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Giving It a Go
By Clairebear


Helen watched the news with great interest that day because this was the day that Nikki was finally being released from prison. Nikki's speech outside of the courthouse gave Helen the courage to look up the address for Chix, the nightclub owned by Nikki and her ex-girlfriend, Trisha.

When Helen arrived at Chix she found Nikki in a circle of friends. Nikki looked great in her black suit. Many memories came flooding in unbidden. As Nikki approached Helen, she remembered how it felt when Helen looked into her eyes. She saw herself as a schoolgirl talking to her first crush, nervous and at a loss for sufficient words.

The beginning of their conversation gave Helen hope that she and Nikki could try again. But, that hope was quickly dashed when Trisha fixed her with a stare that said "What do you think you're doing?"

Helen was sure by now that Nikki had filled Trisha in on the ups and downs of their relationship. Helen was not thrilled at the outline she heard in her own thoughts. She had put Nikki off so many times; no wonder Trisha was giving her that kind of look. And, how could Nikki have any sort of feelings for her after all she has put her through? Helen rashly decided that it was a good time to leave and let Nikki live the happy life she deserves.

Once in the open air, Helen considered waiting there to see if Nikki would chase after her. She scoffed at the thought and inwardly chided herself for these foolish fantasies. Although Helen had a fairly high opinion of herself, she had to ask herself 'If I were Nikki would I go running after the person that hurt me so many times?'

With that, Helen walked around the building to her car. For many moments, she sat in her car with her hands on the top of the steering wheel and her head on her hands. Out of sight to Helen, Nikki had come looking after her, only to find no Helen. Neither knowing that they were only a short distance apart.

Nikki, thinking that Helen had left, dejectedly returned to the bar and Helen went home after spending a few more minutes in her car.

Since Nikki's release from prison, she and Trisha decided that it best they remain friends without the entanglement of a romantic relationship. They both were much changed since being a couple. And, truth be told, Nikki never quite got over the hurt of Trisha's dishonestly about seeing someone else while Nikki was in Larkhall. They remained very good mates despite their past.

A year earlier, Trisha had purchased a spacious home near to the club to shorten her commute. Nikki accepted her offer to stay in the spare bedroom for as long as she'd liked.

It had been more than two weeks since Nikki's release as she sat at the bar trying to catch up on the last two years of expense and budget reports. The club's speakers were carrying a new trance mix that Nikki was, for the first time, actually enjoying. Chix was uncharacteristically slow that night. It was around ten o'clock when a young woman strolled into the club. She had flowing red hair and alabaster skin. Her entrance did not go unnoticed by many of the female patrons. Accompanying her was a nicely dressed man about the same age.

They sat at an unoccupied table near the bar. A couple of drinks later, the redhead's companion was attempting to cajole her into speaking to the tall thin woman seated at the bar. He said "Look at her…she's striking and allll alone. She looks like your type."

The redhead replied with a light Scottish accent "You don't know what my type is! I don't even know what my type of woman is."

"Come on! What do you have to lose? Besides, isn't that what we're here for anyway?"

She got up and grumbled "My dignity, that's what I have to lose." As she approached the woman at the bar, she saw that she was engrossed in some paperwork. She gently asked Nikki if the seat next to her was taken. Nikki thought to herself 'Great…now I'm hearing things. I have to get that woman out of my bloody mind!' Since she didn't get a response, the young woman inquired again but this time she rested her hand on Nikki's shoulder.

Startled, Nikki turned swiftly to look at her and said, "Christ…you scared me! Um, no, nobody is sitting there." Contrary to many of the bar's patrons, Nikki hadn't noticed this woman before. As she looked at her, she found her to be very attractive. Nikki figured that she was in her early twenties. The woman wore a short shirt with a rather snug fitting blouse. The outfit, although revealing, was still very tasteful. She had all the right curves and was very beautiful.

Nikki found it a little difficult to stop gazing at the woman. The redhead greeted her with, "Hi, I'm Cait. Do you come here often?" This brought a small smile to Nikki's face as the line used was older than Cait herself and as she was a co-owner of the bar, she did come there often.

