc. Am I free to go, I could really use a shower." She wasn't kidding, she looked like she'd been rolling around in soot.

" You are, but before you ask, no work for the next 24 hours, due to the concussion. no arguments! I'm reliably informed Lieutenant Carey is taking care of repairs and your presence is not required." B'Elanna sighed, but recognised labouring the point was useless, she could still catch up with reports from her quarters and maybe invite Harry over. "Shall I contact Seven? Someones going to needed to keep an eye on you tonight. "

" No! No, I mean, no need to alarm her with a call from Sick bay, I'll tell her when I get back to my quarters. Thanks again Doc." She stopped by Blairs biobed on her way out. "Hey, Blair, be more careful where you putting your size 12s next time."

" Sorry, Chief, and thanks for, well, you know..." Poor guy was blushing to his roots and B'Elanna put him out of his misery.

" No problem, Blair, see you back at work tomorrow. "

She then made her escape to the turbolift and the sanctuary of her quarters.

B'elanna had just finished towelling her hair dry, pulling on shorts and a tank when she heard the doors to her quarters swish open. She stepped into the lounge, curious to see who had managed to bypass her door locks, to find a frantic looking Seven, tears on her cheeks.

" Seven, whatevers wrong?" At the site of B'Elanna, she strode over and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. B'Elanna couldn't help it, she let her own arms wrap around her, hands stroking up and down her back.

"Hey baby, come on, tell me what's got you so upset." Seven buried her face in B'Elanna's neck but still didn't answer, making B'Elanna even more concerned, if that bastard had hurt her precious Seven, she would rip him limb from limb.

" I heard... explosion.....you....and....hurt." This was muttered into B'Elanna's neck. B'Elanna squeezed her tightly, wow, she's worried about me.

"Look, I'm fine, just some minor scrapes the Doc fixed , no big deal." Seven was still clinging onto her, "Seven, look at me, please." Reluctantly, Seven eased back a little and met her eyes. B'Elanna used her thumb to gently brush the tears from her cheeks. " I'm ok, really." B'Elanna's thumb strokes became a caress as she gazed into tear-filled blue eyes. Her treacherous thumb found the starburst implant on Seven's cheek and swept across it, bringing a gasp from Seven's lips. B'Elanna watched as the blonde's tongue slipped out to wet her bottom lip and suddenly it was all too easy to pull Seven's head down towards her.

The kiss was exquisitely gentle at first, but when Seven's tongue found her own, B'Elanna felt like her blood caught fire, and suddenly she had to have her, now. Another biosuit met its fate when B'Elanna grasped the neck and tore it apart, her teeth fastened on the hammering pulse in Seven's neck as she forced her back towards the bed. The back of the blonde's legs met the bed and she fell back onto it, before she'd even settled B'Elanna had the remains of the biosuit and her boots off, her own few clothes followed quickly and then she was upon her, mouth devouring Seven's.

B'Elanna knelt between Seven's legs, hand possessively squeezing her breasts, finding her nipples and pinching, making the blonde groan into her mouth. B'Elanna dragged her lips across Seven's cheek, an almost overwhelming urge came over her to sink her teeth into the pale skin and shout 'mine', she moved her mouth away and instead claimed a nipple, suckling and biting whilst one handed moved through the short hair covering Seven's sex, finding her dreanched and open. Two fingers plunged straight in, curled and found the smooth area within, rubbing in sync with the thumb on her clit, pumping fiercely as Seven writhed beneath her, gasping and calling her name. B'Elanna moved to straddle Seven's thigh, rubbing her own need along the firm muscle, she raised her head from Seven's breast, wanting to see her when she came.

"Look at me." Seven struggled to open her eyes,

" Oh....B'elanna....I'm.....coming!" B'Elanna could see it and feel it, as Seven's neck arched back and strong, internal muscles gripped her fingers, triggering her own release, she collapsed on top of the blonde.

When a little strength returned to her muscles, B'Elanna withdrew her fingers and rolled to the side, still breathing hard, she covered her eyes with her arm, trying to regain her composure. 'What did I just do? Had she even been willing? Oh Kahless help me, if I've hurt her I'll never forgive myself'.

" Seven, are you ok?" When she received no answer B'Elanna rolled onto her side so she could see the blonde, who still had her eyes closed breathing hard. "Did I hurt you? I completely lost control. I'm sorry, Seven. "

" Do not be sorry, it was....extraordinary. "

Relief washed over her at that, at least Seven had been willing, then B'Elanna remembered they were not supposed to be doing this any more.

"It was good, yes, but I hope this doesn't screw things up with Demitri. " Actually I hope it completely screws thing up and you never speak to him again.

"It will not, it has nothing to do with him."

" Oh, ok." B'Elanna was suprised at Seven's attitude. " Its just that, well, if I were dating someone and they slept with an old lover, I think I want to know about it."

"I concur, but I am not dating Ensign Demitri, therefore I do not need to inform him." B'Elanna's heart lept at the news.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did the first date not go well then?" Shame.

" I have not gone on a first date with Ensign Demitri, nor will I." B'Elanna was thoroughly confused now.

"Am I missing something here? Didn't we decide to stop sleeping together so you could start dating him?"

With an uncharacteristic sigh, Seven turned on her side to face B'Elanna, though her eyes focused on her hand as it traced patterns on the sheet between them.

"I had never intended to date Ensign Demitri, though he did ask me out. I told you about his request as a means to discover how you felt about me, someone had suggested that if I made you think you had 'competition', you would become jealous and reveal your true feelings for me."

"Did it ever occur to you to just ask me? Who came up with such a stupid plan anyway?"

"Lieutenant Paris."

" You got advice from Tom about relationships?! Should I be questioning you intelligence? "

"You are right, it was a stupid plan. He devised it when I revealed I was too frightened to ask you how you felt about me." B'Elanna was momentarily stunned. "It would have been less damaging to just ask you, your willingness to termination our intimate relationship so easily has caused me great emotional distress."

What a mess they had both made of this, by not being honest and upfront, the thing they had both promised to be.

" Seven, look at me." Beautiful, sad blue eyes lifted to meet her own. "Why was it so important to find out how I felt about you?" B'Elanna saw Seven gulp and for a second she thought she was going to bolt, it was up to her to be the brave one then. She covered Seven's hand with her own. "Is it because your feeling changed, like mine did? Have you fallen in love with me, like I have with you?"

" You are in love with me?" Shocked, widened blue eyes were fixed on her intently.

" I am, hopelessly in love with you, letting you go when I thought you wanted to start dating other people was the hardest think I've ever done in my life, Seven. " Tears were streaming down both their faces now. "So, do you?"

" I do, I think I have been in love with you for a long time, even before we became intimate. You have always fascinated me, B'Elanna Torres. "

B'Elanna was grinning widely now, as she rolled onto her back, pulled Seven on top of her and they shared a swwet kiss.

"Could your fascination be demonstrated with a show of affection, Seven of Nine?"

" I will try, though it may take many attempts to do it to perfection."

"I think I've already found my perfection, but feel free to test your theory on me."

So she did. Repeatedly.

The End

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