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Friendly Banter
By Dearlylovedaimee

Kendall sat huddled over her desk in a panic. She only had until tonight to find the perfect song; and despite her enormous CD collection, she still hadn't found the perfect tune to go along with her perfect evening.

She smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand and sighed. This was useless. She had listened to about every damn love song she could think of, and nothing was right. She pushed back from her desk and rose from her chair and began to pace back and forth.

Kendall knew she should be working on the rather large order Diane Lacey had just placed; but right now, it was the furthest thing from her mind. She had sworn to herself, that for her and Greenlee's first official date, she would do something completely out of character. Yes, that's right folks; Kendall Hart was going to give romance a try! Although strange and completely out of context for Fusion's resident vixen, it was something she felt needed to be done.

After Leo died, Greenlee thought she had lost the ability to love another soul. She spent close to a year denying herself true happiness, by covering it up with attitude. Every time someone tried to get close, they were pushed away. She closed off her heart and her mind to any possibility of a future with another man. In Greenlee's eyes, there was no other person who understood who she truly was. So, she guarded her heart from anyone who threatened to open it back up again. She had never suspected that her savior would come in the form of Kendall Hart.

I guess to understand the way Greenlee thought; you must first understand who Greenlee was, or should we say, tried to be. True Mrs. duPres was classy, sexy, and strong, but most people only saw the bitchy, stubborn, down right ruthless side of Pine Valley's Diva in training. She covered up the scared, lost little girl inside of her, by pushing people around to get what she wanted. Simone had always said Greenlee's philosophy was, "if she was miserable, then you should be too."

Kendall had to admit as annoying and manipulative as Simone could be, when the woman was right, she was usually on the mark. Kendall hated that. But recently, or two days ago to be exact, things had taken a turn. At first, Kendall had thought God was just trying to get back at Greenlee for screwing up things with Juan Pablo. She would have never dreamed that Greenlee would come running to her for love and support.

Sure she had wished for it for so long; but Kendall didn't often get what she wanted. Then two nights ago, things changed. Who would have known Greenlee getting drunk would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to Kendall.

For once in their entire relationship, Greenlee and Kendall were both on the same page. Kendall loved Greenlee with all her heart, and despite what her head had been telling her for two years, Greenlee felt the same way.

Even though Greenlee had been one of the people Kendall wronged in the past, she appeared to hold no grudges. Sure it may have taken her a while to trust Kendall, but Greenlee knew in her hearts of hearts, that her partner would never allow anyone to hurt her. Knowing this, allowed Greenlee to overcome her doubts and fears, and love someone again.

Greenlee had always thought it was funny, that after all of the men she had known since Leo's passing, that not one of them was ever able to make her feel the way Kendall did with just one look. It was like her eyes saw right through Greenlee's barriers and straight to her heart. Greenlee hated being so revealed around Kendall, but Kendall would rather die before she used that to her advantage.

I guess that's what made Kendall's search for the perfect song, so important. She wanted Greenlee to know she could let her guard down and be happy with her. Kendall wanted all of Greenlee, not just her money or looks. She wanted her heart, her soul, and them to share something special. The perfect song would always be there link to each other. She knew that the right words and the right music would bring a real smile to Greenlee's face. Kendall knew she would gladly buy every CD at Best Buy, just to see that smile she adored.

Kendall was so into her thoughts of Greenlee, she hadn't heard the elevator. Mia and Simone stepped off and silently snuck up behind her.

"BOO!" The two giggled as Kendall leaped a good three feet in the air and let out a rather girly yelp. Simone and Mia just bumped shoulders, laughing hysterically and exchanging evil smirks.

Kendall, however, wasn't amused. She took a moment to catch her breath and then proceeded to get up out of her chair and seek her revenge. Mia was the first to notice the psychotic look in her co-worker's eyes. She tugged at Simone's shirt, hoping she would stop laughing long enough to catch on to the fact they were in big trouble.

Poor Simone was too late. She was only able to calm down just in time to be squirted in the face with a water bottle. Mia sat back helplessly and watched her girlfriend being attacked.