Nikki sighed and gave a curt answer, "Yes." And went back to reviewing the reports. Nikki found herself physically drawn to Cait but this woman was more than a decade younger than her. Because of this, she thought it best to just keep to herself.

Undaunted, Cait continued. "I'm new here."

Nikki looked over the bar, sighed then turned to looked at her, making it obvious that she was getting irritated. "Yes, I can see that."

Cait saw this kind of response as uncalled for and was getting angry herself. "What's that supposed to mean?!" Nikki thought, 'Feisty, cute and Scottish, I'm in big trouble here'.

At the other end of the bar, Trisha had arrived and started mixing drinks for the customers at her end of the bar. Cait's raised voice drew her attention.

"Take a look around," Nikki snarled, "Do you see anyone here dressed like you?"

Cait looked at the other customers. "No. So what!"

Nikki replied, softening a bit. "I'm just trying to say that it's obvious that you're new to this."

Cait was embarrassed and angry. "You know, if you didn't want to talk to me, you simply had to say so! You needn't try to humiliate me." With that, she went back to the table where her friend was waiting for her.

Raising his eyebrows, her companion observed, "Well, I gather that didn't go smoothly."

Nikki was mentally chiding herself for being so harsh. She truly could have just told her that she wasn't interested. Feeling badly about the whole exchange, she slipped behind the bar, stowed the papers away and mixed two of her favorite drinks.

Moments later she arrived at Cait's table and stated in her usual less than eloquent way, "I was a royal arse back there. Please accept my peace offering." She offered the drinks to both of them.

Reluctantly, Cait and her friend accepted the drinks. Skeptically she asked, "What's in it?"

"It's a favorite of mine, and everyone I make it for seems to love it. Can I sit?"

Cait nodded, took a sip of the drink and said, "Oh my God…I love this!" With that, Nikki sat down next to her. Trisha, still tending to her customers, was keeping an eye on what Nikki was up to.

After another one of Nikki's special drinks, Cait's friend decided that it was time for him to leave the two women to talk. Nikki was pleasantly surprised when she learned that Cait was not only intelligent but they had more than a few similar interests. The hours flew by as they discussed many things including music, local politics, relationships and their families.

As the bar was closing, Cait finally left to go home. Trisha immediate began questioning Nikki. She was concerned about Nikki possibly starting a relationship too soon. Trisha asked whether Cait has had a relationship with a woman before and whether Nikki told her about her stay at Larkhall. Nikki defensively advised Trisha that no, Cait hadn't been with a woman before and yes, she told her that her was an ex-con.

As Trisha questioned on, Nikki got angrier and angrier. She felt that she was being treated like a child and was getting tired of, what she felt was condescension. Trisha, on the other hand, saw some huge warning flags. She didn't want Nikki falling for Cait who had never been with a woman and was young. In her line of business, Trisha had seen many relationships develop in the club. Some lasted and some did not. A large number of those in the 'did not' column included women that she called Baby Dyklings. These where young women who came here to test the waters to see if they wanted, or could handle, this life style.

She also knew that Nikki was not her old self, at least not yet. Her time in Larkhall had changed her. The old Nikki would have seen the warning flags herself.

Helen had a restless feeling greater than she had ever experienced in her life. At home, attempting to read a newly purchased novel, she found herself unable to concentrate. She initially chalked this up to starting a new job.

Last Wednesday, was Helen's first day as Operational Manager at HMP Bronzefield. This was a new prison with a very new feel and philosophy. Helen was in her glory at Bronzefield. Gone was the old boys network. This prison had progressive new ways and a likeminded staff open to Helen's ideas.

No, Helen knew that her restlessness was due to her unresolved feelings for Nikki. She felt as if the other half of her life was out there somewhere living this amorphous existence without her. She was still very much in love with Nikki.

In her mind, she continued to relive their conversation at Chix over and over, as if she were trying to solve a crime. Did Nikki display only gratitude? Or, was it that she was still in love with her? She wasn't sure if it was her imagination or was Nikki really fishing for information when she asked if she had someone waiting for her? Was Nikki trying to see if Helen was still with Thomas? Was she asking this in hopes that she was free? Was Nikki still interested?

