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By Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

B'Elanna Torres was walking down the corridor, heading for the turbolift and ultimately Engineering. Walking towards her, heading for the Messhall, was Seven of Nine.

It was not an unusual occurrence in itself. The women traded nods in greeting but made no move to stop to talk.



It could have been any one of a number of such encounters, encounters that B'Elanna had never given a second thought, if not for one thing.

As they brushed past one another in the corridor B'Elanna's vision picked up something it hadn't in all those other encounters. It was subtle enough that it took several steps down the corridor before the information registered in B'Elanna.

A sideward glance, sweeping up from B'Elanna's feet and lingering in the area of her bottom... Seven was checking her out.

Seven was checking her out!

Experiencing what Voyager's computer must feel during a system's crash, B'Elanna came to a dead stop in the hallway. She couldn't move, in fact she stopped breathing.

From a distance away came Seven's voice, tinted slightly with concern. "Is something wrong, Lieutenant? Do you need assistance?"

Jerking back into motion B'Elanna spun around and stared at Seven, but the tall woman seemed as inscrutable as ever to B'Elanna's eyes. There was no sign of the heated glance that B'Elanna thought she saw.

"Shall I assist you to Sickbay?" Seven sounded slightly more concerned now, and her ocular implant did a little rise-and-dive performance that for some reason B'Elanna found absolutely fascinating... considering it was the part of the other woman that her eyes had glued to and refused to budge.

Stuttering out that she was fine and resuming her walk at double speed, B'Elanna... fled.

In the turbolift B'Elanna banged her head against the wall, muttering. "You did NOT see that..." Bang. "...you did NOT see that..." Bang. "...it was just your imagination..." Bang. "Seven did NOT just check you out..."

This continued until Tuvok unexpectedly stepped into the turbolift, but the Vulcan uttered not a syllable regarding B'Elanna's strange behaviour. Only his eyebrow hiked far up on his forehead, and B'Elanna resisted the urge to bang her head some more in embarrassment.

The entire event was centred in B'Elanna's mind for the rest of the day, leaving her thankful that it was a fairly slow day in Voyager standards, and by the time her duty shift was over, B'Elanna decided she had to make sure.

Craftily placing herself in the corridor between the turbolift and Astrometrics at the time she calculated Seven would leave for Cargo bay 2, B'Elanna waited until the tall woman appeared in the doorway.

Walking at a normal pace B'Elanna brushed by Seven in the corridor.



Staring intently at Seven without turning to face her was a challenge, but B'Elanna was determined.


The bright blue eyes quite clearly caressed B'Elanna's backside before Seven stepped out of range. Not only that, the gaze had even been somewhat... lustful.

With wide unblinking eyes B'Elanna walked on automation to the end of the corridor, then turned and marched right back to the turbolift and got on the next one. It wasn't until she was safely alone inside the turbolift that she started hyperventilating.

"She checked me out." Wheeze. "OK, so Seven checks me out." Wheeze. "Breathing is good." Wheeze. "Seven checking me out is good... because..." Wheeze, gasp. "...because..." Hack, wheeze. "Oxygen is good." Wheeze. "Because..."

A Delaney got onto the turbolift, B'Elanna couldn't tell which one and never bothered to actually try to tell them apart anyway, but it stopped her from continuing to talk to herself.

"B'Elanna, are you ok?" Delaney, whichever one she was, stared wide-eyed at B'Elanna. "Are you having some kind of seizure? I can call the doctor for you."

B'Elanna waved the offer away and, saved by the turbolift arriving at her floor, raced off to the safety of her own quarters.

It took B'Elanna most part of that night and the next day to think things through and decide what she wanted to do about it. So deep in thought was she that she missed her opportunity for another accidental brush-in with Seven outside the Messhall, which made B'Elanna quite a bit peeved and difficult to work with for the rest of her shift.

Once in her own quarters B'Elanna thought up a strategy. It seemed a sound one, all she had to do was to wait until she was sure Seven had begun regenerating.

Scoffing at the idea that being awake in the middle of the night would impair her work performance – knowing that she could work without sleep for a few days without anyone even noticing – B'Elanna made her way to Cargo bay 2 and programmed Seven's alcove to wake her up.

She had just enough time to lean back semi-comfortably against the console before Seven opened her eyes and took a single step forward. Then she noticed B'Elanna and began to speak, but B'Elanna cut her off.

"I'm sorry for the interruption, but, see, I figure I had to come to you since you didn't come to me."

Seven blinked. "I was unaware that I was expected at your quarters, Lieutenant. I would have come to you had I been aware of this." She actually sounded a bit bewildered.

