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The Game She Plays
By lysachan

Her lips were soft but demanding, sending shivers down my spine. She was kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts, controlling me in that well-known way of hers. Her tongue traced circles on my skin and the sensation of pure pleasure was driving me crazy. She pulled me closer, increasing the contact of our bodies. She pushed me against a wall, getting rid of my blouse in the process. She knew exactly what she was doing.

She stopped for a moment, looked at me and smiled that mysterious smile of hers. She leaned closer again, her lips almost touching mine. I could feel her breath against my swollen lips as she was cruelly teasing me. She knew I was getting desperate, and she knew it damn well.

I collared her and pulled her even closer, kissing and tasting her with a passion I didn't even know existed. Soon her lips found the sensitive skin on my neck again, gently kissing her way down while her hands brushed through my hair. God, I'd never been more aroused in my entire life.

A sharp gasp escaped my lips when she put her hand on my bare breast, the pleasure forcing my eyes to close. Her hand slipped down my stomach, to the waistband of my skirt. I opened my eyes and she was staring at me, her eyes dark with desire. Her touch was light as she slid her hand even lower, making it hard for me to remember how to breathe.

"God, Tracey." I murmured.

She leaned towards me again and nibbled on my earlobe, her voice low and husky as she whispered: "...you know Judge Patel doesn't like to wait."


"Kelly!" A sharp voice cut through my dream and I stirred. With a smile on my lips I opened my eyes slightly, still feeling my pulse race uncontrollably. It took me a while to adjust to my surroundings but finally I remembered I was in Tracey's office. I'd decided to do some paperwork there but apparently I'd fallen asleep in the middle of it. Typical.

I raised my head and realised I couldn't feel my arm. I tried to move my fingers in order to get the blood circulating again. The Perks of sleeping at work. Wait a minute... Tracey's office, sleeping, someone waking me up... SHIT! In a matter of seconds I was sitting up straight again, looking at the older ADA in front of me in horror.

"Oh, my God," was all I could say.

"You know, I have this vague recollection that someone was supposed to call and wake me up." Tracey crossed her arms and frowned disapprovingly. With a sigh she started flipping through a pile of papers on the desk.

"God, I can't believe I fell asleep! What time is it?" I watched as Tracey quickly threw several brown folders and thick paper stacks into her briefcase.

"It's almost four and we're supposed to be in court in--," she checked her watch, "--ten minutes. Perfect."

"I can't believe I fucked this up, dammit!" I buried my head in my hands.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I should've bought that alarm clock ages ago," Tracey said matter-of-factly, feverishly going through some random papers, throwing every sheet she didn't need over her shoulder.

"Still, I'm so sorry." I looked up. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach when I laid my eyes on Tracey. The dream came back to me with its tiny, tiny details. I swallowed hard and concentrated on finding my own papers.

"Really, it's fine. But before you step into that courtroom with me, I'd advise you to get rid of that post-it note," she said without taking her eyes off the documents in her hand.

"What?" I was flabbergasted. Tracey reached across the table and snatched a yellow post-it note from my hair.

"'Call Tracey around three' huh?" she cited from the note and raised her eyebrow. She was obviously trying to supress a smile but didn't succeed that well.

"And just when you think that things can't get any worse..." I sighed and started piling up my papers. Tracey was still smiling mischievously, enjoying my embarrassment. Cruel. So very cruel.

We remained silent during the following minutes, both of us trying to find the stuff we needed for the upcoming hearing. Some of my papers were all creased because I'd slept on them for God knows how long, and when examining a little closer, it became quite clear that some drool was involved as well. This was quickly turning into a nightmare. I blushed furiously, stuffing the damaged papers into my briefcase as quickly as possible. Well, this sure was the last time I volunteered to wake anybody up, I mused.

"Did you have a good dream?" Tracey said, completely out of the blue. There was a catch in my breath. I blinked nervously, trying to play it cool.

"Uh, can't remember really," I peeped.

"Oh." She glanced briefly at me, her eyes seeing right through me. Well, at least that's how I always feel when she looks at me. I was really uneasy. My dream; images of Tracey kissing me, almost making love to me, popped into my head. I could feel my cheeks burning.

"Ready? We might actually be in time if we leave now." Tracey headed for the door. I grabbed my briefcase and ran after her. Neither of us spoke during the following minutes, the silence growing more and more uncomfortable by the second. I was still pondering my previous humiliation.

"Why did you ask?" I said suddenly. Easy, Kelly. Curiosity killed the cat, remember?

"Ask what?" Tracey glanced quickly at me, her thoughts clearly somewhere else.

"About my, ahem, dream." That caught her attention. She looked at me, her smile slightly cunning. I was already wishing that I hadn't said anything. "I was just wondering," I added, trying to look like it didn't interest me that much.

"I was curious." We arrived at the courtroom door. Tracey opened it but didn't step through. Instead, she leaned towards me and whispered with a low, husky voice I'd already heard once that day: "And I just thought the way you whispered my name in your sleep was rather sexy."

She wiggled her eyebrows and gave me a lingering look before stepping through the door. I couldn't follow. My legs had turned into jello and I had to lean against the nearest wall. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!!! She knew. She knew. And she'd been teasing me the whole time, knowing I'd eventually crack and ask about her oh-so-innocent question. The ADA in me should've known that.

I shook my head, took a deep breath and opened the door. Oh yeah, Tracey knew exactly what she was doing.

Cruel. So very cruel.

The End

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