These questions were tying her in knots. The more she thought about it, the more she wished that she would have stayed and talked to Nikki longer. She came to the conclusion that they did belong together. In her heart or hearts, she knew the dark-haired woman still loved her. So, that conclusion begged the question…what was she doing sitting around reading a novel about someone else's life when the woman she loved was out there somewhere without her? And, when did she become the kind of woman that wouldn't go after what she wanted?

That was it, she was resolved. Tomorrow she would go find Nikki and tell her how she felt about her and ask her to give her another chance.

The day after Cait met Nikki, she returned to Chix. In fact, she showed up every day for the last four days. She had decided that Nikki would be the woman that helped her figure out if this was this kind of life was for her. However, she neglected to tell Nikki that.

Nikki was flattered by Cait's attention and, barring their very first interaction, they did get along quite well. Also, there was a very obvious mutual attraction. Originally, the club owner thought this would be just the thing to help her forget about a certain other cute Scot. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. Nikki still found herself thinking about Helen constantly.

She couldn't stop herself from wondering what Helen was doing, where she was working and worst of all, was she still with Thomas? The thought of Helen with someone else still made her blood boil.

As was becoming very usual, Cait arrived at Chix looking for Nikki. She and Nikki settled in at a table in the corner of the club. She had been there for a couple of hour talking about her university studies; specifically, her anthropology assignment.

For her paper, she chose the understanding of marriage and idea of success in the UK. At times, Nikki had some difficulty, but could follow most of what she was trying to communicate to her. For the most part, Nikki just got lost in the accent and her mind often drifted off thinking about Helen.

Trisha became more concerned as she saw Nikki and Cait getting closer. She didn't like the way Cait would overtly flirt with Nikki. She used to worry about Nikki getting back together with Helen. Now she wished it was Helen flirting with Nikki. She thought, 'Where's Stewart when you need her?'

As if on cue, Helen pushed her way through the swinging doors. Trisha noticed her immediately. She mused, 'What are the odds?'

Helen took a seat at the bar and looked around to try to find Nikki. She spotted Nikki, but did not like what she saw. Nikki appeared to be engrossed in a conversation with a very attractive young woman. So engrossed that she didn't see Helen coming in. From their body language, it was painfully obvious that they were flirting with each other.

Cait had just finished telling Nikki about her theory of how marriage relates to success or failure of the person. Nikki asked, "How did you make that correlation?"

"A bit of detective work," was the reply.

When Cait used the exact same words Helen said that last time she was here, Nikki had the strongest of urges to kiss her. In a moment without much thought, Nikki leaned in and pressed her lips against Cait's.

Helen's heart sank. Her world just turned into a dark empty cell. Helen felt that she couldn't be there now. She grabbed her purse and turned to make a hasty exist. Trisha watching all of the activities, hurried to the end of the bar where Helen was about to leave her seat. "Where the do you think you're going Stewart?"

A surprised Helen turned to look at Trisha. "I'm getting the hell outta here."

Trisha could see that Helen was already very upset but continued undaunted, "Oh no you're not."

Helen firmed her jaw and replied in a less than friendly manner, "I'll see ya Trisha. Tell Nikki I wish her well." Helen turned to go.

"If you love her, you'll hear what I have to say." This stopped Helen, but she didn't turn around. "I need your help Helen. Nikki needs your help."

Helen let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding and reluctantly returned to her seat. "Alright Trisha, you have ten minutes, then I'm gone."

Trisha smiled and sat down beside Helen, effectively blocking any possible chance that Nikki would see Helen. She filled Helen in on all of her concerns with Cait and proposed a little scheme on how to remedy this problem. Helen had many doubts about this plan. In the end, she agreed to give it a try because she loved Nikki and needed to have her back in her life. She also hated that Nikki might be setting herself up for a heartbreak with Cait.