Ever since the other day, Mia had slowly begun to trust Simone again. It was a difficult process for her. She had been burned so many times, that she didn't even know real truth from casual conversation.

Simone's denial the other morning, had greatly affected Mia. They hadn't been physical since their little "Truth or Dare" incident; and Mia was hoping that she would reach a comfort level soon, before she went crazy. Mia's concentration was broken when she saw Simone take her water bottle and splash Kendall over her head.

Kendall shrugged as the water drenched her. She was just about to splash Mia, when Simone charged her. The young girl tackled Kendall to the floor and began to empty the rest of the water bottle on her friend. Mia just stood back, laughing.

"Awwww Simone, my protector!"

"Damn straight. I would gladly take on a hundred Dasani's for you my love!"

Simone lifted her arms above her head in a triumphant manner. She was only able to stay standing for about two seconds, until Kendall pulled her down to the floor by her shirt. She straddled her friend and slightly tipped her half empty water bottle over her face.

"Okay Sir Arthur, you got it!"

Kendall emptied the water bottle all over Simone's face, practically choking her in the process. Mia stood watching, her mouth hanging to the ground in shock.

"Hey, take it easy there Kendall. Don't drown her. I would prefer to have my baby all in one piece for later."

Kendall completely ignoring Mia hopped off of Simone and ran to re-fill her water bottle. Simone just laid there for a second trying to regain her breath. When she saw her chance, she ran to give her girlfriend a quick kiss, then refill her own weapon.

"Have no fear my love, I will protect you."

Simone gave Mia a quick peck on the lips and then ran to catch up with Kendall shouting all the way.

"Kendall Hart, I challenge thee. Get thow bubbled butt back here this instant and fight me, you little wench."

Simone disappeared around the corner, leaving her girlfriend huddled over the desk, in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. The two water warriors shortly returned, putting on yet another childish and down right hysterical performance.

Mia again sat back and watched as her two friends continued to chase each other all around Fusion. They would repeatedly empty their water bottles on one another, then run back to fill up again. Mia wished Greenlee could be there to see her girlfriend acting like this. Immaturity was a rare trait in Kendall. Now selfishness that resulted in immature behaviors was all too common; but child-like immaturity as the result of fun, was entirely new.

Mia didn't have to wait long, because it was no more then five minutes, when Greenlee came through Fusion's elevator doors. When she first entered the office, she was to busy messing with her purse to notice what was going on around her. When she finally called out to Kendall, she looked up. She stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Simone tickling her girlfriend. Jealousy started to take over, as Greenlee stood in the doorway just staring at the squirming pair. She was about to break up the party, until she reminded herself this was Simone, not Mia and she had nothing to worry about. So with a quick shoulder shrug and a smile, Greenlee entered Fusion. As soon as she thought she was safe from the line of fire, Greenlee laid her purse on her desk, and walked up behind Mia, resting her head on her shoulder.

"So, how long have then been like this?"

Mia stopped her laughing and tilted her head to the left, so she could rest it on Greenlee's. With a smile still plastered on her face she answered.

"Well…let's see, we got her about ten minutes ago; so I would say about eight minutes now. Hope you don't mind Aquafina as a girlfriend?"

"Now that you mention it, I always did want a fish. So…are you going to break them up?"

"Oh sure and get wet, in your dreams. Your girlfriend was the one who started it, so I feel it would only be right if you went in first."

"I think not. I am a senor partner in this company, there for I reserve the right to appoint someone else to do my dirty work. Besides, this blouse is new, I would at least like it to stay dry for my date tonight."

"Oh and where might you two be going?"

"That is privileged information Mia; besides, I wouldn't want you trying to crash my date."

"You have no idea where she's taking you, do you?"

"Not a clue!"

They both chuckled as Mia raised her head from Greenlee's and took a seat. Greenlee remained where she was, with her arms folded over her chest and sighed. Neither one of them took there eyes off their girlfriends for more then a second, but it looked like a second was all it took, for Simone to pin Kendall down.

