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By allie


Gauge at Your Discretion; Amorous Reactions

She slowly backed away as the Klingon pounced, clutching the compact body of the engineer as they landed forcefully; on her butt with the Klingon straddling her.

"Did you really think that I would let you get away with that? That you could send me that padd with such provocative statements that I wouldn't do something about it? Did you really think that it wouldn't affect me; that you mean so little to me?"

"I am unsure what you think of me Lieutenant." She replied sarcastically. "However, I am aware that you find me the most "irritating, cold hearted unemotional drone the world has ever seen". Other than that, no, I am not aware of how you feel about me."

"Oh, I just said that in anger, you're my best friend Seven but you piss me off. You wander into my domain and challenge me; correct me when you perceive I am wrong and downright diss me when I make a suggestion to the Captain to ensure our survival. You confuse me. Part of me feels like you are just an unemotional drone who cares only about yourself and yet part of me fought like fury thinking..."

Moving her arms to surround the Lt. and holding firmly to the tiny waist while incrementally pulling the lithe engineer further into her body Seven replied. "Thinking...?"

"Yeah, thinking that you were initiating a Klingon mating ritual. You have to have done the research that tells you what we like? I know you did research on most everyone else on the ship."

"Would you respond if I did initiate it?"

"Not only yeah... but Gre'thor yeah!" B'Elanna grinned. "I will, I mean would respond if you did."

"So, if I was to lower my head five inches and place my lips on yours in order to initiate my first kiss; you would respond favourably?"

Licking her lips, B'Elanna stared at the former drone and grinned wildly. "Yes. I would. I would take great pleasure in kissing you. I would make your first kiss the best you've ever had. I would gently touch your mouth to mine. Then I would make sure your lips were introduced to my tongue by gently running the tip of it across your full bottom lip...."

B'Elanna stopped as she decided it would be better to demonstrate than it would be to talk about it.

She slowly swept her tongue across the pouting bottom lip of the ex-drone and savoured the flavour there. She nibbled and caressed her way into the ex-drone's mouth where she swiftly introduced her tongue to her counterparts. They moved sinuously together finding a pattern which suited them both.

Lack of oxygen became an issue as they both began to feel light-headed from the elongated kiss they were participating in.

"B'Elanna." Seven breathed, making the first syllable of her partner's name sound more like "bay", her synapses overloading with sensory surplus causing her to momentarily forget where she was.

Hearing the normally so controlled ex-drone falter like a day old tika cat B'Elanna growled softly, "Kahless, woman you are magnificent. I love you."

That was the first time she had ever uttered those words and meant them with both her hearts.

The End

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