The blonde handed Helen the keys. "Don't worry so much Stewart, this is going to work. Trust me. Besides, if we don't do this now, it will be too late." She jotted down a floor plan on the back of a cardboard coaster and handed that to Helen as well.

"I must be insane to agree to anything so… so contrived and convoluted." Helen took one last look at Nikki and Cait before leaving Chix.

Nikki left the club around midnight. Cait wanted her to stay longer, but Nikki was tired because she hadn't been sleeping well. When she got to the house, she made herself a nice hot cup of tea which she brought to bed with her. She got about ten pages into The Night Watch before her eyelids started closing on her. Nikki tried to fight the tiredness, but relented in the end, putting the book on the night stand and turning out the light. She was sound asleep in minutes.

When Helen last looked at her watch, it was fifteen minutes after one a.m., the exact time stipulated by Trisha earlier. She stood at the door shaking her head. Trying to convince herself that this was the best course of action, she said "Well, this is it Helen. Do you want a life with Nikki or not? Or, are you just going to stand by and lose her for good?" This shored up her resolve. With the keys Trisha gave her, she quietly opened the front door.

Helen was beyond nervous. She felt like a criminal and didn't like that at all. Under her breath she whispered, "Just get it over with." With the stealth she didn't know she possessed, Helen climbed the staircase and thought back to the floor plan. She stopped at the first door on the left. Silently letting out a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped into the room.

Nikki was in a bed by a window with white lace curtains. Luckily, the curtains didn't filter out much of the moonlight, so Helen could still see the outline of everything well.

Every audible exhale reassured Helen that Nikki was fast asleep. Helen slipped out of her shoes, jeans and sweatshirt and set them on the floor. Underneath her clothes she wore a snug fitting green satin chemise that hung to her upper thighs and a pair of matching panties. Under her breath she muttered, "If this backfires, I'm coming after your Trisha."

Glad that Nikki was sleeping on the far side, she laid down on top of the covers as lightly as she could on the other side of the bed. Helen lay there looking at the ceiling for a moment then turned on her side to look at Nikki.

She and Trisha hadn't thought the plan all the way through. "Great. Now what do I do?" Nikki was sleeping with the covers pushed down to her knees. Helen's heart beat increased dramatically as she gazed at Nikki who was clad only in a tight t-shirt and bikini cut panties. Sorely tempted to slide her hand underneath Nikki's shirt on her flat stomach and glide it upwards until…

Helen attempted to shake off her lascivious thoughts.

Mad at herself for going into this without a complete plan, she decided that a slumbering Nikki won't do. She made up her mind to wake Nikki, get it over with, let her get angry at her for following through with such a stupid scheme and hope she calms down enough to tell her that she wants to try again with her.

With a big sigh, Helen called out, "Nikki." However, it came out more like a whisper. "Well, I guess that didn't work. Before I make a bigger fool of myself, this would be a good time to make a prompt exit."

As Helen started to roll over to get out of bed, a hand grabbed her arm. Startled, she turned to see Nikki looking at her. In a surprisingly conversational tone, Nikki informed her, "You're not going anywhere."

Helen thought to herself, 'Here we go. Brace yourself Stewart.'

Nikki continued, "We have one bloody short night together before I have to go back to that shithole. You're out of your mind if you think I'm not going to spend every minute of it with you."

A confused Helen was trying to keep up. "You're still asleep, aren't you?" She momentarily felt silly for expecting an answer from the slumbering woman.

Nikki moved closer and snuggled into Helen's neck. "Come here you."

Helen could feel Nikki's breath on her neck, then Nikki's lips on her neck. A warm surge of pure pleasure flowed through her entire body with her nipples starting to harden at the sensation. "Nikki, you need to wake…" She couldn't finish her sentence because Nikki had moved up and started kissing her. The indolent caress of Nikki's lips was driving Helen wild. She was having a difficult time thinking clearly.

Nikki moved from Helen's lips to her chin and started a trail of small kisses down her jaw line. This allowed Helen to regain a small amount of lucidity before Nikki started her descent. She knew if she didn't wake her now, Nikki would be even more angry, or worse, embarrassed. Her decision wasn't an easy one as Nikki's ministrations stirred an amazing amount of passion in her.

