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By Sparx

Captains personal log:

Stardate: 3564.2

It's been two days. Two days since it happened and I still can't think, can't concentrate. I could ask myself 'why her' for the rest of our journey home and there would still be no answer. No good answer anyway.

'Why her?'

Why not? It was an accident. A simple accident. One wrong step at the wrong time and now Seven is gone. Gone forever.

B'Elanna is devastated. I think the only thing keeping her alive right now is the baby.

The baby should have died instantly. But, she didn't. Somehow Seven's nanoprobes kept her alive, barely, and the doctor was able to deliver the child from Seven's still body. It's been touch and go ever since.

I worry for B'Elanna and her daughter. But for now, I have to be the captain and do my duty. The funeral is tomorrow and I have to send my friend, my surrogate daughter into the deepest, darkest space. Then I will have to find a way to bring back my other friend, my other surrogate daughter from the deeper, darker place her grief has sent her.

I don't know if B'Elanna will want to be at her wife's funeral especially with the baby still in sickbay. I know I don't want to be there either, none of us do. All I can do is ask.

Katherine walked slowly through the halls on her way to sickbay. She barely noticed the crewmembers she passed as the waves of sorrow crashed over her. 'How much worse for B'Elanna?' she asked herself.

Standing just outside the doors to sickbay Janeway had to take a moment to push her feelings down. B'Elanna needed her now; she could do her own crying later.

As the door slid open she stepped into the room with a smile.

"I'm here to see you and my goddaughter." She announced softly to B'Elanna, who was holding the baby.

The only response was the crash of some medical instrument hitting the floor at the doctor's feet.

Janeway shifted her gaze from the stricken expression on the doctor's face to the tiny, too still bundle in B'Elanna's arms.

For the second time in as many days, B'Elanna lifted her head and, with an anguished howl, sent another soul to Stovokor.

The End

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