"Really, are you going to break those two up Mia? I think your woman is kicking mine's butt. You know for a little girl, Simone sure is strong. I bet she's a tiger in bed."

Greenlee winked at Mia, who just stood there with her eyes wide, her jaw resting comfortably on the ground, and blushing.

"Greenlee how many times do I have to tell you, Simone and I have only slept together once?"

"So you say. And are you telling me you don't remember any of the details from your late night escapade?"

"Greenlee, I am being serious! Besides the details of my sex life, are none of your concern. All you need to know is Simone and I are trying to build our relationship on something other than physical attraction."

"Well what's the fun in that? Poor Simone, I bet she has to restrain herself every time she comes near you."

"Greenlee, I'll have you know that Simone doesn't mind at all. In fact she told me last night she supports me in whatever decision I make. She just wants me to go at whatever pace makes me comfortable."

"In other words, she wants you bad right?"

"Pretty much, yeah!"

Mia slammed her head on the desk and sighed. She had to admit, her girlfriends advances were becoming more aggressive every time they were alone together.

"Mia, why don't you just sleep with her? My God, she said she was sorry, and you can trust Simone."

Greenlee paused for a second and then thought about what she had just said. With a puzzled looks he spoke again.

"Did I just use trust and Simone in the same sentence? Hum?! Anyway Mia, my point is you have to learn to get over things and move on. You do this with everyone, don't do it to Simone. It is so obvious she loves you and visa versa. Don't be a fool."

"I know she loves me Greenlee, that's not the point."

Greenlee walked around the desk, throwing her arms up in the air and collapsing in her seat.

"Okay Mia, I give up. Will you please tell me just what exactly has you so worried about having sex with Simone. And I want the truth, no bull shit."

Greenlee crossed her arms again and just stared at Mia waiting for an answer.

"Alright, but you'd better keep it zipped."

"Just tell me already, my God I'm growing a beard here."

"Actually, now that you mention it, I do see some faint traces of a mustache forming…"

Mia tickled Greenlee's chin, and Greenlee responded by slapping her hand away.


"Takes one to know one my dear."

"Indeed it does honey, but didn't your mother ever tell you it's not polite to mess with the Queen B."

Greenlee smirked at Mia as she chugged at drink of water. Mia just leaned forward and spoke.

"Greenlee, dear, sweet, delusional Greenlee; unless Erica Kane or your mother comes walking through that door in the next seven seconds, I would say there is no Queen B around here."

Now it was Mia's turn to smirk, as she finished off her sarcasm by grabbing the end of Greenlee's water bottle and giving it a good squeeze. Water suddenly overflowed Greenlee's mouth and dribbled down her chin and onto her shirt.

Greenlee pulled the water bottle quickly away from her mouth in shock. She frantically grabbed some tissues on her desk and started patting her shirt, in desperate attempts to soak up some of the water.

"Mia, you…"

"Oh, look someone's cold!"

Mia raised her eyebrows up and down and just pointed at Greenlee's chest.


"Oh come on, don't act like you didn't deserve it."

"That's not the point! I told you I didn't want to get this shirt wet. It was a gift from Bianca."

"How is she by the way?"

"You'll be happy to know, that she and Lena are now in Milan. They said the food is great there and their having a wonderful time."

"I want a honeymoon!" Mia pouted.

"Well, if you play your cards right, maybe in the future you will."

Greenlee directed her eyes to the drenched figures of Kendall and Simone fighting on the floor and smiled. Mia just blushed and lowered her head.

"You know, we really should break those two up. Seeing my girlfriend all wet and slippery is starting to give me that low down tickle."

"GREENLEE, you know sometimes its better not to share!"

"No it's not! Especially when it causes your eyes to bug out like that, it's priceless. Anyway, I'm going to break them up."

"Oh just leave them. Besides, they'll probably just start up again."

"That and you never did tell me what your problem is…WHERE DID SIMONE LEARN THAT MOVE?!"

Greenlee stopped herself in mid speech, and was now completely focused on Simone and Kendall. She raised one eyebrow in question and waited for an answer. Mia, thankful for the distraction, turned around in her chair so she could see just exactly what Greenlee was talking about.