In a much louder Wing Governor voice this time, Helen said, "NIKKI, I NEED YOU TO WAKE UP…NOW!"

Startled awake, Nikki jolted her head up to look Helen in the eye. For a few seconds she tried to understand what was happening. "Christ, Helen! What the…"

Helen quickly said, "Nikki, I can explain everything."

Slowing regaining her wits, Nikki was getting upset. "Oh, I get it. Trish put you up to this, didn't she? This has Trisha written all over it!"

Ignoring her question, Helen continued, "I need to talk to you."

Resting on her side, Nikki was looking at Helen incredulously. "You know Helen, a normal person would have used the telephone or would have met me for lunch or stopped by the club to chat! But, no. Why does everyone and everything in my life have to be so bloody…"

"I did stop by the club only to see that you were…preoccupied." Helen explained in a small voice.

It didn't take Nikki long to understand Helen's inference. If Helen did stop by the club, she had probably seen her with Cait. This realization gave Nikki pause, but her defensive barriers started to rebuild themselves. "Yeah, well, I've been lucky enough to see you 'preoccupied' on many occasions."

She could hear the hurt in Nikki's voice. Saddened but not wanting to get into a battle about Sean or Thomas, Helen changed the subject. She said softly, "Nikki, I'm here because I think we should try again."

At hearing this, Nikki rolled onto her back, looked up at the ceiling and slowly let out a long breath. "Do you have any idea how much it hurt the last time you told me it was over? Not to mention all of the other times too. Helen, I was devastated." Nikki's eyes were starting to water.

"I know."

"If you know, then how can you ask me to put myself in that position again?"

"Okay, let's review some of the things that got in our way before." Helen spoke as if she were addressing a committee in a boardroom setting. Nikki half expected to see a bar graph appear on the bedroom wall. "Your incarceration, Fenner, other inmates, my position at Larkhall, my conflicted feelings about having a relationship with a woman, Sean… Nikki, I could go on. My point is...these things aren't a factor any longer."

Nikki had to admit that she had a point. "That's true Helen, but some things still remain."

Helen decided that some sort of action was needed before their conversation spiraled downward. She found new resolve in reminding herself how much she wanted to be with Nikki. She moved closer to the other woman, and while kneeling, straddled Nikki's body. The dark haired woman was amused. Helen firmly stated, "The way I see it Wade, you don't have much choice in the matter." For emphasis, she poked the reclined woman in the ribs with her index finger.

Nikki raised her eyebrows at this display and attempted to suppress a smile. "Oh, I don't do I?" This was Nikki's first opportunity to view Helen's full attire. The chemise showed off every curve of Helen's. Her full breasts were barely contained by the plunging neckline. Nikki's arousal was palpable.

"No, you don't. I'm gonna stay right here until you agree to give us another chance." Helen relaxed a little, settling herself on Nikki. She was so caught up in the moment it didn't fully register with her the position she had put herself in. With her legs spanning Nikki, the chemise was open on the bottom leaving only the thin material of their panties separating them. However, Nikki was acutely aware of this, and equally aware of the part of her anatomy that Helen was resting on. Nikki closed her eyes to the amazing sensations coursing through her body.

In an attempt at humor, Helen informed her, "Hey, this is no time to go back to sleep!"

Nikki's eyes flew open. "I'm not sleeping!" Her voice a couple of octaves higher than before.

"Oh yeah? Then what are ya' doing?"

"This…um…position we're in…well…it's makes it a little difficult to…concentrate."

Helen looked down to see where she sat on Nikki, a seductive grin formed on her face as she looked her in the eye again. "Welllll you know if you give us another try, you can lose your concentration all the time?" Helen shifted her weight a couple of times causing waves of pleasure in Nikki that would quickly lead to an orgasm if she didn't stop.

Nikki grabbed Helen's thighs to halt her movements. "Christ, Helen! We we're having a serious conversation you know?!" Despite her best efforts, a small smile was making an appearance. "Are you going to let me up or what?"