B'Elanna decided to forgo further talking and instead leaned back and took a long, leisurely look at Seven. Beginning at the woman's feet and inching upwards slowly, B'Elanna let her eyes caress every visible part of Seven while being quite obvious about it.

She hadn't quite counted on getting herself so excited while doing it, but then again B'Elanna had never really thought about how blood-boiling hot Seven was before. She wondered briefly if the other woman would consider it a romantic overture if B'Elanna was reduced to panting and drooling, and then tried to restrain herself when her mind pointed out that the likely answer to that was NO.

When she reached Seven's face B'Elanna was surprised to find that Seven had blushed nearly scarlet and that those pale blue eyes were the size of Neelix serving plates.

Apparently slow and teasing was out.

"Seven! Sit down before you faint!" The tall ex-drone looked like she just might, so B'Elanna rushed to her side and pulled Seven down to sit on the edge of the alcove dais. Seven seemed so rattled that it took her a long moment before she began to blink her eyes in a normal fashion.

B'Elanna took the opportunity to settle behind Seven, with her legs on either side of the other woman, and urged Seven to lean back against her. It took some coaxing but finally she had Seven leaning hesitantly against her shoulder and both of B'Elanna's arms wrapped around Seven.

Burying her face in Seven's neck B'Elanna inhaled deeply, drawing in her scent and eliciting a tiny shiver in Seven at the same time. Grinning to herself B'Elanna carefully kissed the tiny implant in Seven's neck. She intended to be gentle and tender, but when Seven gasped sharply that was quickly thrown out an airlock as well. Taking the small implant in her mouth the ensuing moan from Seven started an answering growl deep inside B'Elanna's throat.

B'Elanna quickly decided that she could live with just one arm, since Seven's grip on her right arm was skirting close to becoming painful but B'Elanna wasn't about to stop and ask her to lighten the grip. The other hand was moving upwards along with B'Elanna's lips, caressing surprisingly prominent ribs on their way to...

The cargo bay doors opened with a mood-breaking hiss, emitting their captain and Tuvok.

"Nonsense Tuvok, of course I can wake Seven up to look at these readings." Janeway argued with her back to the alcove dais and the two women who shot apart like a pair of teenagers who were just walked in on by their mother. "She won't mind... honestly, old friend, we've done this before, why are you so concerned now?"

Tuvok, facing the alcoves and the blushing women on it, merely raised an eyebrow. "Why indeed."

Janeway turned around and spotted Seven and B'Elanna, now standing safely apart. "Oh you're already awake! And you are here as well B'Elanna... that's good, we could use your perspective on these readings as well." Janeway smiled and bustled over, padd in hand.

It would be a long night for Seven and B'Elanna both.

Several days later B'Elanna Torres was heading towards the Messhall in the company of Tom Paris, Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. Seven of Nine was just heading out from the Messhall, and they met in the corridor.

"Hi Seven." B'Elanna purred, letting her eyes sweep across Seven with enough fire to set the other woman's biosuit ablaze.

"B'Elanna." Seven replied in kind, a small smile tugging at her lips and her gaze openly hungry.

As Seven walked on B'Elanna turned to answer the shocked expressions on her friends faces with a happy grin and a shrug. "We're on our lunch-break right now, its ok." As if that explained everything.

"Can't blame you for looking." Tom admitted, and then added with some speculation. "Captain, do you know if Seven is ready for dating anyone yet? Would it be OK to ask her out?"

The warning bells had barely gone off in B'Elanna's head before she had spun around and pinned Tom to the wall, practically snarling in his face. "Hands off, helmrat, she's MINE!"

Then abruptly B'Elanna snapped back to her senses and, blushing furiously, let go of Tom. "Umm, sorry about the grabbing bit." She mumbled, embarrassed. "But Seven is already, uh, dating me."

"Indeed." A smooth and somewhat amused voice spoke up directly behind B'Elanna. "And as I have long since re-evaluated my views on monogamy, I will not be interested in multiple partners."

"However..." Seven arched her ocular implant at the sheepishly smiling B'Elanna. "I believe that proper procedure states that before you can claim possession of my person publicly, you have first to claim _me_..." A smirk. "...privately."

"How long until your lunch-break is over?" B'Elanna breathed.

"I have forty-three minutes until I am officially expected back at my station."

"No time to spare, then." B'Elanna grinned and grabbed Seven's hand, setting off towards the turbolift at a pace that was somewhere between very brisk and outright running.

She called over her shoulder at the still gaping people standing frozen behind them. "Tell Neelix I'm skipping the pancakes today!"

The End

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