"Oh that, it's easy really! All you just have to straddle the person and then pin their wrist down directly above their head. It hurts like hell, but if you don't want the person to escape, it works. I should know Simone's used it on me before."


Greenlee again, raised one eyebrow in question, accompanied by a devilish grin. And again, Mia's only response was a blush.


"Hey, I'm not the one who just told me the kinky details of her sex life. Wonder if Simone would be willing to teach me some moves?"

"GREENLEE, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Do you think about anything besides sex?"

"Nah, it makes life more interesting inside my head."

"Bitch, again!"

"Flattering will get you everywhere…Oooo, get her honey!"

Mia again swirled around just in time to see Kendall reverse her and Simone's position.

"Bravo baby, bravo. That's my Pookie, always quick on her back!"


"That's my name, don't wear it out or I'll make you by me a new one. Get her Pookie, get her!"

Kendall smiled at Greenlee, while continuing to hold down Simone.

"Just give me another moment Greeny, and I'll be over there to give you your morning kiss."

"Oh take your time Pookie, Mia and I aren't finished talking."

"Anything you say baby. And I thought we agreed NOT to call me Pookie in public?"

"No you agreed."

"If I didn't love you so much, I'd bitch slap you!"

"Violence against women is a crime in all 50 states Pookie."

"I'm aware of that Greentree."

Kendall gave Greenlee one last smirk before Simone gave her the slip, knocking her onto the floor.

"Watch out Pookie."

Greenlee smiled as Kendall toppled backwards.

"Thank you Greenlee!"

Simone saw her chance and dumped her water bottle all over Kendall. Mia stood up and cheered her girlfriend on.

"Get her baby, show her whose boss!"

"Anything for you baby."

Mia turned back around to face Greenlee, with a smug grin on her face. Greenlee rolled her eyes then remembered where she was before they got distracted.

"Um Mia…"

"Oh yeah, I guess you're waiting for me, aren't you?"

"And who ever said you weren't an Einstein?"

"Do you want me to tell you or not; because if you keep making comments like that, I'm going to continue to ignore you."

"Okay, okay, I'll stop. Mia, would you please tell me what's wrong?"

"Why Greenlee, I would be glad to share my predicament with you."

Mia got up out of her chair and headed to the coffee pot. She was trying desperately to delay the inevitable, but she was running out of stalling tactics. She settled for a stale cup of coffee and her wit.

Greenlee in the mean time was growing more impatient by the minute. Finally she decided enough was enough and spoke.


"Jesus woman, can a girl get a cup of coffee around here?"


"Alright, I'm scared. Are you happy now?!"

"Care to elaborate?"

"Not really."


"Yeah, I know, spill it."

Mia took her seat with her bad cup of coffee and continued.

"Greenlee, I'm just so worried that if Simone and I get serious, that she'll runaway."

"Mia, I hate to be Captain Obvious, but isn't it you that tends to be the one who runs away from her relationships? Call me crazy, but it's usually Simone that runs towards them."

"Greenlee we're going to try this again, shut up!"

"Mia, apparently you haven't picked up on the fact that I don't comprehend those words; so you might as well stop while you're ahead."

"That's just it, I never was a head."

"Then I guess your wasting your time by telling me to shut up, now aren't you?"


"Look Mia, at the risk of sounding like Dr. Phil, it appears to me like you're the one that's worried you'll ruin it, not Simone. It seems to me, like your projecting some of your past mistakes onto Simone, therefore making up this false reality inside your head."

Mia raised an eyebrow and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Granny Smythe babysat a lot when I was growing up. She was addicted to Oprah, but that's not the point here. The point is you're hesitating because you're afraid you'll mess up again. Is that easier for you to understand?"

"Yes, but how do I fix it?"

"I don't know, you could try talking to Simone? That usually works for me."

"Greenlee, Simone isn't Kendall. She's sensitive, she's delicate, she's…"



"Hey, don't dis my girlfriend and I won't reveal what a peach yours is."