"Nope. You're staying right where you are until I hear you say that we'll try again."

"Do you really think for one minute that I couldn't get out of this whenever I want?"

In mock smugness, Helen countered with, "I'll have you know that I have all of the training of a prison officer and have complete control of this situation."

"Oh, so what you're telling me is that your skill level is on par with someone like Sylvia Hollamby?"

"No, what I'm saying is…" Helen didn't get to finish her sentence as Nikki unceremoniously flipped her over. Helen let out a loud shriek as she found herself being tossed around. Their positions reversed, Helen was pinned by a self-satisfied Nikki who now had a full grin on her face.

In the shuffle, Helen's chemise shifted to show even more of her well toned body. Helen either didn't notice or didn't care. With seriousness she didn't think she possessed at the moment, Helen said, "You may now think that you have the upper hand. This is all just a clever ploy on my part to lull you into thinking that you have dispatched me with ease."

Nikki admitted, "That was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be." She couldn't help but laugh. "Some great training you had there Helen."

"That's exactly what I want you to think." Helen said sardonically.

"Now, to think of a fitting punishment. Hmmm?"

Helen's Scottish accent becoming more predominant when she's excited,"Punishment!?! What did I do?!"

"You broke into my bloody bedroom, that's what!"

"It's not your bedroom, it's Trisha's."

"Shhhh, I'm trying to think... I never did explore the ticklish spots of Helen Stewart, did I?"

The trapped woman made an attempt to distract her captor. Helen placed her index finger on the side of Nikki's knee and slowly started an ascent up her leg. In a sultry voice she asked, "There are more pleasurable forms of punishment than tickling, you know?" Her finger continued up the inside of Nikki's thigh.

The ex-con was momentarily mesmerized by the thought of what the traveling finger would do when it reached its destination. With all of the fortitude she had left, Nikki grabbed Helen's hand and effectively stopped its erotic journey. "Nice try!"

Continuing with her own idea of punishment, Nikki started flexing her fingers and fixed her gaze on Helen's side.

In her best officious voice, "You…wouldn't…dare! I am an employee of the Home Office!" This time Helen was making fun of herself.

Undeterred, Nikki promptly started tickling the confined woman. In futile retaliation, Helen kicked her legs and batted the offending hands away from her sides the best she could. Her giggling became contagious. Nikki was laughing so hard she was crying. Helen wailed, "NIKKIIII!!!"

While she slowed her assault on the smaller women, Nikki started to think about the flailing woman beneath her, how much she loved her, the fun they could have together, her beauty, how intelligent and principled she is and making love to Helen was more amazing than she ever imagined. How could she possibly think she could live without this woman?

As abruptly as the onslaught began, it ended. When the feisty Scot regained her breath and a modicum of composure, she proudly stated, "I knew I could get you to relent." Seeing the serious look on Nikki's face, she asked, "What is it? What's-the-matter?"


A confused Helen repeated, "Yes?" It then dawned on her what the yes was a reply to. "Yes! Yes as in yes? Yes as in you'll give it another go? YES!!" With the final and very excided exclamation she straightened her arms and legs out making her look like a cheerleader.

Nikki nodded and beamed at Helen's enthusiasm. She reiterated, "Yes."

Coyly Helen added, "I think this agreement should be formalized…or better yet…sealed by something. Let's say some sort of act that would secure this accord properly. Maybe something involving, oh I don't know, copious amounts of snogging?"

Needing no convincing, Nikki was already gradually lowering herself to connect with Helen's full lips. She stretched her lithe body out on top of the former Governor. The smaller woman gave a low moan of pleasure at the wonderful sensation.

Helen closed her eyes in delicious anticipation. A breath from their lips touching, Nikki decided that it should be her turn to tease. She stopped her descent. Helen's eyes flew open to see Nikki's Cheshire cat grin. "Nikki, if you don't kiss me immediately, I'll scream!"

Loving this, the dark-haired woman made no move. Helen growled in aggravation while placing her hands to each side of Nikki's head and promptly pulled her down for a searing kiss.