"Oh, and Kendall is such a great prize."

"HEY, at least I can freely screw mine without my mental insecurities impairing my sexual abilities."

"Greenlee, there could be a hurricane on top of a tornado sweeping through Pine Valley destroying everything in it's path, and it still wouldn't impair your screwing abilities."

"Mia, just because my Pookie and I enjoy extra circular adult activities, doesn't mean anything. I happen to think it's perfectly healthy for a new couple to want to express their sexual desire."

"Greenlee, humping like a jack rabbits, doesn't constitute as healthy sexual expression. Once a day maybe, but seven times in just two days; that borders on addiction."

"Eight times."

"Excuse me?"

"We have done it eight times in two days, not seven. There's a certain little incident in the back of Fusion's storage room we chose to withhold from you guys."

Mia held up her hand in protest and scrunched her nose in disgust.

"Okay Greenlee, again I am going to say sometimes less is better."

"Why should it matter how many times Kendall and I bump uglys, I though we were focusing on you and Simone?"

Suddenly and very wet Kendall and Simone snuck up behind Greenlee and Mia.

"What about Mia and Simone?"

Simone put her hands on her hips and waited for Mia to answer.

"I think we need some towels, I'll just be…"

Kendall pointed towards the backroom and slowly disappeared around the corner.

"Oh nothing that concerns you baby, just friendly banter."

"Yeah, Mia and I were just discussing ways to help reinstate your guy's sex life. Care to add any suggestions to the list."


Simone raised an eyebrow and stared suspiciously at her guilty looking girlfriend.

"What is she talking about?"

"Oh nothing sweetie, she was just teasing. We were really talking about her and Kendall's first date tonight."

"Oh about that baby, Kendall invited us along. She thought it would be great to double-date."

"Whoopee! Another wonderful night with Greenlee, I can't tell you how thrilled I am."

Mia rolled her eyes and smacked her head on the desk again. Greenlee just smiled sardonically and patted Mia on her back.

"Greenlee, unless you want to loose that hand, I suggest you remove it from my back this instant."

"Somebody needs to get laid."

"GREENLEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Mia and Simone said simultaneously.

"OH MY GOD, you two act like you have virgin ears."

"Hey, we expect this kind of shrewd talk out of Kendall's mouth, but out of yours…"

"Hey, some people's significant others teach them to be a better person, mine has taught me to be offensive. Remind me to thank her later."

Mia and Simone rolled their eyes at Greenlee and smiled.

"If this is your guy's idea of friendly banter, remind me to avoid the conversation. I don't think there's enough Tylenol in the western hemisphere to get me through it."

"We promise we'll behave tonight baby."

"Oh yeah and I really believe this one will behave."

"Hey, I haven't picked on you once Simone; but if you keep this up, I'll be more then willing to start."

"Greenlee, let's just say that I have a slight inkling of what your idea of friendly banter is."

"Does it include insults and sarcasm?"

"Let's see…she has insults, sarcasm… yep, that about covers it."

"Can I help it, if I'm practically perfect in every way?"

Kendall came back into the room just in time to catch the last part of the conversation. She handed Simone a towel and kissed her girlfriend.

"Hmmmm, you are practically perfect in everyway."

"I know."

"So, what did I miss?"

"Nothing, just friendly banter."

"Yeah, uh, friendly and Greenlee don't belong in the same sentence."

Kendall anticipated Greenlee's slap, and jumped back before she was able to hit her.

"Keep it up missy and I'll withhold sex from you."

"Okay, we both know that's never going to happen."

"Alright, you got me. But I still maintain the fact that I can be friendly; it just takes the right person."

Kendall, Mia, and Simone all shook their heads and laughed.

"You know I don't have to take this, I can kick you all out."

"Hey, remember who owns the building Greeny."

"Oh yeah! So, since you own it, do you wanna do it?"

"I think I left the oven on at home. Mia, you coming?"

"Did you even have to ask? Friendly banter my ass, more like a therapy session with Dr. Ruth."

To Be Continued

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