The passionate Scot finally released her hold on Nikki, but what was started could not be stopped. Nikki felt inflamed every time Helen uttered a sound of pleasure. All she had to do was glide the tip of her tongue across Helen's upper lip and the raven-haired woman would be rewarded every time. Helen simply demanded, "More!"

Nikki gently grazed her teeth across the soft skin of Helen's neck. The sharp intake of her lover's breath and the arch of her body told Nikki that Helen was very much approving of this. She worked her way down Helen's curvaceous body by kissing, licking and nibbling. She made a line down to Helen's full breasts.

Nikki's tongue was like a cat burglar looking for diamonds in dark, slipping under the thin cloth of Helen's chemise until it reached the short distance to her very erect nipple. "Nikki," Helen breathed. She pulled the barrier of a garment up and off the enraptured woman. After trailing her palms down Helen's sides, Nikki slipped her hands underneath Helen's lower back lifting the Scot slightly upward. Helen felt like she was giving herself to Nikki who was now reverently kissing her taut stomach. The combination of the taller woman's kisses and being raised evoked an almost spiritual feeling in Helen. So much love was evident in the way Nikki touched her.

In order to remove the remaining piece of Helen's clothing, Nikki had to take her hands from underneath Helen. Once the last obstacle was removed, the club owner continued her descent. She stopped when she felt the length of Helen's forefinger under her chin. She looked up in confusion.

Helen explained, "Tonight, I want you up here with me."

Nikki smiled as she understood Helen's need. "In the morning then?"

"In the morning." Helen confirmed, returning Nikki's smile.

Nikki reversed her trail until she was resting on the pillow next to Helen. A hungry look emerging in Nikki's eyes as she gazed at Helen's exceptional body. Helen leaned over and started a very passionate kiss. Unable to keep her hands off very long, the dark-haired woman cupped Helen's full breasts with both hands.

Reluctantly moving one of her hands from Helen's breast, she lightly glided her fingertips down until she reached the small patch of hair between Helen's legs. Already mightily aroused, Helen pleaded, "Nikki, I'm not going to last..."

"Yes you will." Nikki firmly informed her while running her fingers through the short hair. In an insolent tone reminiscent of days when Helen first met the former inmate, Nikki instructed, "Spread your legs, Miss." Helen complied. Nikki knew what aroused her lover better than her lover did. "Wider, Miss." Helen complied again. Nikki's fingers started teasing the tender flesh around the smaller woman's clit.

"God Nikki! I can't hold out any longer!" Anguish apparent in the pitch of Helen's voice.

"Yes, you can Helen. Just a little longer." Nikki calmly told her while playing with the sensitive nub of Helen's most erogenous place.


"Okay Helen, now you can let go." Helen's orgasm sent huge waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Nikki maintained pressure with her hand to prolong the waves. Helen continued to tremble, speechless for minutes. Nikki waited patiently, holding her for a long time.

When Helen finally spoke, she looked into Nikki's eyes and said, "I've never… I mean… Wow." Nikki grinned, held her even tighter and kissed her forehead. With her sanity returning, she stated plaintively, "You know…you're wearing waaaay too many clothes." She slowly removed Nikki's shirt and panties. With gentle pressure, she guided Nikki until she was lying on her back. The prison officer stretched herself on top of the taller woman with the grace of a contented feline.

When their breasts met, Nikki had to fight to keep her eyes open as a delicious sensation coursed through her. By pushing her thigh downward, Helen parted Nikki's legs. The dark-haired woman placed her hands on Helen's hips. When she felt Nikki's warm liquid, she slowly thrust her thigh upward. The spot she was putting pressure on was precise.

Nikki groaned with pleasure and exclaimed, "Christ, Helen that feels bloody marvelous." Helen hastened the pace of her thrusts until Nikki was taken over by a powerful orgasm of her own.

For many minutes, Helen stayed on top of Nikki and they kissed with the passion and love they felt for each other. Exhausted, they finally fell asleep intertwined with each other.

The End

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